by  Benjamin Fulford

January 22, 2010

from BenjaminFulford Website


The desperate and cornered Federal Reserve Board crime family attacked Haiti with an earthquake weapon and then invaded it in order to seize the Haitian central bank.


By seizing the central bank the Feds got access to codes for the new financial system and tried to launder the fraudulently obtained dollars and drug money via the nearby Dominican Republic. This is why the announcement of a new financial system we were promised would take place on January 19th has been delayed.


As the end of the Fed approaches desperate battle lines are being drawn by the cornered rats.


The Bush-Clinton family is planning to replace Obama with Hillary Clinton, forcing Vice President Biden and Nancy Pelosi to step aside (this information was obtained by our own sources independently of Christopher Story. We earlier reported the initial plan called for President Pelosi and VP Hillary).

Kenyan born Obama has to prove his US citizenship to a judge on January 26th. The judge is an ex-marine who has the backing of the US military and he is not going to submit to pressure. That is why the Bush/Nazi faction was Hillary. Another group wants to set up an emergency government to oversee new elections and return the US to constitutional rule.

There is a big accounting date on January 30th and it is not clear how the Feds intend to make it past that date. We need to be on extreme alert as we are dealing with desperate, cornered gangsters.

Meanwhile the Black Dragon Society
* has decided not to wait for the financial war raging in the Western world to end and has started building factories in Asia to develop heretofore forbidden technology.

* The Kokuryukai - 黒龍会, has complained about our use of their name in Japanese. Since there is no point for groups with similar philosophies to quarrel over a name, we will refer to our group was the BDS or Black Dragon Society both in Japanese and English. 


There have also been complaints about or referral to the Emperor visiting Washington because many Japanese right wingers refuse to believe such a thing would be allowed. Our source for this information was Casper who claims to have dealt directly with him.


There is a lot of disinformation and misinformation out there so, ultimately readers will have to judge the truth for themselves.


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