by Gary D. Goodwin and Raymond Ward

from TheMilleniumGroup Website



The following proof is irrefutable.

There will be many that will doubt it, there will be many that will be astonished, however, it is for every individual person to decide for themselves. As always your opinions are welcome.
















There are greater and grander things in this universe than the hand of mortal man.

The scientific method never was meant to provide the Truth. Most scientists would like you to think they are strenuously searching out the Truth. Itís just not the case. Science attempts to increase the probabilities of knowable facts. Science says, "It appears to be..." "It seems to be...", but never "It IS."


The Big Bang is a probability, Black holes are probabilities, gravity itself is a probability. No one was there to witness the Big Bang with scientific instruments or a camera to "prove" its existence. Come to think of it, even if we had photographic proof, a purist of scientism would say that we would have to exam the photograph and then if it seems reliable we could accept that it may increase the probability to 99.9%.


Perfect knowledge or Truth is not knowable according to science. No one has ever seen a black hole, regardless of what pictures an astronomy magazine displays and says,

"Here is the black hole at the center of the Milky Way."

We accept gravity as a "real" effect, because we believe that we see some secondary effects of gravity, like an apple falling to the ground. This does not necessarily mean that gravity is responsible.

Unfortunately, due to this obsession with the work of our own hands, we still place ourselves at the center of all the universe.


Regardless of the fact that the theory of the earth being at the center was proven wrong, we, in our "big headed pride" continue to place ourselves, emotionally at the center of all "Creation". I refer to this very human trait as the Titanic Syndrome. I hope thatís an easy one to understand! "Why God himself couldnít sink it!" WRONG! God didnít need to sink the Titanic, the pride of men sank the Titanic.

Then when we couldnít extrapolate our ideas out of the simple scientific method, we became frustrated and looked for other avenues to express our believed sure knowledge of the universe. They were of course really just guesses. We then employed the mathematical model to assist us in our desire to satisfy our surety.


Thus we have the Big Bang, Black Holes, and Stephen Hawking.


However the mathematical model is flawed, again due to the nature of the creature that employs it. In graduate school I recall seeing that if there was an idea out there we thought to be true, all we had to do was to gather and manipulate the statistics to prove it! The big head wins again and one of the greatest of all possible human qualities, humility, is smothered.

How do I know this to be true about humans? Isnít it really obvious?


Putting aside all of the failures in recent science for a moment, we can look at the desire to maintain proprietary control over issues and facts naturally found. If control and money werenít at the heart of all of this then there would be an obvious and open sharing of all information to the betterment of mankind. No itís the pocket book that rules and is actually at the center of the universe for most men.


After all whoís going to give research dollars to someone that says "we think it exists" or "weíre pretty sure we can prove it". No they want to know that their one dollar will return two.

Now back to the recent failures of science. This is going to upset some people - but it must be said. Because some men (and women) in science believe that they have discovered Truth, or that is... they have this illusion that the work they are doing and the results they are getting provides the tax paying public with 100% accuracy, they cause undo pain, death and suffering.


This undue suffering and death comes to us under the names of airline flight, understanding and control of severe weather, the use of tax dollars to do foolish experiments in science as opposed to feeding and clothing the poor, and on and on.

There is a strenuous effort to keep us ignorant and stupid - in the dark, by science and by our government. Science and government are aligned in our day. Technology and the other dark fruits of science are the grist of the government wheel. However, we have the right to decide for ourselves! Wouldnít you want to know the truth? What is it that they are they hiding from us? Is it just their failures that they are hiding, or is it the future of humankind? Is there a grand secret that they feel would topple their control over the public?

Probabilities... Plausibility... We, unlike our critics, put it in your hands.


Read the following information that we have gathered and then YOU decide. Is there a threat to the earth? Is there another civilization out there? The knowledge of which has been hidden from us by our so called political leaders? What will the days ahead bring?


Take a look at our evidence and YOU decide.

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About two years ago we were expecting something to take place between the quiet little comet 76P (comet West-Kohoutek-Ikemura) and the planet Mars.


The date came and went. TMG experienced administrative problems (a polite way of saying that the you-know-what hit the fan), people went their separate ways and health problems just about defeated us. But this story is bigger than individual people.

Readers, literally thousands of them, demanded answers to the outcome of the comet/planet encounter. Our critics felt bolder with each day of our silence; nasty emails and public name calling rose to an all time high. But there were those out there that knew that what we had been saying was not bunk, but that it was honesty. We sat quietly, restraining our anger, gathering the evidence and continuing to research the issue.


We have gathered so much information and the findings are so profound that we feel we can no longer withhold all that we have from our readers. So you may want to sit back, itís going to be a long rough ride.


The images that you see in this article will be disputed, not only by our critics but by your very own eyes. I can only say to you something very "unscientific"... let the Spirit guide you. Let your common sense tell you what you are seeing, not those that would enslave you and keep their failures hidden. But then again truth is not the domain of science.

To briefly explain; This article is titled as it is because of four immediate threats to the safety of the earth and her inhabitants. We will present each one according to our discovery of each as we researched the encounter between 76P and Mars and other issues on this site.


We can say that we believe the threat is real and that we recognized the threat in reference to the last two years of work. It very may well be that what we present is conjecture at times or that we simply just do not know. We are human and guided by the resources available to us.

One more final point, before we get started. We believed at the time that Phobos may or may not have been affected by 76P. What we have discovered is that Phobos may have left Marsí orbit prior to June 2000! In fact the story appears to go back to before the passage of comet Lee. The following will reflect the fact that at first we thought June 2000 was significant.


But what we found was a story much broader and more fitting to the behavior of NASA and their involvement with the planet Mars.

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Historical and Current Events

(a recap of what is known up to the contact between 76P and Mars, and the issue of 76P)

The following are historical and current events we have noted, observed and recorded:

1726 - Jonathan Swift writes in Gulliverís Travels,

"Certain astrologers... have likewise discovered two lesser stars, or satellites, which revolve around Mars, whereof the innermost is distant from the center of the primary planet exactly three of its diameters, and the outermost five; the former revolves in the space of ten hours, and the latter in twenty one and a half..."

Swift must have been privy to ancient documents or knowledge. Instruments of his day could not have discerned the two moons.

1809 - Honore Flaugergues a French astronomer reports "yellow" clouds on the surface of Mars.

1877 - Asaph Hall "discovers" Phobos and Deimos. He named them without really understanding what he had done. VELIKOVSKY states that he did it without realizing that these names were the same names given to the two satellites by the ancients (see Worlds in Collision, pg. 284).

1877 - Schiaparelli discovers "lines" on Mars that he calls "canali". No one else could apparently see them.

1879 - Schiaparelli reports that he sees the canals grow strait and in many cases "double" from one canal to many pairs of parallel canals. He saw a total of twenty canals double over the period of several oppositions. The astronomical community was incredulous to his claims (sound familiar?).

1886 - Perotin at Nice confirmed the findings and drawings of Shiaparelli, seeing them through a new 29 inch aperture telescope.

1894 - Percival Lowell builds a telescope in Arizona and records in drawings canals on the surface of Mars. He is convinced that there is intelligent life on Mars. Read his writings HERE.

11/1964 - Mariner 3 & 4 fly by Mars. Mariner 3 was reported to have failed. Mariner 4 took 20 photographs of Mars.

