by Christopher Story FRSA

Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review and associated intelligence publications and information services
3 December 2008

from WorldReport Website



In the following report, we have concentrated on intelligence and interpretations based on our own research and which we can vouch for, and have largely ignored the cacophony of conflicting, angry, ‘Black’ and other propaganda that has swirled around the Internet since Barack Obama became the President-Elect of the United States.


Our reasoning here can be summarized as follows:

  • Whatever anyone says or believes, a decisive DISCONTINUITY has finally materialized. A discontinuity presupposes that all previous assumptions and relationships are either in flux, changing, or subject to change brought about by a rearrangement of the ‘correlation of forces’.

  • In the above context, the central fact of importance is that the United States, and therefore the Rest of the World, have finally climbed out of the frying pan.

  • Specifically, the United States and the Rest of the World are therefore hovering in mid-air. It is premature to be certain that we will all proceed to jump into the fire, because we are as yet still suspended in mid-air between the frying pan and the fire.

  • Equipped with this mindset, we must add that, for the purposes of this report ONLY, we are accordingly AGNOSTIC with reference to the swirling ‘Black’ propaganda against Obama, the Clintons and everyone else on the miserable American political scene which is (see below) manipulated by the controlling Intelligence Power. Of course we have strong views on all the issues that have been and continue to be raised in this context: and in this report we specifically identify, for instance, Mrs Clinton as a financier of terrorism. But none of these issues have ANY relevance to the crucial issue that the whole world faces, which is:

  • The absolute paramount necessity for the completion of the wholesale Settlements payouts and for the implementation of the G-7-Approved Refinancing Program, which will refund the US and European (etc) banks and will deliver on-the-books liquidity throughout the system within a matter of months. The Settlements payouts will finance the G-7-Approved Refinancing Program.

  • Belated resistance to the Settlements (see below) reflects rearguard operations in the face of the reality that unavoidable repatriation threatens those forced to repatriate, with latent criminal proceedings and probable jail for having fraudulent assets on (or ‘under’) their books.

In short, we are not concerned, for the purposes of THIS report, with whether President-Elect Obama’s belief that following Abraham Lincoln’s technique of placing his enemies at the centre of his government is well-founded (which it may well be), with who is of course blackmailing whom (as is known to be the case), with whether a birth certificate was or was not registered in Timbuktu, with the reappearance of Clinton retreads on the stage, and with all the other murky side-issues that have been raised by anxious observers, protagonists, ‘Black’ propagandists, controlled agents of influence, and others, since Mr Obama was elected.

And the reason we are not concerned HERE with such issues is that IF THE SETTLEMENTS ARE NOT FINALIZED, all these people who are shouting at cross-purposes will eventually fall silent because the United States and Britain (the ‘Main Enemy’) will collapse into a DEPRESSION, on the brink of which both economies stand ‘as we speak’.

Therefore, we do not have the luxury to waste time ventilating about these innumerable issues, important though some of them certainly are; since if the Settlements are not completed in short order, the economic and financial systems will collapse under the weight of nearly $700 trillion sitting on the roof, which is on the verge of collapsing into the basement.

In other words, it’s a matter of the proper priorities, and avoiding being diverted by deliberately contrived redirection and agitation and propaganda operations which are intended to OBFUSCATE the prevailing situation in general, and the extremely grave predicament in which ALL the financial criminals find themselves, in particular.

And right now, there is only one priority, if the whole world is to be saved in time from absolute catastrophe: completing the Settlement payouts and breaking all resistance to this process. In the United States and Europe, ‘forces’ are moving around, even with guns, to procure the necessary outcome (intelligence received on Monday 1st December 2008).

This report brings what we have been able to establish on the Settlements dimension of the world crisis, up to date. We would, however, add that we found it somewhat distasteful that, after eight years of rightly excoriating the Bush-Clinton Crime Dynasty and the immense and lasting damage inflicted on the world under the criminal Bush II-Cheney Administration, guns were immediately swiveled round and opened fire on the President-Elect.

It would appear that no matter who the Intelligence Power selects (as it always does) to serve in the White House, they will always receive the same treatment.


However the source of the US malaise is that the Intelligence Power, which appoints its agents to the top posts, is in control, out of control and needs to be brought under control: so until that happens, nothing fundamental is ever going to change, and the revolutionary United States will continue sliding into the abyss.

  • WARNING: What follows has been developed from our own, not secondary, sources. We fully acknowledge that Obama MAY not measure up to expectations, or worse, and that his ‘Abraham Lincoln’ rationalization for appointing Mrs Clinton, subject to approval by the new Senate, may turn out to be unsound and that what is really happening is a rearranging of the Titanic’s deck chairs on the assumption of corrupt ‘business as usual’.

  • But the evidence assembled below suggests otherwise, if you can temporarily suspend your perfectly reasonable disgust, which we share, at the appointments of Queen Melusina to the State Department and Timothy Geithner to the US Treasury.


Shortly after John McCain conceded the election, which he appears to have 'thrown' inter alia by selecting the bimbo operative handled by her husband, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, Mr Barack Obama was informed that he would be briefed at the earliest possible moment by the intelligence community.


This is extremely unusual, if not unprecedented. Mr Obama has been receiving daily CIA briefings ever since.

It is understood that the first briefing took place the day after the election. Since then-Senator Obama had been a junior Senator, he had not been informed about the financial corruption with which a number of his fellow Senators were involved up to their necks.


He had been in the Senate for four years, but for almost two of these years he had often been absent on the campaign trail.



Ahead of the election, Barack Obama had been approached by US Air Force personnel, and asked to step down. It is believed that an attempt to bribe him to do so was also made. The US Air Force is heavily indoctrinated, while supporters of the Constitution holding high-level Air Force posts were removed earlier in 2008, leaving key people in charge who are corrupt and involved in the financial fraud and thefts.


Interference by armed forces personnel in the civilian political process (albeit that it is manipulated and controlled by the Intelligence Power: see below) is strictly prohibited by the Universal Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and of course as a constitutional expert, Barack Obama immediately told the Air Force representatives to ‘get lost’. He will presumably also have made a note of their identities so that their illegal behavior catches up with them later.

Following our report on 31st October that the corrupted former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had ‘rolled over’ on all the familiar highest-level criminalists and their institutional and state co-conspirators, from Bush 41 and 43, the Clintons and the Pope, to Chancellor Merkel, Deutsche Bank and elements of the Hungarian Government (always secretly aligned with the STASI/DVD), it had become imperative to divulge to the new President-elect what had been going on behind the scenes in the darkness.

We understand that Blair’s testimony has now thrown so many grenades into the blazing furnace that explosions are going off in all directions, causing the previously asbestos-clad rats to rush around all over the place inside the furnace trying to escape the heat and flames before they are all engulfed by them.


This is a late factor that has briefly 'delayed' resolution of the Settlements. It has had this effect because the Blair capitulation has CHANGED EVERYTHING for the criminalists, in that their bluff has been called and THESE RATS cannot now escape.

Especially given Blair’s revelations of the relevant sensitive issues, in which he shopped all the main financial criminals and his fellow highest-level co-conspirators and accessories to the fact of these immense crimes, the US intelligence authorities had been left with no choice in the matter, since they had not been in the driving seat for many months (see below) and risked very severe consequences should they themselves withhold crucial information about the corruption, from the President-elect.


The ‘sensible’ decision was therefore taken to brief Barack Obama at the earliest opportunity.


We are advised that he received what he was told with shock and contempt.



Of particular concern, we understand, to President-Elect Obama was his realization that his Vice-Presidential colleague, Mr Biden, knew all about the financial corruption (let us leave the matter there) and so, by definition, may have committed an offence under the Misprision of Felony Statute (1), at the very least, and will, on further investigation, have been a co-conspirator to some degree or another.


This realization explains why Biden was subsequently described as being ‘unhappy’ with the situation in which he now found himself. Could it be that Biden, to put the worst possible construction on the matter, may have expected his future boss to succumb to the bribery pressure that the corrupt incumbent in the White House would be likely to impose upon him?

The Editor’s original notes on information received at 8.20pm UK time on 6th November include a reference to indications that Senator Obama was first informed to a limited extent that a gigantic scandal with explosive implications was out of control back in May 2008, but that he was not given pertinent details at the time.


Our notes state that Mr Obama ‘only started to find out after he was elected and received private security briefings by CIA agents. He’s starting to find out how many figures were involved, and he’s saying [expletive deleted]. His meetings started yesterday and continued all day today. He’s furious and also very angry at Biden. It has never been known for a President-Elect to receive CIA briefings 'immediately his election has been confirmed'.


Our sources elaborated that ‘Obama’s meeting with his financial team. He learned this stuff and was horrified'.

Briefing Obama on this occasion must in any case have been a distinctly painful experience for the compromised General Hayden, Director of Central Intelligence, and also for John Negroponte, the former Director of National Intelligence (see below), if he too had to attend the briefing, since the CIA and its numerous appendages and so-called subsidiary agencies are notoriously disruptive revolutionary criminal enterprises that have themselves been fully engaged in spearheading the fraudulent finance dimension of the World Revolution.



In this connection, the key member of Obama’s financial advisory team, and a powerful adviser during the later stages of Mr Obama’s campaign, is Paul Volcker, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and a man who, whatever critics may say, is held in the highest esteem internationally.


As a ‘righteous Jew’, this expert is believed to abhor all the financial corruption, although he IS a Trustee for ‘the Settlements'.

  • Over 1,000 Trustees were originally appointed, all of them connected in some way to Bush Sr.

    This does not necessarily mean that all Trustees are or will have been compromised (although Bush Sr. always seeks to double-cross, intimidate and/or compromise those with whom he has dealings). In the present context, what it means is that Volcker himself, as a Trustee, needed to be paid, so that he, too, could fulfill his obligations as a Trustee towards other parties. That has been a very significant fact in the overall quadrilateral equation.


  • On 27th November, Reuters reported that Mr Obama had picked Volcker to head a special office to advise on economic and financial recovery.



One dimension of this pointless activity has typically included the distribution inside the United States of special satellite-linked ‘grey screen’ trading equipment enabling selected operatives to conduct secret off-balance sheet and therefore illegal 'terrorist' trading from their own homes, often ostensibly unknown even to their own family members. This activity has been very severely curtailed or stopped altogether, as all transactions and funds associated with this trading is tracked 24/7.


Many operatives engaged in these illegal trades have had to close down their operations, have gone to ground, or have been arrested.

When tackled about these activities in the past, members of such US operatives’ families, who ‘sort of’ knew what was going on, have typically tended to fall back on the words ‘national security’ when asked direct questions about what such unusual satellite trading equipment was being used for – this phrase being favored as cover for the reality that the trading equipment had been given to the operatives by the CIA et al. to enable them to conduct illegal, off-balance sheet, untaxed, secret fraudulent finance counterparty trading operations undetected, as such transactions are or were of course all unaudited and subject to no checks and balances at all.

  • By their involvement in such hidden fraudulent financial trading activity, the secret Agency-linked traders, located all over the United States, were engaged in economic terrorism and are accordingly vulnerable, as the purge widens, to being arrested and indicted for such crimes.

Of course even family members who knew what their spouses were up to may genuinely have assumed that their secret trading activities were covered by the National Security Act of 1947 et seq.; but since most of these people knew perfectly well what was going on, their toleration of such corrosive activities, amounting to economic terrorism, which have created such growing havoc by accelerating the rate of expansion of the overhang of unrealizable outstanding fiat obligations, represents a prima facie breach of the Misprision of Felony Statute.



The CIA’s fraudulent finance operations have been systematically destroying the global financial economy in accordance with the bribery-oriented blueprint developed by George Bush Sr. and the corrupt Dr Alan Greenspan for Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau, the heirs of the Nazi Abwehr originally directed from Oklahoma City by the late Admiral Canaris, who operated under the assumed name of Samuel Randall Pittman until he fell ill in 1974, when his place was occupied on a temporary basis by the triple or quadruple agent Dr Henry Kissinger, who has never managed to discard his hideously guttural German accent, which no American ever seems to have questioned!

Kissinger persuaded President Gerald Ford (a.k.a. the pornographer Leslie Lynch King Jr.) to fire William Colby (later ‘suicided’ during a ‘canoe trip’ on the Potomac) and to replace him as DCI with George Henry Walker Bush Sr. (Scherff), a long-time Abwehr/DVD asset and CIA agent implicated in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, in a maneuver whereby the DVD came to control the Central Intelligence Agency totally (rather than partially through the notorious earlier postwar penetrations).


In April 2008, a ‘connected’ US visitor who appeared at our London office without an appointment on Good Friday, volunteered that our DVD analysis ‘is 100% correct’.



The pan-German ‘Black’ DVD Nazi strategic deception Continuum is motivated by a hatred of the ‘Anglo-Saxons’ for having supposedly ‘won’ two World Wars as a consequence of which Germany was virtually destroyed. In 1941-42, the Nazis set up a German Geopolitical Centre in Madrid, which became a haven for Gestapo officers, who occupied all the main hotels there for many years.


In the early 1950s, the Allies intercepted a document that they labeled the ‘Madrid Circular Letter’ which spelled out pan-German long-range plans to reverse the outcomes of the two World Wars.

This document elaborated on Nazi policy papers captured by the Allies at the end of the Second Illuminati War, one of which boasted that ‘we shall build the Thousand-Year Reich on the Ruins of the United States’, as explained in great detail in the Editor’s book ‘The New Underworld Order’.

The ‘Madrid Circular Letter' claimed that ‘für uns ist der Krieg niemals vorbei’ (for us, the war never ended).


But the West in general, and the United States in particular, complacently assumed that, having personalized the enemy in the format of the hate-figure of Hitler, that operative’s demise represented the end of the Nazi menace. This view was catastrophically mistaken.

For, as described in the Editor’s book and widely elaborated elsewhere, the Nazi repression and intelligence chief in the Soviet Union, General Reinhard Gehlen, not only managed to persuade a willing US political and intelligence class that Mr Stalin was preparing to invade Western Europe (whereas in reality Josef Djiugashivili-Kochba had only one and a half mechanized divisions, the rest being either decimated or still horse-drawn, while his repression cadres were bogged down with imposing their control over the newly-annexed satellites), but also over time procured the mass penetration of the US intelligence community and other US structures with ‘former’ Nazi operatives and scientists, finally backing the reconstituted European elements of his former networks into the Germany-based US intelligence structures themselves (CIA-1, Frankfurt).



All intelligence organizations today are at war within themselves, as all have been penetrated by foreign powers and domestic enemies, as a consequence of which no intelligence operative can ever trust any of his or her colleagues and must live with the knowledge that he or she is liable to be deceived, double-crossed or entrapped without warning at any stage of a given operation.

The upshot is that the whole world is now engulfed in a ruthless, no-holds-barred, long-running and now red-hot intelligence war over money, which is actually destroying all money and asset values on a scale with no historical precedent. We did predict this outcome in our reports dated 2nd September 2006, and in reports posted, for instance, on 18th and 27th July 2007 [see Archive].

As indicated earlier, the intelligence war over money had been raging largely below the radar, with periodic eruptions, certainly since the Second World War. But given the terrible intransigence of the organized intelligence community-linked criminals who hijacked the White House and the US Treasury under the Bush and Clinton Crime Families, we need hardly be surprised that many unruly elements of the darkness are taking matters into their own hands, seeking to ignite flashpoints in the cynical expectation of being able to foment wars and rumors of wars which can subsequently be exploited to cover up their financial thefts and fraudulent operations.


