by Steve Hammons
April 25, 2010

from JointreconStudyGroup Website


 Steve Hammons
Hammons was born and raised in the Cincinnati area and southwestern Ohio's Indiana-Kentucky border region. He has worked as a researcher, journalist, instructor, counselor, juvenile probation peace officer and public safety urgent response specialist.

He graduated from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, in southeastern Ohio with studies in communication (journalism focus), health education (psychology focus) and a minor in pre-law.

Ohio U. is home of the prestigious Scripps College of Communication and E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

Hammons completed some graduate-level coursework in guidance counseling and psychotherapy theories from the OU College of Education's School of Applied Behavioral Sciences and Educational Leadership.

He received orientations to Army Special Forces operations while an Army officer trainee at OU.

In his two published novels, "Mission Into Light" and the sequel "Light's Hand," a San Diego-based joint-service team of ten women and men research emerging special topics.

This Joint Recon Study Group follows paths of discovery to help create a better world. Book, TV and film rights are available. Hammons' movie screenplay combines both novels.

Pilot scripts for a proposed TV series have been developed.


According to accounts released Saturday, April 24, 2010, by the coordinator of an e-mail news and information service, officials of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and other U.S. government agencies have been involved in security activities involving human-appearing extraterrestrial beings in the U.S.

Victor Martinez, the e-mail information coordinator, is a former federal employee with an interest in space, defense and current affairs. Recipients of his e-mail news items include a wide variety of people interested in emerging and leading-edge scientific and other developments.

In his April 24 information release, Martinez quoted one of his alleged established contacts, one of a handful of current or former officials of the DIA, regarding any new or updated information on extraterrestrial encounters that would be of interest to the public.

The DIA contact reportedly provided information about the monitoring and intervention by U.S. officials regarding a particular extraterrestrial being posing as a human within the U.S., Martinez wrote in his e-mail report.

The contact also noted the more general issue of extraterrestrials visiting Earth who may blend in with the human population, for various reasons.

According to Martinez, his contact stated,

"In reference to your repeated requests to present some new information never before disclosed to the public... I went outside of our agency to close intelligence contacts of mine and secured the following... I just received information on a highly sensitive operation code-named 'Operation TANGO-SIERRA' that occurred in early 1980. It involved U.S. intelligence capturing an alien being living among us."



The contact also allegedly told Martinez,

"Here is the story. Personally, I've never heard of this particular operation before in all of my years in intelligence circles and employment. This information extracted about the alien is still highly classified and extremely difficult to obtain."

"From what I've learned, except for former presidents Carter, Reagan and Bush I, most presidents since then have not been briefed on this specific operation."

Martinez went on to report that an apparently new source, established via his long-time contacts, provided additional details on this alleged operation.

The new source reportedly wrote,

"I am an intelligence colleague of the man whom you have come know as 'Anonymous' who has asked me to brief you on a very special USG operation."

"I was directly involved with 'Operation TANGO-SIERRA.' It involved the finding, tracking and eventual capture of an extraterrestrial entity."

"The original operation began in early 1980 when an Earth female was identified by U.S. intelligence as being a so-called 'alien abductee.' She had been abducted by a male non-human in 1977 which was her first abduction," the source allegedly told Martinez.

"This woman was single, 23-years-old and a trusted, well-respected U.S. government employee."

"The male non-human showed the Earth woman abductee projections of alien life on another planet. The projection was from a small, triangle device. The woman viewed this projection which she described as images displayed in a 3-dimensional 'holographic' view."

The information source also claimed,

"The male non-human never harmed the Earth woman abductee. During the three years of her ongoing abduction, the Earth woman was taken by the male non-human through a 'veil of light' to another place. The Earth woman described this place as being 'a light bubble.' She would sit inside the bubble and view these holographic projections with the male non-human."

"On one occasion, the male non-human introduced the Earth woman to another male, whom the Earth woman described in debriefing details as not being human, i.e., not being an Earth male abductee. The Earth woman called this other being a "creature.'"

"This creature performed a medical examination on the Earth woman. The woman did not fully consent to the alien's examination as she was temporarily paralyzed. After the examination, the woman was taken back to her residence."



According to Martinez' source or sources, this federal employee's experience triggered an investigation.


The source reportedly stated,

"When the Earth woman brought up her abduction by a male alien to the attention of a co-worker, the co-worker contacted an office security official, who then contacted U.S. intelligence officials."

