by Alain Gossens

Karma One

March-July 2005
Translated from French by John Lash

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Behind terms worthy of a horror film or a low-budget sci-fi thriller hides a fascinating and mysterious theme that may perhaps represent an ultimate challenge for the future of the human "soul".


It is very difficult to describe this subject in a rational way, a subject more than likely to provoke sarcasm.


Yet, since we at began our inquiry into extraterrestrial phenomena, the history of religions and civilizations, and our research on anomalies and conspiracy theories, this theme about parasites in the human mind - i.e., the manipulation of the human being by an external entity, extraterrestrial or interdimensional - has hit us every time right between the eyes.

Recently our research has produced a symbiosis with John Lash, author of the site


Like ours, his research considers the possibility that human beings are not entirely themselves, that human consciousness is infected and manipulated by a mysterious entity coming from the depths of the cosmos.


You will say to me, Is this another wild idea? The idea of a foreign influence or extraterrestrial influence on human consciousness is, however, not so bizarre. It is almost as old as civilization itself. In fact, some ancient mystics called "gnostics" made this idea a central theme of their cosmology.


Ancient civilization and shamanic and esoteric traditions evoke this concept clearly in their myths, legends and traditions, often in oral lore possessing its own particular syntax.


One also finds this idea repeated over and over again in contemporary accounts of abduction, mind control, and milabs (military labs).







The "New Sorcery"

In this article, we refer to the work of Carlos Castaneda, an anthropologist of obscure South American origins who established himself in southern California where he published a thesis on the use of plants (ethnobotany) by Indians of the Mexican-American border.


In the course of his research, he encountered Don Juan Matus, a strange man, a shaman, an adept of what Castaneda calls "the new sorcery."


Don Juan initiated Castaneda into a strange and far-reaching view of the reality of the world we inhabit. In the same vein, we evoke the knowledge of the Gnostics, mystics of the early Christian era, but decidedly non-Christian, who left an incredible legacy called the Nag Hammadi Library.



The Topic of Topics

Maybe we’ve been wrong to look at these ancient creation myths with disdain as naïve stories that are mostly symbolic, if not mere fairy tales.


Maybe we should re-examine ancient mythology and the oral shamanic traditions, considering them as testimony of concrete facts. Certain scenarios (for instance, the Gnostic texts of Nag Hammadi) present a vivid description of alien manipulation.


At Karmapolis during our researches, we have often been confounded by this possibility of parasitism and predation, called "the topic of topics" by Castaneda’s teacher, Don Juan - a characterization shared by John Lash.


We find ourselves torn between pure and simple rejection of this hypothesis and the desire to know more, for this topic resonates to something profound in human experience, something that runs as deep as where we live and how we live.

Let’s recall what Castaneda says in his last book,
The Active Side of Infinity, where the sorcerer Don Juan tells him about such parasites and warns him against the kind of reactions people will typically have when we raise the possibility that our souls are manipulated by malevolent entities:

They’ll laugh and make fun of you, and the more aggressive ones will beat the shit out of you. And not so much because they don’t believe it. Down in the depths of every human being, there’s an ancestral, visceral knowledge about the predators’ existence.

(p. 221-222)




Demonic Entities

The first time one hears about the existence of these predatory beings, we go into ontological shock, and we may face a bottomless anguish.


Then we may react with total rejection, disdain, ridicule, as the cynical part of our mind tells us that we have been stupid to have scared ourselves with such idiotic things that came from the head of a sorcerer who was nuts, and whose existence has not even been proven. Later, one realizes that predation is a recurrent theme, discussed in other research by other authors.


There are the Gnostic texts, of course. There is also first-hand testimony, personal accounts of living witnesses.


And shamanic traditions in different parts of the world speak of this same phenomenon in their own way.


Perhaps the Muslim mystics who exposed the behavior of Djinns and "demonic" entities of various kinds, such as the succubi and incubi of the Middle Ages, are identical to "the flyers," as Don Juan calls them.