For instance, the Bombay atrocities could well have been associated with the Bush-linked ‘Black’ forces' fury that the Indian authorities may have ‘ceased to cooperate’ over $2.0 trillion that was illegally transferred, you will recall, to UBS New Delhi, in the course of 2007, when the criminal financial operations were at their peak, before our exposures had started to bring the perpetrators to book.

Amazingly, however, these penetrated and internally warring intelligence communities ‘rely upon’ the ‘Rule of Law’ as a back-stop, even though some of them (headed by the CIA) treat the ‘Rule of Law’ with absolute contempt and consider that they have an open-ended license to break the law, the only rule being ‘you are on you’re own if you get caught’.



Self-evidently, the existence of criminal enterprise intelligence communities as evil as the CIA and its ‘subsidiaries’ is quite incompatible with good governance and indeed with national and external stability and wellbeing.


Moreover, as we have explained both electronically and in several of our publications, the aggressive Intelligence Power acquires hegemony over the other two sides of the power triangle, the Military Power and ‘The Party’ which, in the geomasonic control model, is split between two main factions (Thesis, Republicans and the Conservative Party; Antithesis, the US Democrats or the Labour Party).


The Intelligence Power typically develops its odious status as the immense, arrogant ‘State within the State’ by exploiting its power of penetration and its ‘licence to deceive’, so that it places its own operatives inside the Military Power and The Party.


In both Britain and the United States, the Intelligence Power selects and prepares candidates for the highest offices from among the ranks of its operatives or assets – giving rise to our aphorisms:

  • ‘The Intelligence Power is in control, out of control and needs to be brought under control’

  • ‘It is neither here nor there which faction of The Party wins elections, because the Intelligence Power always wins’

In the parallel and almost identical (covert) Soviet model, exactly the same phenomenon applies.


This central reality (which few Americans yet seem to grasp) does not detract from the fact that the two wings of The Party are or can be at almost perpetual loggerheads with each other, and bitter enemies at all times. After all, enmity, hatred, conflict, antagonism, lying, deceit, reprobate abuse, paedophilia, double-crossing, bearing false witness and all the other familiar ‘Black’ behavior that is characteristic of the darkness are presupposed, given that Evil Spirit is in charge here.

Perpetual conflict and tension (which the controlled operatives Trotsky and Mao Tse-Tung took to the extreme of advocating and promoting 'Permanent Revolution') are the necessary prerequisites for 'fruitful' manipulation of the dialectical process (Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis), with successive dialectical cycles occurring until (in theory) such time as the pre-intended 'Synthesis' is achieved.

But of course, as all this is the work of the Devil, that never actually happens: hence the use of the word 'Revolution', meaning going round and round in circles.

The word 'reactionary' was developed as a label to be used against all who oppose going round and round in circles, with the completely illogical connotation that those who prefer standing still and not getting dizzy by going round in circles, are boring stick-in-the muds who can be dismissed as beyond their sell-by-date.


The use of twisted semantics is an important revolutionary tool.



Anyway, we diverge (on purpose), don’t we?

Actually, a modicum of scene-setting has been considered necessary, in particular so as to address two rearguard agitprop campaigns that erupted the moment John McCain conceded the election, leaving Barack Obama as the President-elect.


McCain is reported to have decided to ‘throw’ the election in part because, finally, he had become sick of the endless corruption, and preferred the prospect of retiring to a status of 'elder statesman', not least so that the far-reaching purge that we identified and predicted in our report dated 6th November 2007, would not be liable to be focused in his direction. In that report, we published paragraphs headed as follows:

  • 'Why the overdue purge, once started, will now continue'

  • 'The bad apples will continue to be purged'

  • 'The American people will suffer because they cannot get on top of the most dangerous pack of deceiving and thieving wolves in the world'


The good news, as will be explained below, is that, at long last, the tables are now being decisively turned against these ruthless criminal operatives – a fact which has so far escaped the attention of most Americans, and has certainly not been well understood by many correspondents in the United States impatient for progress but lacking adequate information, who appear to imagine that these evils can somehow be remedied overnight, let alone by various frantic authors of certain hysterical electronic postings which have their known origins in last-ditch US counterintelligence agitprop operations separately designed to destabilize the President-elect, and the British.

Both these sewage outflows of disinformation have been driven by the following realities:

  • THE UNITED STATES IS NOW RANK BUST. It is IN HOCK to the European powers. This is NOT a result of deliberate entrapment by these European powers: it is a consequence of the unfortunate failure of the American people to clean up their country's mess, which is to say, their failure to find a mechanism for ridding the political structures of the corrupt organised criminals who hijacked the US political process many years ago for illegal and corrupt self-enrichment purposes.

  • No-one in Europe blames the American people for this failure: it is hardly THEIR fault that such a ruthless gang of criminals and thieves took over their Government and turned it into a murderous money-making machine for their own purposes, to the detriment of the American people and of the whole world, leaving the United States with a degraded reputation as a pariah state.

  • After all, the United States 'replaced' Britain as the leading power in the world, and expects the Rest of the World to hold its currency, as prescribed under the Bretton Woods system, which ALSO laid down that the second, offsetting, world currency shall remain the pound sterling (which is why, contrary to what the President of the European Commission is now claiming, Britain is NOT about to dump the pound and substitute the European Collective Currency, which is backed by nothing, has no Treasury and lacks any Government in the true sense).

  • Contrary to the bitter propaganda motivated precisely by the fact that the DVD-linked criminals holding the highest offices have now been COMPREHENSIVELY DEFEATED, a nasty rearguard 'Blacking' operation (which no-one other than the less well-informed (through no fault of their own) takes seriously) has suggested that the Brits have got the 'upper hand': whereas what has really happened is that the thefts of The Queen's gold and attempted thefts of Her Majesty's loan funds, and other financial crimes against the Sovereign arising from the surreptitious installment by Bush-Blair of fraudulent finance operations involving Deutsche Bank and the Vatican Bank run through Coutts Bank as clearing house, have been 'put in order'.

    At the same time, since the financial crimes were committed abroad, especially in Britain, British law enforcement, intelligence and justice have been deployed to procure the intended outcome against the intransigent wishes of the scorched and defeated criminalists and their some of their intelligence and banking associates, and latterly now of Gordon Brown [see below].

  • The pan-German Fifth Column headed by the DVD’s Bush Sr. (Scherff) have now been thrashed so badly, and repeatedly thrashed so badly, that they are bleeding and screaming and bellyaching as they wallow in the mess resulting from their newly exposed criminality, alike a spoilt child who has been disciplined and refuses to submit to any discipline whatsoever.

  • There is nothing (apart from organizing retaliatory flashpoint atrocities such as shipping trigger-happy mind-controlled False Flag terrorist cadres by boat into Bombay and ordering them through compartmentalized cutouts to indulge in a sadistic bloodbath of Jews and other foreigners) that they can now do about this massive defeat that they are experiencing.


The purpose of the crude attacks on the British that we have been seeing of late is therefore to reverse the truth – which is that the criminal financial operations, equating to financing terrorism, were and have continued to be recklessly perpetrated by these arrogant US criminal operatives against The Queen (see below) and Britain generally, as well as against certain other key European countries.


Those controlled diversion and redirection outlets that have been pointing the finger at the British have been ordered or encouraged to do so by their handlers, as part of a crude, belated and futile rearguard response to the stark and decisive defeat these criminals have suffered and are facing, to try to obfuscate what has been going on, and to salvage the wounded pride of those agents of influence who have been unwilling to comprehend that the criminality originated at home but had to be exported to Europe and beyond because the relevant financial fraud operations were and remain illegal under, inter alia, the US securities laws.

See also, appended at the foot of this report, the list of US Statutes that the American perpetrators flouted, and for which many of their number, including representatives of the criminal enterprises, will certainly be called to account as a consequence of crucial US judicial processes which remain empanelled and are intensively engaged in comprehensive reviews of the epidemic of Bush-linked fraudulent finance highlighted by these exposures.


These processes will impinge upon the Senate confirmation hearings, which will need to consider the criminal activities of certain nominees.

Recall that nine aircraft were commandeered, as reported in our posting dated 6th November 2007, to transport thousands of arrested US bankers to European centers, especially Britain, where they were taken into custody under the European anti-terrorism legislation.


As we reported recently, the bankers and others, including some of their lawyers, were duly jailed for periods of 25 years, with the aggregate number of such prisoners languishing in British and European jails now believed to exceed 10,000.


Further information about what they were up to, is contained in the present report.



When considering what follows, it will be as well to remind ourselves that what is presented for public consumption may of course diverge 100% from the reality.


Hence widely distributed press photographs of President-elect Obama and his wife flanked by a mean-looking President George W. Bush who has made a complete mess of his Presidency, and his wife Laura with her stiff false smile, at the White House on Monday 10th November, were intended to imply that the outgoing team had been engaged in a polite encounter, smoothing the way for the President-Elect to assume power – and displaying before the whole world that the United States transfers power without acrimony.

Nothing could have been further from the truth about what happened on Monday 10th November, when Mr and Mrs Obama appeared at the White House on schedule.


For according to our special sources, what then happened was that Mr Obama was immediately subjected to the Bush bribery routine. Specifically, heavy pressure was exerted on him to meet the wishes of the Bush-Cheney criminalist gangsters in exchange for a huge payout, the proportions of which have not yet been specified (whereas it is known that a huge volume of gold was paid to a previous contender for high office on an earlier occasion).

Reflecting his innate strength of character, his standards of belief and conduct and his extensive knowledge as a former professor of constitutional law in Chicago, Barack Obama reacted with an outright rejection, along the lines inter alia of ‘you must be joking’ – whereupon there really wasn’t much more to be said.


The Bush Crime Family had finally ‘blown it’.

These criminal operatives behaved as they have behaved all along – assuming that the Cheney-favored post-war neo-Nazi-originated power-building technique of bribery, with its corollary of blackmail and control, would ‘work’, as had been the case in innumerable instances before.


They took the desperate risk that their offer might be turned down, without stopping to think what the consequences of such an 'inconceivable' rejection would be likely to be.



In order to register the momentous consequences of this encounter on 10th November 2008, a concomitant development must be reported here.


Following Obama’s election victory, George Bush Sr. and associates, including his cokehead son, were informed by powerful but unspecified parties that if they proceeded with their project to have President-Elect Barack Obama 'removed' – an intention that had been discovered to be a reality, as opposed to wishful thinking – all those concerned would immediately be liquidated without further ado.

  • Now it will be recalled that we have previously reported that Bush Sr., the Personification of Evil, has previously been warned that he would be shot dead on sight – a warning he has ignored.

  • In 2004, when confronted by representatives of the Joint Chiefs of Staff about his open-ended criminal operations at home and abroad, the charming Mr George Bush Sr. is reported to have shouted: ‘Go take a flying [expletive deleted] at the moon’. [Verbatim].

But this time, the force of the warning appears to have penetrated one ear of the relevant skulls without immediately shooting out of the other one – as usually happens, given that there is not a lot in between.


It was borne in upon these crooks that the Intelligence Power had long since made up its mind WHO was to be President of the United States, and that the US Intelligence Power was supported by the Military Power as well – not least, at this late stage, because the Military Power knows what the consequences in terms of domestic revolutionary social unrest would be liable to be, should anything happen to the new President-Elect.



In other words, the temperature immediately following the election could be described as close to boiling point, especially as the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, had crossed the Atlantic for a second time, to appear in Washington DC for further questioning.

  • This followed his capitulation two weeks or so earlier when, faced with a summons to appear, as ordered by Speaker Michael Martin, before a House of Commons Committee ostensibly called upon to investigate the 11-year-old matter of Blair’s exemption of the Formula One motor racing sector from a ban on tobacco advertising shortly after Blair had seen its controller, the dubious Monaco-based Bernie Ecclestone in 1997, Blair had decided to ‘roll over’ on all the primary participants in this fraudulent finance epidemic, as we reported here on 31st October 2008.

    As explained in that report, UK Parliamentary committees will only address issues that are before the relevant House and concern its specific business; so the intention had been to entrap Blair with evidence based inter alia (but not exclusively) upon evidence that surfaced following the raids on the ‘safety lock boxes’ by 300 armed Metropolitan Police masterminded by Assistant Deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner John Yates on 2nd June 2008 – an absolutely crucial, decisive development in the process of unraveling the criminal operations of the Octopus.



  • On Sunday 2nd November, Blair had been obliged to rush to the United States for the first time since he had ‘rolled over’, inter alia to sign certain key release documents in the presence, it is believed, of two Supreme Court Black Robes. With such information surfacing, it now began to emerge that Blair had been much more deeply involved (see below) with the fraudulent finance operations than may have previously been understood. For on 3rd November, we were able to establish from two reliable sources that:

  • Following 9/11 (when a large portfolio of contracts had perished given that the offices and 652 personnel of Cantor Fitzgerald, the British-based money brokerage firm, had been destroyed when the Twin Towers were blown up), and certainly by May 2003 when the Editor of this service started to become aware of this, former President Bush 41 and Prime Minister Blair had been instrumental in procuring the exploitation of London as the main ‘platform’ for a new wave of fraudulent finance operations inter alia using stolen assets as base.


    The Bank of England provided secret offshore account facilities for this purpose as well, and has been directly involved in these activities:


    1. hence (a) the arrest of the former Governor, Eddie (Lord) George, in July 2007

    2. and (b) the tension that is evident on the face of the current Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King

  • Specifically, Coutts Bank, ‘The Queen’s bank’, was selected to serve as clearing house (money laundry) to move secret fiat funds through to Deutsche Bank, the DVD’s ‘house bank’, and on to the Vatican Bank, by now directed by the former President of the Bundesbank, Herr Dr Hans Tietmeyer, under the control of the German Pope Ratzinger. At Coutts, there is or was a lock box containing substantial usurped collateral assets which may have underpinned at least part of this operation.

  • Nefarious intentions here included a blatant attempt to compromise Her Majesty the Queen by exploiting the services of this institution, Coutts Bank, known to have connections with Royalty.

  • More generally, cover for this illicit financial activity was to be provided, crudely put, by The Queen, unknown to her, and the Pope simultaneously.

  • Incredibly, the conduit ‘enabling’ aspects of this criminalist assault to be perpetrated is reported to us to have been a certain Bernie Ecclestone, whose Formula One (cover?) operations are based in Monaco which is the CIA’s main European money-laundering centre.

    Formula One. which may be a massively ‘lucrative’ money laundry (serving the necessary 'project' purpose applicable to all such finance), is known to have very extensive German dimensions and is ultimately controlled by Max Mosely, son of Sir Oswald Mosley, head of the British Fascist Party and a Mussolini symathiser, and the supremely snobby socialite Diana Mitford, who had been a personal friend of Adolf Hitler-Schickelgrüber and a Nazi sympathizer (both of whom were interned by the British Government at the outbreak of the Second Illuminati War).

    Hence the significance of Speaker Michael Martin’s order for Blair to appear before a House of Commons investigating committee over the 1997 'Ecclestone affair'.

