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September 02, 2008
















John McCain


McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare (The Real McCain 2)
by bravenewfilms
May 18, 2008

There's no question John McCain is getting a free ride from the mainstream press. But with the power of YouTube and the blogosphere, we can provide an accurate portrayal of the so-called Maverick. We can put the brakes on his free ride!

Since we first released The Real McCain-John McCain vs. John McCain (far below video) a year ago, our REAL McCain series has garnered close to 2 million views, with over 13,000 comments and tens of thousands more in petition signatures! Clearly, John McCain's record is something the public wants to discuss, and yet the corporate media is doing NOTHING to present the truth. We feel obliged to continue countering the mainstream media's love of McCain.


And so we thought it was high time for a sequel: The Real McCain 2.





John McCain vs. John McCain

Get off the double talk express!

by bravenewfilms

January 26, 2007







Something Went Wrong With McCain's Face On National TV
by goodboydc
October 01, 2008

There's now slow-motion video making it painfully clear that something is wrong.

In the post below, we showed a scene that just took place in which McCain was momentarily confused on stage, not knowing where to go. We posted the video because it was funny. But Joe just realized that literally seconds before McCain became confused on stage, his face twitched or convulsed twice.


Look at the above video.

It happened twice. First in a rather major way at 5 seconds, then more minor at 10/11 seconds. You can see McCain's left eye twitch closed, and at the same time, the left corner of his lip twitched upwards - it's especially pronounced in the 4th photo above. What is going on with McCain's health?

This isn't normal. And it happened right before he became confused and couldn't figure out how to get off the stage.

At some point, the corporate media needs to do its job and stop being a bunch of politically correct wimps. We just saw - AGAIN - something go physically wrong with McCain's face. It's not the first time it's happened, we documented it before. But the media refuses to ask McCain what is wrong with him because, well, it's not clear why.

McCain is 72 years old, was tortured for five years (which couldn't have done wonders to his health), and then had FOUR bouts of serious melanoma. His health is an issue, and he has never fully released his medical records in a way that permits anyone to actually peruse them correctly - he only permitted reports to look at each page of his medical records for about 10 seconds before switching to another page. And no one was permitted to copy or take with any of the records. They're now back under lock and key.

Note the second twitch/convulsion right before McCain finished and became befuddled. Since the corporate media isn't doing its job, and the McCain campaign won't release his medical records, we have to turn to the public. Would any doctors out there please give an analysis of what could be causing this?


Here's something interesting from Wikipedia:

Several conditions can cause a facial paralysis, e.g., brain tumor, stroke, and Lyme disease. However, if no specific cause can be identified, the condition is known as Bell's Palsy.

Another theory being discussed in the comments is a mini-stroke, commonly known as a TIA.... a "transient ischemic attack."









Aug 5, 2008
from Metacafe Website

Rev. John Hagee, the McCain supporter who said God created Hurricane Katrina to punish New Orleans for its homosexual "sins."


Well now meet Rev. Rod Parsley, the televangelist megachurch pastor from Ohio who hates Islam.


According to David Corn of Mother Jones, Parsley has called on Christians to wage war against Islam, which he considers to be a "false religion." In the past, Parsley has also railed against the separation of church and state, homosexuals, and abortion rights, comparing Planned Parenthood to Nazis. John McCain actively sought and received Parsley's endorsement in the presidential race. McCain has called Parsley "a spiritual guide," and he hasn't said whether he shares Parsley's vicious anti-Islam views.


That's because the mainstream media refuses to ask. And so, we've taken matters into our own hands, joining Mother Jones to present the truth about McCain's pastor. Since the media won't question McCain about his deeply bigoted pastor, it's up to you to call attention to this issue. Make McCain's pastor problem a major story by forwarding this video to your family, friends, and colleagues.


We can't let McCain get away with aligning himself with a religious leader who's called for an all-out war on Islam, someone who draws no distinctions between Muslims and violent Islamic extremists.



by Devvy
August 26, 2004

from NewsWithViews Website

Arizona Senator John McCain has been making big hay with the media lately regarding the anti-Kerry "Swift Boat" ads (search) calling for the White House to denounce them. McCain, never one to shy away from the camera, carries his own baggage from Viet Nam.