There is also the interview that we did with Nigel Kerner, that explains our violent, predatory, small, avid and calculating spirit as a legacy that goes back to Cro-Magnon, when the "first genetic interceptions" occurred, according to Kerner. But we will return to this matter later on.

The existence of parasites is found in very ancient religious texts, and in research, books, and contemporary studies, but all this information is not considered in the mainstream media, to say the least.


As we didn’t know how to look at the problem in a serious and legitimate way, we had the chance to meet John Lash, writer, researcher and creator of the, a site sponsored by the Marion Institute in the USA. A tireless, erudite student of Gnostic materials, John had the brilliant idea of drawings parallel between Gnostic knowledge and shamanic traditions.


For him, the Gnostics were authentic mystics close to what should have been the original mysticism of Christianity, before it fell into the hands of the disciples and Catholic Church.


Gnostics were in reality true shamans from the Middle East who may be compared in some respects to the Brazilian ayahuasqueros, the Bitwi African ibogaine shamans, and surviving Siberian shamans.


For a long time, John has had a strong intuition about regarding the parasites reported by Castaneda in terms of the alien predators described in Gnostic texts.


These predators, called Archons or Archontes, are clever demonic entities who consume dying worlds. Gnostic myths say that they arose by an error, and emerged like locusts from chaos and darkness of elementary matter.

In taking the parallel proposed by John Lash a little further, we can include with the flyers of Castaneda and the Archontes of the Gnostics other
reptilian entities, either etheric in nature, or more substantial, in some manner of flesh and blood - creatures such as those described in the abundant literature of abductions, as well as in the testimony of satanic abuse and multiple personality disorder (MPD).


Thus we decided to combine our resources with to work out at some length this extended hypothesis and explore how the human mind might be infected and manipulated by a mysterious force that reveals to us how we are cursed, but also reveals to us our strength to overcome the curse.


This topic concerns us all!



The importance of Castaneda

We are not trying to take responsibility away from humanity by blaming these parasites for all our imperfections, our tendencies toward violence, and our emotional coldness, by simply saying,

"It’s not our fault, we can’t do anything about it, let things take their course."

The challenge here is to explain and understand this possible cohabitation, take a look at this hypothesis, and document it, as John does on his site, drawing upon the Gnostic materials.


We are seeking a rational way to resolve what could well be a real curse, a defect of our species, that keeps us locked in a state of inferior awareness, or, if you prefer, in our daily hell in this world, a world full of beauty but also fraught with illusion and incertitude.

On the one hand, the solution to this enigma could be the simple act of becoming conscious of the existence of these parasites, so as to live with them, and to reason and meditate on the motive of our actions when they are guided by fear, need, and lack and violence. Castaneda spoke of ending our "inner talk," the internal monologue focused on the ego in which every moment of the day is invested. This is not easy. Far from it.

On the other hand, there is the whole body of teaching of Don Juan, the mental exercise and the physical movements he calls magical passes, as well as the discipline called


This is a complex practice, and it is clear that to do it successfully, one must go into it heart and soul, a commitment that is not given to everyone. Mr. Everyman will regard the knowledge and discipline of Don Juan and Castaneda as exotic, and the teachings, hermetic and strange.


The way to overcome the predator by committing oneself entirely to the writings of Castaneda is not within the reach of everyone. Moreover, the work of Castaneda can provoke arguments and protests in which one could even doubt the existence of the old sorcerer.


(Such protests against the sorcerers of Don Juan’s lineage, and his contemporary "fan club" have been considered elsewhere in an article by Karmatoo "Le Dernier des Nahuals".)


Despite these critiques and arguments, which are often virulent, the presence of that mysterious anthropologist and the knowledge of his mentor cannot be denied.

The work of Castaneda remains extraordinarily powerful and coherent, and it may best be analyzed in view of other magical and shamanic traditions such as those of the Gnostics.


This John Lash has done in the companion article. His excellent text is the fruit of eight years of research on Gnostic/Castaneda parallels.



Of Greys, Drones and Clones

According to Castaneda the parasitic entities he called the flyers have infiltrated us and made our spirit repetitive, maniacal, full of routine, frightened, avid, violent and calculating:

"The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now"

(The Active Side of Infinity, p. 220).

