• "The Monitors"

  • The Case for Alien Abductions

  • The Most Common Areas Examined by the Aliens

  • Biological Specimens, Samples usually taken for Abductees and/or Witnesses

  • Pregnancy

  • Our Genetic Code is under Siege

  • The Metagene Factor



"The Monitors" - Abductions


In the fifties, the EBEs, (Greys) began taking large numbers of humans for experiments.


By the sixties, the rate was speeded up and they began getting careless. By the seventies, their true colors were very obvious, but the special group of the U.S. Government still kept covering up for them. By the eighties, the Government realized that it was too late and there was no defense against the Greys.


So programs, (media, sine, TV, comics, commercials, books, magazines, cartoons, etc.), were enacted to prepare the public for open contact with non-human Alien beings. Now at the beginning of the 90's, (1991) these programs are continuing, and working well too.

The Greys and the reptoids are in league with each other, but their relationship is in a state of tension. The Greys only know the Nordics and the Reptilian Race as their Enemy, (don't confuse the difference between the Reptilian Race and the Reptoids or Reptiloids, because they are completely different races). We will talk more about the Reptilian Race later.

Some forces in the Government, want the public to be aware of what is happening, while other forces, (collaborators) want to continue making what ever deals necessary for an elite few to survive the coming conflicts.

The future could bring a fascist "New World Order" or a transformation of human consciousness, (awareness).


The struggle is "NOW", when any active assistance is needed. PREPARE I WE MUST PRESERVE HUMANITY ON EARTH !



The Case For Alien Abductions

GREY types and some NORDICs are on the top of an Alien Force who are bent on abducting millions of people (along our History) against their will, subjecting them to intense medical probing and committing other invasive acts.


These determined Alien species are here, using Earth as a gigantic Breeding Ground. Their accumulated data show's that we're well past the phase where mythic or academic explanations alone will suffice.

Up from the strange, chaotic depths of abduction lore packed into a growing research files and journals, a central theme is emerging.


The bottom line evidence of certain Aliens methodical, ultra-intimate program with Earthlings refutes the cosmic altruism found in traditional contactee literature, and counters the New Age trend of unrealistic idealism that concentrates exclusively on benevolent, spiritual motivations of presumed ET visitations. Scientists are beginning work on the Alien front, even the term "Extra-Terrestrial" stretches the data far beyond its reasonable limits.


This unknown agency exhibiting strictly cold and clinical attitudes toward human beings is unquestionably "Alien"; it's certainly been witnessed often enough in conjunction with UFOs or UFO occupants.


But even lengthy witness accounts that go into great detail about this or that Alien home planet or star cluster fail to factor out the elements of wishful thinking, deception and disinformation to the field of study.


The potential for misleading data attaches itself to abduction research as readily as memories of blindingly bright lights and "missing time" recur as acknowledgements of the experiment itself.

The bottom line cannot be discerned beyond the facts at hand. Researchers admit to being stuck in the very earliest stages of divisiveness and confusion, more than anyone else. The abductees themselves have to feel the pain-terrifying literal pain that comes from being at the mercy of an Alien Force whose bottom line agenda largely ignores the fundamentals of human dignity and well being. But the Aliens do fully comprehend and seem to manipulate the requirements of organic reproductive creation. In this, they are much like us.


We are dealing in a realm that overrides long standing cultural habits of thought and behavior. All we have to work with are the reports that have been allowed to break through the rigid veil that hides UFO information.


The bottom line is babies!!!


Time after time, abductees recall the same sequence of events and observations, their mechanisms of conscious control softened under hypnosis. Many come in "Clean", that is, with little or no previous interest in UFOs and having never heard of or much less read the several books that are introducing the topic to the masses: INTRUDERS and COMMUNION.

The proscribed order of abduction events reveals an industrial sized operation with across the board demographics.


People of all races, most ages and both sexes have had the experience. It's fairly obvious, the researchers maintain, the manufacture of hybrid babies dominates the Alien Agenda It's very extremely structured; they may do a "Million" different things, but they're really interested in one thing alone.

The generic sequence of events as recorded and documented, is as follows:

  • Examination

  • Egg Harvesting or Sperm Sampling

  • Baby Presentations (Only for Females, rare for Males)

  • Machine Examinations

  • Media Presentations of Idyllic Environments - The abduction sequence is not exact in every instance, but enough leading indicators must be present to qualify the case as one deserving further investigation

  • Capture

  • Examination

  • Conference

  • Tour

  • Other Worldly Journeys

  • Theophany - The delivery of some sort of quasi-religious message or experience

  • Return

  • Aftermath

This hasn't happened in that many cases, but still deserves particular mention at the moment A significant number of abductee's tend to retain special, almost spiritual feelings about their experiences, even if they were treated roughly or hurt.