This two part series was originally published in my old newsletter, The Power Educator, with permission from Ted Sampley of the U.S. Veteran Dispatch, July 1995. McCain has always had his own problems with Viet Nam veterans.


The government's media apparatus has basically given him a free pass.


Part I

August 26, 2004

John McCain the second-term Republican senator from Arizona and former Navy pilot captured and held prisoner during the Vietnam War, is a fraud, collaborator, and danger to the security of the United States because he is being black-mailed by the communist Vietnamese. He is a phony - a "rhinestone hero."

While a prisoner of war, McCain was treated as a "special prisoner," with privileges including being given his own private and affectionate nurse.

McCain's treatment as a "special prisoner" is a contradiction to his much publicized image of a great war hero who was severely tortured and kept in solitary confinement for long periods of time because he refused to break during interrogation.

Ted Guy, a former Air Force Colonel held 5 1/2 years by the Vietnamese and McCain's senior ranking officer (SRO) in the POW camp, told the U.S. Veteran Dispatch he cannot remember the communists ever laying a hand on McCain.

Other sources have told the U.S. Veteran Dispatch that the Vietnamese are holding as much as fifty hours of film footage secretly taken of McCain during the time his KGB-trained handlers had him isolated from other U.S. prisoners of war.

Some of the film, according to the sources, is of McCain receiving special privileges during the time he claims he was being tortured and held in long-term solitary confinement.

The sources say interrogators have candid camera footage of McCain with the nurse, who allegedly supplied him with more than just medical attention during those lonely days and nights in so-called solitary confinement.

In June 1992, Trung Hieu, a film director from the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture and former North Vietnamese Army photographer, told the U.S. Veteran Dispatch that Hanoi does have considerable film of POW McCain and some of it involves a Vietnamese woman.

Trung, who worked during the war as an official photographer in North Vietnam's POW camps, was in the United States seeking political asylum when he told the U.S. Veterans Dispatch about the film.

Trung also said that during the war he photographed a nearly intact B-52 bomber, which was shot down at the edge of an air field near Hanoi in December 1972. He said the North Vietnamese traded the B-52 and some of its surviving crew members to the Soviets for three MIG-23 jet interceptors. Trung said the Soviets wanted to interrogate the crew about U.S. electronic warfare.

Trung said he took movie film of an American F-111 fighter bomber also shot down in 1972. He said the F-111 capsule, along with the surviving crew, was sent to China. The crew, according to Trung, was later returned to Hanoi.

McCain, who was a member of the 1992 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, argued emotionally during the hearings that "none of the returned U.S. prisoners of war released by Vietnam were ever interrogated by the Soviets."

Trung has said Hanoi has a large, secret vault containing shelves loaded with POW/MIA related film, which it has never allowed the U.S. government to view.

Gene Brown, who was employed by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for a period of time in 1992 and 1993, told the U.S. Veteran Dispatch that, while in Hanoi, he had been inside a vault which contained wall-to-wall film and that there appeared to be approximately 50 hours of film about McCain.

Brown, who was in Hanoi secretly working for the DIA under the code name "Druid Smoke" succeeded in smuggling nearly 4,500 photographs out of Hanoi by buying them from Communist officials with money supplied by the DIA. The photos, most of which had never been seen by the U.S. government, were taken during the Vietnam War and depicted, Americans killed in the war and the wreckage of many U.S. aircraft.

To avoid embarrassing the communists, USG officials declared the release of Brown's black market photographs "important progress" and "unprecedented cooperation" toward resolving the POW/MIA issue and publicly thanked the Vietnamese for their cooperation.

Garnett Bell, a 30 year employee of DOD and former chief of the U.S. office for POW/MIA Affairs in Hanoi, told the U.S. Veteran Dispatch that he had actually seen some film footage of McCain taken by the Vietnamese when McCain did not know he was being filmed.

Last month the United Press International (UPI) quoted the Cambodian Khmer Rouge accusing McCain of being a "Vietnamese Agent."

"Who is John McCain?" the rebel group asked rhetorically in a radio broad-case monitored in Bangkok. "He is Vietnamese. He has a Vietnamese wife and Vietnamese children. He is an American by nationality, but he is a Vietnamese agent..."

