Brothress Pamela

Hamilton, Pamela

"Pamela's Reptoid had luminous amber-colored eyes like a
cat's and skin that was charcoal, green and grey in color. His
massive chest sported a breast plate, much like that worn by
Roman soldiers. He had sharp claws on his four fingers. When
he would appear in the room, the air would thicken, Pamela
would hear a high-pitched sound in her ears as well as buzzing
and clicking. In seconds, she found it difficult to breathe. Her
chest would feel as if it were crushed. She was paralyzed and
immobilized and the Reptoid would literally flip her on her
stomach. Then he would proceed with a type of tantric sexual
intercourse that would leave her absolutely exhausted. She
never feared him... She even felt protected by him."

"Oh Reptoid Lover," sobbed Pamela between the earth-shattering multiple orgasms

which racked her quivering body, "you do me soooo much better than Billy does!"

Pam's Reptoid Lover


Pamela's Reptoid
by Bill Hamilton

Pamela was and is an experiencer, an abductee, and a contactee. She has experienced most if not all of the major indicators of this type of experience: missing time; waking up during the night and having feelings of paralysis; nightmares or vivid dreams of aliens and/or their technology; sleep disorders, also waking up consistently at a specific time (usually 3 A.M.); physical marks on her body; repeated sightings of alien craft; clear remembrance of alien contact and interaction; and numerous other indicators and events that correlate with others' incidents.

I first met Pamela in 1991 when she was married to Al. Al had witnessed some of the phenomena that Pamela had, but was totally non-committal and not supportive. After Pamela finally obtained a divorce after long proceedings, I married her in September 1994. Her experiences have not stopped since I married her, but they have lessened in intensity.

Pamela's remembrances go back to her crib years between 20 and 24 months of age. At that time she would see a tall man appear in her room. He was always wearing a top hat, a long coat, and a ruffled shirt. Later when she saw pictures of Abraham Lincoln, it always reminded her of her mysterious tall visitor. He would stand waving something with his arms. He would never say anything. She did not fear this man. He gave her the feeling of watching and protecting her.

Then the Greys came. They would only come occasionally. They would put their long arms through the bars of her crib. Of course, at that age, she did not know who or what they were. They always seemed to come from the closet. For that reason, to this day, she does not like to see the closet doors left open. She thought they were little monsters that came out of the dark recesses of the closet. This was around 1949 when she lived in Indianapolis, Indiana.

At the age of 3, a very tall nordic male with perfect features came to her when she was playing with her toy blocks in a cute little sundress and high-top shoes. She recalls that he told her that she would be on a mission involving leading people through mountains in the year 2011.

When she was in the second grade of school (1953), she would often sail little toy boats in the water of a fountain near where she lived. One day, a beautiful blonde-haired woman appeared standing beside her. She had perfect features and beautiful blue eyes. Pamela describes her as angelic-looking. She wore a white gossamer gown. She would say things to Pamela telepathically. Pamela does not recall all that she said, but one thing did stand out. She remembers the blonde saying, " you are protected," then she would just fade out or vanish. She has seen this woman several times. The last time she saw this woman was when she was living with me in Reseda in 1993. One other thing she remembers being told when a little girl is that she had something to do in the future, some sort of mission to accomplish.

Pamela's mother was a housewife and was afraid of talking about paranormal happenings. One time there was a strange creature, maybe from some other dimension, leaving tracks on the carpet on the stairway, but her mom did not want to discuss it. When she heard Pamela talk about these experiences, she attributed it to Pamela's imagination.

Pamela's father was in electronics and worked under contract for Naval Ordinance. It was possible that her father was a contactee as he spoke of people from other planets and even took photographs of UFOs. Some of these were day shots and some were colorful lights taken at night. He told Pamela about life on other planets and warned Pamela not to talk openly about it and to be careful who she talked to about her experiences. He told Pamela that there was intelligent life on the moon, Venus, and Mars contrary to what was being told to the public via the press. Raymond was a man who worked on the instrumentation for Gemini V and also worked on avionics for the Boeing 707 jetliner. He was also a tech writer. When he was in the Navy, his occupation was radioman second class. He worked for Rockwell when they moved to Kansas City. Pamela remembers strange men in suits always coming to the house to talk with her father.