Also, recent investigative efforts are hinting that various sources in the intelligence community exhibit an odd preoccupation with the religious angle.


These sources claim they can furnish an "inside track" to greater levels of truth about the UFO Phenomenon, and some investigators consider them trustworthy. They're inexplicable, "Fascinated" with religious side of the things. For some "nasty Alien Races" religion means the better way of mass manipulation and psychologic/sociologic control that they can get, and it works very well!

Researchers feel they are getting closer to having more definitive answers about abductions. A body of evidence that once emphasized matching details, lie-detection and the relative psychology of witnesses is giving way to one yardstick that never fails to command scientific respect. Similarities in form and content are important to know, but ultimate answers demand exterior evidence to bridge the gap between report and reality.


After a close encounter of the 2nd Kind. We have documented the physical and chemical evidence such as soil samples and performed full analysis on these samples. The affected soil was packed in hard, desiccated chunks. To duplicate the effects, analysts had to heat normal soil at 800 degrees Fahrenheit for six (6) hours. This is one kind of physical evidence.


Body scars and other medical trauma left in the wake of Alien examinations are perhaps the most incontrovertible evidence we found available. But other developments add more fully to the case for Alien reality. One example is an examination of stained clothing retrieved from an abductee just after her experience. The clothing awaits spectrograph^ analysis. The results of this analysis can tell us what kind of residual stains can appear, this again is additional physical evidence.

If large numbers of doctors in conventional gynecological practice were to be exposed to abduction data, a whole new sub-specialty would be inevitable. Many women abductees indicate that the Aliens tampered with their reproductive organs, if not actually committing a form of technological RAPE. Some women abductees are plagued with stark memories of strange wispy haired offspring whose presence sometimes evokes revulsion and the paradoxical feeling, "That's MY CHILD".

Additionally, we have to talk about the disappearing pregnancies. Abductees as far removed from one another as Brazil to New Hampshire tell nearly identical stories of pregnancies that suddenly appear and disappear and, later, reveal memories of repeated meetings with small, not-quite human infants they are asked to hold or touch.

One theory holds that the Aliens are attempting to learn by proxy the skills of nurturing to aid in the replenishment of their race. I think it's purely physiological. In some way we don't understand the baby is aided and/or helped by the physical touch.


One of the abductees said she felt like a "Human Battery Charger". Elaborate rituals that present babies to parents and attempt to institute some sort of ongoing parent-to-child relationships have been documented, along with descriptions of high-tech nurseries and what looks like unusual incubation apparatuses.

The realm of UFOs is a place where paradox is the norm. It's assumed the Aliens use technology that far outpaces what we have on Earth, yet some of their methods seem low-tech by comparison. According to some data collected about abductions, the Aliens, like humans, have to confront the "World of E.r.r.o.r." in their experiments.


For many years, the "World of Er.r.o.r." appeared primarily as a crashed saucer, recovered pieces, and occupants... what we're finding in the abduction phenomenon is that the factor of error is quite different.


What it boils down to now is someone "sneezing out" something, or an odd metallic object in one's body that no one can make heads nor tails or. Several people have in fact sneezed out objects which may be Alien implants, through so far most of the objects have been lost or thrown away, but a few implants were recovered (which will be discussed later in this document).

The unfolding drama of abduction wouldn't be complete without a token note of "Big Brother" Government paranoia.


Even earthly high tech includes sophisticated mind control techniques and the capabilities to project sights and sounds at a distance. Perhaps not probable, but it's possible that what most researchers consider an Alien orchestrated abduction sequence is actually a carefully scripted, electronically induced perception.


That means big news to Earth:

If certain areas of the human brain can be remotely stimulated, then it is possible to develop a technology that broadcast over large territories, literally saturating the area with a flood of symbols.

Such a device would be a major tool of social change.


The buzz that human witnesses often hear could be produced by microwave radiation, known to be in the arsenals of governments darker programs.

A mind control hypothesis could also explain the relative lack of physical evidence, through only an irrational stretch of the imagination might link mind control techniques with what evidence has been documented, i.e. physical traces, unusual metal garments and scarring.


Worth noting, however, is the fact that some researchers pursuing this trail of investigation, have been summarily and sometimes harshly thrown off.