  • There is also an extraordinary separate ‘Ecclestone’ dimension which would appear to have represented an early attempt by UK authorities to bear false witness against the Editor of this service in order to discourage him from pursuing these enquiries (an operation which of course had the opposite effect). This dimension is elaborated on pages F-03 et seq. of the new issue of International Currency Review [Volume 34, Number 1], published at the end of November 2008, excerpts from which are posted below in the Appendix.

    On 21st November it was extensively publicized that the diminutive (5ft 4ins) Ecclestone is to be divorced by his extremely tall Croatian wife (and DVD handler?) Slavica, who could be in line for a record-breaking divorce settlement, as many of his assets are reported to be lodged in her name. The timing of this development is ‘curious’, to say the last.


In March 2005, the Editor of this service was granted a strictly limited (at his request) Power of Attorney empowering him to investigate and report on the existence of certain assets held at Coutts Bank.


The Editor attended the offices of Attorney Steven Goodwin in Richmond, VA, from where a conference call to Coutts Bank was arranged at which Mr Goodwin was to inform the bank that he would be attending at Coutts with the Editor in this connection.

The phone call was initially directed to a Mrs Burgess, a contact previously established by the Editor; but when put through, it was diverted to a Mr Robertson, a Scot presumably installed by Royal Bank of Scotland, of which Coutts, via Natwest Bank, was by now a subsidiary (such hasty banking mergers facilitate the hiding of irregular transactions).

  • This Mr Robertson did his best to affect total ignorance of the assets in question. At the end of the said conference call, the Editor surprised Mr Robertson by interjecting to say that as Editor of International Currency Review, he was conducting an extensive investigation into missing and hijacked finances worldwide, which was one reason why he would be attending at Coutts Bank accompanied by Mr Goodwin, as had been tentatively arranged for early April 2005.

On 3rd April [see Figure 23, International Currency Review, Volume 33, Numbers 3 & 4, page F-124, facsimile], Mr Goodwin wrote to Robertson at Coutts Bank's central London address, 440 Strand, London WC2R 0QS, demanding information about certain corporate accounts and noting (by way of illustration) as follows:

‘Enclosed herewith please find a specific Power of Attorney granting me access to this [specified] information. I would specifically refer you to an account in the name of Pacific Victory S.A., having an account number of Z 63 66 76.

It is my understanding that on or about April 26 1999, a significant transfer was made into this account at your bank from Standard Chartered Bank, and [that] this transaction was handled by bank officer J. D. Fleming, and/or John S. de C. Firth, Vice-President’.

‘Please contact me immediately regarding these accounts. I look forward to your prompt response’.



In the light of the fact that Coutts Bank had been selected, we now know, as the clearing house for the illicit transactions referenced above, you can imagine that the reaction of US and international eavesdroppers to that conference call will have been, shall we say, one of considerable alarm – especially, one would imagine, at Fort Meade, GCHQ Cheltenham, and at the DVD's listening post near Munich.


How was it possible that a mere investigative journalist was so rapidly onto the tail of this newly relaunched fraudulent finance undercover money-laundering operation sponsored by George Bush Sr. and the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair?

At that stage of the investigations, the Editor had been advised that the intention was to repatriate all the funds deposited outside the United States and illegally deployed (both by the institutions and by corrupt US operatives) as collateral following the ‘takedown’ of the Soviet Union, with the collaboration of the bribed Gorbachëv and of the key GRU operative Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

But not long after this telephone conference call, a clandestine ‘switch’ took place, and the Editor was in due course informed that $4.5 trillion, by way of a settlement, had been sent over from the People’s Bank of China in May 2006 (after the no-longer-dead Howie Kwong Kok’s signature for the release had been obtained).


These funds were supposed to have been made available to finance what is now called the G-7-Approved Refunding Program, with effect from June 2006: instead of which, the US Treasury Secretary-designate, Henry M. Paulson, secretly signed a certain contract alienating the funds on 20th or 21st June 2006.

  • Since this was of course all done behind closed doors, the Editor was not informed and we embarked, as requested, upon what became our globally disseminated ‘Wantagate’ quest for fulfillment of the delivery, which never materialized.

  • It now appears that we were encouraged to do precisely this (which was why the Editor was ‘left alone’) as COVER for the switch and diversion of the funds that had already taken place.


If so, that was a catastrophic mistake on the part of the US intelligence community’s cack-handed strategists. OK, we were deceived at the time, and for a long time.


But the deception led directly to the global crisis that is now unfolding, because in pursuing the whereabouts and handling of the $4.5 trillion, we unexpectedly exposed successive layers of US official and banking sector duplicity and corruption, which led in December 2006 to Paulson’s arrest in Germany, and thereafter to the successive peeling away of the onion of gross deceit and fraudulent finance which precipitated what became known as the ‘sub-prime crisis’ – a ‘slide’ imposed by US counterintelligence on the situation, designed to prevent the ‘mainstream’ media from investigating further.

As this catastrophe expanded, we specifically warned that the outcome would be a ‘train wreck’: see, for instance, our reports dated

  • 18th July 2007 (‘Touch and Go’)

  • 27th July 2008 (‘Global Train Wreck’)

  • 10th August 2007 (‘And so it came to pass: (Subtitled) Finally, years of financial fraud start unraveling’)

  • 30th August 2007 (‘The ‘sub-prime’ link: How Wantagate unraveled the ‘sub-prime’ scams’) [see Archive],

...not to mention innumerable other posted warnings along the same lines, starting with our earliest prediction of what would happen in the financial and the ‘real’ worlds if Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary, continued with his corrupt practices (2nd September 2006).

In other words, the highest-level perpetrators of these fraudulent financial maneuvers, headed by the Bush and Clinton Crime Families, Paulson, Cheney, Greenspan and the rest, PERSISTED with their illegal, unconstitutional behavior as economic terrorists, in the face of both our warnings of what their behavior would lead to, and the rapidly accumulating confirmations that these warnings were soundly based.


Even when that was OBVIOUS to all who were not sitting on their brains, they CONTINUED WITH THEIR MANIPULATIONS AND DECEPTION MANEUVERS.

It is thought that during this period, because the ‘mainstream’, controlled and directed by Cheney, remained fast asleep, the US criminalists assumed complacently that the warnings posted on this website could be safely ignored.


But what was also ignored was that the Editor of this service is the longest-serving editor of economic and financial publications in the world.

  • We were writing and analyzing this stuff when Bush Jr. was evading the draft, and Paulson was still metaphorically speaking in short pants.


A relevant word here about Tony Blair’s political pedigree. Blair, an intelligence officer, was a protégé of Roy Jenkins, one of the Oxford undergraduates who, with Edward Heath and Geoffrey Rippon (the joint signatories of the illegal British Treaty of Accession to the European Economic Community in 1972) had been recruited decades earlier by pan-German interests, as exposed in the first report to have been posted on this website (dated 12th October 2005).

Heath, in fact, was the longest-serving mole ever to have been exposed (which occurred, by the way, in 2003). Hence Blair’s geopolitical orientation was influenced by Heath’s fellow traitor Roy Jenkins.


Blair was responsible for appointing John Scarlett as head of MI6; and as also reported here, John Scarlett serves the interests of the pan-German agenda (i.e., the Abwehr/DVD), which initiated and controls the European Union Collective, an anti-nation state entrapment instrument, the purpose of which is to defang, collectivize, ‘enronise’ and also entrap its constituent Member States, in accordance with the blueprint specified in the Nazis’ 1941 compendium ‘Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’ (‘European Economic Community), published by Haude & Spenersche Verlagsbuchhandlung Max Pashke in Berlin in 1943, copies of which may be inspected in the Staatsbibliothek, Berlin, and in the British Library (on request).

  • As previously reiterated here, the chapter headings of this Nazi tome are almost identical to the chapter headings of the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, which represented the culmination of this Nazi blueprint for achieving political control and regional hegemony.


The British Establishment’s blind idolatry of our membership of the disastrous and institutionally corrupt European Union Collective is of course a scandal of immense proportions, not least in the prevailing economic and financial context, when the Government’s financial problems could be addressed, as proposed in the preceding report, by diverting all UK payments destined for the European Commission into a suspense account, pending the rectification of the Commission’s fraudulent financing and accounting practices.

Since the Commission’s accounts have been adjudged to be irregular for the past 14 years by the European Court of Auditors, it is beyond scandalous that the British Government still continues to squander more than £50 billion of taxpayers’ funds per year to finance this corrupt and reprobate geopolitical, globalist sink-hole.

  • The only reason this idolatry remains intact is that operatives at the highest levels of the British political system, such as Blair and now Brown (see below), are/were compromised.


Concerning the United States, there is a dimension of the ever-broadening unravelling process that we are prevented by US practice and legal constraints from reviewing.

We refer again to certain empanelled, ongoing judicial processes that have been engaged in comprehensive investigations into multiple US dimensions of the fraudulent finance operations, including the criminal alienation of the original $4.5 trillion, as discussed below, and for instance the Halliburton operations installed inside the Central Intelligence Agency and in the Pentagon which have been systematically defrauding the two structures and the US taxpayer (see report of 26th May 2008: Archive), profiting from the Iraqi and Afghan wars and deaths on a prodigious scale.

  • Given these ongoing processes, it seems to us, and others, to be most unlikely that the high-profile perpetrators will escape the devastating consequences of their serial financial crimes.

  • The machinery of the Rule of Law grinds slowly, but excessively finely. This all TAKES TIME.


There has been talk, inevitably, of Presidential pardons, which was what President Bush Jr. was clearly signaling when, immediately ahead of Thanksgiving, he was reported to have conducted a ceremony in the Rose Garden at which he pardoned two turkeys.

  • In practice, Presidential pardons will provide perpetrators of these crimes with no protection at all, since the grotesque serial financial crimes in question, including the stealing of The Queen’s gold, from which the Clintons profited (see below), were perpetrated against foreign powers and sovereigns, starting with Her Majesty The Queen.

    One can well imagine, therefore, that, as Secretary of State, Mrs Clinton would be liable to receive the frostiest of welcomes in foreign capitals, especially in London, where she might be told in no uncertain terms that she would not be welcome. (On 1st December, The Times of London, globalist Rupert Murdoch’s mouthpiece, perversely said the exact opposite, namely that the appointment of this ‘brilliant woman’ would be enthusiastically welcomed in London, implying either its crass and culpable ignorance of Queen Melusina’s crimes, or an incompetent failure to understand that her CIA husband ‘works for’ DVD chieftain Bush Sr. who has systematically ‘enronised' both the United States and Britain). How dare this criminal operative purport to tell other countries what to do when she herself should be behind bars for at least the 25-year tariff that lesser (banking) criminals were having to endure due in part to her own open-ended immorality.

  • Irrespective of her position, she would certainly be eligible for immediate arrest, incarceration and indictment without further ado: after all, if the current British Prime Minister can be threatened with arrest (see below) by Barack Obama even before he has taken over as President, so can this arrogant Queen Melusina. There are said to be a number of sealed indictments against this woman.

    Of course the impact of Bush Jr.’s ludicrous theatrical performance was to reconfirm that this deluded fellow may indeed himself be indistinguishable these days from a terrified turkey – an impression reinforced by the parallel fact that on 24th, 25th and 26th November, President-Elect Obama gave press conferences at which he was universally seen to be ‘behaving presidentially’ – an impression being fostered by no means by accident.


For Mr Obama has been advised that he must be prepared to assume office early, if necessary – which is to say that there are indications, confirmed by several separate sources to this service, that the prescribed Inauguration Day of 20th January 2008 may be brought forward, or that the new President may have taken office some time in advance of that date. This information has not been accompanied by any elaboration.


But it must be obvious that the pressure of events and of ‘the processes’ alluded to above may not allow for the luxury of a transition period of normal duration.

  • This, in turn, accounts for the fact that Mr Obama has already assembled the key members of his team for his first term, although we also know, do we not, that all the key people are selected by the Intelligence Power which runs the Government, and its structures, not the other way round. The team has been assembled 'early' because the Obama Administration may start early.

    Whatever the failing anti-propagandists wanted, the reality is that, in contrast to earlier presidential elections, the outcome in November 2008 was decisive – enabling John McCain to escape from his agony by conceding defeat and making a very generous speech congratulating his opponent at the earliest possible moment.


    At 8.20pm on 6th November, we were further informed that the current Provost Marshal had retrieved the controversial NESARA (that is, National Economic Security and Recovery Act) documents from Chief Justice John Roberts.


Since the United States now at last possessed (so far as the controlling Intelligence Power was concerned, at any rate, which was ALL THAT MATTERED IN PRACTICE) a constitutionally chosen President-Elect, NESARA was now clearly redundant.


It is finished.

  • Criminalist President Clinton had signed the legislation, WHICH WOULD ONLY COME INTO EFFECT WHEN ANNOUNCED, in the presence of Navy Seals, who eat Marines for breakfast.

    It contained provisions for the reform of the United States' finances and the removal from office of the President, the Vice President and the Cabinet, and their immediate replacement by an Interim Administration charged with organizing elections within six months. NESARA, by the way, explains the original nickname applied to Bush Jr. of ‘Temporary’. It had somehow been assumed that the Clinton legislation, effectively signed under military duress, would be implemented under Bush Jr.

  • John Roberts, appointed by Bush Jr. to head the Supreme Court, was briefed to confiscate and 'sit on' the NESARA papers, presumably because Bush Jr. saw them as a threat to his rule.

    The decisive 2008 election outcome was of course another reason why John McCain conceded so promptly. Given the outcome, NESARA was no longer prospectively ‘needed’, so the Chief Justice could no longer ‘justify’ holding on to the relevant documents, which the current Provost Marshal accordingly ‘confiscated’.


    President-Elect Barack Obama has since indicated that the authority of the Provost Marshal is to be strengthened under his Presidency, or else has made it plain that the holder of this office has the President-Elect’s full support in the fulfillment of his duties, which, in the prevailing circumstances, amounts to the same thing.


On 8th November, CNN came closer than ever before to exposing the institutionalized financial corruption (which, despite everything we have published, has been continuing, although Bush Sr. himself has encountered increasing difficulty in identifying counterparties willing to play financial games with him any more).


Specifically, CNN reported on its One O’Clock News that day that ‘two major banks have been caught misusing funds. They are having to settle once and for all’.

The ordinary viewer would not have understood the meaning of ‘once and for all’: but those aware of the immense pressure for completion of the Settlements, which President-Elect Obama was known (by 13th November) to have said ‘must be paid immediately’, will have understood.

  • This, by the way, reveals that, as has been known for several years (for certain reasons), CNN has been aware of this nexus of financial scandals all along.

    On 27th November, we were explicitly informed, and it was duly confirmed, that the US ‘mainstream’ print and broadcast media had been instructed by Vice President Cheney’s office to refrain from any mention of these matters whatsoever. Earlier, on 25th November 2008, it had been asserted on MSNBC that Cheney had been controlling the ‘mainstream’ media throughout his term in office.

    These sudden admissions by ‘mainstream’ outlets did nothing to salvage the tarnished reputation of the ‘mainstream’, which clearly assumed, following the election outcome, that it was now ‘safe’ to start hinting tentatively at the corruption that it has systematically suppressed for years.