The Archons, who have certain of the same characteristics as these, are obsessed with hiding and not being detected.


Nigel Kerner - whom we interviewed in 2004 - writes in his book, The Song of the Greys, about our inheritance from the short Greys or ETs. Kerner compares these entities to empty shells, explorer drones or robotic probes that are just a pale reflection of the "Prime Being," the entity that created them, a long time ago.


Through a number of "genetic interventions" - as may be indicated by many tales of extraterrestrial abduction, ancient and modern, as well as by accounts of demons, succubi, etc - the Greys would have installed in our genetic code characteristics that make us hybrids, a mix of human and ET.


These alien interceptions would have started with the Cro-Magnon and their indo-European descendents, i.e., the white man of the West. It is the Caucasian type, Kerner says, that demonstrates more than any other ethnic group, aggressive, territorial, imperialistic, cold and calculating behavior, and tends to live in the constant fear of aggression, wary of threats.


These would be the character traits that give this ethnic type its conquering territorial drive, reflected in the doctrine of "survival of the fittest."

In all this Kerner sees a program of the Greys to obtain supremacy of the white man and eliminate other traditions, cultures, societies, and the mystical or anticipatory world view more directed toward cooperation, compassion and equilibrium. The white man was created to effectuate the elimination of other experiments conducted by the Greys or perhaps by other advanced beings or extraterrestrial entities.


Such is what Kerner told us in that long, exclusive interview.

Consistent with the Gnostic view that the Archons influence our existential alienation, and Castaneda’s remarks to the same effect, Kerner says that due to the intervention of the Greys we are no longer in touch with our true potential, our true spirit and our link with the Prime Being that created us:

We are caught in a physical existence because we have certain ‘restrictions’ certain qualities that reflect a lack of understanding of the true nature of reality. Qualities such as hate, envy, greed, aggression, etc.


These qualities are mental momentums that separate parts as the Universe separates parts. They are the consciousness equivalent of the physical entropic momentums for separation in the universe.


Thus they provide ‘scratches’ and ‘dirty marks’ on the individual ‘lenses’ through which the light of God shines into us. These blemishes distort and twist that light defining each of our individualities as extents of difference to that light.


That’s how we defined our individualities in the first place. Alien interception provides extra scratches and dirty marks that are extra to our own ‘restrictions’ or ‘sins’. Thus alien interception is an imposition on us....


Their predatory nature is due to the fact that they see us as their experimental subjects.


If they were human and were acting out of motives of cruelty or hatred then these things would lead to their own destruction as a people in time but because they are just self-generating machines – they can continue following their agenda as long as there is physically-based sentient life to prey on.

Kerner has a way of thinking that is typically Gnostic in the sense that he claims that human beings live in a state of enslavement, and, he argues, the Christ did not come to atone for our sins and save us, but to avert the horrific danger posed by the predators.


Again, from the interview:

I would suggest that we need to look at what being ‘damned’ means. In common parlance ‘damnation’ implies a one way ticket to ‘hell’. "The Song of the Greys" suggests that this physical universe is the true hell.


Our damnation is defined by the fact that we are stuck here. It is our own minds and actions which bind us but one could make a strong case to say that we would have been less likely to have remained trapped if not for the external influence of things like the Greys.


Perhaps this is why beings like Jesus would come to show us the way out of our captivity… Yes, we are in captivity like animals, being farmed by the Greys. Maybe he came to restore the balance…


In the ancient Nag Hammadi Texts he is quoted as saying that there were external powers which have had an interest in mankind from the beginning.

In short, Kerner says that we are hybrids, shackled by a foreign implantation.


In the Secret Book of John, Christ declares:

"I am that which exists eternally, that which is without defect or mixture." The parasites with their hybridation have no part in this higher existence. This is certainly "good news".


For the Gnostics, Christ did not speak of repentance and sin, but rather wanted to help us get out of the trap we’re in by the force of illumination.



The Archontes and Sophia

Can we compare the Archons and the flyers to machines?