Sporadic accounts of humans assisting with abductions add a chilling note. What we inevitably face, even with the growing evidence, is a mountain of unanswered questions. If and when the mainstream quits denying the presence of UFOs, a well supported program of tactical research may ensue. Until then, abduction remains a mystery and the abductees the outsiders whose physical and emotional well being hinges on its solution.

The data we have about abductions, as derived by conversations with the abductees, that during the abduction process all abductees were scanned with a very sensitive and powerful mental probe which retrieved all personal and private data (name, address, age, profession, psychological pattern, etc..) from the abductees and was readily available to the Aliens for their data bank.


Just a few of these names and addresses go to our government per the Alien/Government agreement. During the process of abduction a directional subliminal mental command, kept away any other non-interesting witnesses around the area of the Alien craft.

After an abduction occurs, and if we can maintain synchronicity of finding the abductees within 12-24 hours after the abduction, (really not an easy job), we recommend (in the case of a female abduction) a complete Gynecological procedure common to abductions.

In succeeding generations of family exposure to recurrent abductions, we are observing areas of the human body that are consistently and quite visibly affected. This evidence is related to the skin (dermatology) and muscles (musculo-skeletal system).


During their experiences, many abductees and/or witnesses will feel a tingling, prickling, or static electric shock type of paresthesia sensation over the skin, followed by paralysis (involving the musculo-skeletal system) of the entire body, with the exception of an abductees heart and lungs where minor or no effects may be found.




The body marks may remain permanently or become transitory in nature over a short duration, healing or disappearing all together.


In dealing with the skin we find the following evidence:

  • A thin, straight, hairline cut, linear, and about 1 to 3 inches in length.

  • A circular or scoop like depression, about one eighth to three quarters of an inch in diameter and maybe as much as a quarter of an inch deep.



Rashes are seen on the body, most appearing on the upper thorax (chest) area and lower extremities (thighs and legs). Many are geometrical in shape, triangular or circular. Other rashes, similar to chronic inflammations such as localized psoriasis, may be found on other body areas.


First and second degree burns have been sustained in a number of cases and in some cases questionable tumors (Lipomas) have been noticed just beneath the skin.



The Most Common Areas Examined by the Aliens

Other medically determined patterns of consistency are as follows:

  • The nasal cavity

  • Ears

  • Eyes

  • Genitalia

  • The umbilical (naval) Region on Females only.

These areas appear to be the physical areas of greatest interest to the abducting Aliens.


Many abductees have described a thin probe with a tiny ball on its end being inserted into each nostril, usually on the right side. The abductees are able to hear a crushing type sound as the bone in this area is apparently being penetrated. We believe this is when they insert a device for tracking and communicating with the abductee in the future is inserted.


Many abductees will have nosebleeds following these examinations.


AS A PRECAUTIONARY NOTE: We recommend that known or suspected abductees, who are parents, watch their children for any evidence of recurrent nose bleeds that can't be explained. I recommend immediately taking the child to a pediatrician to discover the nature of the nosebleeds.



Diagram of Female Areas Examined


Note: These are just a few of the locations, shapes, and types of Marks left by an abduction.

Many researchers believe that the Alien technology is being used to insert an implant (we talk about implants in other parts of this document) into this area for future tracking of the individual.


It is interesting to note that many of the individuals subjected to nasal probing now have a future history of chronic sinusitis.

Documented evidence has also shown that some abductees have been probed in their eyes and ears with a similar instrument. With eyes being involved, abductees may experience temporary blindness, blurred vision, swollen, watery and painful eyes (photophthalmia), acute conjunctivitis (red and irritated, inflamed eyes that is called "Pink Eye" in lay terms).


There's also some questionable history of these individuals developing cataracts.

Scars have been observed on the calf (including just over the tibia, or shin bone), thigh, hip, shoulder, knee, spinal column and on the right sides of the back and forehead.



Biological Specimens, Samples Usually Taken from Abductees and/or Witnesses

Evidence indicates that Aliens have taken blood, oocytes (ova) from females and spermatozoa from males, and tissue scrapings from their subjects ears, eyes, noses, calves, thighs and hips, when abductees and/or witnesses are asleep or possibly under some form of Alien anesthetic.

There is also some circumstantial evidence to suggest that specimens might have been taken from the following; saliva, aqueous-vitreous humor (eye fluids), cerebrospinal fluid, urine, stool, hair and nails.

