Criticism of capitalism...

Crítica del capitalismo...






 -  A Milestone for Global Capitalism


 -  Capitalism - An Alien Ideology from Who Were as Human Beings

 -  Capitalism as Obstacle to Equality and Democracy - The U.S. Story


 -  Capitalism Hits the Fan


 -  Capitalism is Doomed - Without Alternatives, So are We


 -  Capitalism isn't going to Survive the 21st Century - Will We?


 -  Capitalism's New Era


 -  Capitalist Terrorism


 -  Close-Knit Financial Oligarchy Controls All Major Corporations


 -  Cosa ci Sarà dopo il Capitalismo? - Una Nuova Sintesi


 -  Direct Democracy is the Future of Human Governance


 -  Examining Capitalism through Quantum Mechanics

 -  From Integrated Capitalism to Disintegrating Capitalism - Scenarios of a Third World War


 -  Gallup Poll - 43 Percent of Americans think Socialism is Good


 - (How) Capitalism is a Product of Socialism


 -  How Life Under Predatory Capitalism Traumatized a Nation


 -  How to Think About the World After Capitalism


 -  How United Nations Scientists are Preparing for the End of Capitalism


 -  I Sei Miti sul Capitalismo che Dovrebbe Sapere Chiunque


 -  Is Holacracy the New "Operating System" of Conscious Capitalism?


 -  La Edad del Colapso - Porqué todo está Colapsando, y qué Hacer al Respecto


 -  La Elite Global - La Clase Capitalista Transnacional - Main File


 -  L'Era del Collasso - Perchè Tutto sta Collassando e Cosa Fare


 -  Manipulative Extraterrestrials Appear to Use Religion and Capitalism to Control Humanity


 -  Nationalist Capitalism - An Alternative to Globalization?


 -  Parasitic Bankers Achieve The End of Capitalism and The Sacking of America


 -  Porqué es Obsoleta la Manera en que Pensamos


 - ¿Porqué los Estadounidenses están Perpetuamente Sorprendidos por su Propio Colapso?


 - ¿Porqué se Siente como si el Mundo se Hubiera Vuelto Loco? - El Dominó y la Caída


 - ¿Qué Pasa Después del Capitalismo? - Una Nueva Síntesis


 -  Revealed - The Capitalist Network that Runs the World


 -  Rockefeller Internationalism - Main File


 -  Seis Mitos acerca del Capitalismo que Todos deberíamos Conocer


 -  Six Myths about Capitalism everyone should Know


 -  Social Transformation - The Truth Behind Capitalism Decoded


 -  The Age of Collapse - Why Everything's Collapsing, and What to Do About It


 -  The Battle for Control of Your Soul - The Fight For and Against the Future


 -  The Birth of Predatory Capitalism


 -  The Capitalist Manifesto - Let Poor People Die


 -  The "Disintegration" of Global Capitalism could Unleash World War 3, warns top EU Economist


 -  The Fall of Greece - Yes, It Really is a Capitalist Plot


 -  The Global Elite - The Transnational Capitalist Class - Main File


 -  The Myth that Capitalism Saved the World


 -  The Rothschilds - Main File


 -  Today's Youth Rejects Capitalism and Socialism - Will Technocracy Appeal to Them?


 -  Transformación Social - Decodificada la Verdad Detrás del Capitalismo


 -  Trump and the "Collapse of Capitalism" (COC) - Foibles, Fables and Failures, the Financial Press and...


 -  What Happens after Capitalism? - A New Synthesis


 -  When Capitalism Meets Civic Tech


 -  Why are Americans Perpetually Surprised by their Own Collapse?


 -  Why Billionaires Need Society more than Society Needs Billionaires


 - (Why) Capitalism is the Most Unnatural Thing in the World


 -  Why the Future is a Choice between Two Socialisms


 -  Why the Way We Think is Obsolete


 -  Why the World Feels Like It's Going Crazy - The Dominos and the Fall


 -  Will Capitalism Ruin other Planets after it Ruins Earth?


 -  Young People are Giving on Capitalism because Capitalism Failed Young People

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 -  Bienvenidos a la Era del Capitalismo Psicodélico - ¿Y al Final de su Potencial Revolucionario...?


 -  Calling for 'Corridor of Life and Culture,' Indigenous Groups from Amazon propose Creation of Largest...