  • What this means, of course, is that ‘mainstream’ organizations that have suppressed knowledge of criminal operations and practices in high places and within the financial structures are de facto co-conspirators, accessories to the fact of these crimes, and clearly guilty, in the first instance, of offences under the Misprision of Felony Statute.


They are uncomfortable because the Fifth Estate (the Internet) has performed an ‘end-run’ around the mainstream’ (side-stream) media, with the consequence that millions of thinking Americans and Europeans are now aware, to some extent, of the existence and implications of this grandfather of all financial corruption scandals.


A visitor newly arrived from Germany told the Editor on the 29th November of his sense that many people’s eyes have been opened to the gross criminality of their governments, of financial institutions, and of holders of high office across Europe, as well as in the United States.


In other words, the cat is indeed well and truly out of the bag.



On 9th November, The Queen and the British nation mourned the dead of the successive Illuminati wars with the moving annual Cenotaph prayers and ceremony, which is usually attended also by former Prime Ministers. This moving ceremony has remained unchanged ever since 1919. On this occasion, Lady Thatcher was present, walking on the arm of her successor, Sir John Major.

Also present, of course, were the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and the representatives of the other political parties. But former Prime Minister Tony Blair was absent from the ceremony.


We are informed that Blair was told not to appear.



On 13th November 2008 the world was treated to the disturbing spectacle of five top ‘hedge fund’ managers, believed to be launderers of George Bush Sr.’s corrupt funds – George Soros, James Simons, John Paulson (no relation), Philp Falcone and Kenneth Griffin – testifying before Mr Henry Waxman’s Congressional Committee and blaming the current financial crisis which of course they have immensely exacerbated thanks to their exotic and dubious financial excesses, on ‘the system itself’.


As we have previously pointed out, these so-called ‘hedge funds’ are the ‘venting outlets’ straddling the illicit offshore, off-balance sheet, untaxed sector, and the ‘visible’ on-balance sheet financial economy.


Large numbers of these funds are now in extreme difficulties due to avalanches of redemptions; and to stay afloat most have now closed their doors to further redemptions, locking their investors out, to the unrestrained fury of many of their number.

  • One of the giga-managers who testified on 13th November represents a ‘constituency’ that was double-crossed by Bush Sr. He therefore turned, believe it or not, to Gold Badges for assistance.

    Knowledgeable observers will no doubt understand the significance of this. Suffice it to say here, that it is factors like this which, taken with other considerations such as that the ‘Daley people’ in Chicago ‘also want to be paid’, and in conjunction with the decisive powers exercised by MI6 on behalf of The Queen as a consequence of events described earlier in this series (and later in the present report), have been driving the resolution of the Settlements dimension of this crisis.


In answer to the understandable reiterated question ‘why haven’t these high-level criminalists been arrested and brought to justice?’, the interim response that we have ourselves been given is that, during the Clinton Administration, the enforcement mechanisms were essentially dismantled.

President Clinton was effectively appointed by, a client of, and ‘works for’ former President Bush Sr., in a tense relationship that is subject to periodic eruptions of great fury and is characterized, of course, by the usual foul ‘Black’ brew of blackmail, intimidation, false witness, and threats that are characteristic of the Workers of Darkness.



Meanwhile the world’s media in early November 2008 were becoming more and more worked up about the preplanned Group of Twenty (G-20) meeting arranged for Washington, DC, on the 15th November. This meeting was subsequently reported to have developed and agreed upon a menu of ‘principles’ for elaborating by officials and technical specialists, to be reviewed in March 2009 - which of course will be far too late in the day to forestall calamity, absent other delayed remedies, viz. the Group of Seven - approved Refinancing Program, which provides for fully transparent and on-the-books capital markets transactions which will, inter alia, deliver huge ongoing windfall tax receipts into the hands of the US Treasury, and will reverse the one-way deficit financing orgy that has continued for the past century, enriching all parasitical intermediaries such as Goldman Sachs in the process, and which can only be continued as long as international confidence in the US dollar remains intact, which is no longer the case.

Since the American Treasury under ‘Paulson’ systematically destroyed that confidence and fatally jeopardized the ‘Full Faith and Credit’ of the United States because the highest-level criminalists including ‘Paulson’ himself were concentrating almost exclusively upon exploiting the fraudulent finance carousel for their own self-enrichment and in pursuit of their failing globalist hegemony agenda, the open-ended, one-way deficit-financing orgy is no longer viable.

The moment is long overdue, therefore, for the G-7-approved Refinancing Program to be kick-started, as was supposed to have happened in June/July 2006, when the original funds were first criminally alienated by Henry M. Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, who initially presided over the placement under his sole signatory power with Goldman Sachs of the $4.5 trillion brought over from the people’s Bank of China and referenced in the language of the Petition for a Writ of Mandamus (see our reports dated 24th June 2007 and 5th July 2007: Archive).

Following exposure of this scandal by this service, Paulson ostensibly had to have the funds removed from the custody of his former employers.

However it is also known that, although Paulson was only confirmed as US Treasury Secretary on 10th July 2006, he signed a contract on 20th or 21st June 2006 with respect to the disposition of the $4.5 trillion. The discovery at the end of November 2008 that the funds, or some of the funds, were alienated to Athens, Greece (see below), and the known fact that this transfer occurred, according to our special informants, ‘about over two years ago’, suggests that the contract signed by Paulson may have related to the Athens counterparty.

If that is true, then on the face of it, Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., and the Editor of this service, were comprehensively deceived from the very outset, and used as a front – not simply when a ‘switch’ occurred at some stage between 24th June 2007, when the Petition for a Writ of Mandamus was filed, and our appearance at the Alexandria Court hearing on 19th October 2007, as postulated elsewhere in this report.

And if THAT is indeed the case, our technique of ‘walking in a straight line’ is vindicated, since by doing so, we have procured that the multiple layers of deception have been progressively stripped away over time, exposing the theft and frauds that followed the transfer of the original $4.5 trillion by the People’s Bank of China. When truth is matched against falsehood, the truth always prevails, since lies, like plutonium, have a half-life and decay. They can never be sustained indefinitely because they are in conflict with the truth, which can never be permanently suppressed.

This means that all intelligence community deception operations are fundamentally stupid and flawed, as they presuppose that the intended results will be procured BEFORE the lies have decayed and have been found out – a very risky assumption. In the present giga-deception, the deceivers have all been found out because we were on their tail at an early stage and continued walking in a straight line, while the deceivers, as usual, zigzagged.


They thought that multiple layers of deception could be relied upon to provide them with protection.


They thought wrong.



At the G-20 event in Washington, President George W. Bush attempted, incredibly, to ‘sell’ the international community on the Bushite plan for the Amero, thereby providing the first reliable confirmation that this scheme to impose a common currency on the United States, Canada and Mexico to replace the US dollar, was among the tricks in the Bush Crime Family’s magic cabinet.

When the representatives of the international community indicated in no uncertain terms that this trick, which would of course impoverish them further, and by massive proportions, would NOT be countenanced or tolerated (i.e., that the Amero would NOT be accepted by foreign central banks), President George W. Bush Jr., went into a sulk and walked out of the conference.

As he left the presence of the G-20 representatives, he was slow-handclapped out of the door.


By this gesture, the international community FINALLY revealed what they think of this rogue, this mass murderer, this inveterate thief, this duplicitous little fellow, this self-serving de facto financial and economic terrorist who has degraded the United States, its currency and its reputation on a scale with no historical precedent – this would-be latter-day Herr Hitler who really had intended to stay in power, we now understand, following an atrocity that had been planned ahead of the 2008 election.



For we can now reveal that on 27th November 2008 we were advised that ‘a long time ago’ Bush 43 and Vice President Richard Cheney had resolved to have Mr Christopher Story removed from the scene or ‘taken down’ in some unspecified manner.


When the Editor enquired why he had not been told this earlier, there was no answer.


When the Editor asked why whatever they had had in mind had not been implemented while the Editor was in Washington and New York in October 2008, he was told that ‘you were protected by too many of The Queen’s people’ on the ground.

When the Editor enquired as to precisely what had caused the President and the Vice President of the United States to decree, so to speak, that the Editor should be ‘taken down’, he was told words to the effect that ‘you blew their plan to stage an atrocity as a pretext for imposing martial law and following through by cancelling the election and implementing a de facto dictatorship’.

This appears to have been a reference to allusions inter alia to prospective atrocities published in our report dated 25th October 2007, including the fears of a Twin Cities atrocity that may have been planned to coincide with the commencement of the Republican National Convention to be held on 1st September 2008, and to the matter of the missing nuclear weapon, which we did mention ONCE but only because the matter had already been extensively covered elsewhere: so that can hardly have been the key trigger that 'blew' the conspiracy.


Revelation of the Twin Cities plot was a much more likely candidate. Note: We did, separately, report recently that Bush 41 was believed to have demanded that the Editor of this service be ‘removed from the equation’.

However the first that we and associates heard of any possible Bush-Cheney intention to interfere with the Editor and this service was in January/February 2008. The ‘shootings’ episodes at the turn of last year, which certainly involved deaths but possibly of at least one double, may have been a part of this operation, with the objective of discrediting the opponents of the financial criminality in high places.


It is possible that this intention remained pending for eight months or so, until certain decisive steps were taken in Britain by the Editor of this service on behalf of his US associates in September 2008, which put an end to any such intentions. Certainly, the Editor was not interfered with when attending the IMF Spring Meetings in April 2008, and subsequently while residing in New York.


Thus, such intentions appear to have been overruled, or overtaken by events.



With the roof collapsing on top of them as the full force of these exposures slaps them in the face, corrupt Washington politicians were reported to us on 2nd December to be scrambling to impose their will on those in charge of the Settlements payouts, holding out their filthy hands for money in the hope of having funds channeled to their 'foundations', in payment for 'services rendered', i.e. corruption, before any payments to Trustees and others were or could be made.


However the real reason for this revolting spectacle is believed to be fear among these rats that they won't be paid at all, if they aren't paid first. Never in world history has such a despicable bunch of corrupt hacks behaved in such a primitive, unseemly way. They have no shame: they want 'their' money, so they can get out. And they want to get out because it's terribly hot inside.


But they want 'their' money.

Very late on 2nd December, the Editor was authoritatively informed that the 'Big Boys' were to be paid on 3rd December. The phrase 'Big Boys' in this context means the corrupt Washington, DC, politicians. When the Editor asked for an indication of their identities, names like Kennedy, Dodd, Bush Jr., Clinton and other well-known political crooks were mentioned.


Christopher Dodd is the grandson of Stalin (Josef Djiugashvili-Kochba), in case you had forgotten.

  • Has a more revolting spectacle than the thought of these pigs sticking their filthy snouts in the trough ahead of the rightful Trustees, ever disturbed your personal equilibrium?


In late November, it became known that Mr Obama had selected Timothy Geithner, currently President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, as his nominee for US Treasury Secretary.

It is known that this man is currently being ‘watched like a hawk’, given his association with Robert Rubin, the Clintons’ operative guarding their illicit interests at Citibank, in midtown Manhattan. As late as Friday 21st November 2008, Robert Rubin was reported to have interfered with Settlement payments.


Obviously, even one of Bush Jr.’s pardoned turkeys would be an improvement over the serial financial criminal, Henry M. Paulson, or his double, whom Timothy Geithner will be replacing, provided the new Senate can approve his credentials. But is that possible?

For serious questions arise in connection with this selection, notably concerning Gaithner’s past exercise of his fiduciary responsibilities, his ethical record, and whether he, like so many of these people, has been, for instance, in breach of the Misprision of Felony Statute.

Since we are concerned about economic terrorism having been relentlessly waged against the United Kingdom, in particular, by the familiar bunch of US criminals in the highest places, these questions necessitate the closest possible consideration, which we believe may be being given to them by the empanelled judicial processes mentioned earlier.

It will be recalled in this context that following lodgment of the Petition for a Writ of Mandamus with the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Alexandria [Civil Action No: 1-07 CV 609 – TSE – BRP: see text published in our reports dated 24th June 2007 and 5th July 2007: Archive] demanding performance in respect of the missing $4.5 trillion that was sent over in good faith by the People’s Bank of China, the US Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond had responded that the Petitioner’s remedy lay within the jurisdiction of the United States Eastern District of New York.

  • The relevant passage of the Petition for a Writ of Mandamus reads as follows:

    “In May of 2006 the People’s Republic of China caused a free and unrestricted transfer of $4.5 Trillion United States Dollars through international bank fund transfer facilities to an account at Bank of America located at Richmond, Virginia. The designated beneficiary of the transferred funds from the People’s Republic of China was Petitioner herein. This transfer was made by the People’s Republic of China solely and exclusively as a requirement under the mentioned [Wanta] settlement agreement. Upon best information and belief between the dates of July 31st to August 2nd of 2006 the United States Department of the Treasury, without authorization of either the remitting party or the receiving party removed the People’s Republic of China transferred financial assets from Bank of America, Richmond, Virginia to an account in the name of Goldman Sachs at Citibank New York, New York as the beneficiary holder of the monies transferred by the People’s Republic of China referenced above.

    This “Chip” (Clearing House Interbank Payment) transfer was facilitated from Virginia domiciled banks to New York domiciled banks via the Federal Reserve Bank Richmond. The Chip transfer did not remove the name of Petitioner as the intended recipient of the transferred money from the People’s Republic of China.

    The transfer to the Goldman Sachs et al. account at Citibank put a lawless restriction that the funds were not to be released to Petitioner without the authorization of United States Treasury”.

    This passage is also reproduced on page 57 of International Currency Review Volume 33, Numbers 3 & 4, the huge double issue mailed to the international financial community worldwide on 14th July 2008, under the heading: ‘DIVERSION OF WANTA-OWNED FUNDS REMITTED BY CHINESE’.


In our reported posted on 25th October 2007 [see Archive], under the heading ‘CONSPIRACY TO DEPRIVE WANTA OF COURT DOCUMENTS’, we published the full text of a last-minute Affidavit submitted to the Court by Attorney Steven Goodwin, whose Richmond office was the Registered Office of AmeriTrust Group, Inc, in which various convoluted reasoning was advanced to explain why the documents generated as a consequence of the Petition were never seen by the Petitioner.

  • Our report of 25th October 2007 contained, however, a reference to a hearing that the Petitioner ostensibly, therefore, never knew about, dated 7th September 2007.

  • The relevant language of our report referenced:

    ‘The Response filed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and heard by Judge Ellis... on 7th September, wherein the Richmond Fed suggested that the remedy... lies within the jurisdiction of the United States Eastern District Court of New York’.


Our report dated 25th October 2007 then stated that our related report dated 4th October 2007 had been ‘snipped’, and at the time we thought over-hastily that this had probably occurred ‘because it characterizes Citibank as a criminal enterprise’.


We elaborated with words to the effect that it was quite stupid of Fort Meade to ‘snip’ this report, given that in so doing it appeared to confirm the accuracy of this statement. However, as has now become apparent, there were much more telling reasons why our report dated 4th October 2007 [see Archive] had been ‘snipped’.


For that report also contained the following language:

‘Given that the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond accepts ‘all well pleaded facts as true’, the Richmond Fed further reconfirmed, in the most authoritative manner possible, that the funds had been placed with an account in the name of Goldman Sachs at Citibank, New York... In its Brief in Support of its Motion to Dismiss, the US Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond elaborated that [the Petitioner] ‘has an adequate remedy under Article 4A (Funds Transfer) of the Uniform Commercial Code by demanding that Citibank release to him the funds held’ by that bank ‘for his benefit’'.

