by Mark Sircus

10 December 2010

from IMVA Website


One simply has to listen to Senator Bernie Sandersí amazing speech.


He goes right for the throat attacking the insanity of letting the top one percent of the population take in more than 50 percent of the national income.


He talks right into the dark evil of greed while the rest of the government and most of the population just lets the most horrendous elements of humanity literally have their way with us and our planet.

  • And we expect good things to happen for us and our children?

  • Have we as a race gone mad?

  • Or is it just the first world?

Americans certainly seem to have led the world into a new level of depravity. Even with a growing list of billionaires offering to donate much more of their money there is without question a cancer deep in the bowels of humanity.


The ugly part is that it is all spilling out and itís the common men, women and children who take the biggest hit. In the United States whole classes of people are going down hard. The poor, the middle class and even the rich who have spent and borrowed beyond their means are all aboard a plane that is crashing to earth.


When the dollar goes you will hear and feel the crash all over the world.


For Americans themselves itís a nightmare scenario but it is not just them caught in the debt trap, itís the whole first world.



Sen. Bernie Sanders Amazing Speech!
by InternetSpanker
December 01, 2010
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