by Christopher Bollyn

from Rense Website

Politicians in the United States and Britain are made to pass under the yoke of the Zionist masters who control our leading political parties. By forcing our political leaders to accept the Zionist yoke our nations become subjugated and the pro-Israel agenda is forced upon the entire population.


Zionist control of Britain's prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown is explained in this article, "How Mossad Controls our Political Parties."

As the $700 billion bail-out of Zionist fraudsters was being debated in the U.S. Congress a supporter wrote to me saying, "I think we are out of time. If only more good people knew what you know!" I would say that it's not so much what I know, but rather my perspective and the directions I pursue in my investigations that are not found in the media. Because my anti-Zionist perspective is taboo, my views are censored by the Zionist-controlled media. Hence, most people are simply unaware of my research.

Having spent several years in Israel and the Middle East and having studied the history of Zionism (i.e. Jewish nationalism), I know something about the many crimes committed by Zionists during the past century. From this perspective I approach the evidence of Israeli and Zionist involvement in the major crimes of our time, such as 9-11.


My investigations have uncovered a great deal of evidence of Israeli involvement in the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11 and other crimes.

For journalists working in the controlled media pursuing such investigations would be "career suicide" as many learned after 9-11.

I have also paid a very high price for my research and writing. I learned that Jewish Zionists control even small so-called nationalist newspapers. Most journalists, lawyers, and politicians are primarily interested in advancing their own careers and learn early on to accept the yoke of their Zionist masters - or sacrifice their careers. Ambitious people put their self interest first and agree to go along with lies and corruption rather than stand up for the truth. I've seen it many times.

I am not like that. During the past 30 years, I have witnessed first- hand the extremely brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine and seen how Zionists operate to subjugate entire nations.


My years in Palestine/Israel were my political awakening.


Zionist control of the mass media and "Holocaust" propaganda serve to protect and promote their criminal agenda. I have watched how the people of America and Europe are deceived and forced to bear the yoke of the ruthless Zionists who control their political systems and media. Thousands of young Americans and Europeans have been maimed or lost their lives in fraudulent wars for Israel in Middle Eastern nations they know nothing about.


Americans have become mercenaries of Zionism.

As an American, I can't support either presidential candidate because both are clearly Zionist puppets who espouse positions that I am strongly opposed to. American voters aren't even given a real choice about important things ­ like the ongoing wars in the Middle East, for example.


Both candidates eagerly support the Zionist "War on Terror" and both lobbied hard for the $700 billion "bail-out" to be passed.

Senators Obama and McCain are both solidly in the Zionist camp.

I could only support a true anti-war candidate who promised a proper investigation of 9-11 and who supported investing in American infrastructure, such as providing comfortable and efficient passenger trains between our cities.


Why are we bailing out investment bankers with taxpayers' money while our cities and infrastructure are crumbling?

Unfortunately, both presidential candidates are pro-war and pro- Israel. These are the only candidates we have to choose from because both parties in the United States are political machines financed and run by Zionists. Third parties, such as the erstwhile Reform Party, are likewise controlled - and run off the tracks.


Zionist control of our political parties compels candidates from both parties to support Zionism, an utterly racist and un-American ideology based on a false and dangerous notion of Jewish supremacy.


What kind of patriotic American could support that nonsense?



"It is therefore important, if the general will is to be properly ascertained, that there should be no partial society within the state, and that each citizen should decide according to his own opinion," Rousseau wrote in The Social Contract.


"When one of the associations, is big enough to triumph over all the others, the outcome is no longer the sum total of small differences, but a single difference, then there is no longer any general will, and the opinion that prevails is only a particular opinion."

The "partial society" that triumphs over all the others in American politics today is Zionism - no other.


In the United States, the pro-Israeli position is the only "opinion that prevails" in academia, the mass media, and the political parties with absolutely no consideration for the expense, injustice, and violence it causes.

American support for Zionism has clearly been extremely detrimental for the United States of America, yet the support continues, without question.


How does this happen?



Israel and the international Zionists control the political parties and news outlets in Europe as well, as the recent death of Austria's Jörg Haider reveals. Oddly, Haider, the leader of Austria's Freedom Party, allowed Peter Sichrovsky, a Jew, to serve as "secretary-general" of his supposedly anti-Zionist party. In 2005, the Times (UK) reported that Sichrovsky, the managing director of the party, had served as a spy for Israel's Mossad for five years.


Three years later, after his party won parliamentary elections, Haider was suddenly killed in a very suspicious car accident.

"I wanted to help Israel and certainly did not do anything wrong," Sichrovsky said. "It's true, though, that I co-operated with Mossad until my withdrawal from politics in 2002."

Sichrovsky admitted that he had spied for Mossad, a foreign intelligence agency, because he "wanted to help Israel." At the same time he maintained that he did nothing wrong. This is exactly how many Jews feel about supporting Israel, even when their actions involve breaking the laws of the nations they reside in.