Nigel Kerner suggests that these parasitic entities are indeed comparable to machines. They are also like programmed viruses that lack something essential in their own make-up. Are they then some sort of psychic machines, viruses in an alien body form?


It seems that both the Archons and the Greys have a problem with connection to the source, the Creator or Prime Being, as Kerner calls it - this would allude somehow to Sophia in Gnostic tradition. Kerner says that they lack the soul life or "soul line" that would connect them with a conscious sense of eternity, and allow them to return to the source.

In Gnostic myth, the Archons mistakenly see themselves as alone in the cosmos, which they take for their "Kingdom."


Thus they challenge the Godhead, wishing to be equal to that which produced them. They arise in the chaos of elementary matter, the region of ignorance and fantasy. Apparently, these predators feed on human beings in some way. They want to make use of us, treating us like cattle, or laboratory animals.


The Greys do exactly the same thing. In contemporary reports of Grey intervention, linked to "reptilian" activities, the ETs operate between our dimension and other, non-material dimensions in order to feed on negative emotions, especially fear and anguish.


According to survivors and therapists, ritual satanic abuse - a phenomenon totally denied by the authorities - might be practiced with the intent to nourish these entities on human fear and anguish.



Spiritual Virus and Camouflage

Jonh Lash tells us that Gnostics warned that Judeo-Christian religion, which is patriarchal, messianic, and redemptive (that is, believing in the final judgment of our faults by a messianic figure), is a spiritual virus.


The main struggle of the Gnostics was to expose and resist this virus. Author and researcher Paul von Ward, in his book, God, Genes and Consciousness, states his view, developed after reading many ancient texts including Sumerian tablets and the Nag Hammadi materials, that the "religions of the Book" (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) are proof of the presence and sovereignty of what he calls ABs, advanced beings.


These ABs, who are purely opportunistic, have left us with a religious cultic tradition that is hypercentralized, totally patriarchal, and founded on the concept that man is guilty of an original fault.

According to Von Ward, even our governments are influenced by this concept which, in the worst cases, has produced dictatorships and personality cults (e.g., Hitler, Stalin, Kim Il Sung) .


Von Ward calls this development "supernaturalism," characterized by emphasis on everything that is "magical" and doesn’t really exist, but paradoxically those who adopt this view worship a supremely disconnected deity, a god not present, not manifest physically, who requires miracles and magical proof of a material kind, the demonstration of which obliges us to venerate such a deity.


This supernaturalism takes humanity in a kind of schizophrenia where all forms of magic and esoterism are banished and, at the same time, avidly pursued (in underground movements, hidden cults, etc). In such a worldview, it is unthinkable that god or the gods could be ET entities who possess an extremely sophisticated technology that would allow them to stage feats mistaken for miracles of a divine order.


The supreme being must preserve its aspect of untouchability and immateriality, removed from the world and simultaneously present in all aspects of human life. Within this concept of a supernaturalist reality, the idea of parasitism by inorganic beings or more advanced beings is inconceivable.

Following the argument of Von Ward concerning "Advanced Beings - AB," we might well suppose that supernaturalism would be a bizarre disguise of such entities, the "Gods" of antiquity, to make us deny their existence and their parasitical activities.

Von Ward discusses the lines of
the Anunnaki, a type of hyperdominant ET entity who founded Sumerian civilization (according to some interpretations of the Sumerian cuneiform record), as being responsible for the fanatical and authoritarian religious concepts and hierarchal rituals of Judeo-Christian religion.


He asserts that YHVH, the Hebrew god Jehovah, was an AB responsible for bloody and tyrannical events. YHVH is denounced in similar terms by the Gnostics.


It is thus tempting to say that the Gnostics, when they exposed the Archons, were really talking about their material, incarnate aspect, the Anunnaki.


One could speculate that the Anunnaki were shadowed or possessed by the flyers/Archons so that they could be their material heirs. It is not surprising that the Gnostics have been pursued for heresy and that the religious authorities have tried to physically eliminate them. It’s a miracle that any texts have survived.