McCain the collaborator
From the first days of McCain's captivity, he seriously violated the Military Code of Conduct, which outlines the basic responsibilities and obligations of members of the Armed Forces of the United States who have been captured by the enemy.

According to documentation obtained by the U.S. Veteran Dispatch, not only did POW McCain promise to give the communists "military information" in exchange for special hospital care not ordinarily available to U.S. prisoners, but he also made numerous anti-war radio broadcasts.

Article V of the Code of Conduct is very specific in declaring that U.S. military personnel are required to avoid answering questions to the utmost of their ability and to make no oral or written statements disloyal to the United States and its allies or harmful to their cause. Any violation of this code is considered collaborating with the enemy.

The following is McCain's own admission of collaboration in an article he wrote, printed May 14, 1973 in U.S. News and World Report:

"I think it was on the fourth day [after being shot down] that two guards came in, instead of one. One of them pulled back the blanket to show the other guard my injury. I looked at my knee. It was about the size, shape and color of a football. I remembered that when I was a flying instructor a fellow had ejected from his plane and broken his thigh. He had gone into shock, the blood had pooled in his leg, and he died, which came as quite a surprise to us - a man dying of a broken leg. Then I realized that a very similar thing was happening to me.

"When I saw it, I said to the guard, 'OK, get the officer.'"

"An officer came in after a few minutes. It was the man that we came to know very well as "The Bug." He was a psychotic torturer, one of the worst fiends that we had to deal with. I said, 'OK, I'll give you military information if you will take me to the hospital.'"

The Admiral's son gets "special treatment"
McCain claims it was only a coincidence that, about the same time he was begging to be taken to a hospital, the Vietnamese learned his father was Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., commander of all U.S. forces in Europe and soon-to-be commander of all U.S. forces in the Pacific, including Vietnam.

McCain does concede he survived because the Vietnamese learned who his father was, rushing him to a hospital where his wounds were eagerly treated.

The former POW admitted in the U.S. News and World Report article that the Vietnamese usually left other U.S. prisoners with similar wounds to die, not wishing to waste medication on them.


McCain pointed out,

"there were hardly any amputees among the prisoners who came back because the North Vietnamese just would not give medical treatment to someone who was badly injured. They weren't going to waste their time."

McCain has failed to mention what he has confided to another U.S. prisoner that since the Vietnamese felt they had in their hands such a "special prisoner" and propaganda bonanza, a Soviet surgeon was called in to treat him.

The communists figured that because POW McCain's father was of such high military rank, McCain was of royalty or the governing circle. They bragged that they had captured "the crown prince."

His communist handlers believed McCain, because he came from a "royal-family", would, when finally released, return to the United States to some important U.S. military or government job. Communist Interrogators and psychological warfare experts drooled at the thought.

McCain's handlers were very much aware that he would be under great psychological pressure not to do or say anything that would tarnish the name of his famous military family.

In fact, the communists considered that to be the key to eventually breaking and then "turning" their "special" prisoner, using blackmail if necessary.

According to U.S. government documents, within a week of POW McCain being transferred to the Gai Lam military hospital, the Hanoi press began quoting him giving specific military information.

One report dated Nov. 9, 1967 read,

"The question of the correspondent, McCain answered: 'My assignment in to the Oriskany, I told myself, was due to serious losses of pilots, which were sustained by this aircraft carrier (due to raids on the North Vietnamese Territory (VNA), and which necessitated replacements. From 10 to 12 pilots were transferred like me from the forest to the Oriskany. Before I was shot down, we had made several sorties. All together, I made about 23 flights over North Vietnam.'"

In that article, McCain was further quoted describing the number of aircraft in his flight, information about rescue ships, and the order of which his attack was supposed to take place.

Six weeks after McCain was shot down, he was taken from the hospital and delivered to Room No. 11 of "The Plantation" and into the hands of two other POWs, who helped further nurse him along until he was eventually able to walk by himself.

Afterwards, his handlers isolated "special prisoner", McCain from other American prisoners and made him the target of intense psychological programs.



