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December 01, 2007

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UFOs and their occupants, have been described thousands of times in relatively modern history.


There have been some accounts of UFOs seen in decades gone by, I wrote one a while back looking into this, called UFOs a Modern Phenomenon? Think again, but what follows are quotes and sections of information relating to Tuatha Dé Danann, who were ancient Irish deities. The name translates to “gods of Danu”.


Danu was the mythical mother of all Gods.

The parallels to modern day accounts of aliens and UFOs are striking. I have also incorporated pictures of the Janus Man, the face of which bears a resemblance to the descriptions of the alien grey. There are many accounts of alien like entities in ancient folklore, I wrote a small article about this here: The Tree Mother and her UFO.


The Tuatha Dé Danann accounts are fascinating to read, and as you'll see, the similarities are very interesting indeed.

The Otherworld, was the name given to the residence of the Irish deities (although there were equivalents in England, Scotland and Wales). Here are a few quotes, where similarities to the UFO are found.

“They were hidden from mortal eyes by strong Otherworld magic.”

Many times with UFOs, they appear in photographs where nothing is seen at the time. Perhaps they too are hidden normally.

“Normal rule does not apply in the Otherworld. A year may seem to pass in the Otherworld, but in the real world centuries may have passed. Time seemed to have stand still. Nor does the people who live there, aged like mortals. They seemed to remain forever young.”

This describes the effect of traveling close to the speed of light amongst other things, but more notably for this article, that many abductees report that they have lost only a short time here, but seemed longer inside of a UFO, or vice versa, that they've been gone for a relatively long time, when only moments seem to have passed.

“Otherworld, which would, appeared at night for mortals, but would probably vanish in the morning.”

UFOs appearing at night?

“The Otherworld also seemed to be able to move from one location to another” perhaps The Otherworld refers to the UFO, or how it appeared to its witnesses?

Now for some information relating to the “Tuatha Dé Danann”:

“There is a story that they came to Ireland in flying ships but could not land as the Fomorians had set up a great energy field that they could not penetrate. So they had to circle Ireland nine times before finding a breach in the energy field and setting down on Sliabh an Iarainn (The Iron Mountains) in Co. Leitrim.”

They arrived in Ireland, on or about May 1 (the date of the festival of Beltaine), on dark clouds, although later versions rationalize this by saying they burned their ships to prevent retreat, and the "clouds" were the smoke produced.

“the Tuatha De Danaan arrived in a mist, it is said, and that they came through the air and the high air to Ireland.”

" . . . The manuscript is entitled 'The Magical Stone of Tara', and it states: 'one evening Conn of the Hundred Battles repaired at sunrise to the Ri Raith at Tara, accompanied by his three druids, Mael, Bloc and Bluicne, and his three poets, Ethain, Corb and Cesaire; for he was accustomed every day to repair to this place with the same company, for the purpose of watching the stars, so that no hostile aerial beings should descend upon Ireland unknown to him."

This is a quote from Charles Squire about the Tuatha De:

"In his [Eochaid O'Flynn] poem, preserved in the Book of Ballymote, he says:- "Though they came to learned Erinn, without buoyant, adventurous ships, no man in creation knew, whether they were of the earth or of the sky. "

Another Squire quote says:

"What is probably the earliest account tells us that they [Tuatha De Danann] came from the sky. Later versions, however, give them a habitation upon Earth - some say in the north, others in the "southern isles of the world"... Whether the Tuatha De Danann came from earth or heaven, they landed in a dense cloud upon the coast of Ireland on the mystic first of May [Bealtaine] without having been opposed, or even noticed by... the Fir Bolgs."

“Nuada was the high king of the Túatha Dé Danann. In an almost Biblical exodus, he lead his people into Ireland from the north-west of the world in wondrous flying ships. They brought the four ancient treasures with them: the Sword, the Spear, the Cauldron and the Stone.”

“They invaded Ireland’s energy field through Sliabh an Iarainn: Iron Mountain in County Leitrim. They arrived with a great fleet of flying ships to take Ireland from the Plânt Rhys:”

“They have glass asallaíoch: green magic and can appear as a shimmering green sky light. They guard the Well of Forgetfullness so that people will not remember what they have seen”

The Tuatha were mighty beings, somewhere between mythical super-humans and deities, and some people do worship them as such.


They are intimately connected with fairy lore. They are seen in lots of different ways, but often as something like the rulers of the fairy world, which is also populated by various nature spirits, and the souls of the dead.

There have been many comparisons between alien entities and the descriptions of fairy lore. Here are some examples of that.

An Encyclopedia of Fairies (Briggs, 1976) gives numerous ancient examples of fairy abductions. Almost always a special drink was given to the abductee. This drink, usually described as a thick liquid, was an essential part of the fairy abduction. Women are abducted much more often than men and some fairies take special delight, in repeatedly capturing women for amorous motives. In short, some fairies simply liked having sexual relations with mortals.

Fairies abduct their victims through paralysis; then they simply carry (levitate and fly) the abductee away into "fairyland." Fairyland is always nearby; under normal conditions we can't see or perceive it. The paralysis induced on the victim is how fairies get their abductee to enter fairyland.


The modern word "stroke" (meaning paralysis) is derived from the ancient terms "elf-stroke" and "fairy-stroke." Fairies travel in circular globes of light, sometimes called "will-o-the-wisp."

It seems too coincidental to have these commonalities, the cases of many women abducted then examined sexually are many. There have also been cases of alien sexual relations, albeit not many. Paralysis is another feature of many abductions, as well as levitation toward a UFO. The Globes of light parallel is also very interesting.

So what can we conclude from all of this?


A single example of a similarity between these ancient Irish gods would be something, but there are so many, and what strikes me as unusual, is that the descriptions of flying ships seems common. Its interesting to note that in older descriptions of UFOs, the term “flying ships” is seen a lot. What isn't so obvious is that the description matches the mindset of the observer.


There were no aircraft back then obviously, so these flying objects were referred to as ships.

It could be argued that if these accounts are real - and most folklore has it's basis in real peoples experiences - then either people were simply describing UFOs in the only terms they knew how. There is another possibility of course, which is that whatever phenomenon is behind the UFO and/or Alien sightings, could be something that manipulates us into seeing only that which fits into our cultural expectations.

There are simply too many similarities between what has been written in folklore or mythology and the UFO for it to be ascribed to simple co-incidence. Perhaps some day some scholar will sift through the massive amount of legend and mythologies to see how diverse the UFO parallels really are.


The closest has been Jacques Vallee and his outstanding book “Passport to Magonia” which should be on the reading list of any person interested in the history of UFOs and Aliens.





Finally a picture of Janus, from a cemetery in Ireland. The shape of the face and the size of the eyes remind me of an alien grey, could this be a co-incidence too?