by Michael Salla, Ph.D.
Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner
February 26, 2009
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A NASA press announcement on December 16, 2008 revealed that a giant breach has been found in the Earth magnetic field. The magnetic field shields the earth from the solar wind which consists of plasma energy transmitted from the sun.

For the entire duration of the next solar cycle, especially during its peak, plasma energy will pour in through the breach which is four times larger than the earth. In part one of this series of articles, I showed how each individual’s bio-electrical system will become increasingly charged as the sun ramps up its outpouring of plasma for Solar Cycle #24.

As bio-electrical systems are charged up, many will feel this most immediately as surges of nervous energy.

If individuals prepare correctly their bodies and nervous systems, the increased plasma energy can lead to a significant enhancement of human abilities.

The human nervous system is made up of billions of neurons that communicate information to one another and the body’s trillions of cells. Robert Becker, in
Body Electric, revealed that neurons transmit information through tiny electrical signals that are very sensitive to the electrical environment. This was why living near electrical transmission wires can be very damaging to the body’s sensitive bio-electrical system.

Similarly, large electrical discharges or shocks can severely
disrupt the human body.

The precise effect of a tremendous increase in solar plasma energy in the Earth’s electrical environment upon the human nervous system is unknown. Its effect on human relations and society is even less known. It can be predicted, however, that the surge in electrical energy on the planet and human bioelectrical systems will directly influence relations and communications between people.

This arises from the tiny bio-electrical signals that enable the brain neurons to communicate.

Brain cycles represent the dominate ways our neurons communicate when organizing sensory data about the world around us. During waking time, we typically operate using two brain wave states.

  • Beta is where our brain’s electrical signals operate between 14-40 cycles per second or Hertz (Hz) and represents a state of high mental activity typically associated with stress.

  • Alpha brain wave states operate at 7.5-14 cycles per second and represent a relaxed state of mind.

Lower brain wave states, Theta (4-7.5 Hz) and Delta (0.5-4) are physically inactive states such as deep meditation and sleep.

The highest recorded brain wave state, Gamma (40+Hz), represents bursts of insight and has been
increasingly observed in the use of higher cognitive abilities by children.

As the plasma energy pours into the earth, people’s brain wave states will be affected.

For some, this might be experienced as communications and interactions becoming more intense as more beta brain wave activity takes place. An analogy would be someone who has lived all their life in a relaxed small town in the American mid-West, suddenly being transported to a busy New York City.

Alternatively, others may find that their body
lacks vitality due to a rapid build up of static electricity in the Earth’s environment.

Those able to express the body’s increased nervous energy in constructive ways, will find it much easier to start and complete projects they previously put on back burner of life. The ability to easily switch between Gamma and Alpha brain wave states will lead to greater creative insight as individuals need to calmly respond to a more challenging socio-economic environment. The key to benefiting from increased Gamma brain wave activity is to keeping a positive and open mind where new insights are integrated.

Once the brain’s higher cognitive skills come on line, then it’s vital to be able to calmly integrate new insights into our lives.

By keeping an open mind and having a positive outlook individuals are most likely to succeed in dealing with the solar waves pouring through the giant hole of the Earth’s magnetosphere.

They will be prepared for the rapid increase in plasma energy that will increases levels of electricity in the environment, and alters human bioelectric systems and brain wave patterns.

Individuals who adequately prepare themselves will literally become solar wave riders able to ride the waves of incoming solar energy to higher levels of creativity and life fulfillment.



Scientists - "Major Solar Storms in 2012"






During his upbringing in Hawaii, one of President Obama’s favorite beach activities was body surfing. He can combine this skill with his understanding that
scientific “facts demand bold action."

He can do much to help others surf the upcoming solar waves by taking “bold action” to help people deal with this fact by helping open their minds and exercising their creative abilities response to a rapidly changing social environment.

This can be most effectively done by disclosing the truth about a great number of areas previously kept secret from the American public.

Arguably the most challenging national secrets are those concerning
UFOs and extraterrestrial life. If indeed extraterrestrial life exists as evidence suggests, then disclosure of such evidence would be part of the “bold action” President Obama could take in helping Americans people prepare for the incoming solar waves. Perhaps nothing would more open peoples minds than the realization that extraterrestrial life is real, and has been visiting our planet.

The next solar maximum will last for several years with one peak expected to be the year

The giant breach in the Earth’s magnetosphere means increased solar activity will directly impact people’s bio-electrical systems and brain wave states. As the
current global economic meltdown proceeds with lost jobs and increased uncertainty, this is a good time to explore options in how to best express one’s creative energies.

By keeping a calm open mind while being creative in a changing socio-economic environment and integrating information about extraterrestrial life, individuals can become solar wave riders where they creatively deal with waves of solar energy pouring into the planet up to 2012 and beyond.