Facing a criminal investigation and charges of spying for a foreign power, Sichrovsky quickly fled to the United States where he began a new career as,

"a businessman concerned with military co-operation between Israel and China."

Sichrovsky's career with Mossad evidently continued after he left Austria.

If Mossad infiltrates "third party" movements in small nations like Austria, imagine what they do to control the two political parties in the United States. How much control does Israeli intelligence have over the major political parties in Britain and the United States?

Let's look at the most obvious connections.



The evidence indicates that Israeli intelligence has near complete control of the leading political parties in Britain and the United States.


While the Zionist political controllers in London and Washington are well known to the owners of the mass media, discussion of the subject of Zionist or Israeli control of the parties is censored in the media outlets they control. This censorship illustrates how Zionist control of the media serves to deceive the people and cause extreme harm to the nations.

Specific examples of the current pro-Israel bias in the mass media would include:

The complete lack of transparency in U.S. elections and discussion of the secretive private companies that run our elections are also censored subjects.

The utterly fraudulent Zionist construct called the "War on Terror" and the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have all been designed and forced onto the American and British nations by Zionists who control the political systems of London, New York, and Washington.

In Britain, the two political leaders who have promoted and supported the Zionist agenda and wars of aggression are Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.


Their Zionist paymasters and handlers are not hard to discern, although they are never discussed in the media in such terms.



Michael Abraham Levy, or "Lord Levy," was known as "Lord Cashpoint" (Can it be any more obvious?) when he was the leading fundraiser for the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007.


Described as "a long-standing friend of Tony Blair," Levy served as Blair's special envoy to the Middle East from 1998 until 2007, when he was replaced by Gordon Brown's appointee, Michael Williams.

Tony Blair with his Zionist handler, Michael Levy, a.k.a. "Lord Cashpoint"

Levy's son, Daniel, is an Israeli citizen (immigrated 1991) who has held high-level positions in Israeli governments since 1995. While his father was bankrolling and managing Tony Blair, the younger Levy was a member of the Israeli negotiating team to the "Oslo 2" agreement during the summer of 1995 under Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.


He was also a member of the Israeli delegation to the Palestinian summit at Taba in January 2001.

Israeli Daniel Levy, son of Michael Levy

The younger Levy also served as senior policy adviser to former Israeli Minister of Justice, Yossi Beilin, from March 2000 to March 2001. Under Ehud Barak, Levy served as the prime minister's special adviser and head of the Jerusalem Affairs unit.


The Levy link was obviously the connection that gave Israeli intelligence control over the head of the British government - Tony Blair.



Before the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq turned sour, Blair was fond of recalling what he, the first foreign leader to meet George W. Bush, told the newly installed president when they met in early 2001.

"We have to do Iraq," is the first thing Blair told Bush, according to his own statements.

"We have to do Iraq," is the first thing Tony Blair
told Bush when they met in February 2001.

Only by understanding that Blair and his New Labour party were financed and controlled by Israeli interests can one understand how Blair was manipulated to support such a reckless and criminal scheme.


Similar Zionist forces were at work on Bush.

When Tony Blair and his Zionist handler "Lord Cashpoint" fell from power in June 2007, Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, assumed the office of prime minister, upon the approval of Queen Elizabeth II - but of course. Prior to becoming prime minister, Brown had served 10 years as Chancellor of the Exchequer, the minister responsible for economic and financial matters in Britain.

Prime Minister Brown, in turn, is bankrolled and controlled by Lord Ronald Cohen, who has replaced the beleaguered and disgraced Lord Levy. The Egyptian-born Cohen is described as

"Sir Ronald Cohen, the daddy of England's private equity industry and a bosom buddy of Prime Minister Gordon Brown."

Ronald Cohen with Gordon Brown at a Jewish Policy Research (JPR)
reception at 11 Downing Street in June 2001. JPR president is Lord Rothschild.

In the British press Cohen is portrayed as a wealthy Jewish supporter of Brown and New Labour. Cohen's third wife, the Los Angeles-born Sharon Harel-Cohen, is usually described as a film producer whose father, Yossi Harel, commanded the Jewish refugee ship that became known as Exodus in 1947. Her Israeli nationality is seldom discussed.

What the controlled media doesn't tell us about Sharon Harel-Cohen is that she is an Israeli-American whose father was one of the founding chiefs of the Mossad and Israeli military intelligence until his death in April 2008. This means the daughter of one of the founders of Israeli intelligence is part of the team controlling the British prime minister.


This is how Mossad has controlled the political leadership of Britain since the 1990s and taken the United States and Britain into two costly and disastrous wars in the Middle East.

Sharon Harel-Cohen, daughter of Israeli intelligence
chief, Yossi Harel, a.k.a. Joseph Hamburger

Sharon Ruth Harel was born in Los Angeles on March 6, 1952. Her mother, a "Julie Berez" married Mossad officer Joseph Hamburger (a.k.a. Yossi Harel) in 1950 while he was stationed in Los Angeles.

