by Texe Marrs
October 20, 2009

from TexeMarrs Website

"Obama is truly a dark shadowy character from the Marxist-Mafia underworld...Secret Societies are protecting and guiding this man to set in place totalitarian rule in America, telling him what to say...and telling him what to do."
Bob Trefz
Cherith Chronicles
June-July 2009 (p. 12)

"Under the new regime, it is at last possible to be a real Jew."
B'nai B'rith Magazine
(New York)

America is in big trouble, and there’s hell to pay. That’s my conclusion, based on careful analysis and evaluation of the clear and present danger which confronts us. Swindlers are in charge of this country, and not ordinary swindlers either.


These greedy crooks are devil-men, murderous in nature, determined to pull the plug on our freedoms and liberties.

Sadly, many years of steady media indoctrination, moral decay, and political compromises by the people have made it possible for America to reach this great crisis point. It will take a miracle of God to rescue us.

Let’s not mince words. Time is of the essence. Given the urgency of the situation, we must face hard facts.


As I demonstrate in my stunning, new film, Rothschild’s Choice, the hidden cabal behind Barack Obama, intent on murdering America, has gripped this nation by the throat and is squeezing the lifeblood out of us.



Love of Money the Root of All Evil

The list of swindlers surrounding Obama must be made known if we are to survive this deadly assault.


Here I publish their names, and note: They are all Zionist Jews. They are, every one of them, sociopathic criminals who have been given the master keys to our national treasury. And they are busy non-stop emptying the vault.


Truly, the biblical admonition,

"The love of money is the root of all evil" is proven to be so, in spades.

Any question in people’s minds that this grand conspiracy to murder America is anything but Jewish surely is answered simply by observing the names of the greedy criminals. There are no Smiths, Johnsons, Rileys, Jones, Jacksons, and Adams among them.


Obama has carried out the orders of Rothschild and his sub-agent Zionist billionaire George Soros to the letter.


There has been a coup d’état by Zionist traitors.


Observe the top money men on the swindlers list in Obama’s household of deceit:

  • Secretary of Treasury - Tim Geithner (Jew)

  • Chairman, Federal Reserve - Ben Bernanke (Jew)

  • Office of Management & Budget - Peter Orszag (Jew)

  • Chief Financial Advisor - Larry Summers (Jew)

Hold on, there’s more. At Obama’s side, guiding his every move in the Oval Office, are two more slimy Jewish agents of financial and political intrigue:

  • Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, Rahm "The Cruel" Emanuel (Jew)

  • Chief Political Advisor David Axelrod (Jew)

Over-seeing Obama’s quest to socialize our entire medical system and set up "death panels" to mete out euthanasia to the old and "unfit" is none other than Rahm Emanuel’s M.D. brother - Ezekiel Emanuel (Jew).


The new IRS commissioner is Doug Shulman, also - of course - a Jew.



Jews Watching Over Swine Flu Epidemic

And just so you get the full picture of horror, with the dreaded H1N1 "swine flu" said to be at our doorsteps, Obama has just appointed a new Director of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.


His name - Dr. Thomas Frieden, and he is - oh yes - a Jew!

Henry Kissinger, CFR sloth and faithful Jewish servant of Rothschild and Rockefeller, has free reign to enter the Oval Office whenever he wishes to give Obama the latest instructions he receives from Waddesdon Manor (Rothschild’s estate, in Great Britain). And in the U.S. Congress, dutifully carrying out the wishes of his Zionist overlords is Congressman Barney Frank, head of the House Banking and Currency Committee.


Frank is - are you ready for it? - naturally, a Jew.

Henry Kissinger, CFR sloth and faithful servant of Rothschild and Rockefeller, has free reign to enter the Oval Office whenever he pleases.

In the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, we find in Protocol No. 10 that the Zionist-run Illuminati elite boast they shall arrange,

"a president, taken from the mob, from the midst of our puppet creatures, our slaves."

That, dear friends, would be hapless Barack Hussein Obama, half-black, half-white, Gentile stooge and water-boy for the swindlers who surround him and dog his every move.