When she was 9 years old, sometime during the summer of 1957, her parents went out. She saw a flash of light in the picture window. Two Greys with big heads and black eyes came into the house and stuck a needle at the base of her skull when she was sitting on the couch. There was probably some missing time with this episode. When her parents came home, they could seen the mark on her neck and found dried blood. She then started having headaches, but nothing physical would show up when tests were run. She also experienced fainting spells and black outs, but no physical cause was found.

After the incident, she was standing in the driveway one night near their old green Ford when she saw a large cigar-shaped craft hanging low in the sky. Its surface was reflecting moonlight. She estimates that if she had held her thumb and forefinger out at arm's length, that it would have spanned two inches. It was a dark cylinder and showed no lights and no windows. It made no sound.

Starting at age 11 and lasting for a year-and-a-half she would see the wall "open up" and life-like scenes would play out. In some of these scenes she could see dinosaurs munching on vegetation. Other scenes showed cave dwellers, or erupting volcanoes and molten rivers of lava. In some she could see planets exploding. She could even smell scents and hear sounds. She distinctly remembers hearing a Brontosaurus making a loud trumpeting sound. Some dinosaurs roared. Most of these scenes showed natural catastrophes. They were somewhat like holographic movies.

From age 13 through 16 she saw many flying discs in daytime and at night. The night discs showed counter-clockwise rotating lights. Two of these discs made a definite whirring sound. One had pulsating lights. This one came over a lake in Brown County in Indiana. From the shore she could see red and white fluorescent pulsating lights..

Many times she felt followed by a man dressed in black. Many times she would see him standing by the street light at the corner. He never approached her.

Sometimes she would go to bed with night clothing on and wake up without clothing. One time she found grass in the bed and on the floor. Sometimes she would go to bed in her room, then find herself in another part of the house, usually the family room and found she had dirty feet even though she bathed the previous night. On occasion she would hear her name called from outside, then wake up outside blocks from her home on the sidewalk.

She would have vivid and lucid dreams from the age of 16. She would find herself inside of craft and receiving instructions on how to fly the craft. She remembers seeing symbols on panels. She saw a huge crystal in the center of the craft. When she first got married at age 17, she still went on having the dreams. Her first husband was a skeptic and thought the dreams were just dreams.

In 1982, Pamela had married Al and Al brought her to his handbuilt home at the foothills of the Tehachapis in California. The incidents started to step up as soon as she moved into Al's five-sided house on two-and-half acres of desert property.

One of Pamela's new visitors was a Reptilian Humanoid (Reptoid) that stood at least seven feet tall. I remember when my friend TAL told me about his initial experience of seeing a reptoid in his house in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1979. TAL had a map placed on the hallway wall showing sites of UFO landings, underground caverns, and animal mutilations. One night, he saw a seven-tall reptoid staring intently at his map.


The reptoid looked solid, but translucent in that he could also see through him. At the moment of confrontation, the Reptoid turned to look at TAL, and TAL hurled a stuffed animal at him from the bed. The stuffed animal went sailing through the Reptoid, who looked a little astonished at the foolish human act, then hit the wall behind the creature. The Reptoids eyes seem to reveal a great deal of intelligence. The Reptoid proceeded to touch a point on his belt and disappeared.

Pamela's Reptoid had luminous amber-colored eyes like a cat's and skin that was charcoal, green and grey in color. His massive chest sported a breast plate, much like that worn by Roman soldiers. He had sharp claws on his four fingers. When he would appear in the room, the air would thicken, Pamela would hear a high-pitched sound in her ears as well as buzzing and clicking. In seconds, she found it difficult to breath. Her chest would feel as if it were crushed. She was paralyzed and immobilized and the Reptoid would literally flip her on her stomach.