1969 - Mariner 6 & 7 both did flybys of Mars. NASA uses data from these satellites to say that the canals are not canals but rather "dark features".

1971 - Mariner 8 & 9 launch for Mars. NASA claims that 8 failed. Mariner 9 orbited the red planet for nearly a year. Upon arrival at Mars, Mariner 9 found a planet wide dust storm occurring. The storm lasted over a month before the satellite could take images. Mariner 9 was the first satellite to take pictures of Phobos and Diemos.

1975 - Two satellites, each with an orbiter and a lander, called Viking went to Mars.

Late 70ís - On the coat tails of Viking and itís Marsí discoveries, there is a strong move to militarize space exploration. Hoagland has pointed out very succinctly that Admiral Bobby Inman heads up the JPL oversight committee. Military leaders can now be found in many leadership positions within NASA.

Late 80ís/Early 90ís - NASA begins to acknowledge, if not publicly - privately, the threat from NEOís. Gene Shoemaker is very public in sharing his knowledge of this threat, being an expert on the Arizona crater and reports dozens of previously unfound craters around the world. In í73 Shoemaker initiated the Planet-crossing Asteroid Survey.

7/7/88 & 7/12/88 - Phobos 1 & 2 are launched. These two Russian satellites were launched in the wake of Viking info coming forth. The two satellites were both sent to study the Marsí Moon Phobos! Phobos 1 failed on 9/2/88 on its way to Mars, due to loss of attitude control and lock on the sun. Phobos 2 was lost on 3/27/89 after a close pass over Phobos (the moon). Russians claim it was blasted out of space by a plasma beam. NASA states it was due to the failure of an on board computer. What intelligence or information about Mars or Phobos did the Russians know?


The image to the right is the last picture that the satellite took before being destroyed (click below images fro more details).

The Phobos 2 "unidentified objects"


The shadow known as the "thin ellipse" (Soviet television clip)

Note: the "thin ellipse" is a cigar shaped shadow (of a UFO?) on the surface of Mars (3-27-89)





Cigar-shaped "object" hovering between the Phobos camera
and the second "potato shaped " Martian moon, Phobos.
(image source: Dr. Marina Popovich).


click to enlarge





1992 - The Mars Observer is launched after a 17 year gap in Marsí missions. NASA claims that they lost communication with the satellite shortly before it was to enter orbit around Mars.

7/94 - SL9 ends its career as it plunges into Jupiter. Many at JPL were amused, most rational humans were stunned at the implications. SL9 dramatically changed the way we look at impact theory forever.

1996/7 - Mars Pathfinder lands on Mars with a mobile "rover" to do soil experiments.

10/97 - NASA launches the Cassini satellite with 72 pounds of plutonium aboard; a possible 70 megatons of blasting power.

2/98 - Spectrum Aerospace is founded as a research and development company. DS1 will be their first project. According to their homepage they are involved in "sophisticated defense (military)" projects.

8/98 - NASA claims that they change the mission of satellite Deep Space 1 from a fly by of Mars/Phobos and a close inspection of 76P to an innocuous comet.

12/98 - Mars Climate Orbiter was lost according to NASA, due to arriving to low to the surface of Mars.

1/99 - Mars Polar Lander attempted to land on the southern pole of Mars with two probes that were meant to dig into the Martian soil. Again, NASA states it was lost. Evidence reflects that this mission and perhaps others were taken over by the new U.S. military space agency called Space Guard.

6/99 - Comet Lee rounds the sun. Many weather and earthquake effects are linked to its passage. For the first time a category "6" tornado hits in Oklahoma, leaving death and destruction in its path (Admittedly I made a mistake on the OK. tornado, it wasnít a 5, it was the first time they used a six rating. A six rating was never used prior to this storm. Thanks to "Jim" of the Bad Astronomy website for helping me remember! And many thanks to the BAD ASTRONOMY website for boosting our hitz! Love your banter over there.)

8/99 - Total Solar eclipse from Turkey. We report several objects seen in a CNN video clip. Shadows are also seen crossing the face of the earth at a nearly right angle to the moonís shadow. There are many claims that Nostradamusí prophecy of the Great Terror is fulfilled.

9/99 - Clinton initiates the most recent NMD program (National Missile Defense). In a statement later the next year he states,

"At this moment of unprecedented peace and prosperity, with no immediate threat to our security or our existence... at a time like this it is tempting, but wrong, to believe there are no serious long-term challenges to our security."

What and who is he talking about???? Intermittent air to air missile test are carried out to the present. Most are declared unsuccessful by the watching world.

3/1/00 - Based upon NASA definitions, TMG breaks the story that Mars will experience an imminent hit from the comet 76P.

3/4/00 - NASA, for the first time in their history, list comet West-Kohoutek-Ikemura as making a "near miss" to Mars (three days after we post our findings). TMG is slandered on the Internet by a JPL/NASA employee over the prediction.

5/00 - NASA makes the public announcement that after two multimillion dollar Mars projects fail they will halt upcoming missions to Mars. There is evidence that the projects did not fail and were actually taken over by Spaceguard, the most recent addition to the US armed forces (see HERE).

5/16-17/00 - One of the most powerful solar storms on record occurred. The Midwest is torn in two by a very destructive storm, spawning a category 4 tornado in Nebraska.

5/28/00 - TMG receives an unverified report from two different NASA sources that two high level NASA scientists abandoned their posts this weekend. The indications were that they had information of a catastrophic nature concerning Mars. We were never able to verify the reports.

5/29/00 - Concerning the space shuttle Atlantis (interesting name), NASA initially announced their intent to extend the mission three days. However the mission was abruptly cut short by one day. The landing was forced in an extremely rare night time dark landing. The shuttle carried two very curious instruments that may be related to the 76P/Mars advent. One was the Spartan satellite, designed to study the solar environment. The other was an infrared telescope.

6/4/00 - The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory is intentionally crashed into the earth, even though it was functioning well at the time. One NASA scientist protests.

6/4/00 - Comet 76p encounter with Mars

6/4/00 - The beginning of one of the largest dust storms ever recorded of the surface of Mars. Could it be a result of fragment hits?

2/2002 - Government approves a budget that allows NASA to utilize nuclear power in space.

4/2002 - Rumsfeld, US defense head, wants to utilize nuclear warhead pinpoints on NDB missiles regardless of the danger. What is he trying to hit?

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Solar Interjection

In the last year or so we were supposed to see a solar maximum.


The projected day came and went and there was not a real defining maximum. However the sun seemed to have a mind of its own; flaring at will, huge activities and displays not tied to the usual timeline. The sun has a great influence on the earth. These events are everything from the quality and type of light that influences plant and animal growth. For instance, one way of determining specifics about past ages is through the study of tree rings.


The sun has the ability to produce cosmic rays. Cosmic rays, along with other changes in the elements of the sun can cause damage to living things or it can stimulate growth.

Then there are the solar flares that can cause power outages if they hit the earth. There have been a number of power outages attributed to just this cause. But solar flaring can cause more than just power outages, they can cause severe weather changes and even long term climate changes. It is quite prideful of man to think that he is the sole cause of climatic change, specifically speaking, the greenhouse effect.


We have also displayed in previous articles that climatic changes have been due to changes in the solar environment. The sun qualifies as one of the four threats if we only look at these types of events. But there are more events to be concerned about.

