by Dr. Michael Salla
November 06, 2021

from Exopolitics Website


'Welcome to the Future' is an excellent primer for those wanting to learn about a modern-day contactee's experiences with different extraterrestrial groups and their respective relationships with national militaries and the Deep State.


Megan Rose's first book begins with her childhood experiences where she was abducted at ages six and nine by Gray (Nebu) and Reptilian extraterrestrials wanting to use her in their genetic programs.


She was subsequently rescued twice by a benevolent extraterrestrial organization called the Galactic Federation of Worlds, a member of which, Val Nek, has developed a particularly close protective relationship with her.

Megan explains how the two rescues were made possible due to implants she had received as a baby by the Federation designed to monitor her brainwaves and placed for her protection.


Her book describes the critical moments in the two abduction experiences when her Gray and Reptilian abductors realized - too late for them - that she was under the protection of the Federation.


Val Nek and Thor Han

rescuing Elena Danaan from Gray abductors.

Copyright 2020: Elena Danaan

The placement of such a monitoring device as a baby is indicative of her being a 'starseed' from one of the Federation groups.


It's also worth mentioning that positive extraterrestrial groups have dropped off babies to be raised by human parents, as described in a leaked 1989 Defense Intelligence Agency document.


Presumably, such babies would also have monitoring devices implanted into them to monitor brainwaves and ensure their safety.


Megan explains how after having her memories of the two abductions and rescues blocked, she lived a 'normal life' despite having symptoms of post-traumatic stress.


After completing a nursing degree and working in critical care, her life was changed forever in 2019 when Val Nek and the Federation once again appeared and restored her memories.


Megan also described how the monitoring implant she received as a baby was upgraded to,

"a high grade communication device".

(p. 23)

This would enable her to communicate in real-time with Val Nek and other Federation members when necessary.


She described the implant as a fifth density device, which was not solid matter, and was attuned to a non-hackable frequency used by the Federation.


Megan explains that Federation personnel use similar devices for communication and piloting their ships.


This revelation has led to some controversy in the full disclosure community, where it has been claimed that such implants are a Trojan Horse for Artificial Intelligence (AI).


It's therefore worth closely examining the underlying technology used in Federation implants.


Federation implant technologies are claimed to be secure and non-hackable, which Megan later explains have been shared with the Earth Alliance - a positive group of military and political leaders from the major governments working with the Federation.


In preparing this book review, Elena shared an explanation from Val Nek about how the Federation implant works and its difference from those used by Grays and Reptilians:

Megan's implant is a high-density military grade implant that is commonly used by the Federation for communication and sometimes other purposes such as piloting a ship.


It is much like the technology I described for the Space Fence.

A high frequency, higher density device that has an inter-dimensional component. It is unhackable...

The greys use a different technology.


It is at a lower frequency, and it is common for them to place these devices for tracking and not necessarily communication. Sometimes, the Greys use their implants to connect to hive consciousness.


If this is the case, it is not a conversation of communication, but rather impulses of AI.


The person will describe having downloads or visions, but not a conversation using telepathy.


Megan has trained herself to use this device by resonance. Her brainwaves emit an impulse that trigger the implant and open the channel for communication.


I have no reservation that in time, Terrans will come to understand this technology. Especially with space travel, using telepathy in this way is the most reliable while communicating long distance.


It also cannot be intercepted by the lower frequencies.

[Email: November 6, 2021]

The important idea to consider here is that of an unhackable communication system using higher density and interdimensional components.


Val Nek describes this as something our scientific community will eventually understand.


This raises the question of whether an unhackable communication system is theoretically possible from the perspective of our present scientific understanding.


Quantum technology appears to be very similar to what is being described by Val Nek.


It has been identified by computer scientists as something that is non-hackable due to the unique relationship (entanglement) between the two nodes of a communication device.


For example, Professor John Paulson, from the Harvard School of Engineering, described a recent breakthrough using 'quantum entanglement' that would lead to the development of,

"an unhackable quantum internet"...

Quantum computing is widely regarded as non-hackable, and this is where it's important to distinguish it from AI since these are very different technologies (as explained here and here).


Put simply,

quantum entanglement can be used to create a secure non-hackable computer or communication system and has nothing to do with AI...




This is critical to understand since the Galactic Federation's use of higher density (quantum entanglement) technology for implants that have functions such as brainwave monitoring, communications, and/or piloting also does not require AI.



claims that Galactic Federation implants are a Trojan Horse for AI are therefore based on a misunderstanding and conflation of very different technologies.

The upgrade of Megan's implant so she could engage in real-time communications with her Federation protector Val Nek has led to her receiving regular briefings.


Many of these briefings are covered in the last half of her book, some of which have involved three-way conversations between Val Nek, Megan, and myself.


