by David Icke

27 January 2012
from DavidIcke Website




Well, how blatant, how in our face, does it have to be before the elephant on the sofa is acknowledged for what it is?


Rothschild Zionism is leading the world into yet another war and this time with the serious potential to explode into a third global conflict - what they have long sought to engineer.

I refer to Zionism as ‘Rothschild Zionism’ to constantly expose who created this expression of undiluted evil and who controls it to this day - the House of Rothschild.


The secret society called Zionism was not created for the benefit of Jewish people, but to use them as a cover to pursue the merciless annexation of Planet Earth.


Many and increasing numbers of Jewish people can now see this. They have been ‘had’ on a monumental scale. The first Rothschild Zionist Congress was in Basel, Switzerland, in August 1897, but not many realize that it was originally due to take place in Munich, Germany.

It had to be relocated because of opposition from Jewish people in Germany who did not want to be shipped off to Palestine, as per Rothschild Zionist agenda. They were doing fine, thanks, so go away and take your silly idea with you.


But little more than 30 years later the Rothschild-engineered and Rockefeller-Harriman-Bush-funded Nazi Party came to power in Germany and began to target the German Jewish population and those in other countries.


Vast numbers of Jewish people left Germany and Europe in general as a result of this abomination and headed for the United States and… Palestine.

Thanks to the Nazis, the Rothschild Zionist leadership got its way. Coincidence? Not a chance ...

...Once the State of Israel had been bombed and terrorized into existence a long list of Rothschild Zionists were relocated to especially the United States so their children would be born as American citizens.


These children are the Rothschild Zionists that dominate the American government and its agencies today. Among them is Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s White House Chief of Staff in the crucial years after his election, and now Mayor of Chicago.


Emanuel’s father openly boasts that he was a member of Irgun, the Rothschild Zionist terrorist organization, before he headed to the US to produce his offspring.

Rothschild Zionism now controls the United States government and Congress in general via front organizations like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a massive lobby group representing a foreign power and widely known as AIPAC.


This is why Obama said in his State of the Union address of pure fantasy this week:

‘Our iron-clad commitment to Israel's security has meant the closest military cooperation between our two countries in history'.



'We do whatever they say.'