-  2010 Extraterrestrial Disclosure Wave Surges Around UN, Nuclear Shutdowns, Denver ET/UFO Vote


 -  A.D. - After Disclosure - Living with The Truth of Alien Contact


 -  Al Final del Engaño - Una Visión Gnóstica de la Revelación


 -  A Map to Disclosure for President Obama - 7 Steps to Real Change


 -  An Air Force Intelligence Officer Reveals that an Extraterrestrial was Shot and Killed


 -  An Extraterrestrial Influence is Investigating our Planet - Former Senator and Presidential Candidate Says


 -  Are The UFOs Appearing in Russia Skies in December 2010 Fulham's Predicted UFO Wave?


 -  As UFOs Overfly New York, UN's Dr. Othman States, 'ET Life Is a Possibility'


 -  At the End of Deception - A Gnostic View of Disclosure


 -  British Ministry of Defense Closes UFO Desk - Impact on Extraterrestrial Disclosure

 -  Call for a Framework for Reporting Evidence for Life Beyond Earth


 -  Carta de Revelación Extraterrestre sugerida por asesores de Trump/Putin ¿debería ser Debatida en la ONU...?


 -  Chinese National TV Reporting Impending UFO/ET Disclosure by Obama Government


 -  Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure - Will The U.S. Congress Act?

 -  Citizens Against Unidentified Flying Objects Secrecy v. National Security Agency


 -  Contact - Learning From Outer Space - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2011 Global Competitiveness Forum and...


 -  Contacto ET - Las Implicaciones de los Avances Post-Contacto en la Ciencia y la Tecnología


 - ¿Cuándo se Dará a Conocer Públicamente la Información sobre La 'Revelación' o Contacto Extraterrestre?


 -  Defense Minister of Canada Tells RT about Proof of ET's and UFOs


 -  Disclosure 101


 -  Disclosure Conference - National Press Club 27 September 2010


 - "Disclosure Informers" - Evidence


 -  Disclosures of New Majestic Document


 -  Do You Believe That UFO/ET Disclosure Is Imminent?


 -  D.R. - Después de La Revelación - Viviendo con La Verdad del Contacto Alienígena


 - ¿Es El Ovni de Jerusalén Sobre El Domo de La Roca Una Comunicación Contextual por Un Extraterrestre?


 -  ET Contact - The Implications for Post Contact Advancements in Science and Technology


 -  ET Disclosure being Planned Now at an Underground Blue Ridge Mountains Complex


 -  ET Disclosure Light - Wikileaks and Other Admissions that We're Not Alone


 -  'ET Go Home' - Vote Outcome Not Helpful to ET Plan to Cleanse Earth's Environment


 -  Exopolitics and Global Warming - A Cosmic Connection



 -  Exopolitics and its Role as a Catalyst to Space Migration


 -  First Ever "World Disclosure Day" - July 8, 2011


 -  Gearing Up for "Cosmic Watergate... The Beginning of ET Disclosure"


 -  Glimpses of Disclosure



 -  Global Fuse is Ignited - A Post Disclosure World



 -  Global Revolution and SSP/ET Disclosure - What's Coming in 2023...


 -  GOP Debate Evades ET Disclosure Issue - Now on Obama White House Website


 -  Hacking Away At Truth and The Failings of The Disclosure Community? - Gary McKinnon


 -  Hidden in the 'COVID Relief Bill' is an Order for the Pentagon to Disclose its UFO Files within 180 Days


 -  Hiding The Truth in Plain Sight - Hollywood's Coverage of Extraterrestrial Visitation


 -  Hollywood, UFOs and Extraterrestrial Disclosure



 -  How Scientists could tell the World if they 'Find Alien Life'



 -  Interview to Stanley A. Fulham - Challenges of Change


 -  Is 2010 the Year of Discovery For Extraterrestrial Life?


 -  Is FAA Covering-Up Flight Delays Due to New York UFO Sighting?



 -  Is Russia Preparing For Extraterrestrial Disclosure?


 -  Is UFO Orb Over Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem a Context Communication by ET?

 -  Key to The Extraterrestrial Messages - NSA Technical Journal Vol XIV No 1


 -  Knowledge of ET Life Is Maturing at Warp Speed - Says Paradigm Activist


 -  La NASA Reúne a Científicos y Teólogos para Preparar al Mundo para Contacto Extraterrestre


 -  La NASA se Prepara para el Anuncio de Vida Extraterrestre


 -  La Vida Extraterrestre Existe y Está Aquí


 -  Mystery Behind Initial Report of UN Liaison for Extraterrestrial First Contact


 -  NASA brings Scientists and Theologians Together to Prepare World for Extraterrestrial Contact


 -  NASA contrata un Sacerdote Británico para preparar a Religiosos sobre la Existencia de Vida 'Extraterrestre'


 -  Ocultando La Verdad a Plena Vista - Encubrimiento de Hollywood de Visita Extraterrestre


 -  Official Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Life is Imminent



 -  Political Spin and Extraterrestrial Disclosure


 -  Radio Mensajes Provenientes del Espacio Exterior - Documento Desclasificado de La NSA


 -  Raising The Heat on Disclosure - The Exopolitical Implications of Night Vision Technologies on The Extra...