In recent years, we have seen SOHO and YOHKOH images that suggest that the sun is capable of spewing forth, if you will, great clumps of molten iron. These images are usually filtered for iron and are at times very impressive, the objects reaching sizes of anywhere from moon size down to bus size.


Simply because of the vastness of space have we so far avoided being hit by one of these intermittent deadly objects. It may also be due to the charge differential of the earthís magnetosphere and the solar environment - this is supposition on our part. Regardless the objects are there and must be considered a threat.


Especially since there obvious density is great and the speed at which they travel is quite intense.

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Recent hysteria in the media over the possibility of an imminent hit is not unwarranted.


When you consider all that the government has done to prepare, you can tell they think so too. There have been several world wide conferences on defeating an inbound rock, and there have been a number of new projects either created out of old military installations or new projects to catalogue and size up the threat.


Besides projects like AMOS in Hawaii and the NEODys CLOMON impact monitoring system in Italy, there are new projects like the Sentry Monitoring System at JPL. But most of the preparation has been directed toward protecting a few resources, rather than discovery or destruction.


Maybe they realize the futility.

Our government has recently announced the organization of two alternate underground governments in case of a terrorist attack. Some members of congress were incensed that they were not included in the decision making. You can be assured that terrorist attacks were not the only thing on their minds when they came up with the idea, especially since the idea was put in place a number of years ago. The idea came about originally in conjunction with a "bomb" proof shelter for congress.


And now there is word of another bunker for some of the world leaders located in western Australia.


Not really a surprise. And it has not really been a surprise to find a correlation between the movements of some world leaders, like the president of the U.S. and the Pope, and interesting happenings in the skies above with comets and close passes of asteroids. In the future, just watch how trips to negotiate something or to visit some foreign country, come about seemingly over night. Then keep an eye on astronomical happenings.

But people do not want to know too much about this subject. That statement is especially true of our government. I guess itís better to keep us mushrooms in the dark and feed us you know what, just to keep us under control and out of the way. In fact one of the discoverers of SL9 (Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9) paid the ultimate price for shedding too much light on the subject of the possibility of a deadly impact. Gene Shoemaker was a geologist that wanted to go to the moon. He became very interested in astronomy and created a branch of the USGS called Astrogeology.


More than being known as one of the CO-discoverers of SL9 he was known as the man who catalogued literally hundreds of previously unknown earth impactors, via weather eroded craters. He did this after research into the mechanics of impacts, studying craters all over the world.


On July 18th, 1997 he was traveling with his wife on a long straight road outside of Alice Springs on his way to study another crater, when his car was hit head on by another sole car. TMGís investigation into the accident was stopped cold in its tracks. Investigators in Australia were told they were not allowed to view case files on the incident, even when the investigator was a past high ranking Australian government official (however at the time a representative of TMG - The Millenium Group).


The case was sealed and apparently no one is allowed to view the details of the accident. Shoemakerís spouse was with him at the time and suffered near fatal injuries. She has since recovered and it has been reported that she has returned to her work. The above appears fairly clear, but without the case file there is nothing that can be proven. We can only postulate on what is known. Seems strange however that the accident occurred in broad daylight, with only the two vehicles on the roadway. But I did say strange, not unlikely.

With the evidence in tow, it appears that impacts are indeed a possibility. In the early eighties a satellite was sent up to take ultraviolet images of the earth. Dr. Louis Frank has claimed that these images show that there are house sized snowballs hitting the earth every few seconds.


He calls them comets because he has postulated that they are wholly composed of water or ice as the Whipple theory of comets goes. What he saw on the images (and you can see them too CLICK HERE) are dark spots in the upper atmosphere of the earth.

But to say there isnít a danger from asteroids or impactors is simply foolish and indeed burying your head in the sand. Many astronomers or scientists will quote incredible odds against an impact. Gambling with your future is just about as foolish as you can get.


The second threat is from Near Earth Objects.

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Comets and Cometary Debris

We have often been accused of being doomsayers.


Actually until now we have not really made any predictions outside of severe weather effects and earthquakes from the passage of a few powerful comets.


We have never said that a comet would hit the earth as Charles Morris (JPL) accused us of. We have, until now, stayed away from religion and UFOís for the simple reason that there is conspiracy in this country.


That conspiracy consists of a practice of trashing groups of people and pigeonholing them with groups of obviously disturbed people. In an effort to avoid that trap we have stayed away from these areas. That is until now.


That was the tactic of Charles Morris and JPL when we stated that there was going to be a close call between 76P (comet West-Kohoutek-Ikemura) and Mars. But more on this a little later.

Comets cause a change in the steady environment of local and systemic space. In addition to being a real impact threat to the earth, they also interject great and diverse charges into the solar system. This introduction of charges causes changes in solar activity and direct changes in terrestrial stability.


We have documented well some of these effects due to the passage of Hale Bopp, Comet Lee and others.


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Phobos & The Terrible Ones

There remains to this day no adequate proof that Phobos and Deimos (the moons of Mars) are still in orbit around Mars, following the passage of 76P.


There is however some evidence that they have come to visit the earth since that event and perhaps even before that event! READ ON!

When we first became aware of the threat of 76P to Mars, one of the scenarios we entertained was the ripping away of the moons from the planet. We considered the direction of the comet, the cometís passage through the ecliptic just prior to contact, speed, and a few other factors. This is probably a good place to note that comet 76P has never been re-acquired after its encounter with Mars.

A few days before 76P reached Mars a curious thing happened.


The sun went crazy, pumping out some incredible flares toward the area. In addition the shuttle Atlantis was in orbit over the earth and announced that they would be extending their mission three days. We believe that this was to see the effects of 76P on Mars. They happened to have with them extra instrumentation to suggest just this fact.


However two days into the added three days they called an immediate halt to the mission and did an emergency landing. A landing that was at night - an extremely dangerous attempt and one that they had never done before or since. Reports at Kennedy say that the crosswinds even exceeded parameters for a regular daytime landing. News reports stated at the time that they came in so hot that they even "singed" the wings!


What could have caused them to take such drastic measures? What was it that scared them enough to take such chances with their lives and a multibillion dollar craft?

We believe we know.

As 76P approached Mars it began to enter the ecliptic. Remember the ecliptic is that plane that the planets pass through around the sun.


Itís not imaginary at all, but rather it is a demarcation of change of electrical charge from positive to negative or visa versa, depending upon the direction that you are passing through it. In the past we have documented a number of comets as they have passed through this wall of electromagnetic change.


For any of you who have had to use battery cables to get a car started and accidentally switched the cables, putting the positive on the negative pole or visa versa, you know the violent reaction you get! It can blow up the batteries and/or ruin your car!


The charge that we are speaking of in the ecliptic, is virtually millions of times more powerful. When you add the charge of the comet - BOOM! Sometimes, even often, it will tear the comet into pieces. It used to be about a third of the comets that passed through the ecliptic broke up - today it is an even higher number.


In the past astronomers have mistakenly believed that the destruction of comets was due to tidal or gravitational effects.




The amount of energy that gravity places upon a comet pales to this energy.


We believe that the astronauts aboard the shuttle were watching the comet approach Mars and witnessed one of these tremendous events. Several million miles before 76P reached Mars (approximately 6.25 million miles) it hit the ecliptic, broke apart and then the sun burst forth an extremely powerful flare toward the event.


Now Mars was almost on the opposite side of the sun from us, however there was still a clear shot to the encounter. Charges are both positive and negative and need to connect. Flares went not only to the area of Mars/76P but came toward the earth. A powerful flare can easily take out a space craft like the MIR, for instance.


