by Alfred Lambremont Webre
11 April 2012

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In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, hermeneutics expert Peter Kling stated that his scientific analysis of prophetic texts contained in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible indicate that U.S. President Barack Obama has a Biblical destiny, although the destiny may ultimately not be a favorable one for the world population.




Exopolitics and Biblical prophesy

Mr. Kling is author of the book Letters to Earth: You Can Survive Armageddon. He has developed an Exopolitical interpretation of "Armageddon" as it appears in the Bible.

Mr. Kling says,

“Revelation 19:11 is when the real Alien attack and the 'War of Armageddon' take place. Armageddon is not the destruction of the Earth, it is the destruction of the 'Class 1 Planet' the New World Order and its supporters and the Rebel Aliens who helped establish it.”

Mr. Kling says that Armageddon is when ethical extraterrestrial civilizations intercede on Earth to overthrow the New World Order that is supported by unethical ETs.

Book of Revelation 19:11 states:

"And I saw the heaven opened; and behold, a white horse, and he that sat thereon called Faithful and True; and in righteous he doth judge and make war."




Hermeneutics and Bible prophesy

Hermeneutics is defined as,

“the study of interpretation theory, and can be either the art of interpretation, or the theory and practice of interpretation. Traditional hermeneutics - which includes Biblical hermeneutics - refers to the study of the interpretation of written texts, especially texts in the areas of literature, religion and law.”

Hermeneutics in regard to,

"Bible prophecy or biblical prophecy is the prediction of future events based on the action, function, or faculty of a prophet. Such passages are widely distributed throughout the Bible, but those most often cited are from Ezekiel, Daniel, Matthew 24, Matthew 25, and Revelation.


Believers in biblical prophecy engage in exegesis and hermeneutics of scriptures which they believe contain descriptions of global politics, natural disasters, the future of the nation of Israel, the coming of a Messiah and a Messianic Kingdom, and the ultimate destiny of humankind."



Hermeneutics and Sir Isaac Newton

Peter Kling, referred to by some as "the Einstein of Biblical prophecy" considers himself a hermeneutics scholar from the hermeneutic school of Sir Isaac Newton.

Scientist Sir Isaac Newton, a President of the Royal Society, is considered one of the foremost practitioners of Bible prophecy hermeneutics.

"Newton was a strong believer in prophetic interpretation of the Bible and considered himself to be one of a select group of individuals who were specially chosen by God for the task of understanding Biblical scripture.


Unlike a prophet in the classical sense of the word, Newton relied upon existing Scripture to prophesy for him, believing his interpretations would set the record straight in the face of what he considered to be, 'so little understood'.


Though he would never write a cohesive body of work on Prophecy, Newton's beliefs would lead him to write several treatises on the subject, including an unpublished guide for prophetic interpretation entitled, Rules for interpreting the words & language in Scripture. In this manuscript he details the necessary requirements for what he considered to be the proper interpretation of the Bible.


In his posthumously-published Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John, Newton expressed his belief that Bible prophecy would not be understood 'until the time of the end', and that even then 'none of the wicked shall understand'.


Referring to that as a future time ('the last age, the age of opening these things, be now approaching'), Newton also anticipated 'the general preaching of the Gospel be approaching' and 'the Gospel must first be preached in all nations before the great tribulation, and end of the world'".



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Obama, New World Order and hermeneutics

Hermeneutics can be considered as a script for rolling out the New World Order and the One World Government.

Mr. Kling notes that such false flag events as the Chernobyl (Revelations 16:3) and Fukushima radiation events are set out in Biblical prophecy.


Revelation 16:3 states,

“And the second poured out his bowl into the sea; and it became blood as of a dead man; and every living soul died, even the things that were in the sea.”

In his interview, Mr. Kling states that his hermeneutic analysis of Barack Obama’s role in Biblical prophecy has led him to believe Mr. Obama has a biblical destiny as part of the “two-horned Beast”, the term by which the U.K.-USA alliance is known in Biblical prophecy.

As a leader of the “two-horned Beast”, Mr. Obama will initially be successful in carrying out a “peace and security” role in the world, particularly in the Middle East.