They must have been hidden by adepts who had suffered successive waves of persecution.



The problem of credibility

Whenever one speaks of reptilian entities or other types of entities that attack the human mind, a major problem of credibility arises.


Texts such as the Gnostic and Sumerian writings are ancient, perennial, cohesive, and validated by academic sources. These are uncontestable sources of information, and consequently the content of these texts can be debated in a viable manner.


On the other hand, contemporary sources on "the topic of topics" are far less legitimate, and subject to huge argumentation. They come either from the testimony of victims whose good faith is put into question, and who often testify under hypnosis, which is also questionable; or from mediums, or people who have been contacted or possessed by an ET; or from those who practice "remote viewing," and so forth.


Other sources are the writers and investigators who believe completely in these above cited sources and compile all the information given by these abductees, contactees, channelers, etc., and draw conclusions.


For example,

...and others. The list is large.


Here again, there is no way for these authors to control or check the credibility of their sources.

Specialists in abduction who have a more solid academic background and a more serious methodology in their ways of gleaning information, such as John Mack, David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins, can also shed some light on these matters.


There is yet another type of source: the military or the scientists. These are less common, but increasingly in recent years they also speak of contact with reptilians or greys.


Colonel Corso and Phil Schneider are among the most well-known of this group.


There is also testimony from military and scientific sources in the "Disclosure Project" that could also shed light on the ET phenomenon. What is striking here is the similarity of information from these diverse sources, as different as they are.


One senses that these testimonies and analyses present a coherent portrait of the behavior of ETs and reptilians - which could mean this information rests on a real and tangible basis, or that could as well mean these authors take their inspiration from each other and tell the same story for a goal that is not evident.

What is clear is the fact that the characteristics of the actions and goals of these predatory entities, as described by contemporary sources, fit in some respects with information contained in ancient texts such as
the Nag Hammadi codices and the Sumerian cuneiform record.


As we have said over and over again on, nothing should be taken on faith. Its not about "believing or not believing," but about solving a puzzle that is more or less subtle and nuanced, and will always have missing pieces.



Abductions and Parasites

As we have already noted, one of the best candidates that fits the profile of the Archons and flyers are the Grey ETs which numerous writers, including Kerner, link to reptilians.


According to Castaneda, the flyers have a particular taste for young people, charged with vital energy, or even for children. This trait recalls what is said by survivors of ritual abuse about the reptilian-type ETs and humans said to be possessed by these entities.


This type of particularly revolting evil-doing represents a much-disputed aspect of abduction reports, because the reptilian behavior has nothing to do with UFOs, the usual abduction scenarios, nor does it fit in with the usual cases of sexual and pedophiliac crimes. This type of abuse is known only through its survivors who are usually women.


In most cases, the victims attest to being subjected to ritual torture and rape, and to have witnessed deaths attended by strange psychic effects and manifestations of occult forces.

Most shocking are the accounts of men who shape-shift into reptilians in the course of a ritual, usually after having consumed the blood or eaten the organs of the victim sacrificed for the rites. Witnesses describe possession by extraterrestrial entities. These accounts seems incredible, improbable, and probably worthy to be relegated to the realm of mythomania.


But as we have already stressed in other articles, these testimonies are numerous and psychiatrists and therapists take them seriously… These rituals of abuse can be considered as bizarre manifestations in the category of predation and parasitism.

Finally, considering the military sources on abduction by Greys and reptilians, even though these sources may be compromised by disinformation, reports by soldiers and technicians who work on top secret projects display certain similarities with the above accounts.


Colonel Corso, in his book The Day After Roswell, observes that the Greys are cyborgs designed for exploration - thus echoing the view of Kerner. This is why witnesses have the impression of facing an entity without emotions.


Phil Schneider, who claims to have worked on the construction of hidden military bases, speaks of the beehive mentality of the Grey ETs who live in nests. He compares them to predators who ravage an environment, rather like a plague of grasshoppers.


In Cosmic Voyage, Courtney Brown, a remote viewer who formerly worked for the CIA, uses the same term, hive mentality, for the Greys.