How many times did their on board computers fail? Dozens! The shuttle, with its better insulation, still became a concern for NASA. So they brought her down immediately, before the flare reached the earth. The whole local area of space lit up those few days. I would imagine that it scared the biggebies out of them!

This first image is a SOHO C3 taken on June 3rd, 2000 as 76P approaches the ecliptic and Mars. 76P had already hit the edge of the ecliptic and the solar storm was in full force.


The arrow shows the general direction that 76P traveled toward Mars. Mars is just coming on the very edge of the image to the far left above the arrow and the comet.

click image to enlarge


Some believe that they could see 76P as it passed Mars.


The following image was sent to us with that idea in mind. It is not unusual for comets to regroup after being torn apart by the ecliptic. Actually even if the comet was still in parts in this image it could continue to appear to be whole at this distance.


But the fact remains that no one has reacquired 76P following its passage of Mars.

click image to enlarge


In both of the previous images there does not appear to be a star that coordinates with the position of the two objects pointed out.

In all of this there still remains no evidence either way that Phobos and/or Deimos are still in orbit around Mars or if they are not (Hopi Legend). There are no images showing the two moons in orbit around Mars.


The last public pictures we have of Phobos are from the Mars Global Surveyor taken on August 19th, 1998 and published by that great little organization Malin Space Science Systems out of San Diego. You have to wonder what pictures they have of 76P passing by! Another important event to keep in mind for later is that around the twenty-sixth of that month began a series of several magnetic pulses.

After June of 2000, we watched and waited for any signs that there had been a change in Mars or its moons. The first change that came along was the most incredible dust storm ever recorded on Mars.


Because of the timing of the comet and the dust storm it would seem appropriate to assume that the dust storm couldíve either been caused by a hit of debris from the comet, or that it is simply a storm due to the increased electromagnetic charges in the area. Again you can decide for yourself what you want to believe. But the more and more that we investigate these subjects, there seems to be an inordinate amount of coincidences.

During those first few months after the encounter we watched every SOHO image and attempted to gather any images of Mars that we could find.


Nothing came up. That is until we were sent the following C3 by Rustyís Retreat in February of 2001 (click image right). In the SOHO C3 image the two streaks appear to be traveling together. The ratio of the objects in size is 2/1.


The ratio of Phobos to Deimos is also 2/1 or ten miles to five miles.

One of the procedures that we commonly employ, is to go back and retrace our tracks. We have an enormous amount of images and information on file. When we saw the above image we looked back over several months of images to see if there was anything familiar. We found the image left.


The two objects in the C1 of November 25th 2000 (click image left), matched perfectly in size, trajectory and separation. There are also many other objects on this image that suggest debris from the encounter. The size ranges from a third of a kilometer to perhaps larger.

We continued to watch all of the indicators closely for further evidence of these two bodies.


But for a few months there seemed to be nothing. SOHO would go into ESR and there just wasnít the instrumentation available to us to support the things we thought we were seeing. So we kept quiet. Being human we couldnít keep a 24 hour watch on everything available either.

Then on April 12, 2001, a little less than a year later, while we were still watching the usual indicators, SOHO, the GOES material and others, we came across a startling finding. The GOES satellites have magnetometers aboard, in addition to having some great imaging equipment. There is one satellite basically over the west coast and one over the east coast of the US.


The magnetometer read out therefore has two lines, one red and one blue (click image right). The scale has been set for some time, however on this particular date, for the very first time, the scale had to be expanded (note the "250" in red on the left side of the scale).


It appeared as though something had really lit up the instruments on the satellite. Never have solar flares or magnetic storms caused such an abrupt and intense reaction. And never before with such intensity on both satellites at the same time.

The very next day I received two images from a fellow in western Europe. The circumstances warrant an explanation - He stated the images were taken on a western facing beach in Europe exactly five minutes apart. The individual who took the images demanded that his name NOT be mentioned. In fact he gave me an alias, however stated he worked for a familiar agency. I know... it sounds pretty hokey. But take a look at the images.


Examination reflects that both images are real and not faked. They are both taken with the same 35 millimeter camera, aimed at basically the same direction. The reference point in the image for measurements is of course the sun.

The upper arrow is pointing out the object. At first glance it looks very comet-like, with a coma and a tail. However, a closer inspection and a little quick math shows that the object is moving much too slow to be a comet. And if this were a daytime visible comet, it wouldíve been on the news and wouldnít have been missed by millions of people.


The direction the object is traveling is also not parallel to the sun. The object appears to be traveling from the northeast to the southwest. Even though the "tail" appears as a cometís tail would appear, flowing away from the sun.


However, from all indications, this object is not "out in space", it is within the upper atmosphere of the earth.

click image to enlarge


The upper arrow points out another interesting probability.


The subject of the lower arrow appears to be a jet contrail. In the next image below, you can see that this contrail is moving very very fast and in the direction of the comet-like object. Is it possible that this is a missile sent to intercept the object?


A close look at the "missile-like" object appears to have at least one or more stage separations. Not surprisingly, it is off course and obviously unable to catch the intended object. Missed... not unlike most of the recent tests of the missile intercept program. It helps a person understand why those attempts have failed.


Another point to be made here, is that recent missile intercept tests out of Vandenberg are using rockets with two stages.

click image to enlarge


Now our scenario was really coming into focus. Itís not that we were looking for proof or to prove some agenda, unlike our friends at NASA/JPL who do this for a living. We were simply rolling on an idea... a hypothesis if you will, that these objects were Marsí moons.


We thought these images were strong evidence showing that the comet 76P had dislodged at least Phobos from Mars and perhaps even Deimos the second moon of Mars.


But of course we needed more. Maybe it was that feeling that kept me from posting this new information. Meanwhile, everyday I would receive a dozen or more emails asking and sometimes demanding to know our position on 76P and Mars. Even though these images were incredibly compelling, I knew that there was something more that we were missing.

And if the above isnít enough to make you think, consider this: Our dear Uncle Sam has a tendency to hide things from the public eye - this event above is no exception. You might recall that only days before these images were taken another dramatic event occurred. On March 23rd the space station MIR was brought down over the Pacific Ocean.


The question: was it to hide the above images or was it another failed attempt at shooting it down. Regardless of their reasoning, the bringing down of the MIR days before would avert attention from any following events. In other words, people just saw an incredible event in the downing of MIR - why would they keep looking for another event? To add to this on the 12th there was no USIR satellite image, which would cover the time period of the above images. Coincidence? (Coincidence - the "word" of the day) Itís up to you to decide.

During the turmoil of administrative changes in our research group and server problems we continued to search every resource possible to find more. Earl Crockett, our cofounder, felt pressure to move on to other endeavors and some members left in disagreement over policy. In the middle of all of this I became ill and had little energy to continue and our server went flakey on us and we had to move the entire site. But in all of it, one of our primary researchers and one of my most devoted friends, Ray Ward pushed forward; looking down every avenue for answers. To say he has been relentless, is a magnificent understatement!

As if the above werenít enough to set us back on our heals, we were next to discover something that even today we find difficult to believe.

The GOES satellites are in geosynchronous orbit above the earth. In other words they are at an altitude wherein gravity keeps them aloft. They do not move around the earth, but generally stay in one position. GOES Eight and Ten are stationed at about 22,000 miles above the east and west coast of the United States.


