by Angelika Sareighn

Spanish version

November 22, 2007
from GalacticDiplomacy Website


Aloha, I recommend the following article for more information about Comet Holmes and its significance. It recently expanded in size to exceed that of the sun in a fashion that has puzzled many astronomers. Interestingly, Mitch Battros speculates that Holmes could be the prophesied Blue Kuchina that heralds the transition from the 4th to 5th world. Also, crop circles in 2005 may have signified this event, and even suggested it is an extraterrestrial artifact. See links at the end of the following article for more information.

In her telepathic transmission, Angelika Sareighn co-founder of GalacticDiplomacy.Com, claims that Holmes is an extraterrestrial artifact whose significance does herald a new age as the Hopi's prophesied. Comet Holmes is certainly a phenomenon worth paying attention to.

In peace

Michael Salla, Ph.D.


The comet that has exploded and now looks like a blue sun is a great sign of the return of Christ consciousness to the material plane of Man. This represents the reunification of the spiritual self with earthly existence. It represents an evolution in consciousness to which many will be exposed, yet only a very few will integrate quickly.


This is how genesis takes place; first on a small scale for a few who then set the stage for more to follow suit.

The blue sun is the Christed Self revealed and it begins a cycle of integrations for humanity and the planet that realign cosmic and galactic energies. This brings about the age of enlightenment for humankind on Earth through a slow and rigorous process that strips aside the dualistic nature of common perception, and reinstates a balanced connection with levels of realities heretofore denied and unexpressed.

Many people find that their hearts feel richer and fuller. Others more advanced and aware will undergo a remembrance of lives and realities of great splendor that exist at much higher densities.

Ours is a course of growing perceptions that allows the entire world to now steer toward open contact with angels, extraterrestrials and ultra-terrestrial beings. The series of integrations afore mentioned will unfold one per year over the next twenty or so years. Consider this realignment and awakening of potential both planetary and individual, and a reconnection back to our multidimensional ancestors and friends.

Some people on Earth will finish the process (of years) before others, and some people will choose not to begin at all and soon depart this world to be born again on another planet which resembles the current reality set with a much less rigorous schedule of growth, change and positive expansion.

There are also factions, both human and extraterrestrial, on the Earth who represent interests that seek to control, suppress and hinder the masses and stop the illumination process. These beings are no longer in domination and although their foul effects are seen across all lands, this web of deception and manipulation is crumbling at a dramatic rate that will become completely self-evident very soon, and especially in the year ahead in 2008.


Such people and extraterrestrials as these must stay upon the world a little longer to complete their karmic destiny, and then the majority of these false leaders will find themselves leaving this world in very mysterious ways.

So it is suggested that all who read this transmission open without fear or prejudice to the energies at hand and trust fully in your own ability to balance and integrate the new connected reality. Galactic and cosmic identity is at hand for humanity. This represents a rise in humanity's awareness of those now present on and around our world who come not only from within our own galaxy, but from across many densities and universes.

Cosmic alignment represents the connection and integration of universal energies, concepts and truths. Just as the laws upon our world distinguish group mind at a bounded level equal to the limited perception of mass consciousness, universal awareness represents that connection that is unbounded and permeates all levels of reality. Therefore, from principles of energy and science that allow a race to transverse the universe all but instantaneously, to the precept of the construction of ideas which apply to all species and not just one, this level of cosmic penetration must now by necessity bring about a unification.


This reestablishes humanity's collective link to the stars, the universe and beyond.

Galactic awareness gives definition to the identity of the incoming races to our world. Their presence is indisputable and now the greater public must finally awaken to this truth of occupation, participation and oversight.


Thus, the object in our solar system that has exploded and grown to immense size, larger than our own sun, intentionally defies all scientific knowledge and explanation to establish a beacon of cosmic connections.

This object is no mere comet and it is not a sun.


It is an extraterrestrial artifact brought into our solar system, and its purpose and activation is to host and emit certain cosmic energies that will saturate all the worlds of Sol. This is the beginning of the perfecting of consciousness in all its expressions on Earth and upon the other planets to greater degrees.


Taking place for us at present in the current density, it will realign as density patterns ascend *.


* rise and refine

This event is great in significance and profound for all who have participated in the preparations for this stage of development, and who anchor solidly the unification for the benefit of all.

"Comet Holmes in Outburst."