Mr. Kling indicates that he expects this “peace and security” role to be Mr. Obama’s accentuated role in 2011 and 2012, to strengthen his re-election in the November 2012 U.S. Presidential election.



2013, False Flag attack and the One World Government

The “8th King”

If Mr. Obama is re-elected in 2012, Mr. Kling states his hermeneutic analysis has led him to believe that sometime in 2013, a false flag attack, possibly involving a “nuclear” false flag attack on Washington, DC will be manipulated through “terrorist” networks in order to usher in martial law in the United States and One World Government.

The process to usher in One World Government may involve a manipulated war against Iran using false flag UFOs, and Project Blue Beam images of Jesus to lead the outlawing of earthly religions such as Islam, and the imposition of a United Nations approved world religion.


Mr. Kling points to Virgin Mary images that have already been used in the Ivory Coast.

Once the One World Government is established, it is known as the “8th King” in hermeneutic Biblical analysis. Mr. Kling’s analysis is that this One World Government will last 390 days.




Downfall of New World Order and the One World Government

Armageddon marks the downfall of the One World Government and the beginning of a golden age on Earth, lasting one thousand years.


Armageddon, Mr. Kling maintains, is a confrontation between advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that are concerned with the welfare of humanity and the planet, and the forces of the New World Order, One World Government, and the negative, lower order extraterrestrials that have been in secret treaties with the New World Order and terrestrial controlling elites.

The negative extraterrestrials in secret treaties with the New World Order terrestrial controllers include, according to an advanced analyst,

“the hidden contacts of the governments with aliens from the Orion/Reptilian Empire (Greys, Reptilians/Anunnaki, Zeta Reticuli, etc.) also known as the "Unholy Six" in the esoteric literature.”

The advanced extraterrestrials that liberate planet Earth from the negative extraterrestrials and the New World Order are the legitimate forces of the galactic federation and the forces of Christ/Sophia consciousness.




8th King & hermeneutics

Peter Kling writes,

“Animals or Beasts are used through out the Bible to represent governments or kingdoms, just as we have the American Eagle, the British Lion and the Russian Bear today.

“The Wild Beast of Revelation 13 is a composite with some very interesting features, 7 heads, or world powers and 10 horns or seats of government during world history. It ascends out of the sea of turmoil of WWI as the "League of Nations" (A Zionist Rothschild-backed Creation, they tried to do the same thing after the Napoleonic Wars but Czar Alexander I would not go along with the plan and it cost him his future family and his Kingdom, via a Rothschild revenge curse.)

“The Wild Beast gets a death stroke during WWII but becomes healed and becomes the United Nations.

“Revelation 13:11 talks about a 2 Horned Beast this is the United States and the United Kingdom, the Beast looks like a peaceful lamb but speaks as a dragon and can call fire down from heaven (Dresden, Tokyo, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, all burned with fire called down from the heavens in the name of peace).

“The 2 Horned Beast breaths life into the Image of the Wild Beast in Revelation 13:15, this is the New World Order. The "Image" demands total support, or death, the same as we have seen in the Killing fields, or the purges in the USSR or China, in all cases about 1/3 of the population was murdered.

“The Image of the Beast has 3 roles to play, the Image, the 8th King and the Scarlet Colored Wild Beast. This is like having 3 different parts of the Government. The Image = Governmental rule under the guise of the United Nations.

“The Scarlet Colored beast is responsible for the end of religion and takes on a Military role. The 8th King would be responsible for the Commercial Enterprise, Capitalism. The reason why the USSR failed and China succeeds is an open economic market. A totalitarian government based on commerce.

“What else do you need, Rules, Enforcement, Trade. This is exactly what would be achieved under a ‘Class 1 Planet’. There are no ‘Human Rights’. Earth becomes a social collective. Almost all the gold stores on earth have been raided except for one, the gold religion has, especially the Vatican.


Ultimate False Flag Attack/ET Occupation

“What I believe will happen will be another false flag attack against Washington DC. The United States (2 Horned Beast) took the world to war over 9-11.

“President Obama almost quoted from my book when he said last April before the nuclear reduction summit, that if,

'Terrorist obtained a nuclear device they would use it and if they exploded it in London, New York or Washington DC, it would change the face of security on the face of the earth for years to come.