Part II
August 29, 2004


McCain continuously violates the Code of Conduct
In direct violation of the Code of Conduct, McCain, who was supposedly in solitary confinement, met with and was interviewed by several foreign news reporters and political delegations, including many high-ranking North Vietnamese leaders, such as Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap, North Vietnam's Minister of Defense and national hero.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, the U.S. Veteran Dispatch acquired a declassified Department of Defense (DOD) transcript of an interview prominent French television reporter Francois Chalais had with McCain.

Chalais told of his private interview with POW McCain in a series titled "Life in Hanoi", which was aired in Europe. In the series, Chalais said his meeting with McCain was "a meeting which will leave its mark on my life."

"My meeting with John Sidney McCain was certainly one of those meetings which will affect me most profoundly for the rest of my life. I had asked the North Vietnamese authorities to allow me to personally interrogate an American Prisoners. They authorized me to do so. When night fell, they took me - without any precautions or mystery - to a hospital near the Gia Lam airport reserved for the military (passage omitted).


The officer who receives me begins: "I ask you not to ask any questions of political nature. If this man replies in a way unfavorable to us, they will not hesitate to speak of `brainwashing' and conclude that we threatened him.

"This John McCain is not an ordinary prisoner. His father is none other than Admiral Edmond John McCain, commander in chief of U.S. Naval forces in Europe. (passage omitted).

Another declassified DOD document reports an interview between POW McCain and Dr. Fernando Barral, a Spanish psychiatrist who was living in Cuba at the time. The interview was published in the Havana Gramma in January 1970.

According to the DOD report, the meeting between Barral and McCain took place away from the prison at the office of the Committee for Foreign Cultural Relations in Hanoi. During that interview, POW McCain sipped coffee and ate oranges and cakes with his interrogator.

During that interview, McCain again seriously violated the Code of Conduct by failing to "evade answering questions" to the "utmost" of his ability when he, according to the DOD report, helped Barral by answering questions in Spanish, a language McCain had learned in school.

On Dec. 7, 1969, McCain was moved out of isolation and into the "Hanoi Hilton" with other prisoners of war.


McCain is Hanoi's leading advocate
Today, McCain, who claims he was brutally tortured by the Communist Vietnamese, focally emerged as Hanoi's leading advocate for normalized relations with the United States.

McCain's high-profile and unrelenting support for a government that brutally tortured and murdered his fellow POWs is causing POW/MIA Family members and fellow Vietnam veterans to question the senator and his motivations.

They ask what drives McCain, who owes his public life to the tag "former POW," to work so hard for Hanoi and so diligently to discredit any possibility, in fact the probability, that Hanoi held back live U.S. prisoners of war after the 1973 prisoner release.

The POW/MIA families point out that they worked hard during the Vietnam War to secure McCain's freedom when he was being held by the Communists and the families want to know why he is now betraying them in their efforts to get answers about their missing loved ones.

None of the senators who served on the 1991-92 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs were as vicious in their attacks on POW/MIA family members, veterans, and activists than McCain.

During the POW/MIA hearings, Frances Zwenig, the $118,000-a-year staff director of the Senate Select Committee, reported to McCain that she was told by the Vietnamese, during a July 1992 meeting with the Vietnamese, that something had to be done about the POW/MIA activists who were opposing lifting the U.S. imposed trade embargo against Vietnam.

Not long after, McCain started demanding that the Select Committee investigate the activists, prompting one observer to ask,

"Are the Vietnamese now directing the affairs of the Senate Select Committee?"

McCain accused the POW/MIA families and activists who openly challenged the U.S. government's POW/MIA policy, of fraud. In his attacks he said,

"The people who have done these things are not zealots in a good cause. They are criminals and some of the most craven, most cynical, and most despicable human beings to ever run a scam."

McCain took the lead in the Senate and demanded a U.S. Justice Department investigation of the activists. The Justice Department did investigate and found no reason to charge any of the POW/MIA activists.

When one of McCain's former interrogators, Col Bui Tin, a former Senior Colonel in the North Vietnamese Army, testified before the Senate Select Committee, McCain did not display that same "pit bull" inclination to attack as he did for the POW/MIA families and activists.


Col Tin told the committee that because of his high position in the Communist Party during the war, he had the right to "read all the documents and secret telegrams from the Politburo" pertaining to American prisoners of war. He said not only did the Soviets interrogate some American prisoners of war, but they treated them very badly.

