-  A Key to the Mystery of Comet Origins... in the Current Visit of Hale-Bopp?


 -  At Forty-Five Degrees, The Sky Will Burn


 - "Comet" Hale-Bopp - A Briefing


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 -  Hale Bopp - Excerpts from The Andromedan Compendium - Defending Sacred Ground


 -  Hale-Bopp - The Mainstream View


 -  Hale-Bopp - What is the Truth?



 -  Letter to Art Bell from a Former Vatican Priest



 -  Photo-Album / Hale-Bopp Comet



 -  Remote Viewing at The Farsight Institute



 -  The Hale-Bopp Controversy


 -  The Hale-Bopp Enigma


 -  What is The Truth about the Comet Hale-Bopp?



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