Obama had better read his verses correctly as displayed on the teleprompter, or a cruel fate awaits him. The Zionists are nothing if not savage and vengeful.


JFK and Richard Nixon, if they were alive, could fill you in on that.



Foolish Trust Rewarded With Red Terror and Death

In the earliest days of Soviet Communism, delighted that they had bamboozled the confused masses and taken firm hold of the reins of power in the Kremlin, Zionist agents Lenin and Trotsky were able finally to let their true, murderous selves come fully to light.


All those demonic fantasies in their diseased minds were unleashed and blood began to flow. Pain, horror, unspeakable acts multiplied as the Red Terror engulfed an entire nation of helpless victims. The people had been promised great benefits. They were rewarded for their foolish trust with death, hunger, lies, and destruction.


Sixty-six million perished...

But among the Communist elite, 98 percent of whom were Jews, joy and glee were the order of the day.


The Jewish Communist swindlers took over the banks, the corporations, the luxurious estates, the farms, the property of the common people - everything was theirs. Finally, they exulted, their Jewishness could be exalted, even if it must be hid from the world. No one must discover that the monsters were Jews. And thanks to the Jew-owned media of the West no one ever did.

Back in America, during those heady days of Communist revolution, Jews celebrated. B’nai B’rith Magazine (New York, March 1933) announced,

"Under the new regime (in Russia), it at last is possible to be a real Jew."

The attitude of the Jews was understandable.


After all, their most holy book, the Jewish Talmud, teaches,

"The best of the Gentiles - Kill!"


Now, It is America’s Turn

Now, it is late in 2009 and the Jews have taken hold of the head and scalp of another great empire, the once illustrious U.S.A.


In 1917, it was Russia. Now, it is our turn to grovel and to suffer. We are being held captive by the Jewish Marxist-Mafia underworld that has elevated their figurehead and puppet, Barack Obama, to the pinnacle of political and economic power.

Yes, a new regime is in place in Washington, D.C. and in many State capitals as well. Under Obama and the Jewish swindlers who run the machinery of the Police State, everything surely will change.


And once again, Masonic Jewish groups like New York’s B’nai B’rith, can pride-fully boast,

"Under the new regime, it is at last possible to be a real Jew."





And more of Obama’s Zionist Jews in power...


Ezekiel Emanuel

White House Medical Czar

Thomas Frieden

Director, Centers for Disease Control

Douglas Shulman

IRS Commissioner

Richard Haass

President of CFR and
Obama’s ambassador-at-large

Hillary Clinton

Secretary of State

Lloyd Blankfein

CEO, Goldman-Sachs

Ken Feinberg

Corp. Executive Compensation Czar

Cass Sunstein

Director, Office of Regulatory Affairs

Daniel Fried

Overseer of USA’s gulag camps

Steven Rattner

Director, Obama’s Task Force of Auto Industry

Alan Bersin

Special Representative for Border Affairs

Todd Stern

Climate Change Czar

Carol Browner

environmental advisor and
Energy Coordinator

Gary Gensler

Chairman of Commodities Futures Trading Commission

Elena Kagan

U.S. Solicitor General

Ron Klain

Chief of Staff to Vice President Biden

Eric Lander

Chairman, Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

Jacob Lew and
James Steinberg

Deputy Secretaries of State

Ellen Moran

White House Director of Communications

Mary Schapiro

Chairperson, Securities and Exchange Commission

Sheila Bair

Chairperson, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Mona Sutphen

Deputy White House Chief of Staff

Donald Kohn

Vice Chairman, Federal Reserve Board

Richard Holbrooke

Special Envoy to Pakistan/Afghanistan

Karen Mills

head, Small Business Administration

Jon Leibowitz

Chairman, Federal Trade Commission

Julius Genachowski

Chairman, Federal Communications Commission

Dr. Margaret Hamburg

Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration

Susan Sher

Chief of Staff for First Lady,
Michelle Obama






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