During a break in the hearing, McCain warmly embraced Bui Tin as if he were a long lost brother. McCain fought a hard and successful campaign to get the U.S.-imposed trade embargo against Vietnam lifted, despite the opposition of all major veteran's organizations, the two POW/MIA family groups, and the majority of the Vietnamese Americans in this country.


The veterans want to know why McCain, the "conservative" politician, takes such strong stand for the Vietnamese communists and against such patriotic groups.


John Sidney McCain, III
John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone on August 29, 1936. His father was Admiral John McCain II, who became commander-in-chief of the Pacific forces in 1968. Admiral McCain later ordered the bombing of Hanoi while his son was being held there as a prisoner of war. His grandfather was Admiral John S. McCain, Sr., the famous commander of aircraft carriers in the Pacific under Admiral William F. Halsey in World War II.

McCain's early years were spent in various places on both the east and west coats. He attended Episcopal High School Alexandria, VA., and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in June 1958.

His grades in electrical engineering were "satisfactory", although he had numerous demerits for breaking curfews and infractions and he graduated fifth from the bottom of his class.

Nevertheless, in spire of his low class standing, his request for training as a Navy pilot was granted, no doubt his father's rank of admiral and family history playing part in the decision.

After qualifying as a Navy pilot, McCain was shipped to Vietnam.

On his 23rd mission over North Vietnam on Oct 26, 1967, McCain was shot down by a surface-to-air missile.

To relate the event, McCain later recalled that he was flying right over the heart of Hanoi in a dive at about 4,500 feet, when a Russian missile the size of a telephone pole came up - the sky was full of them - and blew the right wing off my Skyhawk dive bomber.


It went into an inverted, almost straight-down spin.

"I pulled the ejection handle, and was knocked unconscious by the force of the ejection - the air speed was about 300 knots. I didn't realize it at the moment, but I had broken my right leg around the knee, my right arm in three places and my left arm. I regained consciousness just before I landed by parachute in a lake right in the center of Hanoi, one they called the Western Lake. My helmet and my oxygen mask had been blown off.

"I hit the water and sank to the bottom.....I did not feel any pain at the time, and I was able to rise to the surface. I took a breath of air and started sinking again."

After bobbing up and down, McCain said he was eventually pulled from the water by Vietnamese who swam out to get him.

He said a mob gathered on shore and that he was bayoneted in the foot and his shoulder was smashed with a rifle butt. He said he was put on a truck and taken to Hanoi's main prison.


The "Rhinestone Hero"
In Congress, McCain's peers touts him as a great war hero. On occasion, the press categorizes McCain as one of the most tortured prisoners of the Vietnam War. Neither is true. He was never brutally tortured and, by his own admission, he collaborated with the communists.

When one totals McCain's 23 missions over North Vietnam, times the number of minutes he was actually over enemy territory (approximately 20 to 35 minutes per mission), McCain's total time over Vietnam before being shot down, was about 10 1/2 hours.

For those 10 1/2 hours over Vietnam, McCain, the Admiral's son, was awarded two Silver Stars, two Legions of Merit, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, three Bronze Stars, the Vietnamese Legion of Honor and three Purple Hearts averaging over one hero medal per hour.

Compare McCain's 10 1/2 hours of combat and 13 medals to that of a U.S. infantry private who spent 365 days trudging through South Vietnam’s jungle and mud, facing death on a daily basis. He was lucky to leave Vietnam with a simple good conduct ribbon.

Compare McCain's record as a prisoner of war to that of Army Special Forces Captain "Rocky" Versace, who was captured by Vietnamese Communists (Viet Cong) on Oct. 29, 1963 in South Vietnam and who resisted his captors to the end. Very few, if any, in Congress know about Capt. Versace.

He spent two years chained in a bamboo cage and endured almost daily torture by the Vietnamese Communists. Capt. Versace continuously frustrated his Viet Cong interrogators by refusing to obey demands that he denounce America and accept the Communist Philosophy of revolution.


He told his captors as they were dragging him to an interrogation hut,

"I am an officer of the United States Army. You can force me to come here, you can make me sit and listen, but I don't have to believe a damn word you say."