This is why on the magnetometer there are two lines, one red and one blue, one lagging just a bit behind the other. The GOES satellites are great instruments. In fact they are used for several different studies. Perhaps their most important duty is that of studying the weather. The best shots of the earth in the clouds comes from the GOES sats.


Everyday we look at a number of different indicators from the GOES, SOHO and other ground based instruments. We utilized the YUHKOH sat results for some time, however recently it was shut down. At least to the public. We not only inspect individual data, we compare the studies with each other. For instance, if we see a flare from the sun, from SOHO, we compare the results with GOES and other information to see the results of that flare here on earth.


Solar wind and density, wind speeds at the surface, images of clouds, precipitation, etc. are all taken into consideration. You can imagine the amount of hours put into this research on a monthly basis or even over the last few years. We also keep an eye on the Minor Planet Center out of Harvard and Ron Baalkeís info at JPL to keep in consideration cometary and near earth object interference.


Thank God for the Internet, it has been a boom to human connection and understanding.

But we started seeing interesting things on the GOES IR images. There were strange cloud formations, unlike we had previously been seeing (click image right). There were striations and twisting helix in the clouds - evidence of charged fields.


But shockingly, what we were seeing quite often now, were discernible objects above those clouds (click image left).


Sometimes they would leave streaks of "clouds" behind them other times they would not. Then at other times they would appear to cause turbulence in the clouds below them.


However generally speaking we knew that these objects were high above the cloud layer. At times we have seen what appears to be great charge fields surrounding the bodies. The bodies appear to come in all different shapes and sizes. However determining size in most cases is difficult because we cannot always determine their altitude.


The objects starting showing up literally everywhere in every satellite image. We not only seeing numbers of these streaks and bodies in the GOES IR images but also evidence in the ultraviolet images from the POLAR satellite.

We had become convinced that there was something flying around in the skies above the earth. We knew that they were not simply satellites or aircraft. At first we had believed that these objects might be related to the house sized "snowball" comets that Dr. Frank had hypothesized about. However these were not always directly striking the atmosphere and exploding (or melting and filling the seas as he purposed).


In fact it seems that the dark spots that Dr. Frank has been seeing are likely the electrical sparks or discharges as the individual objects skim the denser parts of the upper atmosphere. So there was evidence that they were in some kind of orbit, even though very erratic and indeed two of them had the potential to be very similar in size to Phobos and Deimos.


But in addition to these two there were a host of smaller objects seen - we thought maybe various streams of meteorites numbering in groups of a dozen sizable with the accompanying debris. There is obviously more than we have been led to believe.

Many people would think that if an object the size of Phobos or Deimos were flying through the skies above us, the moons could be easily seen. Phobos and Deimos are respectively approximately ten and five miles in diameter.


In Dr. Frankís (the discoverer of house sized comets hitting the earth) explanation pertaining to the visibility of these house sized comets, we can easily understand that these objects could not be seen without special equipment.

"First of all, consider the naked rested eye. The apparent brightness of the small comets at the distance previously detected with the Spacewatch camera at a range of 137,000 km (85,000 miles) is typically V=19 magnitude. At a targeted range of 1000 km (625 miles) the apparent brightness is about V=8.3 because you have gained V=10.7.


For the naked eye, the threshold brightness has been estimated by Opik and Millman in terms of the percentage of objects detected as a function of brightness.


Opik claims 8% and 50% of the objects are detected at V=5% and 25% at V=5 and V=2, respectively.


Millman estimates less than 0.5% and 25% at V=5 and V=2, respectively. Clearly, under the best viewing conditions, the threshold of the naked human eye is about V=5. Thus the small comets would be dimmer than the threshold of the naked eye by V=3.3, or a factor of about 20 in light intensity.


The naked eye simply cannot detect the small comets at a range of 1000km (650 miles)."

The other factor in this matter is that Phobos and Deimos are very dark objects.


The moon itself believe it or not is a low reflective object and considered dark. However the two moons of Mars have less than half of the reflectivity than that of the moon! With their relative small size, it would be a miraculous accident to see one of them with the naked eye.


We have determined that the area we have most often "seen" these objects with various instruments is at an altitude between 700 miles and synchronous altitude which is approximately 22,000 to 23,000 miles. However, to rule out normal satellites, satellites at geosynchronous orbit, as a rule are placed no closer than a thousand miles together (2 degrees apart in equatorial orbit at geosynchronous altitude).


So at a thousand miles what could you see?

Try this little experiment: Take a ball point pen, any ball point pen - and hold it out at armís length with the ball facing your eyes. With good vision it should appear basically a little larger than a point in space.


Now consider in your mind an aircraft carrier, the largest in the US fleet. Mentally take that aircraft carrier and place it a thousand miles from where you are standing. In perfectly clear conditions it will appear slightly smaller than the ball-point of the pen! Barely a speck of dust!


So if these objects were the size of a car, they wouldnít be showing up on the images. But on the other hand they could be much larger than aircraft carriers!!!!

When we put together the information above, we were needless to say, stunned at the very least. I remember being in some kind of confused state of unbelief for days after seeing these images above.


I would wake up in the middle of the night and go to my computer and look at what we had found, only to be convinced once again that what I was seeing we had not fabricated or made up. The evidence was real and there for my own natural eyes to see. Anyone who reads this site knows that we do not trust the government and NASA/JPL to be specific.


We have solid proof that they have been involved in clandestine adventures before - itís purely public knowledge, the kind of things they have been involved in. But this is over the top. And why?


Because we are slowly and reluctantly coming around to the idea, that what we are seeing is not simply the fear of our government to protect itself from the destruction of a hit.


But strait to the point, these objects appear to be under some type of intelligent control... and there is evidence that our government knows it! In the following paragraphs you will see evidence that can not be interpreted in any other way. Natural moons and other objects simply do not behave in this manner - they cannot. We are beginning to believe in earnest, that our government is covering up something that is a bigger story than we could have ever imagined.


And I write this down... at this very moment... knowing that I am giving the opposition, i.e.., Charles Morris and the gang, plenty of ammunition against us.


But before they jump on their computers to attempt to categorize us and pigeon hole us with all of the rest of the alien folks, I would challenge them to first address the facts that we have presented in this article.


Argue the points like intelligent professionals, that they would have us believe that they are. But if they are not intelligent professionals with integrity as we will give them the benefit of the doubt as being, then go ahead and call us what you will. It will not be us that appear to be fools, but rather you that are disguising and hiding the truth. Thatís a challenge if ever Iíve heard one!

But back to the story! Thereís so much more to share!

We knew that these objects were "up there", so we continued to attempt to figure out some type of natural orbit. If we simply had captured the two moons of Mars, they should be in some sort of regular orbit. At least they would be in some type of orbit we could apply some numbers to. It was not above a rational explanation that two bodies could be captured by a planet.


In fact most astronomers believe that Phobos and Deimos were captured by Mars. In part because they are so unusual and different from Mars.

However when one object is caught by another, the immediate results could be quite radical. In this depiction of a comet caught by Jupiter, you can see that even after months the comet remained in a very unstable orbit. But as the image reflects, the orbit was able to be determined by observation.

We utilized every resource accessible to us. We used changes in the GOES magnetometer, as one satellite is roughly over the west coast and the other over the east coast. We used weather information, IR and visible images from a number of different projects. Just when we thought we had it pegged it showed up over here where we didnít expect them. We had numbers of shots showing objects zipping over the clouds.