Harel was, most likely, engaged in the illegal procurement of weapons, ships, planes, and military technology for the Israeli military. The reports that Harel, one of the highest Mossad agents, was studying at UCLA or M.I.T. are neither substantiated nor credible; this was only his cover. Harel also had two sons, whose names are not known to the author.

(Whether Boaz and Ezra Harel, the two Israeli brothers who ran ICTS, the Mossad-run Israeli airport "security" company involved in the 9-11 attacks, are related to Yossi Harel is an open question I am investigating.)

The Mossad ("agency") actually came into existence in the 1940s as the clandestine agency known as Ha'Mossad Le'Aliya Bet, the secret Zionist agency engaged in bringing Jewish refugees to British- occupied Palestine to swell the Jewish population prior to creating the "Jewish state."


In 1946, Joseph Hamburger was sent on a secret mission to provide Mossad agents in Greece with gold to bribe European governments to facilitate the transit of Jews to Palestine, which was then illegal. Some Mossad tactics have not changed at all during the past 60 years - they still buy politicians with gold.

Joe Hamburger (a.k.a. Yossi Harel) commanded four refugee ships and sailed to Israel with an estimated 25,000 immigrants during the period of the British Mandate. U.S. immigration records indicate that Mr. Hamburger used both his real name, Hamburger, and his Israeli name, Harel, during the 1950s, which is typical of Mossad agents.

Yossi Harel was a lifelong chief of Israeli intelligence.

His 2008 obituaries say that "Yosef" Hamburger was born, with a twin brother, in Jerusalem, British-occupied Palestine, in 1918. At 15, he joined Haganah, the Zionist militia/terrorist group. Five years later he joined the Special Night Squad, an anti-Palestinian terrorist unit. In 1941, Harel joined the Palmach, the "strike force" of the Haganah before transferring to the Palyam, its naval unit.

During the 1948 Zionist war to conquer Palestine, Harel served as the liaison officer to the army's chief of staff, Yaakov Dori, and played an important role in co-ordinating the Zionist campaign. He was also the personal body guard for Israel's first president, Chaim Weizmann.

In 1954, Moshe Dayan, chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, called Harel back to Israel to head Unit 131, a secret group that had agents in Arab countries. Harel's immediate task was to cover up the Lavon Affair, the Israeli false-flag terrorism plot designed to turn Britain and the United States against Egypt.


David Ben-Gurion, the first Israeli prime minister, assigned Harel to rebuild military intelligence from the ground up. Ben-Gurion, Dayan, and Shimon Peres were actually part of the group that supported the use of false-flag terrorism, such as the Lavon bombings, to achieve their goals. Given this context, Harel must have seen eye-to-eye with Ben-Gurion about deploying Israeli agents in foreign nations.


Shiploads of Israelis were sent on missions to America and Europe in the 1950s, often disguised as students.

Joseph Hamburger/Yossi Harel with David Ben Gurion

Harel went on to pursue a successful business career, the Telegraph reported, "which served as a cover for his work for Israeli intelligence."

Like the Democrat "turncoat" Lewis M. Eisenberg, the current head of finance for the Republican National Committee, Cohen changed political parties in order to bankroll the Labour Party of Tony Blair. Cohen was a candidate in the Liberal party in the 1970s and only converted to Blair's New Labour in 1996. Since then he has reportedly given Labour an estimated $5 million and bankrolled Gordon Brown's career.

At their home in London the Cohens "give lavish parties for the likes of the Rothschilds, the Rausing billionaires and Cohen's old mentor Sir Clive Sinclair." At their home in New York they entertain "their friends the Clintons."


And then there is their villa at Mougins, near Cannes.

"Cohen moved into Brown's orbit in 2000, when the chancellor appointed him chairman of a Treasury fund set up to encourage investment in deprived areas of the country. The next year he was rewarded with a knighthood," according to the Times 2005 profile entitled, "Sir Ronald Cohen: Midas with a mission - to make Gordon king."

Cohen began to replace Levy as Britain's liaison in the Middle East. In 2004, along with Blair and Brown, Cohen met Ehud Olmert, deputy to Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon. As Brown replaced Blair, Cohen, the multimillionaire venture capitalist, replaced Levy as chief fundraiser for the ruling Labour party.


About his connections to Israel, Cohen told The Times:

"If you look at my history: born in Egypt, a refugee, married to the daughter of the commander of the Exodus who's an Israeli, there's an obvious connection between me and the region."

Obvious, perhaps, but definitely not discussed in the media.

Cohen, who is called the prime minister's 'private banker', "clearly has influence over Gordon Brown," the Jewish Chronicle wrote in their 2007 interview:

"So what exactly is his relationship with Brown?"

There is a seven-second pause. 'I would classify myself as a friend of the Prime Minister, just as I was a friend of Tony Blair,' he says carefully."

In 2006, Cohen "started to take over the role of government emissary from Lord Levy by meeting Israeli leaders, including the prime minister, Ehud Olmert," the Guardian reported.


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