by Michael Salla, Ph.D.

December 1, 2009

Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner

from Examiner Website

The post-Thanksgiving holiday season marks the beginning of a series of important windows of time for extraterrestrial disclosure by the Obama administration. The first time window came and went without any announcement.


This has led to some skepticism that disclosure is imminent at all.


Multiple independent sources, however, continue to insist that extraterrestrial disclosure is imminent. All that is required is the right opportunity by the Obama administration to disclose the reality of extraterrestrial life to the world. The main political constraint on a disclosure announcement is the November 2010 mid-term Congressional elections.


A disclosure announcement would need to come well in advance of this, no later than the middle of 2010, when the partisan political environment becomes very heated as Republicans earnestly seek to regain Congressional seats. An official disclosure announcement would need to be made in a bipartisan manner and environment that does not favor either of the major U.S. political parties.


This means that any time from the present up to early 2010 is the optimal period when official extraterrestrial disclosure will occur.


First time window passes as a non-event - November 27

Coming the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., the first predicted date of November 27 passed without any disclosure announcement by the Obama administration.


The November 27 date was proposed by a whistleblower who first appeared through the Project Camelot website.


Dr Pete Peterson was claimed by Project Camelot and others who interviewed him, to be among the most knowledgeable and important whistleblowers yet to publicly emerge.


Peterson claims that three independent sources confirmed to him extraterrestrial disclosure was imminent and privately gave the date of November 27 to the Project Camelot team.


This is how David Wilcock explained it back on October 6:

We have one source, in particular, who has now heard [about Disclosure] from three different highly-placed sources in the intelligence community that he’s in contact with.


These are people who don’t know each other and are not speaking to each other, but they do speak to him.


They all have independently told him that a formal government Disclosure is being planned - [likely] before the end of the year. They all had the exact same date for when this would happen, which I cannot say what it is. They all had the basic sequence of events that would happen.


They’re all saying that the television time has already been booked internationally for a two-hour special.

The exact date of November 27 was supposed to be kept a secret but apparently was ‘inadvertently’ released at a Project Camelot conference.


Wilcock explained what happened here:

Peterson said it was OK for us to announce that a formal government disclosure was pending, but strictly forbade us from saying the date.


In Zurich, Switzerland, just a week later, during Bill Ryan's lecture - also available on video - I reminded him of Peterson's testimony from the audience. My stomach hit the floor when he actually said the date we were given out loud in front of the whole audience - November 27, 2009.


This was a spontaneous, maverick decision, and I knew right away it had dramatically reduced the possibility that it would ever happen on that day.




In re-evaluating the coming and passing of November 27 disclosure prediction date, Wilcock in a November 28 update, noted that providing a specific date makes it more difficult for the prediction to occur.


Based on Peterson’s testimony and his own sources, Wilcock continues to believe that extraterrestrial disclosure is imminent, but now believes this will occur in early to mid-2010 as new opportunities arise.


Second Time Window begins with Obama Nobel Peace Prize Speech - December 10

Based on my own independent sources and exopolitical analysis, my favored time window begins soon after President Obama officially accepts the Noble Peace Prize on December 10.


The period immediately after his acceptance speech up to the end of 2009, is a critical time for three main reasons.

  1. First, the level of partisan political debate is historically low during the holiday season which ends soon after New Year’s Day. Most importantly, it is possible to make an announcement with least social disruption due to the increased comfort levels of people during the holiday season when difficult political news can be disclosed with minimal public fallout.


    This observation and possible disclosure timing was first pointed out by exopolitical activist Stephen Bassett in his November 4 appearance on the syndicated national radio show, Coast to Coast AM.

  2. Second, the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama, though premature in the eyes of many, was a calculated effort to legitimize President Obama as a preeminent world leader who could rally international support on important issues. This is consistent with a secret coordinated international effort, that began in the United Nations from February 12-14, 2008, to prepare the world for extraterrestrial disclosure.


    After more than a year of unprecedented official openness on UFOs by major nations, the next stage of a coordinated international effort to officially disclosure the existence of extraterrestrial life has begun.


    The Vatican Astrobiology Conference from November 6-8, for the first time legitimized discussion of extraterrestrial life and its implications for the Catholic Church.


    Most importantly, the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Science positioned itself as a leading sponsor of scientific inquiry into extraterrestrial life. The Vatican initiative has set the stage for further official announcements that confirm the reality of extraterrestrial life.


    After his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, President Obama will be well positioned to authorize a disclosure announcement.

  3. Third, Obama’s announcement today at the West Point Military Academy of increased troop levels for Afghanistan, will force him to take a major initiative in another area that augments his international diplomatic credentials.


    Obama, from the beginning of his administration, has made clear his intent to rebuild the international stature of the U.S., after the damaging political fallout from the preemptive Iraq war launched by his predecessor.


    Diplomatic initiatives such as reaching out to the Muslim world and pledging the U.S. to eliminate nuclear weapons in the future, were part of his all important international agenda.

Obama is strongly supported in his international diplomatic outreach efforts by his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.


An Afghanistan troop surge will almost certainly be balanced by a very significant political initiative that promotes international diplomacy and peace. The disclosure of extraterrestrial life would allow President Obama to reassert his international status and diplomatic agenda while simultaneously showing his readiness to use military force when necessary.


This is strongly supported by Clinton who has championed extraterrestrial disclosure during Clinton administration.


Third Time Window – Obama’s State of the Union Address

President Obama delivers his annual State of the Union address before the joint houses of the U.S. Congress some time during the end of January or early February 2010. The period leading up to an immediately after the State of the Union offer a bipartisan environment where a disclosure announcement can be made.


Timing extraterrestrial disclosure with the State of the Union Address is important since the announcement would be able to symbolize the unity of the American political system in confronting future challenges.


With the multiple challenges confronting the U.S. and the world after official disclosure, Obama will need all the political symbols and support he can gather in order to lead the U.S. during the unprecedented challenges that lie ahead.

In conclusion, multiple independent sources continue to point out that extraterrestrial disclosure is imminent. Timing is the key.


My own analysis points to two optimal time windows when this can occur. The first is soon after Obama’s December 10 Nobel Prize acceptance speech; and up to the 2010 New Year holiday period. The second window of time coincides with his 2010 State of the Union Address. As pointed out in my earlier article, the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 signifies the period when extraterrestrial disclosure is secretly being planned to occur.

The nature and extent of official extraterrestrial disclosure is unclear. It may involve a rather mundane announcement by NASA of the discovery of primitive extraterrestrial life in the form of microbes.


Alternatively, it may involve NASA announcing the discovery of ancient (extraterrestrial) ruins on the moon as proposed by Richard Hoagland. Finally, it may involve an announcement of intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting the Earth as initially proposed by Peterson.


The impending official disclosure announcement is certain to be the first in a series designed to rally the American public behind the Obama administration as it deals with the implications of extraterrestrial life at both the domestic and international level.