"U.S. intelligence spent hours and hours vetting the woman's story, conducting thorough background investigations, performing surveillance, and administering several polygraph examinations."

"The Earth woman's story was eventually deemed to be factually true and correct. U.S. intelligence then mounted a very special, highly classified operation to capture this alien being, who lived near Landover, Maryland."

The source(s) also claimed,

"In early 1980, the 7602 Air Intelligence Wing, Section III, began a detailed, intense investigation involving the presence of extraterrestrial creatures having infiltrated the highest levels of the United States government."

"This information originated from several abductees, who underwent extensive screening to determine their credibility."

"With the assistance of the 4th District, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, a highly classified operation was launched, code named: 'Operation TANGO-SIERRA' to find, detain and debrief that 'human' and determine whether or not he was an actual extraterrestrial creature/non-human and an imminent or potential threat to our national security."

"The entire operation lasted five months and involved approximately 60 intelligence officers. Every intelligence gathering capability was utilized at the time: Ground, aerial surveillance, telephone wiretaps, photographic evidence and other undisclosed clandestine operations were all conducted and some simultaneously in concert with one another."

The source also stated,

"The non-human entity was quickly identified, carefully watched, photographed and eventually captured near a shopping mall (southeast of Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland) after it walked up an embankment. It was quickly determined that this male alien had no special powers nor abilities."

"The male non-human voluntarily complied with the U.S. intelligence AFOSI special agents and went quietly and without incident. The male non-human was then remanded to custody and placed in captivity at Ft. Belvoir Army Post, Virginia."



Martinez' source(s) also allegedly reported,

"The male non-human was interrogated by teams of AFOSI special agents over several weeks and in total was questioned and intensely interrogated for many months by other agencies."

"It was during this time that the male non-human disclosed its race, its resident planet and the reason it came to Earth. The male alien basically cooperated and provided details of its life on his alien home world."

"The non-human entity was released on the direct orders of then President Carter in late 1980, and subsequently left Earth and returned to its home planet."

"The male non-human originated from the star system Delta Pavonis, 20 light-years from Earth where it was the 4th planet from their sun. It is roughly the same size as our Earth."

"We called the captured alien Septeloids. That was the identifying alien species name given to them by the astrobiologists on our team. I have no idea how they picked that name as well as some of the other odd-sounding alien species names ending with the suffix of 'loid.'"

"The travel time to Earth was 18 Earth months using a very complex propulsion system and time-space displacement travel mode. Back then in 1980, we could not understand the alien propulsion system and we never saw his spacecraft."

"When President Carter let the male non-human leave, he just vanished. I was never in the intelligence loop as to how he left or how he departed Earth," Martinez' source reportedly stated.

"These aliens from Delta Pavonis have been visiting Earth for 100 Earth years. Apparently, they could assume the human shape and form and easily live among us."

"I'm not sure how they learned English so well nor other languages. You've got to remember that this was extreme compartmentalization. I knew just what I was suppose to know. There is much more to the alien debriefing that I do not know."

"From what I've learned over the years, this race of alien beings originally came to Earth as explorers about a century ago."

"With respect to the male non-human's employment, he worked as a records keeper for the U.S. Dept. of Commerce in Washington D.C. He was able to manufacture his own identification documents by assuming the name/ID of a deceased Earth human."

"He was in a career that did not require a high-level security clearance thereby enabling him to escape the much greater scrutiny given to 'Secret' clearance level background checks and above."



Martinez quotes his source as stating,

"Although they possessed the human shape, form and basic anatomy, they were not human beings like you and me. Their actual, normal, 'real' appearance was that of a hideous-looking creature that would most certainly scare, frighten and terrify a normal Earth human."

"Above all, they did not have any extra powers nor abilities. They had no weapons and never tried to harm Earth humans. Their sole intent and stated mission was that they just wanted to study Earth humans and obtain the basic structure of the human body, anatomy and social interplay."

"I don't know how many others of this specific type of aliens were among us as I was not authorized that specific highly classified information," the source reportedly told Martinez.

"However, I am positive that there were more similar-type operations than just this one. 'Operation TANGO-SIERRA' was just one operation that lasted nine months from start to finish in the D.C area."

"U.S. intelligence had more such operations around the U.S., with one in the southwest and another in the northwest, but I don't know for sure on the location details."

In apparent response to a question Martinez posed, the source reportedly responded,

"As for other visiting alien races, we knew of nine of them."