We feel that all abductees are given some type of preparation prior to their examinations. Some witnesses have reported receiving "Oral Liquid" medication, others an application of a liquid solution similar to a pre-operative "prep" over various parts of their bodies; some report a tranquilizing effect "telepathically" transmitted from the acting Alien examiner, and/or application of an instrument to the head which renders deep relaxation or unconsciousness.

Next we will outline that what we think are the three (3) stages of examinations which abductees are subjected to (through some type of pre-operative anesthesia):

  1. First Stage - Pre-operative Abductees are subjected to some type of twilight sleep state, where they're in a definite trance or daze. This twilight sleep state could be induced by several different things, from the liquid application over the body, a specific conscious suggestions by the Aliens, the Aliens using some form of our hormones or enzymes to stimulate a neurochemical response, or some type of yet unknown technology.

    One odd note, in connection with this stage, that prompts a lot of questions, is why is it that so few abductees remember removing their clothes? Because during the process of light sleep state" they receive a subliminal command to erase the more traumatic moments of the abduction. Some commands are so strong that just a few of the abductees are able to remember clearly their experiences, even when placed under hypnosis to remember.

  2. Second Stage - Procedures Physical examinations take place; such as probing, insertion, exploration of the body, taking of biopsies, blood or skin samples.

    During this phase, the abductees may be semi-conscious as the procedures are carried out. Some actually experience pain. Despite objections, the Aliens appear to be indifferent to their victim's pain and suffering; on the other hand, some abductees at this stage are given heavier sedation to quiet their fears and apprehension and do not recall any pain with these procedures.

  3. Third Stage - Post Operative Afterwards, the abductees and/or witnesses say their bodies feel sore or exhausted as if having been involved in strenuous activity; some explain that it feels they've been tossed around or "hit by a Mack Truck".

    This is similar to the known effects of "Curare" a drug originating in South America that induces therapeutic muscular paralysis. There are specific blood enzyme studies, that if performed within 12-24 hours of exposure, can be used to detect any abnormalities of muscular activity.

Several documented physical traces of the abductee experience correlate fairly well with some of our recognized medical procedures.


Most outstanding is one called "Laparoscope, which is a cylindrical, tube like instrument with special optic attachments are placed through a females umbilical (naval) region for exploration of female organs.


With this particular instrument, a physician is able to observe all female organs to determine if any abnormalities are present, as well as obtain OVA-EGGS from the ovaries. Most women abductees have felt they were being "blown up" inside, feeling tremendous pressures in the lower abdomen and discomfort in the vaginal area During the Laparoscopy procedure, approximately two liters of carbon dioxide is instilled into the abdominal cavity. This causes distension of the abdomen, thus allowing better visibility of female organs.


A few women may have residual scarring from the long, needle like instruments placed through the umbilical area




In correlation with the Laparoscopy procedure is a new treatment for infertility called Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer (GIFT), which treats infertility by placing sperm and pocytes directly into the infertile women fallopian tubes for in vivo fertilization.


In contrast with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), GIFT facilitates natural physiological processes to achieve pregnancy.

Male abductees report having a tube like device attached to the penis which causes ejaculation for sperm sampling; this is highly uncomfortable to the individual Most have said they sustain transitory small lesions that disappear shortly afterwards. Others claim to have experienced direct sexual intercourse with an Alien Hybrid Female, ostensibly for the purpose of sperm retrieval as well.

A substantial amount of evidence has been accumulated that female abductees undergo gynecological insemination. These events have resulted in pregnancies, most documented by a positive pregnancy test by gynecologists. In cases of spotting of bleeding with these pregnancies, the physician normally performs a pelvic Ultra Sound scan (Ultrasound test to check pregnancy within the uterus) to rule out a threatened miscarriage or missed abortion (failure of the pregnancy to grow).


The test can detect a pregnancy as early as five (5) weeks.


Thus, pregnancy can be confirmed with two different gynecological tests. It should be noted that the government uses the abductees normal doctors to collect most of above and following data, without the patient knowing anything, and in most cases the doctors knowing very little, and threatened that if they ever talk, they will have the licenses revoked "permanently".

In cases we have seen, this is followed up by a subsequent Alien abduction, usually when the pregnancy is approximately 8 to 10 weeks along. During this time, there is a retrieval and/or removal of the pregnancy by the Aliens. The female may or may not experience spotting or bleeding during this time. What's baffling is how such a pregnancy can be removed intact, without causing death or injury to the extracted embryo by the Aliens.

In order for a particular to continue, several methods would have to be available immediately to sustain life in the extracted embryo.