The Viet Cong decided that day to take no more resistance from Rocky Versace. A few days later, one order of Viet Cong leader Vo Van Kiet, today Vietnam's prime minister and McCain's friend, Versace was dragged from his filth-ridden, mosquito-infested bamboo cage for the last time and forced to kneel with his forehead pressed into the jungle mud. Cap. Versace was then shot in the back of the head.

McCain doesn't talk about MIAs Capt. Rocky Versace, from Norfolk, VA., or Sgt. Kenneth Roraback of Fayetteville, N.C., or Army Sgt. Harold Bennett of Perryville, Ark., who were all ordered executed by his friend, "Butcher" Kiet, according to reports.

Compare McCain, the POW hero, to another fellow prisoner of war, Marine Capt. Donald Cook, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. Capt. Cook was awarded our nation's highest award for valor because, during his years of captivity, he jeopardized his own health by sharing his meager supply of food and scarce medicines with other U.S. prisoners who were sicker.


He became legendary for his refusal to betray the military Code of Conduct. On one occasion, Vo Van Kiet's Viet Cong cadre put a pistol to Capt. Cook's head, demanding that he denounce the United States. Capt. Cook resisted and calmly recited the nomenclature of the parts of the pistol, giving the Communists nothing.

The Viet Cong were so infuriated at Capt. Cook's resistance that they isolated him from other American prisoners. They intentionally denied him much needed food and medicine. Like Capt. Versace, Capt. Cook disappeared and was never heard from again. Today, Hanoi claims Capt. Cook died as a result of malaria and that they do not know where his remains are buried.

McCain discourages any talk about Capt. Versace, Sgt. Roraback, Sgt. Bennett, and Capt. Cook.

To talk about such patriots would require the United States to demand the return of their remains, or, at the very least, records of their deaths. If those MIAs are proven dead and their remains returned, then McCain's friend, Vo Van Kiet, would be forced to explain the holes in the back of their skulls and why he had ordered the POWs murdered.

John McCain is NO Hero. He violated the military Code of Conduct and willfully collaborated with the Vietnamese, Soviets, and Cubans.

It is not yet publicly known just how much he collaborated and what kind of favors he received in return. Those in the U.S. government that do know are not talking.




John McCain in "Missing, Presumed Dead"
18 January 2008

The group Vietnam Veterans Against McCain attacks Senator John McCain's heroism as a POW in the Vietnam conflict; this is making some waves in the news due to McCain's presidential candidacy.


The documentary "Missing, Presumed Dead the Search for America's POWs" however focuses more on Senator John McCain successfully blocking the release of classified POW/MIA documents.


Here is an excerpt from that documentary.




John McCain in "Missing, Presumed Dead"




More on John McCain's heroism as a POW in the Vietnam conflict:















Barack Obama



February 16, 2008

I was getting curious as to why Obama, has been dethroning the heir apparent, Hillary Clinton, and gaining such a wide following. You can't even turn on the news without seeing his face blasted on every news channel.

A man who can mesmerize the masses, talking of standing up to organized money, to lobbyists, special interests, but his whole political apparatus is made of members of the same globalist organizations that most of Bush's administration is made up of, except this time the stated agenda is CHANGE & YES WE CAN

The mantle is being passed, and it seems that Henry Kissinger's associate, and one worlder Zbigniew Brzezinski, along with David Rockefeller, the co-founders/directors of the Trilateral Commission, a group an institution that openly declares itself a supranational government on their website, is going to have their very own puppet to play with, as well as massive powers that Bush signed onto.

The change that is coming, comes in the form of doubled foreign aid, carbon taxes, poverty taxes in the form of 0.7% of the GDP, and that's just for starters, increasing the size of the military, expanding the theatres of operations, the expansion of surveillance... who even knows what will happen between now and then

The open dismantling of the US, the merging of the North American Union, and really the dawn of the RFID tracking age. A President of the world's dying superpower will have to oversee the transition into biometric scanning and a cashless society

Do you think anyone will by it from Bush? Of course not, but you can be absolutely sure Obama will sell this system to everyone, and grab those guns as fast as he can.

