by Dr. Corrado Malanga
February 10, 2004

translation by Godfire

from CorradoMalangaWetpaint Website


There are many signs that distinguish the abductees from the people that never had abduction problems:

some are internal signs connected to the life experiences, undeletable memories, but hidden into the wrinkles of an unconscious.

Only few experts of the world may discover hardly their presence.


However, other signs are definitely visible:

it is about the famous cicatrixes present on the body of the abductees.

In the origin of this work there is the first historical cicatrix discovered and reported by Bud Hopkins (USA) and demonstrated also in the movie Intruders, across which with the help of fiction there was reported its existence to the incredulous public.


That cicatrix is very common on the abductees, even if it doesn’t seem present.


I have run into it first time many years ago while working on a case that represents the point of thrust for my researches: the case of Lonzi, in Genova.

There is a whole book dedicated his story (the UFO’s in the mind) and I don’t want to enter once again this matter lived by Valerio Lonzi, himself has told this story many times on national TV channels; I just want to light on some particular points of that kind cicatrix.

The last years many people after reading my works or participating my conferences, asked me how is that cicatrix. In the first edition of the book there was a photo of Valerio’s lower leg where the cicatrix was well evident, but already on the second edition the photos were eliminated because of the printing cost problems (?), so this important information was not accessible for the reader.

On other hand no one of the Italian ufological centers has ever published the researches on this argument and so nobody in Italy has ever seen such a “strange” photo, in order to look on own body for anything similar. The consequence of a complete absence of so-called Italian ufological centers at the moment of the treating of abduction argument is an evident and incomprehensible incapacity of understanding what the hell is going on.

There must be added to the inadequacy of aforesaid Italian ufologists also the fear of loosing the trust of the general authorities in case if they speak about abduction (actually the Italian ufologists had always desired, but never had it).


So, until yesterday the NUC (National Ufological Center) affirmed that they do not work with abductions, then, some months ago some of its exponents came out on a special edition of Giornale dei Misteri (Magazine of mysteries) dedicated this argument, reporting the incredible nonsense copied from Internet and simulations of my works (obviously they never mentioned my name).

The ICUS (Italian Center of Ufological Studies) by other side appears very similar to CICAP (Italian Center of Control on Paranormal Affirmations) being unable to express an opinion on such a delicate matter, they use a derogative tone and negative affirmations easily available on an internet - good to read as a literature for getting asleep in case of sleeplessness.

The last years I have mentioned many times the fact that the people “dreaming aliens”, have the same dreams, but also the same cicatrix on the lower leg bone or sometimes also on the right one. I can talk a lot about this cicatrix, cause many times I have met the people’s confused view watching such a cicatrix on their body which they never noticed before and they didn’t remember how it has appeared.


I remember an adult male of approximately 30 years old, he has visited me together his girl friend and he was telling me about his strange dreams that he had during the night.

As such unreal experiences had a lot of thinks in common with the experiences of abduction, I asked him some simple questions, in order to verify his level of knowledge on the abduction phenomenon. I asked him also if he had any cicatrix that he couldn’t remember how he got it on his body.


He answered me immediately “no”; but while saying it, his eyes turned down to his left.

That manner may have various explanations, the first one is that he had activated his kinesthetic memory, “sensations”, and he remembered the sensation that he had while somebody or something was making on him that cicatrix. Another possibility is that he unconsciously went to search some cicatrix that was unknown to his conscious, but very familiar to his unconscious.


He had a look on the left leg and his girl friend goaded him to pull up the left leg of trousers in order to verify. Here came out a cicatrix as a cigarettes burn form, as big as a nail of pinkie - same as many other cicatrixes of that kind.


I have asked him: What is this?


And he answered getting worried: Don’t know, never saw it before...(?)


The subject was definitely puzzled, cause the cicatrix was old, but he never had noticed it. Also Valerio Lonzi had the same reaction right after the hypnosis done to him by Dt. Moretti, no matter that he had described under hypnosis how that cicatrix was done to him. It was a synthesis of his story. Valerio tells that he is on a surgical table; he is approximately 12 years old, the usual green men are around him and some technological machine similar to the helm of ancient armor attached to the ceiling slopes on him.

Something blocks his head and he sees only a little red light running forth and back in front of his eyes on a horizontal line. In meanwhile Valerio feels that something is working on his left leg.


Inside of his head the telepathic voice of the aliens transmitting a strange message:

Calm down: we don’t hurt you; we just take a sample of your bone tissue... Valerio feels always more and more hot...

After hypnosis he doesn’t remember anything, cause of a posthypnotic order that Dt. Moretti put on him.


Then Moretti asks to Lonzi:

Valerio, what is this cicatrix that you have on your leg?

Valerio doesn’t know!


After some years I have participated in an ufological conference organized by the NUC, at the end of my intervention about the abduction (was one of the first times), I got down from the stand and some tall, dark haired lady stopped me to ask about the cicatrix on the lower leg. She said that her boy friend had the same cicatrix about which I talked during the conference.


Then she called her boy friend, which was timidly waiting for.


The boy approached me bringing the picture of his left leg radiography and declared:

The doc says that under this strange cicatrix seems missing a piece of bone tissue... as if it has been withdrawn.... It is a confirmation that I am looking for!

So I show some examples of such cicatrixes in order to help the people with verification of possible presence of them on their bodies.


The cicatrix appears as a slight subsidence of the skin, as if the tissue has been removed by a surgery operation. Up to the characteristic properties, the skin may get slightly red or sometimes get red for a short period and then turn to the normal color of the surrounding part.

As you get by the aforesaid, sometimes the tissue withdrawal has been repeated.


 The subject doesn’t appear conscious of that cicatrix, no matter even if he saw it for many years; only when he is made to think about the existence of the strange mark, something moves inside of him and the first time the abductee realizes that he has really been abducted!


Immediately in front of him there opens a whole abyss that swallows him.

So then... says me right after… all these dreams that I was making from my early years... they were not just dreams...all these creatures getting around my bed while my parents sleeping were real… so then… so then...

The same cicatrixes photographed by Bud Hopkins in America are found on the Italian abductees.


There never were discovered so many concrete evidences on the abduction phenomenon and never before was so clear the silliness of state ufologists, no matter anything, unable to participate in a battle of knowledge.


It has taken already by a long time their organizations to the another part of the barricade where the corrupted governors, useless militaries and other colluded prelates go on keeping the humanity in ignorance that could be turn into their future tomb.