In other words, the relevant funds were held within the jurisdiction of the United States Court for the Eastern District of New York, namely the jurisdiction within which the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, of which Timothy Gaithner was President, resides.



Now, at the hearing at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Alexandria held on 19th October 2007 that your correspondent attended, Judge Ellis was not at all impressed with the behavior of the Petitioner on the witness stand, so much so that the Judge more or less ignored everything said from the stand. At the time, the Editor thought this was very odd.

The reason for this behavior, it has now transpired, is that another deal may have been done at some stage between the lodgment of the Petition in late June 2007 and the hearing on the 19th October, whereby the funds had been diverted to Athens, Greece.


It was therefore ‘necessary’ to bring the Petition for a Writ of Mandamus proceedings to an indeterminate conclusion, as it had ‘reached its sell-by date’.

  • NOTE: However it is suggested elsewhere that the funds were alienated to Athens much earlier, in which case the matter of the way we were deceived is much more serious, as in that case we would have been deceived from the outset. Either way, the deceivers deserve no sympathy.

    This explains why it then became necessary for the Petitioner ‘to part company with Christopher Story’ (as he put it to Michael C. Cottrell, M.S.), whom the Petitioner called ‘an honest journalist, which is very rare’ (in a telephone conversation during the first quarter of 2008).

    In other words, the services of this ‘honest journalist’ were now an impediment to the Petitioner’s interests, since a possibly parallel deal (see below) may have been done with Cheney et al. behind the scenes while the legal process was continuing, and an ‘honest journalist’, Christopher Story, could not possibly be informed of this fact and would be liable to 'get in the way' now.

  • This background also explains why the Petitioner angrily told the Editor in a fractured telephone conversation in March 2008 that 'YOU HAVE DESTROYED EVERYTHING'.

  • For ‘everything’ here, read the illegal diversion of the funds, inter alia to Athens (see below).


This diversion had been orchestrated by the corrupt former President Clinton’s main mole inside Citibank/Citigroup, one Robert Rubin, the former US Treasury Secretary, who authored a prominent article published in the Wall Street Journal dated 29th November, the theme of which was ‘It’s not my fault’.


[The Editor calls the habit that these people routinely adopt of protesting too much when cornered, ‘Blankfeinism’, after the display of supreme arrogance by Paulson’s successor as CEO at Goldman Sachs, Mr Blankfein, who boasted in the summer of 2007 about how well his institution had been doing, when of course it had been engaged in dodgy financial manipulations as exposed inter alia by this service].

Confirmation that the original $4.5 trillion funds were diverted by Robert Rubin from Citibank to an account or accounts located in Athens, and that the funds had been so diverted for perhaps two + years, was obtained by this service between 11.30pm and midnight on Wednesday 26th November 2008. For their part, certain Greek parties could not understand what on earth was going on, with some concluding that the Americans had gone completely mad. Whether the transactions were in any way facilitated by John Negroponte, of Greek Jewish extraction, and /or by Olga Sarantopoulos, is not known at this juncture.

It may also be recalled that in the late fall of 2007, the Treasurer of the United States, Ms. Anna Escobedo Cabral, held a meeting with Robert Rubin at Citibank, which she was reported to have left in a seriously discontented frame of mind.


It was even rumored that Ms. Cabral had indicated that she would not stand for this endless corruption any longer, would do her best to procure the Settlements, and would then resign. What the US Treasurer is believed to have found out during that meeting was that certain missing funds had been diverted to Athens.

Reverberations from this and related scandals were still roiling Citibank/Citigroup, one of the CIA’s favored 'helpful' institutions, as late as mid-November 2008. On the 13th November, the institution issued the following brief statement:

‘The Board of Directors of Citigroup Inc. today reiterated its full support for the company’s chairman, Sir Win Bischoff, and said it looks forward to its continued leadership. This morning’s Wall Street Journal report to the contrary is completely erroneous’.

The ‘erroneous’ report had referenced allegations that senior Citigroup staff members had been unhappy with Sir Win’s oversight of Chief Executive Vikram Pandit and his management team, and had suggested that Dick Parsons, the bank’s senior independent director, was possibly being lined up to replace Sir Win Bischoff, who was parachuted into Citibank in part to serve inter alia as the guardian of The Queen’s loan funds with the bank.

But in translation, it can be seen that the pressure on Robert Rubin will have been intense, and that a belated rearguard action may have been mounted to ‘rid the bank’ of HM The Queen’s de facto representative and of the influence of MI6 in procuring the necessary overdue resolution of the Settlements dimension of this vast crisis, without collapsing Citibank and causing thereby a worldwide depression (the ‘ace’ that Robert Rubin has of course been cynically playing).


On 21st November, Rubin was STILL reported, as noted, to have tried hard to block the Settlements.



The problem facing Timothy Geithner is that, as President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, he will need to explain to a Senate hearing that is doing its job properly, and almost certainly to the empanelled ‘judicial processes’, exactly what was his involvement in these various criminal diversions of other people’s money.


He will also need to answer questions about how it came to pass that profits illegally derived from the stealing of Her Majesty The Queen’s gold on 29th-30th March 2007 came to be deposited inter alia in secret ‘offshore’, off-balance sheet accounts held at Citibank for,

  • Bush Sr. (41)

  • Bush Jr. (43)

  • William Jefferson Clinton (42)

  • Mrs Hillary Clinton

  • Henry M. Paulson

  • Vice President Richard B. Cheney

  • Robert Rubin

  • Dr Alan Greenspan

  • Dr Ben Bernanke

  • and other high-level crooks as beneficiaries...

This information came from top US military sources.

  • YES, the top criminalists MADE MONEY OUT OF THE STEALING OF THE QUEEN'S GOLD and placed their portions of the proceeds in their illegal, untaxed, off-balance sheet hidden accounts with the CIA's primary money-laundering criminal enterprise, Citibank. WHICH IS TO SAY, that the Bushes, Clintons, Cheney, Paulson et al. were ALL engaged in FINANCING TERRORISM and in ECONOMIC TERRORISM against Her Majesty the Queen and the British State and people.

  • In other words, these top criminals, who rant and rave about global terrorism, are themselves veteran terrorists, engaged in the financing of terrorism by their own definitions, illustrating once again the double-mindedness of these snakes. AND, TO COIN A PHRASE, IT GETS MUCH WORSE.


In October 2007, the Provost Marshal of the day, with appropriate back-up, visited the offices of Morgan Stanley in New York City. We alluded to the activities of the Provost Marshal extensively in our reports dated between 4th October 2007 and 11th November 2007 [see Archive].


The Provost Marshal at that time was under the control of (criminal) Vice President Richard B. Cheney.

Our impeccable sources were unable to inform the Editor, but are now able to inform us, that:

  • The Provost Marshal and his team attempted to obtain entry to a locked room inside the Morgan Stanley building. They were specifically barred from entering this room, by Morgan Stanley staff, who stood outside the doors and prevented them from entering.

  • The purpose of the Provost Marshal's demand for entry to this room was to obtain back-up evidence that Morgan Stanley, the CEO of which remains John Mack, was engaged in financing terrorism operations in general, and Al-Qaeda in particular, from this room.

  • How did the Provost Marshal know this? Because following the arrests bankers in Europe which we also reported during that period, investigators had obtained tear-sheets PROVING that such terrorism financing operations were being run out of this room at Morgan Stanley.


    Specifically, the tear-sheets carried the finger-prints of the following criminal operatives holding the highest US offices:


    • George H. W. Bush Sr.

    • Vice President Richard B. Cheney

    • Henry M. Paulson Jr.

    • Dr. Alan Greenspan

    • William Jefferson Clinton

    • Mrs Hillary Clinton (these being the names confirmed to us, but of course there were others, too)


    The tear-sheets referenced key secret bank accounts, access to which was blocked off and which the Provost Marshal, controlled by Cheney at the time, was unable to inspect. At the time, our sources were ordered NOT to convey this information to us.


We are told that this room housed contracts and other documents relating to the use of funds in the secret bank accounts referenced immediately above.

The operations directed from this secret Morgan Stanley room or office suite were concerned SPECIFICALLY with the terrorist-financing of Al-Qaeda and other international terrorism operations, according to our sources.


This means that, as stated above, ALL those named by military sources as beneficiaries of the secret 'offshore' accounts, headed by Mr Paulson as US Treasury Secretary, were engaged in the diversion of illicit funds for the purposes of financing terrorism and Al-Qaeda, which the United States and Britain routinely blame for the terrorist abominations that are being financed through these operations run out of the secret office inside Morgan Stanley.

  • Thus it is finally determined that the world's most dangerous revolutionary pariah state is indeed the United States, with the United Kingdom, in a disreputable and reprobate breach with what Great Britain is supposed to stand for, aiding and abetting these hideous, murderous abominations.

  • No wonder Blair's 'confession' is reported to be causing these odious criminals nightmares.

Therefore, the Directors of Morgan Stanley and of Citibank stand accused of being engaged in the FINANCING OF TERRORISM, along with Messrs,

  • Bush Sr.

  • Bush Jr.

  • the former President Clinton

  • Mrs Hillary Clinton (who may soon be pontificating all over the world's stage excoriating Al-Qaeda and even banging on about Osama Bin Laden (the CIA's 'Tim Osman') whom these fools have to keep alive in order to sustain their strategic deception, even though he died on 26th December 2001

  • Vice President Richard B. Cheney

  • the former and current Chairmen of the Federal Reserve Board, Drs. Greenspan and Bernanke

  • Robert Rubin




In the above context, it was reconfirmed with the same batch of intelligence that Vice President Cheney had been ‘running the media’ while Robert Rubin had been ‘running the money’ – all of which had been going on while we were steadily chipping away at the endless deceptions, lies, diversionary tactics and obfuscations with our ‘Wantagate’ reports, and thereafter.

The Sunday Times, London, of 30th November 2008, carried an extensive article which accurately confirmed that President-Elect Obama had been obliged to seize the initiative so as to fill the de facto vacuum at the top in the United States, given that every strand of US policy has long been atrophied by the corrupt behavior of the holders of the highest offices, who have done hardly anything since mid-2006 except manipulate the illicit movement of funds so as to extract as much money for lining their own pockets as possible, and to satisfy and make whole the furious demands and elevated expectations of heinous, ruthless ‘Black Ops’ interests and of innumerable corrupt constituencies who have been double-crossed by the ‘Box Gang’ (the Bush-Clinton Crime Nexus).



On Monday 24th November 2008, the President-Elect signed papers requiring the Settlements to be implemented. In the batch of information received late on 26th November, it was confirmed that Mr Obama has been insisting on settlement, a fact that had been confirmed to us earlier in an email dated 13th November 2008 (received at 01:47am) from a Trustee to the effect that that ‘Obama has said we must be paid immediately’.

The sources stated, and it was later confirmed, that Mr Obama has been absolutely appalled at what he had found out following his election victory and that his shock has been all the greater because he had realized that Vice President-Elect Biden had known all about this open-ended criminality.

The Editor speculates that it has been the shock of these discoveries of this wall-to-wall deception, corruption and blatant criminality, that accounts for Obama's compulsion (given the unprecedented and extraordinary circumstances of this crisis) to ‘act presidentially’.

Americans use this phrase rather loosely and perhaps a trifle cynically. But here, the gravity of the chaos and the corruption is so extreme that the incoming President was immediately left with no option but to respond in a responsible and vigorous manner. Which he did.

It is also true, of course, that in presiding over the Settlements and procuring the implementation of the G-7-Approved Refinancing Program, the President-Elect will ensure that the disaster that otherwise awaits his Presidency will in fact be transformed over time into a triumphant success.

This is NOT play-acting: it implies confirmation of strength of character, determination, an iron will and of a man who, whatever faults he like everyone else may possess, has immediately risen to the immense challenges that he ‘unexpectedly’ faces given the circumstances and the derailing of the various schemes and plots to have him removed from the scene.


After the Bush Jr. White House had tried to bribe him, Mr Obama must have entertained no remaining doubts about the extreme gravity of the Republic’s crisis, and must have been reinforced in his belief in his mission to help the United States climb out of the worst outbreak of financial iniquity the Republic has ever faced.

On Saturday 22nd November 2008, a week after the G-20 meeting and after George Bush Jr. had finally ceased his resistance (so it was being said, not that Mr Bush had any power to resist left), the 'country payees' received what was grossly overdue to them in cash. We realize that there have been earlier occasions when 'the countries' were reported to have been paid (which have turned out to be occasions when their dollar funds were on-screen but not accessed): but the point here is that this information concerning ‘wholesale’ payments was received over the weekend of 22nd-23rd November, and ‘confirmed’ by separate sources on 1st December 2008.

For the countries to have been paid, a key Tier Two US Trustee must have needed to deploy his instruments, which were integral to the countries being paid. This information was accompanied by indications that US Treasury securities had been issued for the Settlement throughout the week following the G-20 meeting, with Tier Three payees therefore likely to be paid with Treasuries.

A caveat applies to all such information, however, namely that, given ‘banking secrecy’, none of this can be verified, even though some such information is ‘confirmed’: it is all, by definition, based on hearsay – which is why we have usually avoided referencing such ‘intelligence’. But at this late stage, some indication of what is supposed to have been happening, is necessary.


A key Trustee payable with the countries, should have been paid, at the latest, on or by Sunday 30th November.



Mr Obama’s ‘presidential’ behavior has been buttressed by the fact that President Sarkozy of France, who is also President of the European Union until 31st December this year, and Britain’s MI6 (elements truly serving HM The Queen) are working in lock-step with the President-Elect to procure finalization of the Settlements, not least in conformity with the instructions and deadline imposed upon the French President requiring him to fulfill his new ‘mandate to pay’ obtained when President Bush Jr. finally ceded what he thought was still his authority in the matter, as previously described by this service.

Unfortunately, both the President-Elect and President Sarkozy encountered further resistance – not from Chancellor Merkel – who as we reported in October, had been on Mr Bush Sr.’s corrupt payroll for four years in exchange for ‘looking after’ Bush-linked funds that we now know were flowing to and from Deutsche Bank and the Vatican Bank (controlled by Merkel’s agent there, Dr Hans Tietmeyer) via the de facto clearing house in London, Coutts Bank – but from the current British Prime Minister, GORDON BROWN.



The batch of intelligence obtained by this service between 11.30pm and midnight UK time on that Wednesday 26th November, all of which was confirmed to be 100% accurate (with the exception of an allegation that active Gold Badges had been instructed to ‘take Story down’, an instruction that is now believed to be redundant anyway), contained the following:

  • Gordon Brown had lately been impeding finalization of the Settlements: in other words there has been no discontinuity between Blair and Brown in respect of the sabotage; and:

  • President-Elect Obama sent an agent over to London to speak directly to the Prime Minister with the following stark message: If you interfere any further with the Settlements payouts, YOU WILL BE ARRESTED. In this connection, Barack Obama will have issued this warning with the full authority of Sarkozy, equipped with his said ‘mandate to pay’, backed by the ‘right’ MI6 elements.