I've spent much time watching his speeches, listening to his words, watching his mannerisms, bringing crowds to fever pitch frenzy, with a media campaign behind him that no money can buy, thanks to links and connections that almost ensure his victory as Democratic nominee, having Hilary retain a Dick Cheney type position.

If you think you put up with tyranny under the Bush administration, you can just imagine what's ahead...




























Obama Calls For New World Order In Berlin

by jettercat
July 25, 2008

The media hailed Obama's Berlin speech in front of hundreds of thousands yesterday as a call for a vision of America as part of a "new world order".

Excerpts from The International Herald Tribune:

"I come to Berlin as so many of my countrymen have come before," Obama said, confronting the delicate issue of campaigning abroad. "Tonight, I speak to you not as a candidate for President, but as a citizen - a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow citizen of the world."

Obama was warmly embraced by the German press, which frequently referred to his aura, or as the newspaper Bild put it in Thursday's paper, the "political pop star."

"Yes, there have been differences between America and Europe," Obama said. "No doubt, there will be differences in the future. But the burdens of global citizenship continue to bind us together.


A change of leadership in Washington will not lift this burden. In this new century, Americans and Europeans alike will be required to do more - not less. Partnership and cooperation among nations is not a choice; it is the one way, the only way, to protect our common security and advance our common humanity."





by 4GodNUs
June 07, 2008

Article from "Bilderberg Group orders end to Obama-Clinton contest":

The elite Bilderberg Group, which is convening this year at the Westfields Marriott hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, has officially ended the Democratic presidential contest between Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama.

The two presidential hopefuls were summoned to the Bilderberg Group annual meeting, where they were both informed that Obama would play the part of the Democratic candidate this election year.


Clinton is reported to have begged Lord Rothschild and David Rockefeller - both senior level Bilderbergers - for forgiveness following her poor campaign performance this past year.

"Mrs. Clinton was very upset," said a male prostitute who services some of the male Bilderberg members. "She said David Rockefeller was behind the push to oust her from the race.


She had apparently been promised a comeback effort by Lord Rothschild like the kind that was granted to her husband Bill Clinton in the early 1990s, when it looked like he was going to be out of the presidential race."

Rothschild represents U.K. interests in the Bilderberg Group, while Rockefeller handles U.S. concerns. Sources say that Rockefeller overruled Rothschild on the Clinton matter.

Republican candidate John McCain is also scheduled to appear before Bilderberg soon, and will be given a script on how he should campaign against Obama. Bilderberg is expected to choose which candidate - McCain or Obama - will be the next U.S. president sometime during the next two days.

The Bilderberg Group was formed in the 1950s to consolidate the countries of the world into regions to be controlled by the world's elite, as a precursor to a global government. It often interferes directly in democratic countries in order to further this agenda.


Republican Congressman Ron Paul of Texas was effectively knocked out of the presidential race by the Bilderbergers, shortly after the elite group ordered the U.S. mainstream news media not to report on him.


The Last Tragicomedy of The Global Elite: The Child - The Messiah
by jbranstetter04
27 July 2008

'He ventured forth to bring light to the world'.

This is something you won't see on CNN, or MSNBC. It kind of gets right to the heart of all the Obama worshiping going on.


Gerard Baker Zings Barack Obama 'He Ventured Forth to Bring Light to the World' a Satirical Classic by Mark Whittington, published Jul 25, 2008.


Gerard Baker, the American editor and the assistant editor of the Times of London, has answered the question: Can one laugh at Barack Obama?


His piece, entitled 'He ventured forth to bring light to the world,' resoundingly says,

'Yes we can!' 'And it came to pass, in the eighth year of the reign of the evil Bush the Younger (The Ignorant), when the whole land from the Arabian desert to the shores of the Great Lakes had been laid barren, that a Child appeared in the wilderness,' Gerard Baker writers.

One might as well call the piece, 'The Gospel of Barack the Messiah.' Forget about depicting the Democratic Presidential candidate as a Muslim Imam or any of that rubbish. Gerard Baker's piece surpasses even the segment in the JibJab video that depicts Obama riding a unicorn down a rainbow in a Disney cartoon universe.


