by Ted Twietmeyer


from Data4Science Website

In general terminology, a Vivarium is a place where living plants or animals are stored. At Vivariums at research centers and Universities, this is where animals reside most of their waking hours.


In a monkey Vivarium a curious thing takes place. Monkeys are a social species and develop a social order in the wild. In these Vivariums they reside separate cages that also physically separate them from touching each other. Yet they still manage to create a social order amongst themselves, even when they can’t see each other in the same room. (Cages typically have solid walls with a grilled steel wire door.)

Although monkeys may not be able to see each other, they can hear each other. Sounds without visual cues are apparently enough to establish an order. Although biology isn’t my line of work, I have learned these details from Ph.D. researchers who work these animals every day.

Vivariums are also highly secured areas to protect the animals against release into the public or kidnapping by animal rights people. The security also protects animals against disease and contamination by humans. Anyone who has had TB at some point their life has an antigen in their blood stream. Although this antigen is harmless to us, one sneeze from a former TB patient is deadly to a Rhesus monkey.

Monkeys can carry a form of Herpes that lethally attacks internal human organs. It ends in death in just three days. There is no treatment or cure once someone is infected. To prevent this, monkeys used for research must undergo several months of quarantine and biological testing before released to a Vivarium for research. To date, only one female lab technician has died from this.

As upsetting the thought of Vivariums is to many, these facilities are an essential part of our lives. Without them, life-saving drugs and medical procedures could never, ever be tried and approved for use on human beings. But how many animal rights activists who are suddenly sick and in pain with possible deadly consequences will be thinking about a monkey in a cage?


I think not – they will be screaming at the nurses and doctors, “Give me relief, no matter what it takes!”

Vivariums are expensive to build and maintain, and require that a veterinarian is available around the clock all year long. Cleaning, feeding and watering must be done every day of the year without fail even on holidays. A Rhesus monkey costs about the same to purchase as a brand new mid-size automobile.

Cryptosporidium is a painful stomach virus human beings can contract through bad water which will eventually run its course.


But Cryptosporidium is one reason monkeys are euthanized, because they rarely get over the virus.



There is another Vivarium that exists. This one is quite different from the one previously described. In this one the animals take care of themselves. When they die in this one, the other animals take care of the bodies. They also feed and take care of each other as well. Researchers only take these animals at night while they are sleeping and return them before dawn.


As you probably surmised, this Vivarium is known as Earth.

Some people abducted develop the ability to communicate telepathically with their abductors, even during daylight hours. One man I’ve been studying recently told me about a dialog he had with his abductors, when he was concerned they would take him again.


Below is his unedited question and answer dialog with his abductors.


He is asking them the following questions and the answers he received are included here:

Q: Are you going to take me tonight?
A: Yes

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Your help is needed.

Q: Why can’t I remember what you do to me?
A: It would interfere with your life reality.

Q: How come you don’t ask my permission?
A: You would not give it.

Q: How long will this go on?
A: Until we are done.

Q: Can I refuse to go?
A: You cannot.

Notice the very short, terse answers he received to his questions.


The term life reality is interesting, and appears to refer to our paradigm of normal life as human beings. It is well known that very horrific examinations and biological sampling take place at various facilities or aboard spacecraft, but this isn’t the focus of this essay.

However, those who have full knowledge of what has happened to them will tell you what it has done to their lives. The effects are deep and far reaching into anyone’s life.


Precious sleep is lost resulting in painful physical ailments like fibromyalgia, jobs are lost from exhaustion, marriages and families destroyed, and an abductee’s health is damaged along with terrible mental stress from knowing that the abductions will never end. These are just a few of the implications to those who obtain full knowledge of their abduction events.

A 2004 abduction documentary included an interview with Travis Walton, who was missing for several days and endured a series of bizarre and painful tests in a large spacecraft. He was missing so long that his three friends who saw his abduction were accused of murdering him. They were later cleared with a lie detector test.


Travis Walton stated that,

“The net effect on my life from the movie (Fire in the Sky) has been negative. And the net effect on my financial status has been negative.”

In past years people were abducted once or twice a year.


This is no longer the case for some people. Just two years ago, one couple I’ve was studying for several years were taken about every week or so, usually during the very early hours of a Wednesday morning, like clockwork. Now they are taken 2 to 3 times each week, and on some occasions twice in one night.

We can do some quick numbers to get a handle on how many people are available for research and collection in the Earth Vivarium. There are about 6 billion people on Earth currently (depending on where you get the numbers from.) Human beings are usually abducted between12AM to 1AM, and returned just before dawn or about 5AM. Aliens using this window of opportunity eliminate the evidence of missing time. Note that it’s always between those hours somewhere on Earth, all the time.


On the expansive seas that cover most of Earth, the number of people abducted and returned from ocean-going vessels is an unknown value and will probably remain as such.

There are places where population density is extremely high on Earth, and yet in other places almost no one is exists. For purposes of discussion we can divide the total number of human beings (6 billion) into the 24 time zones. This averages out to 250 million people in each time zone. During the early morning hours, the actual reality is that 500 million people or more can be available for abduction in high population countries like India and China.

Such is the reality of life in our Vivarium. With Earth Vivariums, one could really view these as a Vivarium inside another Vivarium. Of course, researchers with doctorates take a dim view of this concept and laugh…even though it’s actually true.

Stopping abductions is extremely difficult. My research has found that shortly before any abduction takes place and during the abduction electronic devices stop functioning. This negates the effectiveness of virtually all electronic countermeasures such as strobe lights, loud sound, RF fields etc….