When we obtained confirmation of this intelligence, we were advised that ‘relevant parties’ had become aware that someone at very high level in London must have been ‘standing in the way’, given that almost all other known blockages had been removed, with many arrests having taken place across Europe during November, as in the preceding several months.

On 24th November, we had another episode of the ‘waiting for bank answerbacks’ syndrome, it being confirmed later that one bank had failed to provide the necessary answerback, as a direct consequence of which the banker in question had been arrested.


There is a suspicion that this sabotage occurred in London and may have been directly connected to the fact that Mr Brown was found to have been impeding the Settlements.

  • NOTE: It remains possible that what has been happening is an expanded version of the 'pass the parcel' technique whereby the scene constantly shifts between the players, with the spotlight then directed from one to the next one, while the action has already moved to the subsequent crook: a more extensive game than was being played by the highest-level criminalists in 2007 and earlier in 2008, when 'A' 'washes his hands' of the matter and then points to 'B', who has carefully developed his alibi while the action is being corruptly handled by 'C', as the spotlight lingers on 'B'. That model was seen in the US context: perhaps it is now being applied internationally, with the overall aim of sabotaging performance.

  • Last week it was Sarkozy. This week it's Brown. Next week, its Bush again. After all, these rats, as previously advised, are all out of the same sewer.

  • In any given sewer, each rat is different, yet every rat is the same colour. All of them stink.



We are led to believe that the discovery, at this latest of all stages, that Gordon Brown had been impeding the Settlements, has placed this Prime Minister in the same position as his predecessor during his final months in office, when he was under extreme pressure from sources in authority to step down from Downing Street.


Given this state of affairs, some new light is hereby thrown on the sudden reappearance of two sinister characters at the centre of the Government in Whitehall and Downing Street.


We refer to:

  • Peter [now Lord] Mandelson, who was suddenly pulled out of Brussels, where he had been serving as European Trade Commissioner, and has surfaced as Business Secretary at the very centre of the Government, with at times nowadays a higher profile than the Prime Minister.

    Mandelson is believed to be a direct Rothschild agent and operates with a brief that will ‘go nowhere' (see below), to push the Brown Government into ditching the pound in favor of the Euro, a line now openly supported by the compromised President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso.


    Given that the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has recently been ‘fingered’ obstructing the Settlements, he may now see capitulation on this central issue as his own route to salvation and as a means of wreaking revenge on The Queen. More generally, as this grandfather of all financial corruption crises unravels, powerful interests are finding their positions threatened, oligarchs are being cut down to size or wiped out, and the furniture is being thrown all around the room, much of it broken into smaller pieces or even ground to dust.

  • Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair’s notorious former ‘press agent’, a.k.a. chief intelligence handler, who has suddenly reappeared in Number 10 Downing Street, we understand.

    It is possible that the reappearance of these people may have had something to do with Gordon Brown’s irregular behavior, which we first identified in the following paragraph published in the report dated 18th June 2008:


We will now pose the following question. WHY was it ‘necessary’ for Brown, who had seen George Bush in the morning of Monday 16th June, to rush up to Northern Ireland so as to be in a position to be standing on the tarmac at Belfast airport, to ‘greet’ the President and Laura when they arrived in Northern Ireland?


After all, he had just said goodbye to President Bush. Perish the thought that the purpose of his presence there might have been to open bank accounts.


Perish the thought.

  • REMARKABLE FACT: The Editor was subsequently informed that this observation alerted the relevant US and British authorities to the fact that Bush flew to Northern Ireland precisely to open bank accounts and that Brown was associated with this activity. Many weeks later the Editor was told that Brown had subsequently been ‘educated’.

    … However it now appears, given the intelligence received and confirmed on 26th November 2008, that Brown did not learn his lessons well, i.e., the fool paid no attention (3).

We believe, therefore, that Gordon Brown is now de facto a ‘lame duck’ – a NEW fact which, very surprisingly, seems already to have been sensed by certain ‘mainstream’ outlets, given one or two sudden reversals performed by journalists in respect of their assessments of Mr Brown’s political position.


For, all of a sudden, after the Prime Minister had been at the receiving end of a peculiar avalanche of domestic and international praise for his ‘robust’ response to the crisis (which he and his predecessor helped to generate), we read that his standing has declined sharply as economic and financial conditions have deteriorated ever more steeply during the past couple of weeks.

[Note: In an obvious attempt to reverse the impression created by earlier opinion polls, a new poll published in The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday 2nd December suggested that the Conservatives' poll lead over the Labour Government had collapsed to just 1%.


It should be recalled that these opinion polls are actually a device to enable the 'controllers' to see which way the wind is blowing, but that they are also used to confuse the people, to sway the thinking of gullible journalists, and to trim the perceptions of targeted constituencies, in order to fine-tune (in this case) an evolving and highly charged political situation, in which many senior figures' careers may be on the line].



The situation described above is even more convoluted when one considers the contrasting overt behavior of the Prime Minister and of Lord Mandelson, the Rothschild agent he has hauled back from Brussels and installed in the Cabinet at the centre of Government as Business Secretary.

On the one hand (see above), Gordon Brown is found to have been impeding the outstanding settlements payouts – even though we have been advised that, as of 22nd November, President Bush Jr. had finally ‘agreed’ to the releases, notwithstanding that he had weeks earlier provided President Sarkozy with an irrevocable ‘mandate to pay’ – while on the other hand Mr Brown's newly appointed Business Secretary has been issuing rapid-fire edicts and statements purporting to signal the British Government’s ‘commitment’ to the struggling industrial and business sectors.

But on closer inspection it would appear that Lord Mandelson’s stance is curiously ambivalent. For instance, he told The Sunday Telegraph (30th November 2008) that he had submitted a preliminary paper to the Labour Party’s National Economic Council in late November which he explained as follows: ‘I made the point that there has to be a screening process to distinguish between those [industries] which are viable and those which are not. But we also need to take account of our own resources and European state aid rules’.

So, leaving aside the fact that President-Elect Obama had to take the extraordinary step of sending an emissary to Number 10 Downing Street to inform the Prime Minister directly that if he continued to block the settlements, WHICH ARE THE SOLUTION TO LORD MANDELSON’S PROBLEMS over the medium term as the G-7 Approved Refinancing Program will generate the necessary flow of on-the-books liquidity to refinance the US and European banks on the books, the overt position at the very end of November 2008 was that

  1. the Prime Minister had been SABOTAGING the ONLY available solution, while,

  2. his former enemy, Peter Mandelson, who must surely be aware of this, was busily setting limits and citing obstacles to the provision of state assistance to Britain’s rapidly crumbling business and industrial sectors.

At the very least, this does suggest a truly constipated, dislocated directorate at the centre of British governance which needs to be swept away if the country is not indeed to sink into a depression which could make 1929 look like a seaside holiday.



But at worst, the two most powerful figures in the British Government, Gordon Brown and Lord Mandelson, had themselves been exacerbating Britain’s problems by blocking (at least until late November) the Settlements payouts, thereby assisting the interests of the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate and the Octopus, which in turn implies that both these characters may themselves be engaged in perpetrating economic terrorism against the Monarch, the United Kingdom and its people, and should therefore be arrested under the European anti-terrorism laws adopted by the Westminster Parliament: which, presumably, is what President-Elect Barack Obama had in mind when, with the support of President Sarkozy and MI6, he had to dispatch a special emissary to inform Mr Brown that he would be arrested if he continued to block the Settlements.

There may indeed, therefore, be the soundest reasons for believing that the very sudden transfer of Mandelson (previously a sworn enemy of Mr Brown, and a man who is known to have excoriated Brown in the past, behind his back, in the most bitter terms), to the very epicenter of the Brown Labour Government, appears to represent a defiant and desperate move by the Prime Minister to wrap ‘European’ protection around himself while at the same time appearing to be ‘getting back at’ The Queen, and effectively ‘changing sides’ – a stance apparently reinforced by the sudden reappearance of Blair’s former ‘handler’, Alistair Campbell, in Downing Street.

  • If so, Gordon Brown may have been sharply disabused of this thinking or strategy, as on 2nd December The Financial Times reported that the Prime Minister had 'quashed' Barroso's claim that the economic crisis was driving Britain to abandon sterling and 'find refuge with' the Euro. Mr Brown's spokesman (INTERESTINGLY, he was not named, which is VERY UNUSUAL, implying that this was a PLANTED article) was said to have 'been forced by Barroso's remarks' to state that there are 'no plans' for Britain to join the European Collective Currency.

  • 'Changing sides' among the operatives on the stage is all the rage during this 'discontinuity' period, when the correlation of forces is being shaken from top to bottom. It may explain, for instance, the appearance of Mrs Clinton as prospective Secretary of State under Barack Obama. More significantly, however, the trade-off here incorporates the following equation: Mrs Clinton may believe she is 'safe' from the consequences of her crimes if confirmed by the Senate, while in exchange Mr Obama will know that SHE knows she cannot step out of line, or she will be 'chopped' by the President-Elect, whereupon she will immediately be vulnerable to arrest and its aftermath.

Operative Campbell ostensibly serves John Scarlett of MI6, whose notorious orientation towards the European Union Collective (the long-range Abwehr/DVD anti-nation state strategic entrapment instrument) is well known.


MI6 appears to be split, as would be expected, along similar fault lines as the criminal enterprise known as the CIA – between the pro-pan-German faction, and those who still try, against immense odds, but do quite well in the grim circumstances, loyally to serve their home countries and their Heads of State.

If the foregoing analysis is reasonably accurate, any such plot to leverage the present situation to yank Britain out of sterling and into the Euro will fail.

The reason is that Britain can never abandon the pound, which was one of the world currencies designated at Bretton Woods to operate in parallel with the US dollar. The international trading system cannot allow the pound to cease to exist because it is a mainstay with the dollar, and now China, of the international trading system. For international trading arrangements to function, there must be at least two world currencies in the mix, to allow offsetting to take place.


The Euro cannot be used as a mainstay currency for this purpose as it is a wholly artificial currency that is supported by both nothing and no government. The yen can be used for offsetting purposes, but it was not a currency that was available when the Bretton Woods system was established as Japan was an Axis country and its currency was of course anathema.

Hence, all talk of Britain joining the Euro – which it is now quite possible Brown may have suddenly sought to embrace behind the scenes, given the pressure he is under following his treachery with Bush last June and his blocking of the Settlements – is eyewash.

For EC President Barroso to wade in with verbal pressure designed to take advantage of Brown’s predicament, smells of a hopeless rearguard response. That leaves the question: who, then, will take over if Brown has to go? And the answer, on this analysis, would be Mandelson – if that had not been precluded (unless he renounces his new peerage) by the fact that he is in the House of Lords. Mandelson may well be operating in conjunction with Messrs Barroso and Rothschild to try to ‘bounce’ Britain into the Euro, but this endeavor, like Brown’s premiership, is doomed.

All of which illuminates what Brown was REALLY up to when he bounded around the world stage and received a substantial, but very fragile, uplift in the British domestic public opinion polls (the mechanism used by the 'controllers' to gauge the way the wind is blowing), as the gale-force winds of this crisis assumed hurricane proportions.

He was promoting A NEW BRETTON WOODS, so that the unique position of the pound sterling laid down in the Bretton Woods agreement could then be scrapped, the continued existence of the old Bretton Woods Agreement being an irremovable impediment to the DVD's project for scrapping the pound.


Now that this little ruse has been exposed, and you are for the high-jump, Mr Brown, your clumsy behavior in seeking to have the existing Bretton Woods Agreement swept away, is DEAD IN THE WATER, mate.


You were trying to be 'too clever by half', and you messed up BIG TIME.



Turning to the concomitant collapse of the economy, quite apart from the daily headline news about well-known high street and corporate names in severe financial trouble, there are ominous signs that the real economy’s distribution system is on the verge of breaking down.

  • According to experts on classical Rome, the primary factor, aside from decadence, that brought Rome to its knees – leaving vast tracts of the city itself abandoned and deserted for a millennium and more – was the disintegration of the distribution system.

    The Romans had perfected certain mass production techniques for goods in widespread demand, such as vessels for the transportation of wine, roof tiles, domestic house-wares, shoes and other products, which depended upon an efficient system of distribution to reach their markets.

    Archaeologists have long since taken note of the sharp deterioration in the quality of, say, roof tiles that took place somewhat abruptly in the fourth century or earlier. The main reason for this rapid deterioration is believed to be that the distribution system collapsed, which in turn brought the mass production operations to a halt.

  • People in need of roofing tiles were therefore reduced either to stealing them from abandoned buildings, turning to local sources of manufacture, or making the artifacts themselves.

    On 18th November, Atradius, the United Kingdom’s largest credit insurer, confirmed that it was clawing back the insurance offered to suppliers to at least 12,000 British businesses. The insurer provides cover against non-payment of bills for goods supplied on credit.

The Financial Times reported on 19th November that one broker had said that the withdrawal by the Atradius corporation was ‘unprecedented in my life’, adding that up to 20,000 British corporations may have been affected over the preceding two weeks alone. Another broker asserted that the UK construction, retail and leisure sectors had been affected and that the Government might soon have to provide credit or insurance to struggling suppliers.

Smaller suppliers typically, and usually with good reason, do not trust larger corporations, which place orders for goods to be supplied on credit, to meet their obligations, on time or at all.


So to mitigate the risk of the corporate purchaser not paying its bills, the supplier can take out credit insurance: indeed without such cover, the supplier is less likely to provide the goods needed by the larger corporation – creating a dangerous situation that can cause the collapse of the larger corporations themselves. In other words, the supply chain and distribution systems are creaking and showing early signs of a potential to seize up.


On 29th November, the insurance group Amlin, which is estimated to own about 4% of the UK credit insurance market, was reported likewise to be pulling out of the credit insurance market, having reportedly decided not to write any new policies for businesses supplying goods to other businesses on credit.

These insurance firms are clearly anticipating increased losses from payouts. Atradius is said to be aiming to reduce its overall exposure to risk in the United Kingdom by about 7%, compared with a projected 5% reduction of its exposures to the business credit market in the rest of the world.


However should the gradient of the economic downturn continue to steepen at its present rate, pointing straight into a depression, thanks to the ongoing criminal sabotage, we would expect such credit risk exposures to be cut back much more sharply after the turn of the year.

  • The above observations were prepared on 30th November. On 2nd December, Alan Duncan, the Shadow Business Secretary ('Conservative' Party), authored an article in The Financial Times in which, in true socialist fashion, he called for the state to underwrite 'vital insurance cover to stop the credit crunch [sic] precipitating the collapse of supply chains'.


Which brings us to a pressingly critical point. Thanks to the criminal activities of the holders of the highest offices in the United States, Britain and Germany, to name the very worst offenders, both the United States and Britain are now hovering on the brink of a real DEPRESSION, with General Motors effectively bankrupt in the United States and numerous corporations and well-known names such as Woolworths in the United Kingdom going to the wall in a frenetic cascade that is being accompanied by steepening declines in consumer confidence and purchases in recent weeks.

Paul Volcker, who will certainly serve as Mr Obama’s most prestigious economic adviser beyond the special role that he has accepted, told a conference convened by Lombard Street Research in London on 17th November that the economic slump has begun to spread after a shocking collapse in output over the two months to mid-November, threatening to overwhelm the incoming Obama Administration as it struggles to restore confidence.

