by Michael Salla

February 15, 2009

from Prepare4ContactYahooGroup Website

I‘ve had a couple of inquiries from people concerning the recent p4c forum changes especially the proscription of demonization of extraterrestrials. Demonization when it comes to extraterrestrial life is a complex problem since there are so many who have had negative experiences with some ET groups, or who analyze these experiences and reach certain conclusions concerning evil ETs, “fallen angels”, etc.

This makes it easy for experiencers/researchers to accept the view that extraterrestrials are evil, demonic, etc. This plays into the hands of the controllers who are intent on creating “enemy images” of extraterrestrials.


I highly recommend a book by Sam Keen, “Faces of the Enemy” which goes into detail into the enmification process.

Here is a video that summarizes some of the ideas of Keen's book:



Who is the enemy?




We only need to look at Hollywood movies, War of the Worlds, Independence Day, etc., to see enemy image making at work.


Even the recent Day the Earth Stood Still twisted the earlier self defense theme in the robot Gort, into a life destroying virus that began an unprovoked attack on humanity. In my view, we can see that the controllers of the media industry are hard at work to get us to think about extraterrestrials using negative stereotypes.

There are also some other processes at work to create negative images of extraterrestrials. We are flooded with best selling books describing negative abduction experiencers, e.g., Strieber, Hopkins, Jacobs, while manuscripts describing positive uplifting ET experiences, can’t get a publisher, e.g., Elizabeth Klarer.


In a recent Exopolitics Journal paper, I described at length how this process has been working for over five decades: Galactic COINTELPRO - Exposing the Covert Counter-Intelligence Program against Extraterrestrial Contactees

There are also some covert practices that warp individual perceptions of extraterrestrials.


There is a major overlay between military related activities and extraterrestrial abductions. The MILAB (Military Abductions) phenomenon is something very real and does distort the data.


Finally, there is a Luciferian element that tries to manipulate war between different Galactic groups. This is something I first encountered in Jack O’Brian’s remote viewing experiences: The Armageddon Chronicles.


It is something that Stephen Greer also discussed in his Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge book. I will comment more on this in a later posting.

There are some who will distort what I have said so far and claim that I believe all ETs are positive benevolent, etc. Not true. Some extraterrestrials are truly in that category we would call criminal, evil, demonic, etc. However that is a choice individual members of any ET species makes rather than being species specific.


In other words, some individuals and groups of ETs are performing criminal activities on Earth. These however are a small minority but tempt us to generalize that all members of a particular ET group is evil, demonic, etc. However, that is false since as we know, not all Americans supported the preemptive war in Iraq, nor did all Germans support the Nazis, etc.

In conclusion, we need to be discerning and avoid generalizing when we examine the negative experiences of forum members or others.


The forum guideline proscribing demonization of extraterrestrials is aimed to help us get closer to the truth of the matter which in my view is that a small group of criminally oriented extraterrestrials are cooperating with planetary elites to warp general attitudes towards extraterrestrial life.


The goal is the create deep cultural stereotypes of extraterrestrials as the next enemy which can be exploited at a later stage by planetary elites.



Dr. Salla,

I have a question for you. I have not read ALL your reports; although the ones that I have read have been very thorough.

But in your description of the various ETs with whom our Government has had relations, I do not see an analysis of the IDEOLOGIES of these Races. In particular, the Alpha Draconis who administer Mars are a RepTOID Race, with a particular culture of their own.

The Orion Constellation Anunnaki, who have come here repeatedly over the millennia, also have a recognizable IDEOLOGY, which when they interact with us, has certain inexorable outcomes.

I have studied about 3000 of NASA's Mars photos from the perspective of photographic authenticity. I have found a significant percentage of NASA MARS photos significantly distort (~20%) (in terms of angle skew, hue, scale and contrast) details on the ground, in order to HIDE the very settled and populated Martian peoplescape.


I have seen Reptoids, Greys, Bigfeet and humans, including Blacks, Blonds and Asians in NASA Mars photos. After about 3000 of them, it's not
difficult to do an anthropological study.

What work is being done to define the Ethic, Philosophy and Morality of the different ET Visitors? I really wonder about that.

Can you enlighten us a little here?

Emily Cragg


I wrote my first analysis of different ET groups based on activities and motivations resulting from their participation or not in secret agreementse: A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races

It was written in January 2005 so it's getting a little dated. An updated version will appear in a book coming out later this year on Galactic Diplomacy.

You can also take a look at my 2008 conference presentation where I examined different ET activities and motivations based on the Kardashev/Kaku typology here:




Michael S.







Has Salla sold off to ET?
Feb 11, 2009

from Prepare4ContactYahooGroup Website

Dear Mr. Salla,
I find the nature of your latest (below) e-mail disturbing. I thought that the fundamental purpose of this discussion forum was to discover and discuss the truth about ET existence, behavior and intentions (good or bad) so that one could develop a proper course of action for humanity’s conduct with respect to ET.

If witnesses come forward with testimonies that indicate harmful behavior and intent on the part of ET (of which there could be several races or groups with diverging interests), I do not see how one could simply conclude: forgive and reconcile! This reaction would be akin to a turkey saying to his fellow turkeys: I have been taken by the farmer to a strange place where I saw turkeys being beheaded and unplucked.