Gerard Baker's piece captures neatly the attitude toward Barack Obama of the mainstream media and Obama's teenaged followers, the ones who faint in the aisles upon Barack Obama's very word.

'From there the Child went up to the city of Jerusalem, and entered through the gate seated on an ass. The crowds of network anchors who had followed him from afar cheered 'Hosanna' and waved great palm fronds and strewed them at his feet.'

Barack Obama has been called 'the Messiah' and 'Obamessiah' by observers of the political scene who have looked upon Obama and his arrogant megalomania, his promises to lower the oceans and tear down every wall.


Gerard Baker has finally put all that into words what a lot of people are thinking when they see Barack Obama make an inane speech and then see people, including the media, slobber over him like besotted teenage girls.


Here the Obama Child brings peace to the Middle East just by showing it the beneficence of his countenance. There the Obama Child heals the sick at a distance (even the uninsured) and causes oil to gush forth from the ground without even having to drill. No one can stop him.


Not the evil George Bush the Younger (the Ignorant), not 'the conniving Hillary, wife of the deposed King Bill the Priapic and their barbarian hordes of Working Class Whites', and not even 'the imperial warrior Petraeus'...





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Barack Obama, The Rockefeller Family and NWO Connection
by jorsher123
20 May 2008

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Barack Obama y John McCain
La Misma Cosa Pero Con Diferente Calzón...

por Ria Novosti

8 de octubre de 2008

del Sitio Web VoltaireNet

Por favor, no se dejen engañar más.


No crean que un moreno simpático con mucho carisma va a cambiar o hacer la revolución en un país como los Estados Unidos, donde el verdadero poder lo detiene una poderosa oligarquía oculta detrás del poder político de fachada.


Las declaraciones en una confrontación TV de ambos aspirantes a la presidencia estadounidense es en ese sentido muy instructivo: defienden los intereses de los verdaderos patrones del país y sus verdaderos objetivos: más guerra, más intromisión, más lobby militar-industrial, más rapiña, más imperialismo pero esta vez con guante para ser más elegantes.


Los candidatos a la presidencia de Estados Unidos, el demócrata Barack Obama y el republicano John McCain evitaron llamar a Rusia "imperio del mal", pero criticaron la operación militar emprendida por el Kremlin contra Georgia.

Durante el segundo de tres debates televisados, previos a las elecciones el próximo 4 de noviembre, el moderador preguntó a los candidatos si estaban de acuerdo en el calificar a Rusia "imperio del mal", como lo hizo en 1983 el ex presidente Ronald Reagan en relación a la Unión Soviética.

"Creo que ellos (los rusos) demuestran una conducta maligna, pero debemos comprender que Rusia no es la antigua Unión Soviética, aunque todavía tienen impulsos de nacionalismo, y esto es peligroso", respondió Obama.

"Puede ser", respondió a la pregunta McCain con una sonrisa. "Todo de depende de la forma en que responderemos a Rusia, también depende de muchas cosas. Si respondo "si" a la pregunta, esto quiere decir que de nuevo comenzamos la guerra fría y si respondo "no", esto puede interpretarse en que pasamos por alto la conducta de Rusia", subrayó McCain.

A juicio del candidato republicano, Estados Unidos debe sostener relaciones con Rusia de tal forma que Moscú entienda que se encuentra frente a "Estados Unidos muy fuerte y decidido, que sabe defender sus propios intereses y los intereses de otros países del mundo".

Añadió que en las relaciones ruso estadounidenses,

"la energía va a ser un gran factor. Georgia y Ucrania son puertas de entrada a Europa. Esa es una de las razones por las que están en nuestra esfera de interés", explicó McCain.

Por su parte, Obama dijo que su país debe ayudar a Estonia, Letonia y el resto de países de la antigua órbita socialista,

"especialmente Georgia que se encuentra al borde de grandes dificultades económicas".

Obama apoyo la tesis de su oponente republicano al afirmar que el aspecto energético es un asunto clave en las relaciones entre EE.UU. y Rusia.

"Si logramos disminuir nuestro consumo de energía, será menor la cantidad de petrodólares en disposición de ellos (rusos) para causar daños en el mundo. Esto fortalece a nosotros y debilita a ellos (rusos) en asuntos como Georgia", subrayó Obama.


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