Then he would proceed with a type of tantric sexual intercourse that would leave her absolutely exhausted. She never feared him. She sensed he was extremely powerful and very aggressive as if a member of a warrior caste. She even felt protected by him. She could not smell the Reptoid. Greys were different. She could smell them.


They had the smell of decaying bodies, putrid.

Pamela often awoke with scoop marks on her legs or holes in her hips, or triangular marks on her back as well as bruises and scratches and puncture marks. These began appearing in childhood. One time she had five distinct scratches across her left upper arm. We believe that the Reptoid left his claw marks on her in this one particular incident. The scars from these scratches are still visible to this day.

The Greys have taken her blood, inserted needles in her neck and fooled with her eyes and ears.

From 1983 through 1991, she would have orbs appear in the pentagonal house. These balls of light ranged from the size of tennis balls to basket balls. Some were white, some were orange, and some were blue. All were silent. They could burst into view with a flash, and float through the house. Sometimes they would come right through a wall and out a closed screen door. Al would remark that he could see them, but he didn't know what to think about them. He would just shrug his shoulders.

In June of 1990, a little tan-colored alien dressed in a black flight suit would abduct her. On one particular night, she saw an orange fireball descending to the east of the property. During the summer months, she would sleep outside up on the deck near the summer bedroom on the second story of the house. There was an old bus stairwell that was used to get up onto the deck. She remembers being on the stairwell, fully awake, arguing with the little tan guy. She kept saying to him that he had to stop doing what he was doing -- taking her. She had a postal route to start in the morning, and he was interrupting her sleep and might awake Al. His expressionless demeanor conveyed the impression that he wasn't accepting any of what she was saying.

Once, while traveling in 1991, Al and Pamela had stopped in Jerry's restaurant in Blythe, California. A mysterious man deliberately looked at her through the window, then came into the restaurant. He was dressed solidly in black, had a very pale face, silver hair, and was over six feet tall. He sat at the counter and ordered coffee and water, but never touched either one. He just continued to stare at Pamela. No one else in the restaurant paid any attention to him.

Once during that same year, she remembers an incident where she was taken to an underground base in the Tehachapi Mountains. The only recall that is clear to her is a landing pad with a large circled number 38 painted on the surface. Inside the underground area were two older men with grey hair and white lab coats on. They wore glasses and pens and pencils in their coat pockets.


There was a lot of equipment, including video screens, up against the walls. She was positive that she was in the mountains north of her home. Later, a pilot friend flew her above the region looking for some tell-tale sign of an opening or landing pad, but she could find nothing that gave away the location of this secret hideaway.

All of this seems like a prelude to a terrifying encounter that occurred on the night of May 14, 1991 when three Greys attempted to remove Pamela from her bed. She had just gone to bed and turned off the television to read. She was awake reading, and not asleep when this occurred. She sensed something and looked up to see the three Greys in their black flight suits standing in a triangle. One was at the foot of the bed, and the other two were on either side of her bed. That was not all. Standing in the room next to her bookshelves was a man dressed in black clothing, holding a black box with a cord dangling from it. Pamela struggled with the Greys to free herself from their control.


The man in black stood there and told her she had no electricity. She attempted to turn on the lights that were powered by the generator in the backyard, but the lights failed to come on. She managed to grab a flashlight and rush over to the kitchen window where she could see numerous lights circling in the sky and illuminating her yard.


A deck that projects off the roof to her right was occupied by an oriental-looking man dressed in Air Force blues and a dark beret. He was laying prone on the deck and gazing down at a K-9 sentry dog that was in the yard with Pamela's own 100-pound Labrador who was barking at the strange German Shepherd. She yelled at the man not to kill her dog. The three Greys she had seen before were now in the yard and the man on the deck was yelling at them to get Pamela "out of the GD house."

