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Andrew D. Basiago

The CIA Jump Room Program 1980-83






Andrew D. Basiago

The Hidden History of the CIA's Mars Jump Room Program | MUFON 2017



The speaker will provide an insider's account of his experiences in the CIA's Mars jump program.


His talk will include,

  • the origins of Project Mars of the 1980s in Project Pegasus of the1970s

  • the program's goals

  • the training seminar

  • the identity of the young Americans who were the speaker's fellow trainees

  • NASA's involvement in selecting the jumpers

  • the desired traits of those to go off-planet

  • the origin, structure, function, and location of the jump rooms

  • what the CIA's threat assessment about the Martian civilization revealed about the true history of US probes to Mars

  • the dangers faced by jumpers

  • the speaker's acclimation jumps, exploratory jumps, and ultimate mission

  • the characteristics of three Martian humanoids

  • the identity and testimony of seven jump room whistle blowers

  • the involvement of Buzz Aldrin, Barack Obama, Richard Nixon, Howard Hughes, Stansfield Turner and Ross Perot

Attention will be given to President Obama's disinformation ploys concealing his participation in the program, whether the jumps were made to Mars or a "synthetic quantum evironment" in time-space and the politics in exopolitics that have prevented the Mars jump room story from being given the standing in Ufology that it deserves and that the speaker's work has earned.


Since its formation MUFON has been dedicated to finding the truth about UFOs through its mission of investigation, research, and education.


There is one truth that is very clear from our excellent work over the past 48 years, and that is the Government has successfully kept all aspects of their involvement with UFOs from the public:

  • Their intercept procedures

  • Their recovery procedures

  • Their use of unmarked military craft