 -  Report on Royal Society Conference on Extra-Terrestrial Life



 -  Retired NORAD Officer Accurately Predicts UFO Appearances Over Major Cities


 -  Retired NORAD Officer's New Book Predicts a Tentative Worldwide UFO Display on October 13, 2010


 -  Revelación - Aliens Entre Nosotros - Controvertidas Declaraciones de un Ex-Ministro Canadiense en...


 -  Senate Demands 'UFO Disclosure' from Intelligence Community as New Reports Surge


 -  Should ET Disclosure Letter suggested by Trump/Putin Advisers be Debated in UN General Assembly?


 -  Spectacular January 18, 2011 Moscow UFO Part Fulfillment of ET Council's Prediction?


 -  Televisión Nacional China Informa Inminente Revelación del Gobierno de Obama Sobre Extraterrestres y...


 -  The Disclosure Project - Main File


 -  The UN Is to Appoint An Astrophysicist to Be The First Contact For Any Aliens


 -  Timing Extraterrestrial Disclosure



 -  UFO - The Race to Disclosure



 -  Vatican, England and France Pressure The US for UFO Disclosure


 -  Unacknowledged Special Access Projects - Uncovering the Global UFO 'Hidden in Plain Sight' - Steven Greer


 -  United Nations to Appoint Official For First Contact With Extraterrestrial Life


 -  U.S. Congress Discusses Extraterrestrial Life


 -  U.S. to Create Exopolitics Department to Run Alien Affairs According to Insiders


 -  Vatican Prepares For Extraterrestrial Disclosure



 -  'What if We're the Ants in this Network of Civilizations?' - UFO Expert says we should Prepare for Imminent ET...


 -  What is this UNICEF Commercial Really Trying to Tell Us?


 -  When Will Extraterrestrial "Disclosure" or Contact in The Public Domain Happen?


 -  Will Trump Be the Disclosure President?


 -  World Religions Unite as Prelude to Extraterrestrial Disclosure


Additional Information



 -  Abductions and Abductees - Main File


 -  Archaeology, Anthropology and Interstellar Communication


 -  Assange Arrest Impacts on Impending Release of Classified UFO Cables


 -  Assange Reveals Significance of Wikileaks UFO Cables


 -  Barack Obama Not Disclosing Extraterrestrial Presence is Top ET/UFO Story of 2009


 -  Barack Obama to Make UFO Announcement in Coming Weeks


 -  Bassett, Huneeus and Greer's Brain-Mind Entrainment by Manipulatory Extraterrestrials


 -  China Central Television Covers Disclosure of UFO Official Documents


 -  Contact and Contactees - Main File



 -  Curbing Close Encounters - The Smear Campaign Against Extraterrestrials


 -  DEW - Directed Energy Weapons causing Blindness and Paralysis


 -  Do Moscow UFOs Fulfill NORAD Officer Predictions?


 -  El Vaticano está Preparando Declaración sobre la Vida Extraterrestre


 -  ET's and Shadow Governments - What Else does This Astronaut Know? - Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14...


 -  Expert Predicts End to Hierarchies and Value of Money, More ET/UFO Disclosure Starting July-Nov 2010


 -  Extraterrestrial False Flag Operation - Main File



 -  Extraterrestrial Technology And Reverse Engineering - Main File



 -  Facebook at 517 Million Users Suppresses ET/UFO Disclosure With Cointelpro Spying, Censorship


 -  Former Members of Congress will Investigate Extraterrestrial Phenomena


 -  Giant ET UFOs Near Sun Now Visible With Close-Up Image Technology - Exposing Possible NASA Cover...


 -  Giant UFOs Around The Sun? - NASA Claims Malfunction, Physicist Says Giant ET UFOs Use Sun's...


 -  Hacking Away at Truth and The Failings of The Disclosure Community? - Gary McKinnon


 -  Hawking - A UK Psyops to Promote Space Weaponization and A False War Against Extraterrestrials?


 -  Is ET Disclosure More Important Than Exposing Our "Physics Truth Embargo"?


 -  Is Historic Meeting of 260 U.S. Ambassadors Related to UFOs and ET Life?