Victims of ritual abuse and abductions thought to be conducted by Greys and reptilians report the sense of being an object, or the prey in the hands of a predator. Sexual abuse takes on another aspect when it concerns the removal of sperm and ovum samples, and other medically invasive acts.


As for the physical aspect of the predatory entities, let’s recall something noted by Karla Turner:

The appearance of these entities is changeable and you cannot trust it.

Turner (now deceased) was a specialist in abductions and herself a victim.


She ascertained under hypnosis that victims noted the changing appearance of the predator, shifting, for instance, between a military appearance and the reptilian form. Turner was able to trace at least five such shifts of appearance. These changes remind us of the strategies used by the Archons and flyers to deceive their victims.

Two themes recur continually in the accounts of abduction and mind control: genetic manipulation and implants. Genetic manipulation by the ETs has for its aim, according to the testimony of abductees, the creation of a race of hybrids, human-ET crossbreeds.


These would be entities capable of an emotional life, which the ETs lack. In short, the aim is to produce a mixed consciousness. As for implants, they are used to locate a person or, at worst, to modify their behavior.


We will see how we can link these two themes.



DNA as Prison or Messenger of Life

We are speaking largely of pure speculation, of course, but the common points in the theme of implants, the role of conditioning of consciousness, and the potential role of DNA, are so obvious that it seems necessary to talk about it.


DNA, the double helix of amino acids, is extremely complex. It has a much higher amount of information than the most sophisticated computer. It seems to be the program, the software, that builds structure and makes the living organism work.


Scientists affirm that DNA is an aperiodic crystal, that its structure (the way it is built) can be compared to crystal elements. For example, minerals like quartz and silicon are crystals. They are extraordinary conductors of information and energy. This is why they are used in electronics and computer sciences. It is then interesting to note that certain implants and psychotronic weapons that can influence the behavior of human beings function on these crystal properties.

Could we then postulate that DNA, loaded with living memory of our ancestors and all species that have contributed to the development of homo sapiens sapiens, contain a series of instructions that generate our consciousness and our perception, somewhat in the way of an extremely sophisticated implant?


aborigine paint


Today, the attribution of consciousness uniquely to the neurochemical activity of the brain constitutes a scientific dead end.


Researchers have come to conceive the brain as a sort of combination of software and hardware with holographic properties.


Consciousness is not exclusive to the brain, which is rather a sort of broadcasting station, or an antenna for a station. In certain conspiracy literature, especially David Icke, this DNA is like the software that keeps us locked into a certain level of perception.


Could DNA be the bars of our mental prison?



DNA and Shamanism

Jeremy Narby, author of The Cosmic Serpent, points out that DNA has a serpentine form. In shamanic vision under the effects of ayahuasca, DNA, the component of life, is perceived as spirit or, more clearly, a multitude of spirits called Maninkaris.


These spirits would have come to earth in the form of a shower of dark entities, a sort of cross between reptiles and whales, as described in a vision under ayahuasca by anthropologist Michael Harner:

First they showed me the planet earth as it was eons ago, before there was any life on it. I saw an ocean, barren land, and a bright blue sky. Then black specks dropped from the sky by the hundreds and landed in front of me on the barren landscape.


I could see the ‘specks’ were actually large, shiny, black creatures with stubbly pterodactyl-like wings and huge whale-like bodies… They explained to me in a kind of thought language that they were fleeing from something out in space.


They had come to the planet Earth to escape their enemy. The creatures then showed me how they had created life on the planet in order to hide within the multitudinous forms and thus disguise their presence. Before me the magnificence of plant and animal creation and speciation – hundreds of millions of years of activity – took place on a scale and with a vividness impossible to describe.


I learned that the dragon-like creatures were thus inside all forms of life, including man.

(Cited by Narby, The Cosmic Serpent, p. 55)

Harner had this vision in 1961.


Only in retrospect did he link these black dragons to DNA, and this had not yet been pointed out in our time. What were these creatures running away from by hiding behind the shape of what is living, and camouflaging themselves in man, as a sort of parasitism inclined to mutuality?