 -  Capitalismo de Vigilancia - Algoritmos para Manipular la Opinión Pública y la Caída de Facebook


 -  Debt and the Cyclical Rise and Fall of Societies - Socrates


 -  Debt - History of the Near East Jubilee


 -  Deconstructing Democracy - Co-Creating Eco-Governance


 -  El Colapso del Sistema Global - Los Genes y la "Naturaleza Humana" No Son la Causa del "Caos Mundial"


 -  El Colapso que Viene - Un Largo Proceso Político, Cultural y Deterioro Social


 -  El Lado Oscuro de las Irrupciones - 'La Economía Gig' es el Nuevo Término para 'Servidumbre'


 -  El Porqué el Mundo está Renunciando a su Libertad

 - "Fake Democracy" - Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance

 -  Global System Collapse - Genes and "Human Nature" Are Not the Cause of "World Chaos"

 -  Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 by Group of Independent Scientists - Transforming the Economy

 -  Graying of U.S. Bankruptcy - Fallout from Life in a Risk Society


 -  Hay que Dejar de ser Productivos para Empezar a ser Útiles

 -  Inhabiting the Anthropocene Back Loop


 -  La "Crisis de la Democracia" y el Ataque a la Educación


 -  La Decostruzione della Democrazia - La Co-Creazione di un'Eco-Governance


 -  La Deuda y el Auge y Declive Cíclico de las Sociedades - Sócrates


 -  Neocolonialism and the "Migrant Crisis"


 -  Neo-Liberalism seems to have Reached a Dead End


 -  Papiroflexia Democrática

 -  Political Violence Contagion


 -  Reiniciar el Capitalismo en Brasil - La Meta del Nuevo Gobierno


 -  The Brave New World of Surveillance Capitalism


 -  The Coming Collapse - A Long Process of Political, Cultural and Social Decay


 -  The Dark Side of Disruption - 'The Gig Economy' is the New Term for Serfdom


 -  The Grand Irony of RussiaGate - The U.S. Becomes more like the USSR every Day


 -  The Post-Capitalist Society is Already Emerging in Denmark


 -  To Stop Climate Change Modern Capitalism Needs to Die - Scientists say to U.N.


 -  Trump está Aquí para Quedarse y Cambiar el Mundo


 -  Where Do You Draw the Line in Today's Crazed Political Environment?


 -  Why the Anglo World is Collapsing


 -  Why the Eurozone and the Euro are Both Doomed


 -  Why the U.S. is the World's First Poor Rich Country


 -  Why the World is Giving Up on Freedom

  Anarchy - An Alternative / Anarquía - Una Alternativa  

 -  Anarchy vs. Minarchy - Do You Want a Little Government or None at All?


 -  Buddhocracy and Anarchy - Contradictory or Complementary?


 -  Cinco Razones del Porqué la Anarquía Sería una Mejora en la Gobernabilidad Humana


 -  El Mito de la Autoridad


 -  El Único Camino para Salvar al Mundo es Salvarte a Ti Mismo


 -  Five Reasons why Anarchy would be an Improvement in Human Governance


 -  Former British Diplomat believes Anarchism is our Only Alternative to a Corrupt Government


 -  Four Things the 'Powers-That-Be' Don't Want You to Know about Anarchy


 -  Living in a World Gone Mad - Is Peaceful Anarchy the Secret to a Better Society?


 -  No Masters, No Rulers - A World Without Statist Conditioning


 -  Sin Amos, Sin Gobernantes - Un Mundo Sin Acondicionamiento Estatista


 -  Some Reasons Why We do Not Need a President


 -  Some Things you Need to Know about Anarchy



 -  The Indigenous Community that Rebelled Against Narcos, Thieves, and Politicians… and Won!


 -  The Myth of Authority


 -  The Only Way to Save the World is to Save Yourself


 -  The True Anarchy of Life on Earth - The Human Role in Sophia's Correction


 -  The World's First Floating Nation to Launch in Pacific Ocean in 2022 - With Own Government and Crypto...


 -  Un Diseño para la Vida


 -  What Lies Beyond Capitalism and Socialism?





 -  Statism is Dead - True News



 -  Capitalist Manifesto - by Louis O. Kelso and Mortimer J. Adler

 - "The Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" - by Naomi Klein


 -  A New Approach to Capitalism in The 21st Century - Davos Annual Meeting 2008 - Bill Gates

 -  Capitalismo - Historia de Un Romance - Capitalism - A Love Story


 -  Capitalismo vs. el Clima - Capitalism vs. the Climate

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 -  Big Brother Loves You... - Main File



 -  Globalization and The European Union - Main File