We suspect that some type of simulated intrauterine growth incubator is used to maintain the pregnancy; or perhaps an Alien Hybrid Female is used, whose role is to act as a surrogate type mother. Techniques for re-implanting the embryo are very difficult for our medical technologies of today.

Several alternative combinations can be speculated with the artificial insemination of female abductees:

  1. Alien sperm plus female eggs

  2. Male sperm plus female eggs, (in this case the Aliens choose a special type of Male).

  3. Male Hybrid sperm, (combination of both A and B) plus female eggs.

NOTE: Female human eggs are apparently needed in all cases.


  • Hybridization - They claim that RH O- (O negative) blood is the proof of hybridization and our own science tends to bear out their claim.

  • We know that this group of Aliens has a tendency to lie. Since this is a "device" (referred to above) of their invention, they are probably able to manipulate it just like Hollywood technicians manipulate equipment to produce the "Special Effects" or trick hologram photography.



Our Genetic Code is Under Siege

In focusing on the gynecological and reproductive procedures that have been performed on abductees, we have to come to firmly believe there is some type of ongoing genetic manipulation that is occurring within various family generations.


For purposes of clarification, it is essential for us to use some medical terminology to explain specific facts. The way to genetic manipulation lies within the Deoxyribon Nucleic Acid (DNA) molecules of the human gene cells.


These genes control the reproduction and day to day functions of all cells. It has been estimated that there are probably 30,000 to 400,000 essential genes in the human cells, assembled in lengthy linear arrays that together with certain proteins form rod-shaped structures known as chromosomes. Chromosomes from certain individuals, through certain altering techniques, form a customary arrangement or "Standardized Format" known as Karyotype.

We believe it is the manipulations of the genetic codes on the Karyotype of individual chromosomes that the Aliens are researching, specifically looking for Mutation Patterns. Mutation patterns would allow them to re-arrange the genetic coding on certain LOCI Lin Genetic terminology, the specific site of a gene in a chromosome.

In this manner, they would be able to experiment with a multitude of LOCI in the various chromosomes, thus bringing about new genotype individuals in proceeding generations. Perhaps each succeeding generation of families is subjected to a different comparable type of experimentation by the Aliens.

It is interesting to note, just where the residual scars are located on abductee bodies. Now I would like to pose a new interpretation of the evidence found in our ongoing research of abductees. Many scars are found over the shin bone (tibia) and the hip bone (iliae crest), which are common areas for obtaining bone marrow samples and/or aspirations.


Simply speaking, bone marrow produces the red blood cells in our bodies, and it is significant, in our opinion, that it is through a humans bone marrow and blood that it is possible to study their individual chromosomal pattern.

The timing of abductees first experiences also correlates to the hypothesis. The marrow of essentially all the bones in the human skeletal structure produces red blood cells until a person is 5 to 6 years old. The marrow of the long bones, except for the proximal portions of the humor, (upper arm bones) and tibiae, becomes quite fatty and produces no more red blood cells after the age of twenty.


Beyond that age, most red blood cells are produced in the marrow of such areas as the vertebrae (Spinal Column) and sternum (Chest Bone), ribs and hip bone (ilia), and as we get older, these bones become less productive.

Most initial abduction experiences occur when the abductee is between the ages of five (5) and twenty (20) years old.


Based on these observations, we are probably dealing with two very important phases of an abductees life as it relates to this apparent Alien exploitation:

  • Pre-Adolescent/Teen-age Phase
    Initial blood samples, bone marrow aspirations and tissue samples are taken between ages five (5) and twenty (20) years of age. This would be the time frame for specific and early genetic studies on the chromosomes of abductees as a follow-up from another generation with studies performed to see if a certain pattern is consistent within the particular family.


    During this time, some type of implants are inserted so that the individual can be followed and found at some future date, after further analysis of samples have been obtained by the Alien researcher. Some of these individuals may be abducted again, possibly due to a failed implant or for re-confirmation on certain genetic information.

  • Adult Phase
    The pattern we are seeing at the present seems to reveal abductees are undergoing some form of ongoing genetic exploitation, implementation or manipulation, such as genetic coding.


    This is where we see the most consistent, most documented procedures of the abduction phenomenon, such as artificial insemination techniques, which are continued on some abductees throughout their reproductive years.

    • Perhaps in their own way, if you believe in the "Space Brother" theory the Alien scientists are meticulously, methodically and clinically re-structuring the human race through procedures of genetic manipulation, so that we will be "designed better" for resolving our own problems, rather than requiring their more direct intervention into our petty world affairs.