The next thing Pamela knew, she was standing in the yard behind the Generator shack. She remembered that her husband had come from the back room to the kitchen window after she had yelled for him, but now she was alone. Her husband was gone, the dogs were gone, the Air Force Officer was gone, and the Grays were not in sight. All she could see was above her. A huge disk rotated. It had bright red lights and was emitting a fog or vapor from portals along the underside rim of the craft. Her next conscious memory was awaking on the bed at about 3:50 AM. Over four hours of missing time had elapsed in one of the strangest and most terrifying encounters that she had ever experienced. It left her with more questions than answers. Later, under hypnosis, a portion of her missing time aboard the hovering ship, was recalled.


All of this was on her mind when I drove up to her gate the following morning around 10 AM. She was hysterical and crying. She could not believe all that had just happened. We found out later from her girl friend and neighbor, that her girl friend had noticed a vibration that night, and when looking northward at Pamela's place, saw it enshrouded with a fog. Her trailer was shaking violently and the dogs were going berserk. After she ran out into the desert and saw the fog around Pamela's place, the commotion stopped.

Pamela had a number of other encounters that year, but none as dramatic as the one that happened in May. Throughout the summer, Pamela, I, and others had several sightings of strange moving night lights over the Antelope Valley. Some of these I have nicknamed "Jumpers" because the light-strobing objects seem to jump from position to position in the valley skies instead of moving on a continuous course. Aircraft with strobes could be seen moving on a continuous course for comparison. We also witnessed a train of lights coming in from the west late one evening in July. The individual lights in the procession were glowing with a beautiful golden glow and were surrounded by plasma coronas.

On November 4, 1991, on her birthday, Pamela had a spectacular sighting of an arrow-head shaped object moving above the Antelope Valley Freeway at 7:18 AM. on her way to work under clear daylight conditions. The object was charcoal black, had no vertical stabilizers, emitted no sound, had some sort of tiling on its bottomside, and was about the length of a football field.

Pamela had helicopters flying over her property. On one occasion one came down to within 100 feet of the ground with the side door open and the men inside very visible. She also feels that men in a low-flying highway patrol plane buzzed her place and took her picture when she was standing in the yard. With my prompting, she started to photograph these helicopter overflights. Another abductee in Southern California, Licia Davidson, had taken numerous photos of various helicopters that had buzzed her house. On many occasions, helicopter personnel were seen pointing cameras at the witnesses. Some of the copters carried sound booms that could amplify conversations and sounds emanating from the ground.

A surprising incident occurred to Pamela in late October prior to her November 4th sighting. She was looking out her kitchen window and saw seven strange objects form symbolic patterns in the sky over the saddle of the Tehachapi Mountains. She went outside and yelled to Al to follow her. At that time a brilliant ball of light came rushing out of the center of the formation as she watched. It came at great speed straight toward her and she ducked as it circled and came within two feet of her face.


Then it slowly circled her and Al and shot straight up, vanishing along with the formation of symbols.


This is one of the few incidents that Al fully admitted to when I queried him about the matter. Almost immediately following this extraordinary event an old 1959 Chevrolet came tearing in through the south gate of her property and two men and one woman emerged from the car when it came to a stop. One man, a good- looking blonde, was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt while the other two wore military Khakis. They all appeared to be in the their early thirties.

Ignoring her husband, the three strangers forced Pamela to enter the house and started ransacking the living room and her desk. They gathered up all books, magazines, and videos on the UFO subject and proceeded to tell her not to collect or gather any more information or they would be back and the next time they would not go easy on her. She started to cry and begged them to stop. They actually became angry and shoved Pamela who shoved the dark-haired girl. They became belligerent and warned Pamela that they would not tolerate her actions.


Pamela had the distinct impression that she had seen the blonde man before and that these people were with the Air Force. She knew this intuitively, but did not know why she knew. Upon leaving, they had taken 10 out of 25 negatives of the black unmarked helicopters Pamela photo- graphed, as well as her copy of the book, Intruders -- an ironic fare the well!

When the three left to get back in their car, the blonde took Pamela to one side out of the hearing range of the other two. He told her that he did not like doing what he had to do, but she had been told previously to remain silent. He said that she knew some things, but others she did not remember, and that she would remember in time. They left, driving off in the direction of the Northrop facility in the mountains. While all of this was happening, her husband Al remained passive and unconcerned. He did not ask the strangers their business or for their identification.