“Obama told us where the targets are and how one will be taken out and who would be blamed, link it back to Iran and we have the making for a Nuclear War in the Middle East, the perfect time for the Aliens to show up and say hay stupid earthlings wake up we are here to save you and turn the Earth into a "Class 1 Planet" under a totalitarian collective government.

“These Aliens are the ones who lost the war in Revelation 12:7-10 (1914) and most likely responsible for genetically engineering life in the 3rd Dimension for the last 500 million years or so, the "gods” of our ancestors.

“There you have the perfect Ultimate ET False Flag Attack/Occupation.



War of Armageddon and the Liberating Extraterrestrials

“Revelation 19:11 is when the real [benevolent] Aliens attack and the "War of Armageddon" take place. Armageddon is not the destruction of the Earth, it is the destruction of the "Class 1 Planet" the New World Order and its supporters and the Rebel Aliens who helped establish it.

“What really intrigued me about former NORAD Officer Stanley A. Fulham's information is that it fits the timeline of the prophecies, which have been recorded for 1900 years.

“If we have a "Class 1 Planet" it will most likely come after a false flag attack in early 2013. I think the attack will come in January 2013 and we will see the 2-Horned Beast [U.K. and USA] push the United Nations for One World Government. The USA will be under Martial Law and our rights will be gone.

“Once that happens, the New World Order will last 390 days which brings us to 2014, 4-14-2014, Nisan 14 the Passover or Lords Evening Meal, which ends in a ‘blood moon’.

“I would like to think I am wrong about this, but there is over 5000 years of history and prophecies to support it. The ‘gods’ [Extraterrestrials] gave the ancients knowledge, technology and ‘Holy days’ to mark the dates and the timing has been set to the movements of the stars.


Stanley A. Fulham, ET Council and the New World Order

According to Peter Kling, the extraterrestrial intervention described by former NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham corresponds to the false flag operation and the extraterrestrial occupation by negative ETs that are in concert with the New World Order and the One World Government.

Mr. Kling writes,

“However what he [Stanley A. Fulham] says makes perfect sense to me. My first thought, based on what I have read and heard so far, is that this may be the "Ultimate False Flag" operation and so far I agree with what he is saying thus far.

Based on Prophecy, I have a strong feeling our "benevolent aliens" did not originate here in the 3rd dimension, but they are here now and there is an army of them and different "races". My feeling is that the information Mr. Fulham has been given is the [negative] "Alien" intention for the future of the earth, the events of which fulfill Biblical prophecy and timing.

“There is one major problem, the ‘Alien’ known as King Michael from Revelation 19 shows up with an army too, Nisan 14, 4-14-2014. The night of the Passover and the ‘Lords Evening Meal’ 1Corinthians 11:24-26, in the 26 verse Paul tells the Christian congregation, "Keep doing this until the day of his return".

When did the ‘Destroying Angel’ make his "Pass Over" Egypt? It would make sense, that if something "Major" was going to happen, it would follow the same pattern.


People who understood the issue would have knowledge of this and be keeping Nisan 14 as the "Memorial of Jesus death", they would be easy to identify and be "passed over".


“I have a strong feeling about this. The alien forces who we have contact with now are the "rebels", who are working with the "Shadow Governments of the world and the Global Elite "Star Families". We are being told what our future will be if "They" win, what they are not telling us is that they are behind it all to start with and are leading us to Armageddon.


Either way, I think these timelines are going to match.”


ET false flag operation and the date of Armageddon

Peter Kling continues with his analysis of Stanley A. Fulham’s conclusion that a benevolent galactic federation will intervene on Earth, initially at the United Nations in 2014.

“I would have to agree with most of what was said, however I got my information from slightly different sources and rely on history and science to prove the point.


Mr. Fulham got his information from a group of aliens and I would have to say the same thing... however I was only directed as what to look for, I was not given the answers, I had to find them my self, which is good, because everything I wrote about is provable, either by science and history, or it is not provable or disprovable, because of theory.

“I believe that Mr. Fulham is speaking about an ET False flag operation.

“The reason I say this is simple. Mr. Fulham is ex-military.

  • Who finances the Military Complex of the world?

  • What family controls as much as 900 TRILLION Dollars and the economies of the nations of the world?

  • What family has been behind almost every war for the last 200 years?