Then we found an image of one of the objects where it appears to be standing still over the Gulf of Mexico. In this image (below) there appears to be quite a disturbance in the ocean below the object, this disturbance appears to be jetwash or electrical in nature. The left image is a blow up of the area and the right side of the image is an artist rendition.


Again the size fits pretty well at that altitude - that is - about ten miles in diameter - the size of Phobos!


Question - What was this object doing over this particular area? What history or other events are associated with this area of the gulf? The answer is more than intriguing!

click image for enlarged details


One of the instruments that we look at often, is the YUHKOH SXT project. Unfortunately public information in the form of the great images they had been publishing for a decade, was suddenly and unexpectedly stopped cold. In the very last image posted we saw some dark pixels in the images. At the time we didnít think much of them. We had seen them before, and couldnít really explain them.


They donít appear to be from pixel bleed, they are dark not white. But they are generally geometric in shape.


Then just recently we were reviewing global images that the GOES satellite had taken. It was strange that the background was white instead of black. I thought at first it was simply for meteorologists to be able to better see the cloud covered globe.


But I noticed something in the white area surrounding the globe. There were single pixels of various degrees of shading and they differed in their numbers from image to image. You can see a couple of them in the image below. You can click on the image to get the full picture, but be warned these are very large images.

Each pixel in the GOES photo to the left is 4.3 kilometers (click image left). So if an object was 4.3k or smaller it would appear as black or a shade of gray. If an object was significantly smaller than 4.3k, say twenty or thirty feet across, it wouldnít show up at all (refer to the aircraft carrier/car example above).


The resolution just isnít that precise. So this rules out aircraft and most satellites and there just arenít this many satellites of that size at that altitude. Another factor which must be considered, is the distance.


These objects could be as faraway from the cameraís eye as approximately 53,000 miles, if in geosynchronous orbit. The GOES image to the left is clickable to the original. The objects can be seen regularly in GOES images at: 

Then we went back to the YUHKOH image and found out that the very last image, which was left posted for over two months, had some dark pixels on it very similar to the GOES IR.


At first we believed that this could not possibly be the same objects that we found on the GOES.


Primarily because we thought that the YUHKOH was in a very high orbit, above where these objects could be seen. However, looking over the YUHKOH mission page, we found out that the YUHKOH is in a slightly elliptical orbit only 570 to 730 kilometers!


This was indeed a low enough orbit to catch these objects in the camera eye, xray or not. These objects, to small to show detail, are actually in orbit above the Earth, not the sun! The YUHKOH satellite just happens to be in a shallow enough orbit above the Earth to have captured two of them! (click image right).

We then went through the SXT/YUHKOH archive and discovered another very significant image. Another object in close orbit to the Earth, NOT in orbit around the sun. It just happened to be caught by the YUHKOH satellite camera.


From April 12th, 2001, an anomaly that we had previously reported on (see our first view of this object from 2-16-99 in this article - scroll down to the third image in the article), made an appearance. The object can be seen as a dark or black body in the lower right limb of the sun (click image left). Note also the sunrays coming from behind the object, just as in the 2-16-99 image.

Maybe youíre way ahead of us here. April 13th of 2001 is an important date. It is the date that the image from western Europe was taken and the GOES Magnetometer went off the scale. Then the sun, after the mag event, produced a significant X flare. Now we had triple evidence of this object being in orbit closer to the earth!

This new information put a great big kink in our hypothesis. How could this object we are seeing from the 12th of April 2001 be the same object that showed up on the 16th of February, 1999???? But itís shape, distance and everything else about it said that it was the same object, and now we were strongly suspecting that it was Phobos. The encounter with 76P and Mars occurred on about the 4th of June 2000. Now we have two photos, one before the encounter and one after the encounter.


But remember, the last image of Phobos in orbit around Mars was from MSSS and claimed to be on August 19th, 1998! What events had occurred between this last image of Phobos and the latest info? We had to go back to another very popular event in 1999 - the total solar eclipse over Turkey, when it was alleged that Phobos was seen! This may be a good time to take a second look at the articles we wrote on comet Lee and the Eclipse. (click image right)

We had been totally overwhelmed by current info that we had completely put out of our minds the í99 eclipse. Then the pieces started to tumble into place. Stefan Paulus in his book "Nostradamus 1999 - Who Will Survive" translates Quatrain 72 as saying, that a monstrous comet will pass near the earth sometime between July and September 1999, awakening a Genghis Khan type warrior.


During the eclipse there was a story out of Britain stating that they had picked up shadows across the face of the earth apparently at a right angle to the expected shadow of the moon.


The observers and experts were baffled by these shadows and could give no satisfactory reason. The caption on the picture states "one preceding and one following".


There was no explanation for these shadows until now.

Phobos has a distinctive shape. It appears to be a flattened out sphere with a huge crater (Stickney Crater) at one end. The other end has a slight (comparatively speaking) indentation (see HERE). Stickney crater looks like a great rocket nozzle, not unlike the nozzles of the shuttles, but of course much much larger.


So we have been keen to look for these characteristics in the supposed images taken during the eclipse and subsequent suspicious images.



You may need to reload (press F5 in your keyboard) to see animation

To our surprise, once again, we found images that clicked with what we had already discovered! This indented "clamshell" appearance of Phobos can be seen in the following images.


Each image is clickable to the larger original image.


click above images for enlarged details


The distinctive shape of Phobos can be seen in each of these images.


We believe that these images are all of the same object - namely Phobos. Stickney Crater can be seen in each image. The entire body is masked in the photos due to darkness of the shot or by the increase of ambient light in the image. The first image, "A" was a 35 millimeter camera shot of the moon at night, Christmas 1998 (more on this image in a few paragraphs).


The second shot, "B", was taken over Turkey during the August í99 eclipse (Credit is given to the photographer on the larger image).


And the the last shot is an image shown previously in this article and was taken on April 13th, 2001 in Western Europe. We first estimated the distance of each object and then postulated if each object were actually Phobos and ten miles in diameter, would the size and distance collate.


Down to a point each object is ten miles in diameter! Our doubts, if any, were crashing down like the Berlin Wall. This is Phobos and it is absolutely not obeying natural laws.

But we kept looking through our files for more. And we found more!


1998 was an interesting year. On November 21st of 1998 SOHO went into ESR (Emergency Recovery). The last image on the site was our old friend ORCA.


As we looked closer at the "ORCA" images we realized that there were actually two bodies in the picture not just one. At the time we had no explanation for the second object in the images. The shape of the larger one does appear to match that of Phobos.


The trail behind it appears to be twisting as if rotational. The other body below also has a twisting trail behind it. The twisting and "Yin Yang" appearance of the two bodies would provide a modestly stable orbit for the two bodies. The original article on the ORCA can be found if you CLICK HERE.


ORCA was also seen on June 26 of 1998. That same month the principle investigator on the LASCO PROJECT DIED!

Days later the bodies were caught in a SOHO image again. And once again there are two bodies present, one half the size of the other and both leave trails that appear to be twisting in rotation about each other. In this SOHO C2 image we can see that the exposure time is 25.1 seconds with an orange filter used (click image left).


SOHO is out quite a distance form the surface of the Earth. In fact itís at a point in space called L1 or the Lagrange point. SOHO does not travel around the Earth, but rather goes back and forth laterally between the Earth and the sun one million miles up. Therefore in order for the SOHO camera to pick up our "friends" at least a part of their orbit must be at some time at least a million miles out.