Months after many of the abductions and the visit of military personnel, and the separation of Pamela and Al, I took Pamela to her medical clinic for a check on an infection she had contracted. The nurse had left her medical chart in the room. Dr. K had been treating Pamela for years and was a fatherly figure in his approach to Pamela's health conditions. For the first time she noticed that some of her medical records had been stamped with the instruction to send a copy to a certain flight surgeon (Dr. C.M.) at Edwards Air Force Base.


Pamela had never authorized her records to be sent to Edwards. She had never been in the Air Force and had no relatives in the Air Force. Her father had been a Navy man. Why was Dr. K sending her records to Edwards? She asked him and he could not give her an answer. He claimed that he did not know this was happening and told her to check with the medical records department.

Pamela requested copies of her medical records and received only part of them. When she queried the medica records clerk, she was astonished to hear her say that some of her missing records were ordered destroyed! She managed to obtain some copies of records with the Edwards routing on them. Even when she requested that the clinic terminate this routing on her request, the request was ignored and the routing to Edwards continued.

We engaged the help of a Doctor G. who was a member of our MUFON group to give us some data on the mysterious flight surgeon. From the information he gave us, we discovered that he graduated from medical school at the University of San Diego, a prestigious school. While attending a UFO meeting one Sunday, Pamela and I stayed over to visit the university on Monday. When we got to the records office, we requested to see a photograph of the young flight surgeon from his graduating class photos.


After Pamela examined the photo with a magnifying glass, she came to the conclusion that the man in the photo, the flight surgeon who was receiving copies of her medical records, and the good-looking blonde man who accompanied the two airman in Khakis on the October 1991 visit were one and the same! She had positively identified someone from the Air Force who monitored abductees. What could we do with this information? No one had any good ideas. So the matter rests.

Pamela is still having encounters. She twice saw a little Grey in our new house in Lancaster. He comes up to her within a few feet and cocks his head to one side with a curious expression, then vanishes into thin air. She once saw a dark cloaked figure in the living room. Soon after we moved in she found, photographed, and drew the outlines of a three-toed footprint on our carpet in the hallway. We have heard strange sounds upstairs while we are both sitting downstairs in the den. And on Christmas night, she photographed a luminous orb that made a sharp-angled turn in front of the Christmas tree. She has caught strange things on film before, including some lights that were glowing in the bushes alongside the road into Long Canyon in Sedona. This was in broad daylight in the afternoon.

Marks have continued to appear as if overnight on various parts of Pamela's body, and when we see them, we photograph and document them. Her health has deteriorated since some of these later encounters. Pamela knows the world will change. Changes are imminent. She fears the nights when she finds herself paralyzed. It may be a long while yet before the world pays attention to the perils of Pamela or any of the others who have had these encounters. Don't tell Pamela or the others that they merely suffer from sleep disorders. The truth is many of these events have happened in the real world in the waking state.

Pamela and I have now moved to Arizona, yet her sleep is still disturbed and she continues to experience paranormal events during her waking hours. On one occasion in September, 1995 a supporting wall in the house started to mysteriously vibrate. A few seconds later, the wall stopped its vibration and a bookcase near the wall started vibrating. There was no apparent source for the vibrations. Mysterious sounds have also been heard in the house.


She seems to be the focus of invisible attention and, wherever she goes, she does not escape its influence.



On December 7, 1996 Pamela had an experience in the early hours of the morning that left a triangle of puncture marks on her left hand. Each of the punctures is 1.5 mm apart and the marks form a perfect equilateral triangle. Photos of these marks are shown below. If other researchers measure the size and angles of marks, we may prove to have some similarities that imply the use of the same or similar instruments that cause these marks.


[Note the similarities between the triangular arrangement of the puncture wounds and the .: Holy Three Dots :. employed not only by our order but by various masonic and "illuminati" type secret orders everywhere. Coincidence? We think not! -B:.B:.]

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