 -  Laura Eisenhower - Unity Consciousness Will Collapse Military-Industrial Complex


 -  Los Seres del Espacio - O Un Boicot Muy Explicable



 -  Mars' Bases and Colonies - Main File



 -  Mecanismos de la Ocultación Extraterrestre


 -  Moon Anomalies And Moon Bases - Main File



 -  NASA and Library of Congress Prepare for Discovery of ET and Alien 'Baptism'


 -  NASA is Getting Ready to Communicate with Aliens


 -  National Geographic Promotes Alien Invasion Scenario



 -  New January 2011 UFO Display Predictions



 -  Obama Response to White House ET Disclosure Petition Continues Mars Cover-Up


 -  Orden Ejecutiva de Trump tiene como Objetivo al 'Estado Profundo' y Abre la Puerta a completa Revelación


 -  Our Finest Hour... - Secrets Revealed by John Lear


 -  Planet-Sized UFOs In Our Sun - Part 1 - Part 2


 -  Predicting What Extra-Terrestrials Will Be Like - And Preparing for The Worst


 -  Project Camelot Interviews Dr. Pete Peterson



 -  Proposed White House 'Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission' Puts Denver UFO Examiner's on Hold


 -  Russian Prime Minister Claims Extraterrestrials Live Among Us



 -  Scientists Endorse Study of Societal Consequences of Extraterrestrial Life


 -  Shocking Alien Fears, Force Pope from Office


 -  The Detection of Extra-Terrestrial Life and The Consequences for Science and Society


 -  The Disclosure Movement and Donald Trump


 -  The Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Life and Visitation - Any Day Now?


 -  The Hero Within


 -  The Implications of The Discovery of Extra-Terrestrial Life for Religion


 -  The UFO Briefing Document - The Best Available Evidence/The Rockefeller UFO Report


 -  The United Nations and Other Governances are Preparing for An Alien Invasion


 -  Trump Executive Order targets Deep State and Opens Door to Full Disclosure


 - "UFO Disclosure" - A Covert Op to Discredit Real Disclosure


 -  UFO Disclosure - The Insider Game of "Reliable Sources"


 -  UFOs, Aliens, and The Question of Contact - A Report


 -  UFOs Predicted Over Moscow and London in January 2011



 -  UFOs, Tesla, DeLonge, ETs and Covert Ops



 -  UFOs - The SpaceGoatFarts Entity - Predictions



 -  UFO Wave Over Moscow is 3rd Independent Confirmation of ET Council


 -  Vatican Preparing Statement on Extraterrestrial Life



 -  Vatican to E.T. - Hello, Brother...


 -  Veteran China Astronomer Claims UFOs Are Extraterrestrial Space Craft


 -  Whistleblowers' Evidence of NASA UFO Fraud Might Kill UK Hacker Case


 -  Will Extraterrestrial “Disclosure” or Contact Happen in 2012?



 -  Will NSA leak Bring Disclosure of Alien Life without Official Acknowledgement?


 -  Will Obama-China Meeting Usher in World Government and Alien Disclosure?

 -  World Business Leaders Told Flying Saucers Are Real and Extraterrestrials Exist

 -  World Changes - Project Camelot Interviews






 -  A Conversation With Andrew D. Basiago About The Hidden History of His Discovery of Life on Mars

 -  Aliens - Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking


 -  Councilor Adrian Hicks Demands to Hear Truth Over Extraterrestrials

 -  Disclosure 101


 -  Disclosure - A Message From Miriam Delicado - A Project Camelot Interview

 -  Disclosure Conference - National Press Club 27 September 2010


 -  Disclosure, Truth Embargo and Stephen Bassett in 2014 - UFOC Researcher of the Year

 -  Dr. Carol Rosin - Veritas Show


 -  Extraterrestres Caminan Entre Nosotros - Nueva Declaración 2014 del Ex-Ministro Paul Hellyer

 -  Extraterrestres Trabajan con el Gobierno de Estados Unidos - Paul Hellyer Ex-Ministro de Defensa del Canadá

 -  Extraterrestrial Presence - Citizen Hearing on Disclosure 2013 - Steven Greer

 -  Extraterrestrials are Working with The American Government - Paul Hellyer, Former Minister of Defense...

 -  Fastwalkers Files Disclosure - Ellos Están Aquí


 -  La Salud del Futuro - Entrevista de Project Camelot a Pete Peterson

 -  Leaders Share Real UFO Sightings on CNN Broadcast


 -  Life in The Universe - Are We Alone?


 -  Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary! - Alien Encounters: From New Tomorrowland

 -  OVNIs, Aliens y La Cuestion de Contacto


 -  Presencia Extraterrestre - Fundación Audiencia Ciudadana - Abril-Mayo 2013

 -  President Eisenhower's Historic Farewell Address to the Nation


 -  Project Sirius


 -  Robert Salas - A Question of National Security


 -  Se Confirma Presencia de Extraterrestres en la Tierra - Washington 2013

 -  T-Files: The Last Card - The Political Agenda Behind Alien Disclosure

 -  The Day Before Disclosure


 -  The Secret - Evidence We Are Not Alone


 - "Towards a Scientific and Societal Agenda on Extraterrestrial Life" - Royal Society

 -  UFOs, Aliens, and The Question of Contact


 -  UFOs And Nukes - Exopolitik-NPC Press Conference - September 27, 2010

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 -  World UFO-OVNI Disclosure Day Tribute


 -  Yemen Stargate Opening 1/5/2010 - World Forcing UFO Disclosure


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