"The Ebens were the nicest while the Trantaloids were the ugliest, meanest sons-a-bitches and most dangerous."

"I only know that the very inner circle of our government knows. That is about all I can tell you. I never spoke with the male non-human in 'Operation TANGO-SIERRA,' but I was actively involved in this operation. Most of the older fellows who knew all of this are dead now. Former CIA Director Richard M. Helms was our boss for this operation. He died some years ago."

Martinez noted in his report that Navy Adm. Stansfield Turner was CIA director at the time.

"The CIA/DIA/NSA were all involved as well as one or two FBI special agents, but they were never fully briefed."

"The lead agency was the 7602nd that operated out of Ft. Belvoir. Those guys were the best of the best. I was the lead case officer for the surveillance part of the operation. I was very good at that. I was trained by the best and worked inside the old Soviet Union for many, many years."

"I could follow the devil around and he would never know it. Most of the UFO operations - clandestine, that is - were performed by the 7602nd."

"In fact, the CIA came to them for their specialized training. The 7602nd Air Intelligence Wing remained secret for many years. Although it was a U.S. Air Force unit, the unit contained all branches of the armed forces except the Marines... we never could train those guys!"

Martinez' alleged new contact also reportedly advised him,

"Your Anonymous source is probably someone I know since we have a very close-knit intel group who meets about once a month where we discuss items of mutual interest. We all live in the [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. We have many intel contacts in Texas, especially Austin."

"We used to have a much larger group, but over the years, time has taken its share of our beloved, cherished friends ... "

"I hope all of this works out for you. Good luck, Mr. Martinez."



One of Martinez sources also commented on other longstanding reports within the leading-edge community researching allegations of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth.

"The 'Yellow Book' is quite an extraordinary piece of alien technology. It was given to us by the Ebens. It tells the entire history of their race, planet and most of the history of the universe as well as our own. As far as I know, no one has ever viewed the 'Yellow Book' to its very end. As you stated in one of your releases, it would take an entire lifetime to read it and yet another to understand it."

Martinez indicates he posed a question to the source about the alleged operation that has been referred to as "Project SERPO," a mission reportedly begun in the early 1960s that sent a 12-person team of specially-trained U.S. military personnel on a planned ten-year exchange program to the Ebens' home planet.

"I was briefed into this very special project many years ago, but only as a trainer. I was not sure of the exact nature of this project until I read all about it on the Web site."

"Like all other operations and special projects, SERPO was highly compartmentalized. I have now read the entire SERPO story, which I never knew was even posted on the Internet until I was placed in contact with you. I learned much from it and it looks like you pretty much have the entire story."

"I congratulate and commend you for getting this very important piece of America's 'hidden' history out. I really enjoyed reading this information. I just shared it with many of my old intel friends - and they knew about it! It's truly an amazing story ... "

"I guess there still is a controversy on whether two women went or not. At least one went for sure. I knew six of them while in training as their instructor. Two were nurses, one was a linguist and I'm not sure about the others with the passage of time."

Martinez claims his source also explained,

"There was a 'Group-6' that was involved in the Roswell Incident cover up. 'Group-6' controlled the administrative side of all UFO investigations at the time. It was centered in New Mexico."

"It primarily involved the 1121 Special Activities Squadron of the USAF. It also thoroughly investigated the famous Lonnie Zamora contact incident of Friday, April 24, 1964, in Socorro, NM; I remember it well because I was stationed in NM then."

"There was in fact an MJ-12 group which stood for 'Majority Group-12.' It was comprised of 12 USG officials who controlled, managed and directed every aspect of the UFO phenomenon. Most of the officials were governmental types, but some were not. That 'MJ-12' name was changed some years ago which I understand you know."

The source also reportedly stated to Martinez that the home world of the alleged hostile alien species, the Trantaloids,

"is the third planet out from the star Epsilon Eridani in the constellation Eridanus at 10.5 light-years away. Although somewhat cooler and fainter than our sun, it is very similar."

Martinez' source also advised him that,

"...since this information originated outside of our agency, this is all I can provide you with at the moment."






Extraterrestrials in The News

...and Maybe in America
by Steve Hammons
May 1, 2010
from TVTranscend Website

Recent news and related accounts such as those described in the online article “Human-looking ETs secretly in U.S.?” (above report), seem to have resonated with many people.