  • What family has been documented as being worshipers of ‘Lucifer’, controls Zionism, founded the country of Israel and armed it to the teeth with nuclear weapons?

The ‘Aliens’ must know about this family and no mention was made about them, they remain "hidden" from their view?

“A little over a year ago I had the pleasure of chatting with an heiress to the Maersk shipping empire. We talked about my book and she told me she had a ‘safe place’ to go where she could stay for 18 months, until all of this blows over, so the ‘Elite’ of the world are ready, as I am sure you know.

“The prophecies say Religion is the first thing the "Wild Beast" destroys when it comes to power. This starts the count down to Armageddon, 390 days. "The 8th King rules for 1 hour" before the war of Armageddon.

“If my calculations are correct, this should happen in March of 2013 after a "Terrorist attack" (False flag again).

“Who is raising money for the "Terrorist"? Oil interest, who had the price of their ‘product’ price artificially inflated by George Soros, commodities broker to the Rothschild Banking Empire.

“The timing of this fits quite well with the Mayan prophecy of 12-21-2012 as starting a new cycle and the return of their ‘snake god’. It also fits with Biblical prophecies that point to ‘signs’, or current events to look and listen for.

“If the ‘Aliens’ know us so well, why are they not talking to the Rothschilds and other ‘Star Families’ who have the money and resources to fix the problem?

“There in lies the problem! If the system were to continue, the Aliens will help the One World Government set up by the ‘Star Families’, to fix the environmental issues here so they can dominate the earth and the people who survive the economic collapse and civil unrest.

“In essence they are assisting us to become a totalitarian Class 1 planet. There in lies my issue and my accusation of the ‘Ultimate False Flag Operation’. However the time lines match!

“Just as the Church does not teach what is in the Bible because it ends with their destruction, it would only make sense the ‘Aliens’ would do the same thing. They are hoping for an alternative outcome, one that gives us an ‘Alien hope’ contrary to the ‘Prime Directive’ of Yahweh.

“If you check my website there is a "blog" there "Prophecies Fulfilled" they are a "timeline" of the prophecies of Revelation and their modern day application, you can see from what they say we are in for some pretty tough times, exactly what is in the information Mr. Fulham presented.

“I think it is time to release the date of Armageddon and the supporting data.”


The United Nations and the benevolent Extraterrestrial invasion

Mr. Kling continues,

“Again the timing of this is supported by the Prophecies, with the one exception, that the United Nations, (which becomes the 8th king) is no longer in existence after the Alien invasion of Revelation 19.

“A few weeks ago I was looking at Dugway Proving Ground via Google Maps (Satellite View) and found a giant version of the Nazi "Flytrap", which was believed to be used in the "Bell" anti-gravity propulsion experiments. My conclusion is that the US does have its own UFO program. If you can find "Dream Land" in Area 51, partially sticking out of a hanger is a saucer shaped object that can be clearly seen.

“With New Zealand releasing their UFO information and additional countries sure to follow, not to mention anything Wikileaks may provide, no doubt we are going to see a major shift in the over all consciousness, of the general population regarding UFOs and Alien Contact.


Earth becoming a "Class 1" planet could become a reality very shortly. A "Class 1" planet would mean a One World Government, the New World Order, or as Revelation calls it "The 8th King".

“This brings me back to the possible "False Flag" theory and a totalitarian one world government, a "New World Order" which is exactly what the prophecies indicate is coming, about half of these prophecies have already been fulfilled, some are in process and about 40% are yet to come.

“I think Stanley A. Fulham’s timeline is accurate, the end result may differ. As he is talking about a negative extraterrestrial intervention in support of the New World Order.”



Physics and extraterrestrial reality

With regard to physics and extraterrestrial reality, Mr. Kling writes,

“understand the science behind our existence, the laws of physics on how it worked. It would take understanding String and M theory and Torsion Field Physics to finally put all the pieces together.


“The easiest way to explain our existence is by example of a Russian Nesting Doll. String Theory states there must be at least 7 other dimensions for our 3 dimensional worlds to exist, giving us a total of 10 dimensions (The Biblical number for human completeness. The number for spiritual completeness is 7.), plus time.