The farmer apparently did not have time to do anything with me so he brought me back to the field but I want to report to you that what I saw deeply troubles me about the farmer’s intentions and about our collective future. Your comment is akin to one of the turkeys controlling the media then responding: I will post your message only if it concludes on a forgive and reconcile tone...

Considering the amount of troubling negative evidence that has already been gathered about ET actions and intentions with respect to humanity, I find it to say the least troubling that you would state your intent to exercise censorship on any testimony pointing to harmful ET intent and behavior with respect to humans, if it does not conclude by a forgive and reconcile message...



From: Dr Michael Salla <exopolitics@...>
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2009 6:34:30 PM
Subject: [prepare4contact] Emphasizing Prepare4Contact Goals of Forgiveness, Healing and Reconciliation

Dear p4c membership,

I have been receiving emails from a list of former p4c members concerning the orientation of p4c. Some complained that they were unfairly attacked due to their revealing negative ET behaviors on the forum. I responded to a former member Andrew Hennessy who complained that I was an accomplice to this process. I have included below his email and my response.

Please note that henceforth, I and the moderating team will be placing strong emphasis on the following goal which has been on the p4c forum homepage for over five years:

“Finally, the forum seeks to understand the full extent of extraterrestrial behavior on Earth in order to promote healing, forgiveness and reconciliation over past injustices, and to build a post-contact world based on peace, freedom and fraternity between all races.”

In my view, the future lies in exposing the truth of all that has happened, and promoting healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. Those wishing to vent their anger, frustration and desire for vengeance against some ETs for negative behavior should go elsewhere.


So in future posts, I ask that you please respect the forum’s goal of expressing the truth about ALL ET behaviors (positive and negative), but from a perspective of reconciliation, healing and forgiveness.

Michael S.




please note that some time ago I assembled a team of volunteers to assist in moderation of those in p4c who would launch personal attacks against others. The policy of p4c has always been to stop personal and abusive posters, and I have always stepped in to prevent ad hominem attacks, character assassination, personal insults, etc.


Some of the members of this list were moderators during your time on p4c. All had the power to moderate posters. I simply do not have time to read all posts on p4c nor to address every violation. Also, I believe that as far as possible, self-moderation was the ideal that required repeated reminders to be respectful. I never intended p4c to be a place where I would devote myself to babysitting adults wanting to vent their stuff concerning negative extraterrestrial experiences.


My goal was to share information to prepare people for contact, not to exhaust myself in educating members so that they could maintain minimal levels of respect and courtesy. I have noted that you have always posted with respect and courtesy and I applauded that, so I’m sorry that you left p4c because you felt you were being unfairly attacked.

As for the benevolent only ET discussion on p4c, I have expressed my preference for constructive uplifting approaches to ET information. That doesn’t mean ignoring the malicious activities of some ET groups, but in finding positive solutions where all are honored. That has always been the goal of p4c which has been on the front page of the forum for over five years.



“Finally, the forum seeks to understand the full extent of extraterrestrial behavior on Earth in order to promote healing, forgiveness and reconciliation over past injustices, and to build a post-contact world based on peace, freedom and fraternity between all races.”

Many of the posters on this list are not interested in healing, forgiveness and reconciliation, but in blaming, accusing and conducting personal vendettas against some ET groups. So I will be henceforth be giving more emphasis on the healing, forgiveness and reconciliation aspect of p4c to all ET groups. P4C has never, and will not be, a place where only benevolent ET activities are discussed.


Discussion of more negative ET groups from the perspective of forgiveness, healing, etc., is welcome. Those wanting to vent personal frustrations, anger, etc. against malicious ET activity should form their own groups since they will not be welcome on p4c.

Michael Salla

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has!”
Margaret Mead



From: andrew hennessey <scottishatlantis@>
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2009 4:08:19 AM
Subject: Re: Open Letter to Dr Salla

hi folks,
I had always given Dr salla the benefit of the doubt, thinking that well there was at least one PhD level person who showed enough neutrality and open mindedness to take on board the complaints of those suffering abuse from alien tormentors. [certainly we never seem to hear of Dr jacobs etc]


I stayed on p4c because of that - because I thought that dr salla had the possibility of being a man for the people.

Especially when he wrote me endorsing my complaints about the alien matrix and the material about that that I had been posting. However when all is said and done it is what Dr salla did not say or do on p4c that is the real legacy of his exopolitics. He did not stop people from rabidly and unfairly attacking posters that had anything to say about ETs that was negative. He also refuses to acknowledge that people behaving like that are in the wrong.

Remember that he said months ago that his ideal group could have been ‘Boylan lite’.

Now he wrote to jewels saying that p4c is now to be a nice Ets only - and now it seems he is no longer interested in matrix farming, soul
destroying alien brutality etc etc

By standing back allowing witnesses to that negative alien reality get savaged on his list makes him an accessory to the fact of that activity - that he clearly endorses those who have further brutalized the victims of alien abuse.

I regret to say therefore that we the people are somewhat unrepresented at this time.

andrew hennessey