In the same time period as the occurrences above, an additional interesting event happened. (How many things can happen in this story? How many evidences are needed?)

An object was discovered close to the moon by a number of people. It was reported by the ELRAD/CAUS folks and by Kent Steadman of the ORBIT website. The image Steadman posted was the "A" image in the trilogy above (It can be clicked on for the larger original image). Some of the email tossed about are cited below.


Due to the age of these emails the links cited cannot be guaranteed to still be up.

In a message dated 12/30/98 11:51:03 PM

Dear CAUS Members:
CAUS now shares with you a special report from Kent Steadman tracing the progression of a mysterious signal detected on December 22nd and the discovery of an anomalous object on December 28th... both near the moon:

1. 12/23/1998 04:00 UTC to 16:00 UTC: Food for thought. The signal is centered around .9 hz The wavelength at that frequency is 206,946 miles. If a moving body in free space possesses a magnetic field would it generate a frequency that was in proportion to the distance from the moving body to earth?




I would suggest that this evaluation appears to be on the right track, but that the actual distance to Earth from the body is approximately 66,000 miles. The reason that I say this is that we need take into account the interaction of the field around the approaching body and its reaction to that of the Earth and the Earthís field. Therefore we have the return path of the signal to the body to take into account.


This situation is not unlike the Bodeís Law situation where the planets are held in their respective orbits by the solar magnetic field. It has been noted that the sun has a series very low frequencies emanating from the surface and these frequencies equate to the round trip distances to each planet via the path of the polar component of the solar wind.


Because of the changing distances of the planets (ie., elliptical orbits) the value for Bodeís Law would always be changing within certain limits. For this reason, Bodeís Law is dynamic and can never be exactly determined. It would be an interesting undertaking to monitor nearby star systems to verify how many frequencies exist and therefore to determine how many planets exist in such a system and their respective distances from their star.


Given time and the funding a project such as this may be possible to check for moons around these bodies and to determine with a fair degree of accuracy the actual parameters of their orbits. It should then be possible to find out which planets are in the life zone of that system.

Now back to the ELRAD/CAUS emails:

2. 25 December 1998 00:01 UTC to 12:00 UTC : A very large magnetic shift was just returning to normal early Christmas morning which is indicated on the above graph with the out of range reading at 01:03 when the Cosmos gave us another surprise. Another large fluctuation was detected by the Ace spacecraft which was of unknown origin. This was recorded beginning at 05:35 UTC time.


3. 98-12-26 17:05:18 EST: Is anybody out there? Kent, after analysis of the time period of the unknown signal detected early Christmas morning, we discovered a very interesting implication. There were two signals embedded in the frequency spectrum during this event. Phi (1.618) and PI (3.14159). It is our opinion that it would be highly unlikely for this to occur naturally. I guess the question is, from where and from whom?
Charlie Plyler, ELFRAD

4. 98-12-28 14:20:37 EST: We just sent out an alert to the Elfrad Group members concerning am detected unknown at 18:13 UTC, 12/28/98. This was a very strong burst of signal which was centered at 2 Hz Any other info about this anomaly is invited.
Charlie Plyler, ELFRAD

5. Date: 98-12-30 16:19:03 EST: The ULF signals monitored by the Elfrad Group during the past 24 hours continue to show an unusual anomaly. Starting on December 30 at 00:01 UTC there were 14 bursts of a signal whose frequency is very close to 1.618. These periods of transmission had an average duration of 14 minutes. As of this time the source is not known. Charlie Plyler ELFRAD



Sound of ongoing signal:




Kentís interpretation:

  • On 12/22-23 Elfrad discovered a signal with a wavelength indicating possible source-origin at 206,946 miles

  • On the 25th the signal intensified and was corroborated by the ACE spacecraft (unknown origin reported by solar observers)

  • On the 28-30th upon further monitoring of ongoing signal, filters were applied by ELFRAD to determine relationships of both PI and PHI (golden ratio) in the warp and woof of signal.

  • On the 30th A lunar image was discovered on the Internet by Steadman depicting the moon with a nearby anomaly.

CAUS thanks Kent Steadman for his excellent report.
Peter A. Gersten



A few days later the government let the other shoe drop, as if to say "We know about these objects, and just in case weíre warning everybody in case thereís an invasion or an attack!"


Hereís the story from Mitch Batros at Earthchanges T.V.:

Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 15:41:04 -0800
From: Mitch Battros <>
Organization: Earth Changes
To: Breaking News <>
Subject: Earth Changes TV/breaking news

Hi Folks,
Something just happened that I have NEVER seen before (3:10 PM PST). A warning came across all television channels of which sound was cut OFF.

On some channels, the whole screen was shut down except for the message.
The message reads as follows:


Could this be related to Y2K and civil unrest? Or is it more about Earthquakes and Volcanos? I will try to interview someone at the local CBS, NBC, ABC affiliates.


Also I will contact the Emergency Management Office.
Please report if this has happened in your area.

Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV




And then this follow-up:

Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 15:12:14 -0800
From: Mitch Battros <>
Organization: Earth Changes
To: Breaking News <>
Subject: Earth Changes TV/breaking news

Feds take local stations by surprise...1/6/99
by Mitch Battros, ECTV

It appears the Federal Government, mainly the Emergency Management Office, surprised local stations around the nation with the strange and new (E.A.S.) Emergency Action Service announcement that read "A CIVIL AUTHORITY HAS ISSUED A REQUIRED TEST" which was scheduled for 30 minutes as opposed to the 30 second test we are all familiar with. It was reported by James Heecock, Program Director of the local NBC affiliate KING 5 television in Seattle, Washington

"This was a new Emergency Announcement System that was implemented in January 1998. It took us by surprise. It appears they want to WHIP US INTO SHAPE".

Similar stories from ABC, CBS, and FOX came in. John Walters, Engineer Director of CBS affiliate KIRO channel 7, also in Seattle stated "part of the new system allows E.A.S. To occur over cable stations without notice, which was not in effect until this month. This was part of the problem and what caught us off guard ".

Having spoke with other stations in the area as well as emails from all over the nation, it did in deed catch many affiliates unprepared. Many questions still go unanswered. 1) Is there an increase threat to our nation, whether it be Y2K, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, or Terrorist Threats.

One thing is for sure, we have not seen the last of an ongoing intense effort to increase notification of disaster, in perhaps our very near future.

Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV

Due to the incredible timing, this announcement appears to reflect that government is fully aware of the events above.


But why warn the public? What is there to be afraid of? Who should be afraid? Is our government handling this situation as it usually does? Is it just the government that is afraid? And not John Q. Public?


Well... believe it or not thereís more twists and turns to this story! Something occurred just prior to this event that everyone overlooked - almost everyone.

On October 29th of that same year - 1998 (and only a few weeks before the anomaly mentioned above), the space shuttle Discovery, STS-95, blasted off from Kennedy with a very special payload. That payload was the retired astronaut/congressman John Glenn. They stayed up until November 7th and returned to earth.

We have a question: DID NEGOTIATIONS FAIL?