    • Maybe there is a double-blind study on the human race ongoing, for reasons known only to the Aliens, who are running the program.

    • Or consider the possibility of this being an Alien scientific research mission, where studies are being performed on technologically less advanced planets.


    All of this is pure speculation and wide open to other theories or hypotheses.

    A new eugenics movement has recently sprung up in Southern California. Eugenics is the science dealing with improvement, by control of human mating, of the hereditary qualities of a race or breed.

    These issues that bear on the eugenics movement can be argued both pro and con. However, we feel that overall it is a very emotional issue with implications that could correlate with the Alien agenda, and either certain problems that could very well rival our nation's controversial abortion decisions.

    The techniques of selective breeding which seem to be utilized by the Aliens are beginning to appear in our own culture. For example, Dr. Robert Graham, who founded an organization called Repository for Germinal Choice, has come under heavy attack by his adversaries. Essentially, Dr. Graham's program allows women to "shop" in his repository (Sperm Bank) for a specific type of donor sperm that they can retain for later use in artificial insemination procedures.


    In other words, a woman could select the sperm of a Nobel Prize Winner, an Astrophysicist, or an extraordinary professional such as an Astronaut, Physician, or a Mathematician, etc. It appears that this organization is out to create a new generation of super-intelligent children who will be eventually adults, through the techniques of selective artificial insemination. The socio-economic, political, psychological and theological implications of this controversial new technique, whether put to use by Aliens or humans, go beyond the scope of this document.


    Exactly what are these implications, you might ask?


    Only time will tell!


The Metagene Factor

The Metagene is a biological variant lying dormant in select members of the human race, until an instant of extraordinary physical and emotional over-stress activates it.


That's an energo-chemical, in response to adverse stimuli.


A chromosomal combustion takes place, as the metagene takes the source of bio-stress, be it chemical, radioactivity, or what ever and turns the potential energo-response into a catalyst for genetic change. The main focus of the catalyst power is a gland in the middle of the human brain called the PINEAL gland, and the nutrient for increasing the Pineal's action is the adrenalin.


The metagene factor gives the ability of Psionic Power.

The main interest of the Aliens especially the Greys is to understand and control the Metagene for their own race. They try to do this using Biological Experiments to make Hybrids from both humans and Aliens.

They believe perhaps the men from the planet Earth are the deadliest creatures in the Universe. Because only on Earth people are apparently capable of generating the Metagene Factor, which means Natural Psionics ability, "Real Power". The principle races in the Universe are psychologically the same. The pure cold logic is a normal order to most important races.


Basic sameness makes for predictability and security, the enemy one knows, are the ones you can guard against. This is not the case with mankind.

While most are uniformly human, some, many more, apparently, than anyone had dreamed possess a latent tendency towards super humanity, Natural Psionic Abilities. That in itself could prove dangerous for any idea of Alien domination on Earth. But couple of mankind's inherent belligerence with the fact of the Metagene affects, each human is unique and Earth becomes a spawning ground for a unpredictable super-race, "if we have the chance".

Others have already demonstrated an awareness of Man's Potential along the human history (Nordics treat).


This is because the Aliens are here to try to control Earthlings before we dominate them, and they want our most important secret:

THE METAGENE FACTOR, which is the Aliens only hope.



There is a large number of Grey abductees living all over the world. Most are either unaware or just partially aware of their involvement with the Aliens.

Grey abductees seem to be taken for a large variety of reasons, some apparently having nothing to do with the person, him or herself.

They might have been manipulated, to various degrees, for no other reason other than that they were with a person scheduled to be abducted. Others have been abducted apparently only once or very rarely, compared to throughout life. As with Nordic contactees, it would seem that genetics and artificial racial background plays a part in their selection processes.

People have been abducted by Greys for a long time. This contact can exist during generations in the same family, and even cases of the abductee having contacts with same entity during the process of past lives.

All this means, that there may be a clear indication that a large percentage of the human race could very well be a "Sleeping Army", and were picked up only once or twice and implanted, but not generally bothered or contacted throughout their lives.


This suggests that these people are on hold for something, or that they are simply walking transmitters of some kind of information, basically bio-energolosmic psycho-waves, back to the Aliens.

Most Grey abductees are first taken as children, and many adult abductees know or feel their children are being abducted. It would seem that most children who appear to be involved don't want to consider the possibility of actual abduction or think about it at all. It would also seem that the best policy with most children is to leave it at that, not push them to remember.