Certainly, Harner’s vision, typical of the kind experienced by Ashaninka Indians under the influence of an hallucinogenic potion, can be read at a metaphoric level, but it is also clear that the idea of the Maninkaris is fundamental to the Indians in the understanding of life.


One of the jungle sorcerers Jeremy Narby met defined these entities:

"They are invisible entities found in animals, plants, mountains, rivers, lakes and certain crystal rocks."

In the native tradition, the Maninkaris are positive beings:

"They taught us how to weave cotton and make clothes. Since a long time, our ancestors were living in the forest. Who else could have taught us how to make cloth?"

According to anthropologist Gerald Weiss who studied the Ashaninka, the name Maninkari means "those who are hidden," but who can be seen by ingesting tobacco and ayahuasca.


If the Maninkaris are positive entities for the Indians, they resemble in certain respects the flyers of Castaneda in the sense that, like the flyers, the Maninkaris live in hiding, and they are dark beings who influence the behavior of humans.


In nature we find forms of parasitism in which the parasite and the host live in symbiosis, in mutual cooperation or mutualism. It is essential to know how the Maninkaris that Narby connects to DNA (without identifying them with it) play a positive role through their parasitic activity.


As for the flyers, according to Castaneda, they feed on the "luminous layers" of human consciousness, especially those of young people. The flyers leave nothing but a thin band of consciousness, just enough for the person to survive, until they come and get the rest, later on.


Their activity is anything but positive.



Flyers and Implants - Metaphoric Technology

The alien implants of ET/UFO reports, considered as a parasitical object, may be compared to the flyers.


Of course, such technological metaphors are limited because they only work as long as the technology to which they refer is in fashion - as Gerry Zeitlin states in his article on, comparing memory to a hologram.


Technological metaphors have some didactic value, and some use in representing a concept, but little more.

The flyers of Castaneda might be a kind of implant or psychic virus. Recent developments show that the military have the intention to upgrade the implant into a tool of identification and retrieval. It could as well be turned into a psychotronic weapon that works by effecting behavior or inducing a state of virtual reality, like the implants for jet pilots which can manage radar signals in the combat zone.


According to Helmut Lammers, who worked at Cal Tech on Milabs (Military mind control and alien abduction projects), the government at the end of the 1990s was working on a chip capable of,

"mimicking analogic and mental processes seen in human beings."

They were working on implants with the capacity to generate "holograms, multi-spectral camouflage systems, and thermic invisibility."


And this is only the known part of the research. Victims of alien abduction and mind control claim to have been subjected to implants even more sophisticated, and capable of modifying consciousness.


The activity of the flyers as alien agents that modify our consciousness looks less strange when we consider their military experiments in psychotronic weapons (as seen in the remake of the film, The Manchurian Candidate).


DNA as an Implant

Let’s return to the link between DNA and consciousness.


Scientists have tried for many years to establish how DNA could be influenced by emotional states and consciousness, and, vice versa, how DNA can influence us.


Eric Kandel, who won the Nobel Prize in 2000, discovered that genetic differences between individuals are due to society and mental conditioning, as well as to parental genes.


Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has conducted experiments with water in crystalline form that show how ice crystals are affected by sound.



He also conducted a series of experiments that show how the formation of water crystals is determined by certain words of a positive and negative connotation.


With positive words, the structures generated in water are regular, harmonious and esthetic in form. With negative words, they assume jagged, irregular forms. Recall that DNA is an aperiodic crystal that reacts to waves and other electromagnetic phenomena.


We may assume there is an influence of a vibratory kind between DNA and its environment.

Recent work by Russian biologist Piotr Garjajev and some Russian linguistic experts suggests the same thing, and, more specifically, this research may show that junk DNA, rather than being a discard, is "a computer hologram that works with laser-type radiations."


In short, DNA is an extraordinary generator of perceptions, an instrument of virtual reality.

David Icke, a well-known investigator of the "reptilian agenda", has proposed a much-discussed idea concerning the link between DNA, emotion and consciousness.


