by Sorcha Faal

a.k.a. David Booth

and as reported to her Western Subscribers

November 10, 2009

from WhatDoYouMean Website

Russian Foreign Ministry reports to Prime Minister Putin on the just concluded Monday night ‘secret’ meet held between the American President and his Israeli counterpart at the White House state that Obama and Netanyahu traded ‘threats of war’ for nearly 4 hours before Israel’s Prime Minister ‘stormed out’ of the Oval Office warning that “we’ll see who really runs this damn place.”

President Obama had previously showed his contempt for Netanyahu when the White House released a photo of him talking on the phone with Israel’s Prime Minister (which is considered by both Jews and Arabs to be a great insult) shortly after Obama had been video taped bowing down before the King of Saudi Arabia, both of which events have contributed to the Israeli people holding Obama in great disdain.


Netanyahu, on his part, has continued to thwart Obama’s peace overtures to the Arab World and refused to stop building in either East Jerusalem or the occupied West Bank territories leading Jordanian King Abdullah II to warn that Israel is ‘playing with fire’ and Syrian President Bashar Assad to warn that failure of the peace process will lead to ‘Arab resistance’.

Provoking Netanyahu even more, these reports continue, was Obama’s ordering his UN Ambassador ‘not to interfere’ with the United Nations Goldstone war crimes report on Israel’s barbaric war against the Palestinians in Gaza which could see Netanyahu, and other Israeli leaders, charged with crimes against humanity and which UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon has said he’s passing to the Security Council shortly.

Important to note about Obama’s shifting the United States stance on the Goldstone report was the highly respected South African Jewish jurist who complied the report, Richard Goldstone, challenging the American President to show him any faults in it, which Obama was unable to do.

Even more enraging for Netanyahu was the United States releasing a statement shortly before his meeting with Obama that the Americans were now going to allow Iran ‘more time’ to decide upon if it is going to agree to a UN brokered deal on its nuclear stockpile, a stance the Israelis are vehemently opposed to and have warned their that their threat to attack the Iranians ‘is not a bluff.

Most dangerous for the World, however, these reports warn, is that this titanic struggle between Obama and Netanyahu has ‘catastrophic implications’ for all Nations as Israel appears to have co-opted both the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the growing right-wing Christian factions in the US and UK extremist Military Forces and are reported to be redeploying their Taliban forces in Afghanistan (with American weapons and ammunition) towards what Russian Intelligence Analysts state will lead to a ‘final showdown’ on who is going to control America’s wars, Obama or Netanyahu.

Leading to the fears of Israel and their CIA and US-UK right-wing Military allies about Obama is their belief that he is a ‘secret’ Muslim intent upon realigning America’s interest away from European and Israeli banking interests (one of whose most important leaders, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, said yesterday are “doing God’s work”) and more towards those of the Arab World, especially the Shiite sect centered in Iran about whom the leader of the CIA backed Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman al-Rashid, warned today ‘is more dangerous than the Jews’.

Surprisingly aligning themselves with Obama against those right-wing extremist factions opposing him is the NATO member, and ‘gateway to Asia’ former Ottoman Empire Nation of Turkey, whose President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, ‘slapped down’ Netanyahu by stating that he would rather meet with the indicted for war crimes leader of Sudan than the Israeli Prime Minister.

Even more alarming to Israel and its right-wing allies in both the United States and Europe is this weeks meeting between Turkey’s leaders and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a strategic move made against the Israeli’s where one of their top Jewish Rabbis has sanctioned the “murder of non-Jewish babies who pose a threat to Israel”.

Not being understood by the American people about these latest moves in the Great Game is their all centering upon the sub continent, where with India now siding with the Israelis against the Chinese and Obama’s ‘new strategic shift’ towards a US-Islamic alliance centered on Iran and Turkey, and with India’s new push into Afghanistan at the expense of Pakistan (all of whom are nuclear armed with India, Pakistan and Israel refusing to sign the International Nuclear Treaty) has led India to accuse China of supplying their Maoist (Communist) rebels with guns and the Chinese to fire back for the Indians to ‘remember the 1962 war’.

And for the greatest understanding of these Great Game moves one has to remember that not only do Pakistan and Iran border an Afghanistan quickly coming under the control of an Indian-Israeli alliance, so does China, and whose growing military doctrine calls for (if necessary) using Afghanistan as its ‘main route’ to push into the vital to its security oil and gas rich regions of Iran and Saudi Arabia a military force it claims can exceed 200 Million troops.

Now if that 200 Million man army force China speaks of sounds familiar it is because it is the exact number of ‘horseman’ predicted in the christian book of Revelations [Chapter 9, Verse 16] which warns of a future time when an army of this incredible size will come from the East, cross the Euphrates (located in Iraq and quickly drying up) and kill a third of mankind.

For Obama to win his next planned moves, these reports conclude, he has the nearly insurmountable task of re-aligning the United States into the axis of Turkey and Iran (whose governments and peoples are natural enemies of the Afghan Taliban and Pakistanis) while at the same time neutralizing the right-wing extremist forces in his own Military and CIA and preventing these ‘Apocalyptic Millennialism’ forces from joining with Israel’s right-wing forces to bring about a cataclysmic Global War they believe will bring back their ‘gods’.

Worse still for Obama in his achieving his goals is that Israeli and American Jews are behind 40 percent of the contributions to his Democratic Parties elections, and without whose support the right-wing Republican Party will sweep to elections wins in both the 2010 Congressional and 2012 Presidential elections throwing him, and his few remaining allies, from power and setting the United States on a path towards Total Global War.

To who will be the ultimate winner in this new Great Game it is not to our knowing, other than to point out the obvious that it is going to get much, much worse before it gets better.

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