Factors involved in the apparent large amount of interest probably include statements by astrophysicist Stephen Hawking on the potential hazards of contacting extraterrestrials.

His comments in a Discovery Channel documentary program have been covered by many journalists and media platforms.

Recent news articles about the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program have also probably provided synergy regarding interest in this topic.

And, NASA recently held an open teleconference on astrobiology, the science of the search for extraterrestrial life. NASA has several projects on the drawing board to expand the search for extraterrestrial life.

Additionally, other scientists, experts and interested people have weighed in on this fascinating topic.



Is the apparent convergence of these and other current events some kind of “synchronicity” - seeming coincidences that actually have connections, meaning and intelligence? This possibility might be worth considering.

There might also be an education or preparedness plan of sorts in the works.

Many individuals and groups are interested in greater understanding and the availability of information about the possibility or probability that we have been visited by extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional intelligent beings, cultures and civilizations.

Bringing more appropriate information on these kinds of topics into the public media and public consciousness may have some benefits, and some drawbacks.

Anxiety or concerns about extraterrestrial visitors, famously evidenced in the 1930 “War of the Worlds” radio show that caused widespread panic in the U.S., are and should be a legitimate concern.

As noted in the 1992 firefighter training manual Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control, psychological impacts of UFOs and related phenomena are a major hazard involved in public safety.

The authors of Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control point out that “one of the reasons often cited for the tight secrecy on government UFO research findings is the need to prevent the possible panic that a revelation of the truth might arouse.”

Additionally, the Fire Officer's Guide states that secrecy seems to cut both ways.

“One reason given is that military intelligence may view the UFOs as a tool of either a known or unknown potential enemy. If these vehicles prove evasive and surreptitious, all the more reason to suspect them... the probability looms large that the minds behind these vehicles may well be gathering intelligence of their own."

“Another reason for secrecy may lie in the hope of obtaining knowledge relating to advanced propulsion methods and anti-gravity systems before other potential enemies on Earth may acquire it. Hence, though many nations are secretly investigating UFOs, they are reluctant to share their findings,” according to the Fire Officer's Guide.

The authors also point out that,

“ … if the apparent visits by alien beings and their space vehicles should pose any type of threat, it will, as always, be the fire service that is called upon to provide the first line of life-saving defense and disaster mitigation.”



In an April 30, 2010, article titled “Stephen Hawking alien warning: Could we talk to them?” on the Christian Science Monitor Web site, CSM staff writer Peter Grier tells readers that a respected cryptologist at the U.S. National Security Agency wrote an unclassified paper decades ago about developing communication methods for contact with extraterrestrials.

NSA cryptologist Lambros Callimahos,

“developed and taught the NSA’s most intensive senior cryptology course,” according to the article.

Callimahos' paper, “Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence,” proposed communications concepts and methods that could be used.

“Fascinated from childhood by both music and codes, he volunteered for cryptology during World War II, and eventually developed and taught the NSA’s most intensive senior cryptology course,” Grier noted in his article.


“He died in 1977 and was inducted into NSA’s Hall of Honor in 2003.”

Grier’s article also explained that Callimahos apparently had a positive view of human contact with a superior extraterrestrial intelligence.

“Like Hawking, Mr. Callimahos assumed that any aliens who contact Earth probably will be our technological betters. Unlike Hawking, Callimahos thought this would be great,” Grier wrote.

Callimahos reportedly noted,

“the enormous potential gain from our contact with a superior civilization” in a 1966 article he wrote for the NSA Technical Journal.

In sync with Grier’s enlightening information about Callimahos’ formal interest in this topic going back at least to the 1960s, other accounts of U.S. government interest and activities regarding possible ET contact also claim that much work has been discreetly conducted in these kinds of areas.



One of the most interesting reports is the claim that Steven Spielberg’s 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind actually was based on a true U.S. operation in the portrayal of a secret, special 12-person U.S. team in a planned rendezvous with ETs on U.S. soil.

According to information that has been catalogued on the Web site Serpo (Project SERPO), in the early 1960s, after many years of preparation following the Roswell incident and other related situations, certain U.S. military personnel were screened and trained for a planned 10-year exchange program.

They reportedly went to the home planet of apparently friendly extraterrestrial representatives.

As in the Close Encounters movie, the operation allegedly did proceed, and at a landing of the ETs’ spacecraft within the U.S., the 12-person team boarded with years’ worth of supplies and equipment for the extended mission.

