by  Benjamin Fulford

 January 10, 2010

from BenjaminFulford Website



Five senior associates of Henry (Heinz) Kissinger were killed on December 12, 2009 and Kissinger himself has been missing since that time and is now presumed dead, according to senior intelligence sources.


Furthermore, the Texas law firm Troutman Sanders, which functioned as the central nexus of the Bush/Nazi crime families financial operations, has been shut down by Interpol, according to these senior intelligence sources. The firm has been contacted but has not returned our e-mail at the time of writing this.

The heads of the Bush clan have been put under house arrest and CIA chief Panetta has been silenced, the sources say.


We are also hearing President Obama and Vice-President Biden will be removed from power and replaced by Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton possibly by late January. There is a lot of chaos and confusion on the ranks of the Nazis as a result of these most recent developments.

We can also independently confirm much of what heroic journalist Christopher Story wrote in his ground-breaking January 7th report.

There is much more we cannot report but the news is very, very good...





Comment by Dr Jay

Posted on 01/12/2010 at 14:38


We are sorry if some negativity manifests here in doubt and persecution. The plain truth is we are ALL sick and tired and angry as heck about all the out-of-control corruption that has been perpetuated on the world in the name of the American people. We are a sleeping giant that is getting angrier and angrier and we are learning who is responsible for all the insanity.

The Rockefellers, Rothschild, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Queens, Bushes, Clintons, Pelosi, all of them!!


It is a brotherhood of darkness and there must be more light shined on the activities of those crazy Jesuits and that Black Pope guy we hear so much about. We all so desperately want to see the multi-headed hydra of evil eviscerated and wiped off the map that sometimes as the breeds will do, we let our emotional reptilian part overrule our more spiritual conscious Pleiadian part.


Forgive us for we were bred to learn to overcome that part of the genetic make up and then move the lesson into the collective gene pool. Hey, life is a lesson and then we move on into the next class... day after day... lifetime after lifetime.

We ALL want to see this all end so we as a world, a one love community, can get along and develop in great and wonderful ways. These are the changes we all really want. Let the Light of Truth be shinned on these evil things and let the truth of their outcomes be brought to the worlds attention. We need to win some victories against this beast thing and please let what you say be truth and shown to all because it is the knowledge people need to hear and see NOW.

In order to plant a garden of good food you must remove the weeds and rocks. It is very visual and very obvious to all when the work is being done. It is also obvious to all that the garden has been cleaned up and that it is ready for planting new seeds for the future. There is no hiding anything.


No un-truth that escapes everyone's careful eyes. Maybe we are ready to plant the garden but we do not see that the garden had been weeded and the rocks removed. Faith is one thing... seeing and believing is another. We all just want to see it and believe it so badly that when it is not obvious to all, it really tears at the already fragile temperance levels of a growing community of truth seekers. Dig that.

So you see bro, we are just angry because we really want to see all these snakes removed from all their ivory towers and yes to all that the hidden technologies can bring forth. Let us envision at least one of those technologies that might come forth and lets say it was a form of free energy as in say, Tesla type devices.


Can we collectively imagine what it would be like if the worlds people did not have to pay energy costs?


How much stress there is in worrying about energy bills, and overnight it would be removed from the average mind. People would be a little nicer, more honest, and yes, respectful too towards each other... world wide. Imagine that!


Imagine all the Oil Oligarchies all gone and the death grip they have on the world released... coming to a theater near you soon and Earth will give a sigh of relief.

So good points dear energy behind the letters nitinnun. May we all work towards righteous changes and can we actually manifest this stuff into the news of the day, or at least our real news networks of the patriots of this country.

Let the light shine... let the double edged sword of truth and justice be wielded... let love be our guide.

Peace... not just a concept.




Updated Information


Henry Kissinger re-appears, contacts the Black Dragon Society
by Benjamin Fulford

March 15, 2010

from BenjaminFulford Website

Earlier reports given two us by two separate previously reliable sources that Henry Kissinger and 5 associates were gunned down on December 12th have been proven wrong by Kissingerís appearance at a South Korean hospital.


We also contacted Kissingerís office after we were given this information to ask if he was still alive and they just hung up the phone without answering. It is still possible therefore, that this news event was fake but, for now, we will assume Kissinger is in fact alive.

In fact, prior to his public appearance, we were contacted by a senior banker who told us that Kissinger was still alive, though looking very old and that all major financial transactions involving US dollars still had to go past his desk. The banker who gave us this information then made a proposal to fund the BDS (Black Dragon Society) with astronomical amounts of money in exchange for a 50/50 split. Senior Japanese and Chinese bankers are now doing due diligence on this deal to confirm it is not just another scam.


If it turns out to be genuine, there will be a public announcement in due time.


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