by rodgerjim
March 09, 2009

from YouTube Website

Barbara Lamb M.S., M.F.T. is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist living in Claremont, California. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist.


Her specialty is hypnotic regressions with Experiences regarding extraterrestrial contacts and visitations.


She has facilitated over 3000 regressions, and accumulated a substantial amount of insight and information about this phenomenon from her research. She is viewed as an expert in this spiritual and multi-dimensional ET communication work. In this show Barbara talks about spiritually up lifting ET visitations that are sometimes followed by abductions in a terrifying military/Et setting.


It seems that in some cases people that have experienced friendly/learning experiences are some times followed up with these (secondary), terrifying Military/ET abductions afterward. It seems that the less endowed ET's working with the military are trying to learn what the friendly ET's were teaching.


This is a very profound and fascinating show, that no serious researcher should miss out on.