The Project SERPO accounts are claimed to be accurate, at least in the broad sense and with regard to the core story. Information about the program was reportedly released for the public by current and former officials of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency. However, the accuracy of these reports has also been questioned.

Now, there are similarly-based reports of a U.S. intelligence operation that investigated and apprehended a human-looking male ET who was conducting some kind of activities involving a female federal employee.

The alleged Operation TANGO-SIERRA carried out by U.S. intelligence community personnel reportedly came to the attention of then-president Jimmy Carter, according to the recently-released information.






Awareness Grows About...

Extraterrestrials, Consciousness, Emerging Mysteries
by Steve Hammons
May 6, 2010
from TVTranscend Website


Researchers, journalists and others seem to be re-evaluating reports about unconventional U.S. defense and intelligence activities regarding contact and interaction with extraterrestrial life.

The “situation awareness” about possible visitation to Earth by extraterrestrials, as well as other emerging scientific understanding about many phenomena, appears to be steadily improving.

The nature of time and space, advanced research in human consciousness and the nature of apparent mysterious intelligences in the Universe or “multi-verse” are just a few of the key areas in leading-edge and forward-leaning investigations.

There are specific areas of interest and study as well as broad themes and indications that probably are worth paying significant attention to.

There are misconceptions as well as misinformation about some anomalous and mysterious phenomena. And, there are many areas of importance that we just don’t fully understand, according to some researchers.



To address, respond to and enhance increasing interest in various kinds of edge-science developments, new education, communication and information platforms are coming forward.

For example, Open Minds Production in Tempe, Arizona, provides online news, radio, TV and related resources about certain unconventional areas of study. Their Open Minds magazine also explores extraterrestrial contacts, UFO research and other fascinating topics.

Interestingly, Tempe is also home to Arizona State University’s Beyond Center for Fundamental Research, led by Dr. Paul Davies, author of the book The Eerie Silence: Renewing Our Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The Beyond Center, staffed by ASU professors from diverse fields, is investigating and discussing a wide and deep range of emerging scientific knowledge.

The new magazine EdgeScience, associated with the Society for Scientific Exploration, recently published its third edition. This publication also looks at forward-leaning views and research in a variety of scientific fields.

And, information continues to surface about the U.S. defense and intelligence communities’ research into human consciousness, extrasensory perception and remote viewing.

Usually referred to by the final code name known to the public, Project STAR GATE, these research and operational intelligence activities provided tremendous new understanding about the potential of human perception and awareness.

Through these and other efforts, there appears to be increasing awareness that there is much to be learned and understood about unknowns and mysteries in Nature around us and within us.



The recent attention paid to an account of the alleged U.S. investigation, apprehension, interrogation and “deportation” of a human-looking extraterrestrial reflects changing perspectives on such possible situations.

Referred to as “Operation TANGO-SIERRA” in recent online accounts, in 1980 U.S. defense and intelligence agents reportedly intervened in the ongoing contact between the extraterrestrial and a federal employee that had begun in 1977.

The initial source for this report is allegedly one of a handful of current and former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officials who for the last several years have been releasing information about U.S. government activities involving extraterrestrial contact.

The DIA source put a researcher and educator, Victor Martinez, in touch with another source from an unnamed government agency. Martinez then passed the report on via e-mail to a large list of researchers, current and former government officials, and others.

These same current or former DIA officials had reportedly followed similar procedures leading up to the release of information in late 2005 about an exchange program between the U.S. and a friendly extraterrestrial race of beings.

The program, which reportedly began in the early 1960s, sent 12 carefully selected and trained U.S. military personnel to the home planet of these extraterrestrials for a planned ten-year stay.

The effort, referred to in the releases as “Project SERPO,” may have been the basis for part of Steven Spielberg’s 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

  • Are reports about Operation TANGO-SIERRA and Project SERPO entirely true?

  • Are they partially accurate mixed with inaccurate information?

This is obviously difficult to determine. It is possible that there are truths “between the lines,” though the details might be altered or even untrue.

The broad concepts about UFOs, extraterrestrial visitation and U.S. government engagement in the situation may, though, be truthful. What general messages can be taken from these two accounts?

It seems that some of the main themes are:

ETs and possibly other anomalous intelligences are here on Earth, certain U.S. government elements have been actively involved for quite a while and the situation is complex, sensitive and challenging.

In addition, the wider public may have a “need to know” through a gradual, safe and steady process of information, communication, education and acclimation.