This is where it's important to respond to another misunderstanding that Megan's information is received through channeling. What Megan has described is a very different mode of communication to channeling, which is widespread in the New Age community.


Her implant is a secure communication device - similar to how a long-distance radio or telephone operates - and is not hackable for reasons explained earlier.


This is important since channeled information can be hacked through psychic or psychotronic technologies, which makes such unreliable unless strict scientific protocols are used.


The information presented by Megan in her book is succinct and to the point.


This is well illustrated in her description of how negative extraterrestrial groups have infiltrated our planet through technology agreements with the Deep State (aka Cabal):

The most egregious of these crimes was supplying adults, children, and babies to the reptilian empire for food supply.


The slave trade of humans benefited their military factions. Humans were forced to be soldiers and taken against their will to Mars, the moon, Antarctica and underground military bases.


The cabal on Terra became deeply involved with the extraterrestrial invaders, and the governments of Terra became submissive to their demands.

[p. 29]

Megan's information about the Q movement is certain to raise eyebrows as she was told that it was a joint initiative by positive military and extraterrestrial groups wanting to inform people about the true situation confronting humanity:

The US Navy operated this program from secure naval intelligence servers, a simple fact that the mainstream media conveniently ignored.


The movement encouraged patriotism and family.


It was the Federation and the Earth Alliance's goal to reveal certain truths regarding the cabal on planet Terra.


The operation revealed the existence of elite pedophile and human trafficking rings that were serving the extraterrestrial infiltration on Terra.

[p. 32]



This is not that surprising since the US Navy has long been working with the Galactic Federation, as best illustrated in the books and interviews of William Tompkins, a former aerospace designer and engineer.


Tompkins described how the Nordics (aka Galactic Federation) recruited the Navy in a galactic (temporal) war against a Draco Reptilian group and began sharing technologies as early as the 1942 Los Angeles Air Raid incident.


Megan also shared what she was told about extraterrestrial involvement in vaccine development that aimed to alter human DNA in ways that would make us more submissive to a hive mind controlling of the Gray (Nebu) extraterrestrial collective:

The vaccine has an extraterrestrial component.


An extraterrestrial technology that was given from the Nebu to the cabal to manufacture and administer to the Terran people. It was intended for the entire population.


You see, these beings, they are invaders, and they attempt to enslave entire planets to do their work for them.


The way they do this is by connecting all minds to their hive consciousness...

[p. 33]

What was really critical to the long-term goal of DNA modification through vaccines, was a satellite system that had been built by the Deep State to control the process:

In order to activate this DNA, and start mental and physical enslavement, it must be activated by frequency. This frequency was supposed to be emitted through satellites that were Nebu technology and built by the Terran people.


Once the satellites were activated, the DNA would be activated, and artificial consciousness would impress itself in the minds of the Terran people, making them subdued.

[p. 34]

Megan explains many of the developments that have led to the neutralization of the satellite system that had been set up to trigger the DNA changes, and the significant recent losses suffered ,

  • the Deep State

  • their extraterrestrial allies

  • the mysterious Dark Fleet...

Importantly, she explains the Prime Directive of the Galactic Federation as the principle of non-interference where it,

"works for balance in this galaxy."

[p. 37]

This appears to be a very sensible way to promote self-determination, freedom, and maturity among diverse species that aspire to join the Federation.


A good example of this principle at work has been how the Federation has shared its non-hackable higher density technology to build a frequency fence around the planet.


This has been shared with US Space Force and Space Command, which controls the "Space Fence" headquartered on Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific.


This upgraded Space Fence keeps out hostile extraterrestrial groups such as the Orion Grays (Nebu) that use wormholes and portals to infiltrate worlds.


Megan explains how the Nebu uses wormholes and portals to manipulate timelines:

"These beings, the Nebu, use wormholes to change timelines by traveling to a link in the past, present, or future."

[p. 41]

Consequently, the Space Fence prevents the manipulation of timelines and is a good example of how the Federation works to prevent interference in human affairs by all off-world races.


Much of the last half of Megan's book focuses on Val Nek's updates about the liberation of the Earth, Moon, and Mars in a temporal war involving many different groups and races.


The bottom line is that humanity is fast approaching a point of planetary liberation where an incredible Star Trek future awaits us.





I wish to emphasize that Megan has freely shared Val Nek's real-time information as a public service to help awaken humanity.


It has been my great pleasure to receive her and Val Nek's updates, along with his answers to my questions, and to share these at no cost as quickly as possible.


Purchasing Megan's book - which has already rocketed to the top of the Amazon best seller category for UFOs - is a great way of showing appreciation and supporting her important work of sharing what the Galactic Federation of Worlds is doing to help prepare humanity for an incredible future.


Welcome to the Future's small size, only 80 pages in length, makes it the ideal gift for busy friends and family members whose worldviews need expanding...!