Dr. Michio Kaku said that a T-Rex could be running through our living room right now and we would never know it because it was in a parallel dimension. If that is true, then we could be running through God's living room and not even know it, because we are in a different dimension. Hence the Russian Nesting Dolls.


What we call "God" is not only the energy at the core of the doll, it is the doll itself, broken down to different parallel universes, each with its own type of intelligent life form. There are a total of 10 intelligent life forms recorded in the Bible, including God or Yahweh at the center. Each parallel universe is set to "run" at a different vibration of energy.


Our universe has its energy micro-encapsulated in atoms and the energy is set at a slower vibration, causing our universe to be more physical, but really how physical are we, considering the space within the atom itself? Then throw in the free electron factor and we find we are even less physical then we think. In short, if God was the body, we humans are a virus on a cell.

“So why so much interest in the human virus? From all the information I know about the other life forms, they cannot reproduce. Also we humans cannot interface directly with whom we call God, but the other "Alien" life forms can physically see God and they can physically interact with humans; at one time it was part of their job description. What makes humans unique is that we can reproduce. We can "create" other intelligent life forms that love us. Humans when we were perfect truly were the Children of God.

“Regardless if it is a metaphor or not, the Eden story contains information that tells us that our DNA was damaged and our "relationship", or connection, with a higher power was cut off and humans started to die. To understand how this works, we need to understand Torsion Field Physics.


Scientifically I would explain it by saying that one of the 7 dimensions that we need for us to exist is gone. Our 3D world only has 6 dimensions supporting it right now, if the 7 the dimension was not returned, one day everything in our universe would cease to exist.

“This brings us to the current day problem, we have Aliens who use to be the gods of our ancestors trying to determine our future and are not willing to let us humans to return to the Prime Directive.

“The war of Armageddon is not the end of the world, although we may believe it is, Armageddon is a war against the "Class 1 Planet" and One World Government that is backed by the late Mr. Stanley A. Fulham's friends.

“If the Aliens plan on meeting with the UN, they are not the right Aliens. The aliens of Revelation 19:11 are here to end the domination of the human race and repair our DNA, if the 7th dimension is missing, it should be restored eventually as indicated in Revelation 21:3-4

“I understood what the eventual consequences could be with the information I wrote in my book, so I needed to have a compelling future, I needed to see as far in the future as I could. What I saw was my own planet and I get to populate it.


I like the Scripture which says, ‘If they can think it, they can accomplish it.’


1914 - Extraterrestrial rebels thrown down to Earth

Mr. Kling continues,

“The issue was raised when the 'Covering Cherub of Eden' (the life form responsible for the genetic engineering of the 3rd dimension) wanted to gain control over his 'work'. 'Lucifer' got the 'Seal of Approval' but he wanted more then just 'Good job Son'!


He wanted to be our 'GOD' our 'Yahweh', because he could directly interact with us, as Yahweh's pure dynamic energy would vaporize us. The answer was from God was 'Prove your case!'

“From the time of the 'Birth of Civilization' (Nimrod's Kingdom), everything has been worshiped and every kind of government has been tried. People love their gods so much that they were and still are, to kill themselves and others to prove their devotion.


Case in point Bloody Mesoamerica with their endless human sacrifices to their sun-snake god. Nothing has changed today, we see Zionist pitting Christians and Muslims against each other and massive death in the name of 'Peace', praise Allah!

“The case was over and judgment rendered in 1914 and the rebels have been confined to the 3rd Dimension awaiting final sentence. Being ‘confined’ means they can no longer leave outside the 3D universe, they can still travel from galaxy to galaxy and no doubt have 'bases' set up through out the Universe. Making the earth a ‘Class 1 Planet’ is the equal to a final appeal and Armageddon is 'Sentencing'.

“Former NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham's information is based on the negative ‘rebel’ Aliens winning the 'Appeal'. A totalitarian Class 1 Planet, based on forced submission does not make for an acceptable argument... ‘Appeal Denied, carry out sentencing!’

“After 5000 year of evidence, do you think the ‘Aliens’ can stop humans from slaughtering each other and bring a planet of peace, before 2014? Maybe Evelyn de Rothschild, David Rockefeller, George Bush (1&2) and Mr. Cheney can shed some light on the possibilities?"