Hypnotic regression, especially, is considered too much to ask of a child, even adults, actually should not take lightly the decision to have themselves hypnotically regressed to recall abduction experiences.

Children and adults alike, if they are involved, will tell you of their weird dreams and experiences even when they don't believe there is anything going on.
Women are frequently abducted largely for reproduction purposes, through some never experience that kind of interaction.


Some of those who are involved in that part of it report that their earthbound, human children that "live with the Aliens" have several different reactions to the situation. Some are perfectly happy with the program as it is, many don't express any opinion about it at all because they don't see it as being anything they can do something about. Some are repulsed by the children and by their own involvement with them.


Some have felt that the children we produce will be used against us. Some of the weapons and aircraft training that abductees are involved in is actually done by the abductee for the sake of the unborn child.


Training the mother as received is thought to be transferred psychically to the unborn child. Things along this line are part of what might inspire some abductee's to fear their half-breed children. Others love their half breed children as they would any others.


Many who feel this way would like to recover their children and bring them back to Earth where they would have a better life than with the Aliens.


Many also feel that the children are better off where they are but would certainly like more open contact with them, more interaction with their children.



Aspects of Bio-Field Differential

The bio-physical field of the Grey entities is in opposition to the field of the human body.


The reaction produced by the interface of the two fields can produce a sensation referred to as "body Terror" by abductee Whitley Strieber. A human may or may not experience this reaction, depending on their ability to develop a "Mental Block" to the reaction created by the field differential, on occasions, the same possible reaction with some Nordics is experienced.


The fields emitted by the Greys parallel the type of field emitted by much of their technology. The Greys use technology to amplify the effect of their bio-fields on the humans.


It allows them greater control over the ordinary humans, who may react to the field differential with the human emotion of fear.



Using Internally Generated Tones to Interfere with some kinds of Manipulations

Anyone can produce high pitched tones in his or her own head. It would render the manipulative technology inert Just maintain the tone during the presence of the Greys and anyone is capable of arguing with them.


Generation of the tone is an important part of the human defense programming against intruders.



Awareness Parameters for Tone Maintenance

Since the technology used to manipulate humans encourages relative paralysis of conscious functions, maintenance of tone-interference or other mental techniques must be handled by a form of bridging, or cooperation between conscious and sub-conscious awareness.


Effective use of counter acting techniques depends on an increasing awareness of both states.


The sub-conscious areas are where all memories are preserved, and all experience there relative to abduction is subject to blocks placed there by both the abductee, (as a programmed response to a function which the Aliens have connected with the survival impulse) or the Aliens. Lucid dreaming indicates a closing of the gap between awareness of both mental areas.


Being able to interact with the Greys, on their own turf, so to speak, is a threat to Alien manipulation and control.



Effects of Multiple Level Alien Manipulation

The most interesting aspect of Alien control and manipulation is that the technology they use allows the separate and distinct manipulation of both the gross and the finer densities that compromise the physicality of the human body.


They have the ability to place a human on a table, put him or her into Delta Sleep, shock him or her with a static charge, separate his or her finer bodies, and manipulate them at will. Manipulation of finer areas that involve the formative forces of the physical body have tremendous effects at the physical level.

They also have the ability to withdraw experience and memory from a human and place that experience and memory into another body, or container, whether the container is a natural or synthetic one.

Manipulations of these type have effects on the ability to have one's consciousness leave the body, emotional response patterns and programming, ability to deal with psychic blocks, and a host of other parameters.

To begin to counteract this, work must be done by the individual to work on expansion of awareness. Connections must be developed between the conscious self and the "second self," which may be the self that is projected astrally.


After a while, the conscious maintenance of the connection begins to combine both conscious memories and memories which lie deeper. Work on self hypnosis and regression techniques with a qualified individual. These techniques will aid in the process of developing more awareness and control.


Constant experimentation while in Alien presence must be done by the abductee, who must make an effort to note results of various mental manipulations on the Alien control efforts.



Some Major Indicators of Alien Interaction and Possible Hidden Involvement

  • Missing Time

  • Waking up during the night or in the morning with unusual bodily sensations, such as tingling, numbness, dizziness, heaviness, or paralysis. Any of these are often accompanied by disorientation.

  • Nightmares or vivid dreams of Aliens and/or their technology.

  • Sleep disorders, also waking up at a specific time.

  • Physical marks or evidence or bodily manipulation.