In fact, human consciousness manifests mainly through the medium of emotions. These fall roughly into typical categories: love, hate, fear, anger, desire, etc. With plenty of nuances, of course. It can be said that these emotions encapsulate our consciousness, they channel our means of expression into narrow bands. Icke reckons that DNA is actually responsible for the reduction of consciousness to the point where our emotional activity has nothing to do with our real consciousness.


A great many spiritual disciplines (for instance, Buddhist meditation) address this situation. Pure consciousness has nothing to do with our emotional states, on the contrary, our emotions imprison us - so Icke would argue.


By accepting the link between DNA and emotional and mental activities, we may begin to imagine DNA as a complex program that directs the life process (regulating our metabolism, for instance), but impedes our consciousness from complete manifestation.

Nigel Kerner says something similar when he treats both DNA and the entire human body (brain and skeleton) as a sort of antenna structure.


It is through this antenna that our consciousness manifests, but in a deformed and diminished manner. Our consciousness, Kerner says, is inspired by the Prime Being, the perfect state from which we issue. But this antenna suffers interference by parasitical entities, and so our consciousness is altered and manipulated in ways that make us suffer.

One can well see a vicious circle operating here: the more our emotions operate in a chaotic and painful manner, the more they influence our DNA, and the more our DNA reduces and conditions our perception in a really negative way. Our level of awareness depends on DNA which interprets reality for us (with and through the brain), rather than showing us things as they really are.


In his most recent book, Icke says that what we believe to be real is an illusion. He refers to "a voice in the head" that recalls what Castaneda says of the flyers: they think in our place, they make us react and condition our capacity to feel "reality."

Of course, the link between DNA and consciousness is extremely speculative and just barely subject to scientific study, though it represents a fascinating path.

If DNA is considered as a form of mind, a snakelike entity according to the Indians of Jeremy Narby, it may also be regarded as a positive parasite (carrier of the life functions) or a negative one (conditioner of consciousness).


As such, it may be compared to accounts of the activity of the flyers and the Gnostic Archon, although these are never considered to have a positive effect.



By Way of Conclusion

Flyers, Archons and the Grey ETs all have a decisive influence, alienating and invasive, on the operations of human consciousness.


They dissimulate and assume diverse disguises. The phenomenon of shape-shifting has been carefully studied by Marie-Therese de Brosses, a French journalist who specializes in alien abductions, a writer, and tenacious investigator of anomalies.


She reports an Australian case in which the abductee is told by a Grey:

"We appear in the form you expect to see."

She has also reported the case of women who find their husbands, boyfriends, or even movie stars, in a flying saucer.


After the sexual act and the extraction of tissue or ova, they realize that the husband, boyfriend, or actor is in reality an extraterrestrial. Marie Therese de Brosses reckons that this kind of ET phenomenon is very close to the manifestation of diabolic and angelic entities (elves, trolls, djinns, fairies, succubi, etc) in folk lore of the past.


For her,

"the parallel we can trace between ET apparitions, the Archons of the Gnostics and the flyers of Castaneda, is totally valid."

The theories of de Brosses align closely to similar work by Jacques Vallee, John Keel and Jean Sider, whose theories indicate that the ET phenomenon may be,

"like the manifestation of events orchestrated by a protean intelligence that exists around the earth and attempts to torment us."

It is certainly not by mere chance that the last pages of de Brosses’ book are dedicated to the common elements in extraterrestrial abductions and shamanic experience, attested around the world.


And likewise, it is not mere chance that John Lash dwells on the link between Castaneda and the Gnostics, whom he regards as accomplished shamans... Of course, nothing indicates that all the manifestations of human contact with extraterrestrial entities is parasitical and negative. But it would serve us well to understand those cases that are.

Whatever the case, parasitism and predation resemble a kind of psychological warfare of which the aims are not known, but which deserves to be taken very seriously, without making a mental illness out of it.


It is probable that the flyers, Archons, Greys, fairies, djinns and other demonic-type entities are all part of the same taxonomy, the same array of mysterious forces able to interfere with us and yet, somehow, transcend the normal dimensions in which we live.





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