One question always arises from the skeptics like a pre-programmed statement, “Why isn’t there any evidence!”


Logic shows that if incontrovertible physical evidence was left behind (such as an instrument or object made of non-earthly materials, it would cause a major problem. People would start focusing on fighting aliens, instead of focusing on earthly arguments. It would become a major obstacle for the alien agenda.

Ronald Reagan’s statements about an alien force or threat unifying the world are probably correct.


But who told him?



When someone is confronted with a dangerous situation an instinctive “fight or flight” response is invoked. But when our entire planet is confronted with such a terrible truth of everyone being a lab rat and we decide to flee… the question is flee to where?


This leads us to the question - why is nothing is being done to stop abductions?

Many theories often include some word of a deal gone bad with one alien race after 1947. In this popular theory, the deal which the US government made was to allow limited abductions in exchange for technology. As the story goes, we really didn’t get the technology promised but aliens continued to abduct people en masse - for some 60+ years now. I’m not saying I agree with the story, but just repeating the essence of it here for reference purposes.

Clearly, the military is completely aware of the entire abduction issue and remain silent about it.


Here are a few possibilities why the military has not physically started an open battle with alien races to stop the abductions and the invasion:

  1. Military intelligence has probably determined our current weapons technology is not sufficiently advanced to win the battle for Earth’s sovereignty.

  2. Our military leaders have been taken aboard ships as guests to a distant planet and witnessed a demonstration of alien war technology. Such a demonstration would be designed to instill total fear and submission, when government official watches a planet quickly destroyed. This would leave an indelible memory, and surely he would bring back what he witnessed to his government to set policy.

  3. There are too many races visiting Earth, and we would be overwhelmed by a collective military.

  4. Our governments have been infiltrated, and one or more alien races fully control our planet. They may be leaving current Earth governments as-is to prevent disturbing the order in our Vivarium.


Telescope video recordings by John Walson (and probably others) proved there are numerous vessels in orbit. I personally know a woman who was recently abducted twice over several days. She was able to see the Earth below from a vehicle window on both occasions. Based on the apparent size of the Earth visible in a window, she felt certain that she was inside a vessel high up in orbit. The room was well lit but there was no visible light source.

Near the end of a recent abduction an invisible force held her to a cold metal chair. She was completely worn out from being taken several times a week, with the resultant extremely unpleasant physical side effects that last for days. A side effect of abductions often has her laid out flat out in bed for a day or two.

Then she is taken again. While sitting in the metal chair, the woman demanded that these beings stop taking her.


In her words:

“I told them I’m sick of this. A man was present in military uniform with four flipping, wiggling fingers that didn’t look human.”

He spoke to her saying,

“We won’t take you as often as we have.” (This later turned out to be yet another lie.)

Suddenly a very large, very ugly insect-like creature entered the room. She described it as best she could:

“It stood upright and I could see through its skin and see the organs inside. It was very ugly and it smelled terrible.”

She stated it was about as high as the walls in her home (8 feet tall) and mostly resembled a Pray Mantis insect.

The Mantis-like being,

“appeared irritated and apparently was in charge.”

It flatly told the other beings,

“This is over!”

At that point she was returned to her home. What makes this particularly important is that no hypnosis was required to recall this event.

An interesting thing about Earth insects is that at one time on ancient Earth, many of these creatures grew quite large. Some had wingspans several feet wide according to fossil records. Science theories about ancient Earth state that all these large creatures died off either as the result of a cataclysmic event or through natural selection.


But is it not possible that somewhere, some place in the universe or perhaps on another world, Praying Mantis type insects did not die off but evolved into a higher life form instead? All things are possible until proven otherwise.

From our youngest years people are programmed by society and the educational system to scoff at the unexplainable and the bizarre. But looking out one of the windows down to the Earth below was real. These vessels appear to be as real as the computer screen on which you are reading this.

Abductions have taken place in many different places. These include homes in the country, high-rise apartment buildings in New York City, people driving down the road in broad daylight or even at night, from hotels and motels and most likely even from ocean liners or freighters. In essence, people can be taken anywhere they won’t be missed for a few hours.

It appears that sleep study labs and hospitals appear to be off-limits to those taking people.




Taking someone from one of these locations would result in documented, incontrovertible evidence that abductions are indeed happening. And there would also be the unwanted attention that would inevitably take place. Travis Walton is a good example of what happens when there are witnesses. If his friends were not there when he was taken, it probably would never have been made into a movie. But their testimony gave his abduction great credibility.

A few years ago, I saw a small piece of stretch material probably used to secure abductees to a table by at least one race. It was stuck to a man’s arm when he awoke in the morning. Although carefully saved, the stretchy material had the pink color of Pepto-Bismol. Over a few days, it evaporated and disappeared. This man did not have any chewing gum in his home.

The fact that it completely vanished from a hidden location ruled out chewing gum. I should have taken a photo of it. However, this occurred before I began to seriously collect data on abductions and didn’t pay enough attention to it. Oddly enough, it reminded me of the elastic sheet used on Travis Walton to anchor him to a table for highly invasive medical procedures.

Why would they use an elastic sheet? The abductee can struggle all they want but cannot escape, and no marks will be left on their body.

If ordinary people obtained concrete physical evidence, it could seriously disrupt life in our Vivarium.


Clearly alien researchers, DNA collectors and other ET users of Earth resources simply won’t allow that to happen.