‘What this crisis reveals’, Mr Volcker said, ‘is a broken financial system like no other in my lifetime. Normal monetary policy is not able to get money flowing. The trouble is that, even with all this [government] protection [sic], the market is not moving again’.

In an appropriate oblique criticism of his successor as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, the criminal operative, arrested in June 2007, Dr Alan Greenspan, Mr Volcker elaborated that,

‘there has been leveraging in the economy beyond imagination, and nobody [at the time] was saying we need to do something’.

Mr Volcker also blamed what he called ‘the new means of credit alchemy that led bankers to slice and dice mortgage debt into packages that disguised risk’.



Actually, none of the ‘downstream’ slicers and dicers, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, had or have any recourse to the sole source of funds, namely the mortgager.


The ONLY party with true recourse is the original mortgage bank.

Therefore, ALL ‘downstream’, repackaged, collectivized, securitized so-called derivative ‘assets’ are fraudulent and are worth zero, a fact of life recognized by the regional Federal Reserve Banks, we understand, and which is a source of tension between them and the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

In our forthcoming paper on this subject, we will provide further proof that the derivatives are all worth zero, which is the CENTRAL ISSUE. The only authoritative (that is, internationally approved) derivatives aggregate data are the numbers published by the Bank for International Settlements, reproduced and elaborated by the International Monetary Fund, for instance in its October 2008 Global Financial Stability Report subtitled ‘Financial Stress and Deleveraging: Macrofinancial Implications and Policy’, made available in the Press Room at the IMF/World Bank Group Annual meetings held in October in Washington DC.

Both sources adjust the data, on an estimated basis, for double-counting (2). According to these sources, the notional value of outstanding adjusted global over-the-counter derivatives contracts had expanded from $257,894 billion at the end of 2004, to $596,004 billion by the end of December 2007. The most recent figure cited (applicable to around mid-October 2008) was $667 trillion.

But the underlying gross market values of these outstanding contracts rose from just $9,377 billion at the end of December 2004, to $14,522 billion by the end of 2007.

Thus, whereas the gross market values of outstanding contracts were ‘worth’ 3.6% of their notional values at the end of 2004, the equivalent proportion three years later was 2.4%.

But such assessments are in fact meaningless because, as noted above, these exotic 'derived' instruments are, by definition, marketed WITHOUT RECOURSE to the underlying source of real funds, which means that the derived ‘assets’ are fundamentally fraudulent.

If the mortgager does default, the only party that can ever know about the default is the original mortgage bank. The 'downstream' parties never get to know about it, and AREN'T INTERESTED.

It used to be the case that maximum derivatives leveraging possible in the United Kingdom was 10:1. Earlier this year, leveraging operations of 30:1 were being reported from London, and the large US financial criminal enterprises are believed until recently, at least, to have favored mad leveraging ratios as extended as 40:1.

This would theoretically enable Citibank, for instance, to convert $306 billion in quick succession to $12,240 billion.


However all such proceeds would have to be stashed away off-balance sheet, are adjudged now to be dubious, and cannot be surreptitiously transferred onto the balance sheet, under the Basel-II settlement, given the necessity for the disclosure of source of funds – and the crucial, little-mentioned, factor that auditors’ fears of being sued for misrepresentation, and more generally for their own survival given what has happened to some of their peers, mean that they are no longer susceptible to condoning ‘smoke and mirrors’ treatments of clients' accounts.



In the face of the reality that the perpetrators of these fraudulent finance operations have been found out, it is STILL the case that Bush Sr. and his few remaining cronies have been continuing, or attempting to persist with, ‘business as usual’, looking for counterparties for exotic trades.

Most such prospective parties have long since realized that Bush-linked associates are criminal operatives: so, as indicated, searching for counterparties, even in Dubai which is now in financial trouble, has been proving a problem. The fact that these people are STILL persisting with this behavior shows how brainlessly bovine and set in their criminal ways they remain.

One of the lessons that astute counterparties around the world will or ought to have learned by now is that the Bush-linked criminal Octopus, being by far the most ruthless and reckless cabal of criminal financial operatives in human history, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, turns on their collaborators on the basis of the standard, crude ‘bait and switch’ double-cross technique that they were taught at intelligence school. That was what happened, of course, with Iraq.

But although we have publicized the fact that one purpose of the invasion of Iraq was to ransack the Central Bank of Iraq, steal its gold, currency and other assets and acquire control over Rafidain Bank and thus over its sub-accounts in London, believed to hold fiat assets worth an estimated $100 trillion, the deeper reason for the second invasion has not hitherto been divulged.



Some time in 1944, a US aircraft supposedly (but see below) crashed in Siberia.


A certain Soviet KGB officer operating in the United States, one Colonel Kotikov, referred to this aircraft within the hearing of at least one US military officer, as ‘the money plane’.


When questioned by the US officer as to the meaning of the phrase ‘the money plane’, Colonel Kotikov explained that the US Treasury was shipping engraved printing plates and related banknote printing materials to the Soviets so that they could start to print the same ‘occupation money’ for distribution in occupied Germany as the United States was printing for the same purpose.

As a Master Printer (because we own a small printing works), the Editor of this service knows only too well that there is ONE cast-iron rule in the printing trade: NEVER release the printing plates.

They are ‘tools of the trade’ and represent components that have to be manufactured in order to print the copies, which is what the customer buys. The customer does not purchase the tools from which the copies were manufactured: just the copies.


What the US Treasury SHOULD have done was to print German occupation money for the Soviets, and ship them the currency itself.

  • Unless, that is, this was a component of a deep-cover US economic warfare operation.

But unbelievably, the US Treasury shipped not only the engraved printing plates, but also colored inks, varnish, tint blocks, sample paper and other components, in two shipments conveyed to the USSR via five C-47s. The shipments were arranged at the highest level in Washington, DC, with the planes loaded up at National Airport.

The Soviets then proceeded to print the new marks that their part of occupied Germany needed, which the United States redeemed, with no accountability whatsoever, to the gross amount of $250 million, a colossal sum in those days.

The Soviet official who had repeatedly agitated for the US authorities to send Treasury printing plates to Moscow, was Andrei Gromyko (Katz), who was then Soviet Ambassador to Washington. If Washington had meant to wage economic warfare (possibly by supplying the Soviets with slightly doctored printing plates so that Soviet print runs could be distinguished from the equivalent mark notes printed by or for the US Military Administration), this operation appears to have backfired.

Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU) maintained unhealthily close links at the very heart of the US Government of the day, via Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White. A published US Department of State Memorandum dated 14th April 1944 of a telephone conversation between Henry Morgenthau, the US Treasury Secretary and a Mr James Clement Dunn, of the State Department, entitled ‘Duplicate plates to be furnished to the Soviet Union’ indicated that the five C-47s finally left National Airport on 24th May 1944. Mr Gromyko even demanded a replacement consignment, after one of the planes had crashed (see above); and the US authorities never queried his ‘information’, sending a plane with a ‘replacement’ consignment of printing plates and materials to the USSR on 7th June 1944.

In this episode, Gromyko had insisted on obtaining US Treasury printing plates so that the Soviets could print German occupation currency without accountability, because the Soviets knew that the US Army would convert such currency into US dollars (whereas the Russians, of course, refused to redeem the same currency with rubles).

As a consequence, every Russian mark that fell into the hands of an American soldier or accredited civilian became a potential charge against the Treasury of the United States.


Using the materials provided by Washington, the Russians confiscated an erstwhile Nazi printing plant in Leipzig, deep inside the Russian Zone and therefore at a safe distance from American inspection, and started up the machinery. By December 1946, the US Military Government had found that it had redeemed US dollars to the value of at least 2,500,000,000 marks in excess of the total value of occupation marks issued by its Finance Office.


Oh, and the Soviets never paid an invoice for $18,102.84 rendered by the US Treasury to cover the cost of the engraving plates and the materials delivered in 1944.



Why have we apparently diverged with this historical account of how the Soviets bilked the United States for $250 million in 1944-46? Because a similar operation was apparently perpetrated in Iraq. Only this time round, engraved printing plates were reportedly made available to Saddam Hussein by George H. W. Bush Sr., the arrogant, criminal representative of the DVD who thought he was so powerful that, as late as around 2004, he could even tell members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to ‘go take a flying [expletive deleted] at the moon’.

If the motive for delivering US Treasury printing plates (whether officially authorized or not) to the Iraqi régime of Saddam Hussein in any way replicated the pattern of the 1944-46 scamming ruse, the objective underlying this treachery will have been to impose a drain on the US Treasury through the redemption of Iraqi dinars into US dollars, which could then be pocketed by US operatives.

It is suspected, therefore, that among the cynical ‘Black’ motives for the invasion of Iraq, and the consequent murder and displacement of around 2,000,000 people, not to mention the thousands of US and Allied military personnel and those 100+ 'special operatives' who raided the Central Bank of Iraq and were then grouped together so as to be deliberately bombarded by deadly US weaponry in a contrived 'friendly fire' operation, will have been the familiar one, repeated in other contexts in this murky background, of protecting the part of criminal DVD operative George Bush Sr.’s anatomy that he uses for sitting upon.


Bush's 'rogue' US monetary printing plates had to be retrieved.


On Tuesday 11th November, a visitor to the Editor’s London office noticed that a camera, sprouting several antennae, had been erected on a tall street lighting lamp post located immediately opposite our office building. Earlier, when the Editor had left the building to run certain errands in Victoria Street, he had noticed at least half a dozen men and two big Westminster City Council vehicles, one with a hydraulic lift, parked adjacent to the lamp post, engaged in complex activity focused upon the street lighting.


The Editor deliberately reported this matter later via our monitored telephone lines and then, with his visitor, stood outside in the pavement looking at the camera from various angles, before we repaired to a nearby hostelry for some refreshments.

  • The camera remained in situ, as viewed from the upper storeys of our building, as late as midnight that evening. By 9.15am the following morning, it had been removed.

On Wednesday 12th November, the Editor began a series of telephone calls to Westminster City Council, with a view to obtaining some explanation for the erection and overnight removal of the camera and antennae overlooking our office.


After innumerable attempts to extract a coherent explanation, and having left various voicemail messages expressing our dismay at this behavior, the Editor finally had to inform the Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive of Westminster City Council, asking for an urgent response.


Whereupon he was inundated with responses, culminating in the following explanation by Patrick Allen, a senior Council executive (paraphrase) in answer to our questions: Who authorized the camera? What was its purpose? What budget financed it?:

‘We are testing equipment. The major supplier, British Telecom Plc, is late with its deliveries of hardware. But the lesser suppliers have delivered in accordance with their contracts and have submitted their invoices and want to be paid. The intended system cannot be installed until the British Telecom equipment has been supplied. So we have been testing the equipment provided by the smaller suppliers, to verify that it is fit for purpose. The crew would have erected the camera to test it and would then have removed it once the test was complete’.

In answer to the comment that the camera was mysteriously removed overnight, Mr Allen said:

‘That’s quite possible. The crews start at 7.00am in the morning’.

Who are we to argue with this very rapidly provided official explanation for the fact that a camera, complete with numerous antennae, was suddenly erected and focused at our office building and then abruptly removed overnight, after we had reported this matter by telephone and indicated our curiosity by being photographed looking at the camera from all angles in the street?




The following sequence, published on pages F-05 to F-08 of International Currency Review, Volume 34, #1, distributed worldwide at the end of November 2008, references conversations between the veteran journalist, Gordon Thomas, who boasted of close intelligence connections, and the Editor of this service, in 2004-2005, in which Gordon Thomas warned or threatened the Editor that certain elements ostensibly of UK intelligence had borne false witness against the Editor of this service by disseminating fatuous fabrications about the Editor’s supposed links to Mark Thatcher and Bernie Ecclestone, neither of whom the Editor has ever met and with whom he has never had anything to do, not least because your very own correspondent has done nothing at all in his working life since returning from Canada in 1961 except write and publish, and provide consultancy services, on his own account.


This is a full-time 24/7 occupation which allows of no respite, especially as nowadays we also publish (and the Editor writes) books.

  • So whoever dreamed up this tripe didn’t do his homework.

However given the huge momentum of the exposures, which have 'blown' this fraudulent finance and the involvement of criminal enterprise institutions and intelligence cadres in its perpetration, while exposing the roles of DVD, Dachau, CIA-1, Frankfurt, Government Operations – 2 (GO-2), DVD chieftain George Bush Sr. and the other criminal elements who have been disturbing the peace of humanity and creating flashpoints around the world (such as in Bombay) to cover up their financial crimes, it would appear that elements of British intelligence later changed their opinion of what the Editor was attempting to achieve. At all events, their early intimidation operation fell flat.

This demonstrates the wisdom, perhaps, of walking in a straight line when investigating and exposing evil, since parties who zigzag cannot keep up with those who forge straight ahead.

The relevant passages from the latest issue of our financial journal, referencing conversations with Gordon Thomas, are as follows:

In the course of the conversation [in Bath, on that occasion], the question of MI6 and British intelligence interest in certain topics arose. It was in this context that the veteran journalist revealed that MI6 had informed him personally that your correspondent is or was involved with Mark Thatcher in connection with the botched coup to seize power and the oil assets in Equatorial Guinea. Observing Thomas’s own astonishment at this curious invention, your correspondent asked when he had heard ‘this nonsense about [my non-existent connection with] Mark Thatcher’.

At first he said that ‘oh, it was very recent, within the past two months’. (However in a telephone conversation on 19th November 2004, Gordon Thomas, who has close MI6 connections, shortened this time-frame to ‘within the past two weeks’, before correcting himself and saying that it may have been ‘within the past two months’. A bit hazy, he was).

Mr Thomas elaborated that his MI6 source(s) had reacted as follows when the Editor’s name had come up in conversation: ‘Oh yes, we know about him. Why revive him?’

We take this to be a reference to the fact that the Editor had published his early findings about this corruption in Volume 28, Number 4 of this service, back in March 2003. That issue alluded to, and illustrated some of, the ‘smoking gun’ financial payout documents made available to the Editor in June 2002. In other words, MI6 thought we had fallen asleep.

Separately, a Pentagon-linked operative had approached the Editor about some scam involving Bernie Ecclestone, a character with a murky background, explaining that he had been told (by MI6, it transpired) that the Editor had some involvement with this motor racing fellow, also a pack of lies. Both the Ecclestone and Thatcher fables were 'supposedly' fabricated by MI6.


On later telephoning Gordon Thomas, in order to thank him for his time and hospitality on the preceding afternoon, your correspondent made his deduction of the link clear to him:

Editor: ‘It’s obvious that this mad fantasy about links with Mark Thatcher and the separate nonsense about Bernie Ecclestone comes from the same source, namely MI6’.

Gordon Thomas (as though he knew more than he was revealing): ‘That’s right’.

Editor: ‘Who did you obtain this [Mark Thatcher libel] tripe from: were they high-up sources?’

Gordon Thomas: ‘I heard this very recently….Yes, one of them is [a high-up source]'. I would describe the other as middle management’.

Editor: ‘So what makes them do something like this? What drives them to make up such ludicrous stories and lies, when they know they can’t make anything stick’ (since the whole pack of lies is a crude and clumsy invention)?

Gordon Thomas: [paraphrase]: ‘It’s not necessary for them to prove anything. All they need to do is to make allegations. That’s all they need to do’.