  • Repeated sightings of Alien craft

  • Clear remembrance of Alien contact and interaction.

  • Healing or inexplicable improvement in your physical condition.

  • Reactions of fear, anxiety or unusual bodily sensations upon viewing visual images of Aliens or their technology.

  • Feelings of having had a communication.

  • Un-explained behavior totally inconsistent with previous patterns.

Any or all of the above indicators may appear in combination with other ones. Many of the indicators could also signal a physical problem requiring medical attention.

Clinical psychologists have reported that a significant number of people have been helped by their interaction with alien species, mostly through Alien physical manipulation that resolves a physical condition.



Bio-Conditioning of the Hybrid-Fetus In a Human Host

The nature of the Alien physiology is quite different from that of the human host.


Through the autopsies that we have done on the Greys, it has been found that the tissue is very often a composite that reflects a blending of animal and plant genetics. Some species have black tissues with green blood and appear to function on a light based nutrient system.

Many human hosts have reported mysterious infections, often yeast-like in nature. Through analysis of many cases, it has been pretty well established that the Aliens often purposefully introduce systemic organisms into the human female in order to acclimate the hybrid fetus to the physiological environment of the Alien life to come. These substances are thought to be micro-fungi and/or micro-viruses.


The implantation of these substances is thought to be critical for some species in their hybrid breeding program.

It is quite apparent that here is no concern for long-term affects of hybrid breeding on the human. They apparently make adjustments during the breeding cycle. These adjustments can include substances which physically wear down the human host, as well as, manipulation of the various fields inherent with the human body.

The question always seems to arise, if these Aliens can produce synthetic tissue, why couldn't they just grow a torso or create a synthetic clone to bear the fetus for them.


Why do they have to use humans for this process?

There are two main parts to the answer.

  1. The first one is that they need the genetic input. The whole reason for hybridization is to enrich the genetic capability of the organism, for this they need human genes.

  2. The second part of the answer is that they need the effect on the fetus or human emotional and psychic experiences. The hybrid being will develop growing sentience, (unlike a synthetic, where the sentience does not extend past the physiologically determined by the matrix, the programming is set) and must be exposed to these factors.

One would then ask why they could not sit around and project psychic energy at a clone, (using artificial ways, of course). The answer is that the emotional component would be missing and the psychic energy not so pure.

The hybrid fetus is extracted from the human most about ninety (90) earth days and development then continues in a totally Alien environment.

The whole process causes premature exteriorization of the human female host, which simply increases the vulnerability to Alien manipulation due to a weakened condition. During the hybrid breeding process, the body of the human female host will be manipulated.

There have been cases where fillings in teeth, which may contain mercury and other metals, have been taken out of the humans mouth in order to seemingly promote the health of the developing fetus.



Abductions Related Medical Anomalies, an Abductee may Experience

  1. Abnormal blood cells

  2. Implants in the eye, skin, nose and/or anus

  3. Diarrhea, mostly in men

  4. Constipation, mostly in women

  5. Shoulder pain that comes and goes

  6. Lower back pain, three (3) vertebrae up, from the lower lumbar

  7. Knee pain, in the dip of the knee under the knee cap

  8. Rashes, immediately after contact, may be caused by radiation

  9. A Lump in the dip of the collar bone at connection to neck, may cause paralysis or semi-paralysis of arm or arms.

  10. Artery in the wrong place, may indicate a arterial implant

  11. Pregnancy connected with an abduction time period, usually a small fetus

  12. A baby may have an unusual appearance

  13. A child who has ESP and/or is advanced beyond his or her years

  14. An eyelid, which may contract and roll outwards under stress

  15. Eyes may be able to see through the closed eyelids

  16. Visual marks on a body

  17. Scars or geometric forms visually present on the body

  18. Scars on the back of the legs for people born in 1943, seems to indicate skin scraping, i.e., cloning

  19. Hear a buzz, beep or modulated tones in their ear, when going to sleep

  20. When they feel a "Last Breath Feeling", may be just a side-effect of a out-of-body experience

  21. Shaking of the bed, in conjunction with the limbs of the their body floating or rising

  22. Geometric symbols seen in the mind

  23. Tiredness in the morning after a good nights sleep. Feel as though you are worn out, sleep learning

  24. Out of body experiences

  25. Sudden development of ESP

  26. Wryneck, enzyme to the brain, (new development)

  27. Extra vertebrae in the neck

  28. Egg sized lump on the bottom rib

  29. Warts form a geometrical shape after examination, appear to be from some instrument.


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