An addendum to this event was the subsequent visit of Dennis Tito, a private citizen, to the ISS in May of 2001. Mr. Tito paid a significant amount of money to the Russian government to ride with Cosmonauts to the space station. NASA literally threw a fit, at first refusing him access. Even after they agreed to let him aboard, Mr. Tito stated that the NASA astronauts shunned him and wouldnít engage him. We suppose there could be a number of reasons for them to behave in this manner, but weíre not buying it.

Then on 6/23/01 a great earthquake of 7.9 occurred in Peru. A big earthquake for sure, but not super unbelievable for that part of the world. What was unusual about this earthquake was that a Tsunami warning was issued for the Southern California Coast.


This earthquake occurred only a few miles off the Peruvian coast, making it mathematically impossible, at that angle, for a tsunami to reach California! Could it have actually been a hit in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California that caused fear to enter into the hearts of our government officials.


By the way, Bush was in Crawford Texas that evening.

Go Back




So what further can we say about all of this? Simply we state that we believe that Phobos and Deimos, in addition to numerous other bodies, likely natural and created, are in dynamic orbits above the Earth.

There are so many myths, ancient writings, and scriptures that tell of destruction coming at the hand of an army or people from the far reaches of Heaven. From Hopi heritage to Sumerian texts, from Scandinavian myth to Mormon doctrine, all tell of destruction in the last days due to wickedness and at the pleasure of a foreign, or more to the point, an alien army.

With Muslim and Jew at each otherís neck, pornography, leaders of nations lying, and wickedness greater than in the day of Noah, surely the last of The Last Days are here. Are the Revelations of prophets throughout time upon us?


If it is doom, surely we as a people have brought it upon our own heads. Here in the United States there appears to be many facts about the subject at hand that our government has kept from us. It is not beyond our leaders to lie to us. I recall the poor and ignorant black men of the 1930ís that were told they had "bad blood".


The experiment of the Tuskegee tragedy took the lives of a 128 American citizens, 40 wives infected and 19 children with syphilis. It was simply an experiment by the U.S. government to see how people reacted with the horrid disease. It wasnít exposed until 1972! And let me ask you... who and where do you think the first bombing of American soil took place? If you said it was by the American Government in Philadelphia on May 13th, 1985, youíd be right.


The resultant fire destroyed 61 row houses, left 250 people homeless, and of the 11 people killed, five were children. And from there to Waco.


These are things we know about. Would you like to speculate on the things our government has not told us? Sorry we donít have the time here! Suffice it to say men seek self promotion and are always looking to make a buck at the cost of others.

In February of this year TRW sent a secret project to LAX to be flown to Cape Canaveral. It was loaded on a large flatbed truck and was the size of a house. Much larger than your average satellite. It was guarded by automatic weapon toting marines on the top and round about, and had Department of Justice (DOJ) guards in those black windowed Suburbans, plus who knows how many cops on motorbikes and in squad cars.


What was in it? We donít have clue. But passed out during the event were these patches which are very revealing (we apologize for the poor quality of the patch image).


On the patch a small earth, an American flag, two orbits, one ending in a blast, one going off the patch. And in the middle of the patch, dominating the scene a fearsome, attacking dragon. It appears to be attacking the Earth and the US in particular. Is the blast an attempt to stop it? Are the stars to signify where the dragon came from?


Whatever it is... It doesnít look too good.

  • Who are the experts?

  • Who are these astronomers and others that say these things are not true?

  • Who can we trust in these days?

So called experts criticize saying we do not know what we speak of. They boast of educational degrees, super powerful instruments and unlimited resources. Sometimes knowledge and wisdom are not found in books, but rather in the wind, the current and in the stars above.

In a recent book, now a film, called The Other Side of Heaven, John H. Groberg tells the story of an elderly Tongan sailor. It reads:

"In Tongan the word hala means road or path, but is incomplete by itself and needs to have a modifier, such as hala uta (path on land) or hala tali (path on sea). I became convinced that many of those old captains were as sure where they were on their sea paths as we are on our land paths.


The ocean is home to them and they develop a feel that is hard for us to comprehend. Let me give an example: I remember returning home from a long voyage in very contrary weather with heavy seas, strong winds, and a cloudy, rainy sky. We were out of sight of land all afternoon, all night and into the next morning. I became a little concerned and asked the captain if he knew for sure where we were.

He looked at me rather quizzically and then gazed at the shape of the sun through the heavy clouds for some time, felt the wind as he moved his head slowly back and forth, then put one hand in the water while holding the rudder with the other hand. After several minutes, he withdrew his hand from the water, pointed partway across the sky and announced, "When the sun is there, the island of Lofanga will appear there."


His statement was strictly factual and non-emotional, and when he saw I accepted his word, he went back to concentrating on moving the sail and the rudder just so, feeling the currents, and intently watching the sky.

Several hours passed, but when the outline of the sun was right where he had pointed, the mists and shrouds seemed to lift and, almost like magic, the islands of Lofanga "naíe kite mai" (appeared). It was as though it materialized out of nowhere to fulfill his words.

I looked at the island and then looked at the old captain. He just smiled and nodded and continued concentrating on the sky, wind and current.

I marveled and thought,

"We spend years going to school, getting an education in astronomy, weather forecasting, navigational engineering, or electronic maneuvering of various kinds, and then we say we know something. Yet encapsulated in this old man is more knowledge of celestial navigation than all the degrees the world can give."

I realized that his eyes, his hands, his face to the wind, his sense of sight, sound, smell, and temperature were so refined that he knew exactly where we were and exactly how to set the sail, use the wind, and move the rudder to get us safely to our destination.

We arrived home that evening and I thanked the captain for the safe journey. I asked how he knew where we were. He talked of the warmth and strength of the currents, of sun and moon and stars, of the feel of the wind and waves, but basically said, "I just knew." He couldnít really explain it to me, or maybe he knew I couldnít understand. I was glad I had "my captain" to take me over the sea paths of "my ocean."

I thought of how we honor our great scientists and engineers and mathematicians for their intelligence and understanding, yet that old man who had no degrees was more knowledgeable about currents and directions at sea than anyone I have ever known.

In recent months we havenít had time to do much of anything besides the research. Today, after finishing this article, we treated ourselves and did a little Internet surfing.


The very first page that we went to was Kent Steadmanís ORBIT page. We were totally shocked to see on his page, images of the very same object we have posted - taken by others. It appears others are seeing some of the very same things we are seeing, and seeing them independently of our work!


See it HERE.


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UPDATE 4/26/02

Since the posting of Four Horsemen, we have received many comments and images. This report from one of our readers reflects corroborating evidence that governmental agencies are aware of the existence of these objects.


The fact that they report different sizes is not a problem for our earlier findings. It may be that they are being very conservative - checking the waters so to speak. Or it may be that they simply have not as of yet visualized the objects that we have due to different instrumentation. Regardless, this is a very supportive claim.


The United States also has a SpaceGuard division of our armed services.


Asahi Newspaper reports,

"Mr. Isobe, the director of the Japan Spaceguard Association, announced on April 4th, that the scientists of Bisei Spaceguard Center found a large unidentified object in stationary orbit 36,000 kilometers or 22,400 miles above the equator.


The object was first observed on December 24, 2001, and is about 50 meters or 164 feet in diameter. Its trajectory is controlled, so it is a possible artifact. It is seen like a ninth-magnitude star, and may be a US intelligence satellite. The Spaceguard official said that the object is still unknown.


There are also artificial space objects over Europe that are 10 meters in diameter.

Thanks to Toshie Nakagawa Organization of UFO Research Japan 


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