Editor: ‘So, what have they done with these lies? Have they put these inventions out there to the press?’

Gordon Thomas: ‘Yes, it’s with the press, I understand’.

Gordon Thomas then proceeded in general terms to summarize the false story that MI6 had fed to the press about the Editor’s alleged (but totally non-existent) connections with Mark Thatcher and the failed Equatorial Guinea fiasco.


In other words, MI6 were attempting to connect the Editor to this episode, of which of course the Editor know absolutely nothing except what we have read in the open press and on the Internet.

Editor: ‘Of course if any such allegations were to appear in print I would go to court at once. Presumably they realize that’.

The Editor reiterated that if any such false allegations were to be made in the press, he would go to court given that the suggestions are fabrications with no basis whatsoever in the real world. The Editor spends all of his time (24/7) preparing serials and books for publication; and as all who know him are aware, has no time for any other work activity of any kind, as has been the case since 1969.

Gordon Thomas then alluded to the fact that the newspapers concerned would have done their homework and would find that they could make no progress since there would be no connections to be unraveled; whereupon he said that it would not have been necessary for there to have been any substance to MI6’s lies: all that would be necessary to discredit the Editor in the eyes of the media would be to put this pack of lies ‘out there’.


The motive would have been to ‘guarantee’ that if International Currency Review were ever to publish any information which might reveal serial official corruption on either side of the Atlantic or anywhere else, the British press would pay no attention (as has hitherto been the case). It was a classic intelligence frame-up.

In further conversation between the Editor and the veteran journalist, Gordon Thomas, it was carefully explained to the Editor that [paraphrase]:

  • British and American intelligence are now so incestuously intertwined, and the foreign policy stances of the two Governments ditto, that there is hardly any difference between them.

  • (No mention of DVD and Mossad, you notice: Ed.).

  • A new second-term Bush Administration had been ‘elected’ on 2nd November and was anxious that ALL its requirements across the board would be complied with by the British authorities, as appropriate, in line with its familiar arrogant approach to the ‘Special Relationship’.

    [In the same issue, on pages 41-58, we demonstrated conclusively that the 2004 election, like the election of 2000, was stolen, and we showed in part how this was done].

  • It had been explained to the veteran journalist, Gordon Thomas, by MI6, that Washington had basically been pressurizing them to ‘do something about Mr Story’. When your correspondent asked why on earth this was considered ‘necessary’, the veteran journalist continued [paraphrase]:

  • ‘They think you may be dangerous* because you have the documents and you have control of publications through which information about the financial documents can be disseminated’.

[*Dangerous for what reason? Because we would be liable to expose their nasty corruption, their double-dealing, their open-ended abuse of power, and their treason, by any chance?]

Editor: ‘But they know perfectly well that others have these compromising financial documents…’. [The Editor then mentioned his knowledge that the editor of a prominent publication (Vanity Fair) held copies of the documents in the folder obtained by the Editor in Washington in June 2002].

Gordon Thomas: ‘Yes, but he probably can’t use them, or else is too frightened to do so (accurate: Editor), whereas you can, because the publications you publish are under your direct control’.

Editor: ‘So you are saying that MI6 know that there isn’t a controlling intelligence cell sitting in our ‘press room’, as is the case elsewhere, and are collaborating with the crude Forces of Darkness in Washington who want these financial scandals to remain covered up indefinitely, are you?’

Gordon Thomas: ‘In so many words, that’s what is intended, yes. And here’s what they said. They said: Tell Mr Story about what has happened to’ [adding the name of a well-known UK journalist who stepped out of line. The name of this journalist is known to the Editor]’. This was a threat to surface some wholly concocted ‘sleaze’ report about the Editor.

Gordon Thomas then explained that his MI6 contact(s) referred to photographs of this journalist stripped naked and indulging in some kind of satanic sexual orgy.


He then added:

‘They are saying that if you expose these documents, or if they think you are going to do so, they will do everything in their power to discredit you. That way, when you publicize the damning information that you possess, no-one will believe you and the press will take no notice’. ATTEMPTED BLACKMAIL.

The second part of prediction has proved accurate. The press took no notice: but not because of the lies peddled by the criminal organization calling itself MI6 (or was Gordon Thomas speaking on behalf of Mossad by any chance?), but actually because the ‘mainstream media’ didn’t keep up with events, didn’t do its due diligence, and was all too easily bamboozled by the spooks who fed them redirection ‘slides’ about the ‘cause’ of the problem being ‘sub-prime’ mortgages, which have of course existed ever since mortgages were first thought of. The ‘mainstream’ bought this bromide, and went to sleep for a year.

Consequently, the UK ‘mainstream media’, found wanting and caught short, have since been scrambling to ‘catch up’ with the unraveling Octopus scandal, with no reliable bearings to guide them.


We cannot tell whether or not they ignored the evidence we have published since March 2003, on the basis (according to Gordon Thomas’s assessment) of a farrago of concocted rubbish about the Editor which has never even surfaced, despite these threats.


They did not even amount to blackmail, because there was nothing in the lies to blackmail the Editor with. However Gordon Thomas behaved disgracefully in allowing himself to be used for this low purpose. Shame on you.

Naturally, the Editor exposed this clumsy attempted frame-up by publishing the complete narrative (on pages 27-39 of Volume 30, Numbers 2 & 3 [known as ‘The Green Book’)].

The BLACKMAIL AND FALSE WITNESS ‘warning’ sequence is concluded:

Editor: ‘This is all going rather further than the previous baseless allegations. Those were so absurd as to be almost demented: anyone who knows me is aware that I do nothing else, 24/7, but prepare our publications for press.


How could I have time to mess about with this fellow Bernie Ecclestone, whom I have never met and would never wish to meet, in Monte Carlo, fooling around with motor cars which I know nothing at all about and in which I have never been interested; or with Mark Thatcher, whom I have never met or spoken to either, in some dark corner of Africa?’

‘When would I have time to do any of that, and why do they think I am so pushed for money that I would be tempted by such stupidity? In any case I never invest in anyone else’s ventures: only in my own, not least because I have no time for any other activity.


If these stupid idiots had done their homework, they would know this: after all, I have been doing precisely the same thing since the 1960s, and our financial publications are well known in the global banking sector after all these decades. Furthermore our London offices are only round the corner: these people have feet.

They can walk…’.

Gordon Thomas: ‘Oh they wouldn’t do that. They’d have your telephones bugged. They listen to your phone calls. Why would they expose themselves? They want to expose you’.

Editor [thinking: Well, they have just exposed themselves, through you, Mister]:

‘If they are so very desperate, why don’t they liquidate me, like they have liquidated others, this being evidently one of their favourite pastimes? If they think I am so likely to expose their corruption, why don’t they just do that?’

Gordon Thomas: ‘Oh, they wouldn’t do that. it would be far too messy’.

Editor: (unspoken): ‘Oh, so the only reason they ‘wouldn’t do that’ is that it would be far too messy. So, if it wasn’t ‘far too messy’, they would, would they?


They made a pretty messy job of poor Dr Kelly’ [the British microbiologist who, like more than 300 of his scientific colleagues around the world, have died mysteriously and violently in recent years because of their knowledge of secret population-reduction biological warfare technology that is being developed in order to rid the world, Himmler-style, of ‘undesirables’, and in Dr Kelly’s case, almost certainly because he knew about the clandestine operation orchestrated by the Bush/DVD apparat to equip Iran with nuclear materials.


Dr Kelly was found ‘suicided’ in an Oxfordshire wood in 2003. His body was moved and the related cover-up appears to be unraveling right now, along with everything else.

[INSERTION: It is believed that the ‘triple gunshot warning’ that the Editor received in September 2008 [see Report, 21st September 2008] reflected a belief that we might reveal information about delivery of such materials, along with little girls, drugs and arms, using DVD-supplied submarines].

Editor: (spoken: paraphrase): ‘In revealing their dirty little hands like this, they are exposing themselves, which strikes me as being extremely dumb of them. They have shown their hand, thereby indicating to me that any exposure of these evils is indeed greatly to be feared, which signals to me loud and clear that it is all the more urgently necessary’.

Anyway, as a direct consequence of this clumsy early 'MI6' (according to Gordon Thomas: but was it?) intervention, the Editor was further encouraged to continue his enquiries.


The correct way to have dealt with their ‘little problem’ would have been for someone from the intelligence services to have made an appointment to come to the Editor’s office across the River Thames, and to have appealed to the Editor on the basis of the old standards of gentlemanly honor.


Sorry, we forgot: these people aren’t ‘gentlemen’ any longer. So they blow their cover, instead.

Notes and References:



    • ‘Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some Judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both’.

  2. The derivatives data published by the Bank for International Settlements and the International Monetary Fund are, as the IMF states in its Global Financial Stability Report, all adjusted for double-counting. Specifically, notional amounts cited were adjusted by halving positions vis-à-vis other reporting dealers.


    This means that, taking the mid-October notional value of derivatives contracts outstanding calculated on this basis of $667 trillion, the unadjusted figure would be $1,334 trillion – very close to the figure that we have published in International Currency Review and in Economic Intelligence Review. Gross market values were calculated as the sum of the total gross positive market value of contracts and the absolute value of the gross negative market value of contracts with non-reporting counterparties.

  3. The observations about Gordon Brown’s possible origins extracted below from our report dated 18th June 2008 [see the Archive], which are also published on page 123 of International Currency Review, Volume 34, #1, distributed at the end of November 2008, are pertinent in this context.


    They immediately followed our paragraph about Brown travelling to Belfast to join President Bush and his wife again in the afternoon of the same day that he had already said goodbye to them in front of the TV cameras on the steps of Downing Street that same morning:


    • ‘The Editor was most interested to observe, on page W2 of the Weekend section of The Daily Telegraph of Saturday, 14th June 2008, in a feature celebrating ‘Father’s Day’, which the British have never previously bothered with, a segment about Gordon Brown and his father. This showed a photograph of Mr Brown’s alleged father John standing in front of an old-style car in a traditional farmyard, with two small boys. The caption reads: ‘Moral compass: Gordon Brown (above left) at the age of two, with his father John and elder brother, John Junior’.

The images of the two little boys had clearly been cut out and then stuck onto the old background photograph. When such montages were made (using old technology), the lighting was liable to cast a dark shadow at some edges of the images stuck onto the background, given that the light casts a shadow round the raised edges in question.

This was clearly a doctored montage, as can be seen from the hard black edge around the left-hand side of the older boy’s face, his right thigh and his left shoulder, and the parallel hard (black) edge around the right ear of ‘Gordon’ and along his left shoulder and arm. This new discovery confirms the Editor’s long-held suspicion that the received ‘legend’ associated with the intelligence officer Gordon Brown may be ‘misleading’.

There are also similar indications that the father figure in this picture may likewise have been mounted onto this rural background image. If these observations are anywhere close to being accurate, there is no difference between Britain these days and the ‘former’ Soviet Union, which was adept at falsifying photographs in order to sustain false ‘legends’ or to reflect liquidations of key personnel. Furthermore, it may be usefully noted that Gordon Brown’s age corresponds to the timeframe of the Hungarian uprising in 1956’.

It is therefore speculated that Brown may be of Hungarian, possibly Ashkenazi Jewish, extraction, and may have been a '1956' refugee baby brought to Britain during the Hungarian uprising period.


This analysis is purely speculative and cannot be claimed to be authoritative.


LEGAL TUTORIAL: The Steps of Common Fraud:

  • Step 1: Fraud in the Inducement: “… is intended to and which does cause one to execute an instrument, or make an agreement… The misrepresentation involved does not mislead one as the paper he signs but rather misleads as to the true facts of a situation, and the false impression it causes is a basis of a decision to sign or render a judgment” Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Fraud’.

  • Step 2: Fraud in Fact by Deceit (Obfuscation and Denial) and Theft:

    • “ACTUAL FRAUD. Deceit. Concealing something or making a false representation with an evil intent [scanter] when it causes injury to another…”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Fraud’.

    • “THE TORT OF FRAUDULENT DECEIT… The elements of actionable deceit are: A false representation of a material fact made with knowledge of its falsity, or recklessly, or without reasonable grounds for believing its truth, and with intent to induce reliance thereon, on which plaintiff justifiably relies on his injury…”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Deceit’.

  • Step 3: Theft by Deception and Fraudulent Conveyance:



  • “FRAUDULENT CONCEALMENT… The hiding or suppression of a material fact or circumstance which the party is legally or morally bound to disclose…”.

  • “The test of whether failure to disclose material facts constitutes fraud is the existence of a duty, legal or equitable, arising from the relation of the parties: failure to disclose a material fact with intent to mislead or defraud under such circumstances being equivalent to an actual ‘fraudulent concealment’…”.

  • To suspend running of limitations, it means the employment of artifice, planned to prevent inquiry or escape investigation and mislead or hinder acquirement of information disclosing a right of action, and acts relied on must be of an affirmative character and fraudulent…”.

Source: Black, Henry Campbell, M.A., 'Black’s Law Dictionary’, Revised 4th Edition, St Paul: West Publishing Company, 1968, s.v. ‘Fraudulent Concealment’.


  • “FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCE… A conveyance or transfer of property, the object of which is to defraud a creditor, or hinder or delay him, or to put such property beyond his reach…”.

  • “Conveyance made with intent to avoid some duty or debt due by or incumbent or person (entity) making transfer…”.

Source: Black, Henry Campbell, M.A., ‘Black’s Law Dictionary', Revised 4th Edition, St Paul: West Publishing Company, 1968, s.v. ‘Fraudulent Conveyance’.



  • NASD Rule 3120, et al.

  • NASD Rule 2330, et al

  • NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and 3040

  • NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and IM-2110-1

  • NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and SEC Rule 15c3-1

  • NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and 3110

  • SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4

  • NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and Procedural Rule 8210

  • NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and 2330 and IM-2330

  • NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and IM-2110-5

  • NASD Systems and Program Rules 6950 through 6957

  • 97-13 Bank Secrecy Act, Recordkeeping Rule for funds transfers and transmittals of funds, et al.



  • Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act

  • Anti-Drug Abuse Act

  • Applicable international money laundering restrictions

  • Bank Secrecy Act

  • Conspiracy to commit and cover up murder.

  • Crimes, General Provisions, Accessory After the Fact [Title 18, USC]

  • Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act

  • Economic Espionage Act

  • Hobbs Act

  • Imparting or Conveying False Information [Title 18, USC]

  • Maloney Act

  • Misprision of Felony [Title 18, USC] (1)

  • Money-Laundering Control Act

  • Money-Laundering Suppression Act

  • Organized Crime Control Act of 1970

  • Perpetration of repeated egregious felonies by State and Federal public employees and their Departments and agencies, which are co-responsible with the said employees for ONGOING illegal and criminal actions, to sustain fraudulent operations and crimes in order to cover up criminalist activities and High Crimes and Misdemeanours by present and former holders of high office under the United States

  • Provisions pertaining to private business transactions being protected under both private and criminal penalties [H.R. 3723]

  • Provisions prohibiting the bribing of foreign officials [F.I.S.A.]

  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act [R.I.C.O.]

  • Securities Act 1933

  • Securities Act 1934

  • Terrorism Prevention Act

  • Treason legislation, especially in time of war.

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