by Wraith1
06 February 2011

from 123Video Website


This documentary shows how the world will end from the scientific point of view. What if a super comet would hit the world and we'll all die?


It has a few minor mistakes.


I'll name a few:

  • The scientists say every piece of life form in earth will die, several minutes after the impact. It clearly shows a lot of people who survive the impact. Even a shark survives, whilst the sea is empty with the other fish. Then, a chemical rain falls down and a few people get hit by it.

  • The scientists say every piece of life which will be touched by that rain, will clearly not survive. No one would be able to live several days after the impact, because the ground is to hot to live on. Because of that, the survivors stay inside. For two weeks with no food or beverages...

  • The temperature of the earth will rise to over 100 degrees centigrade, after the impact, the scientists say. No life form on earth is capable of surviving a temperature of more than 100 degrees centigrade.

It is shown otherwise...