by Jim Euclid
09 February, 2012

from Regolish Website

It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways


John Lear recently released a video which asked 'Would you disclose to the general public if you knew this?'

If you knew the truth, the whole truth about aliens based on verifiable proof (videos, stills, physical items, etc), and had the backing of mainstream media,

  • Would you be ready to disclose all you knew?

  • Would you, knowing that you would face public and government ridicule, intimidation and even physical harm, not to mention the blowback of public chaos?

If you really could get the media to listen, and lay out all the facts, warts and leprosy all, then I suspect that what would happen to you is this: In the middle of the night, someone would call you anonymously and remark, 'You're a dead man.'

And when the phone went dead a moment later, that unmistakable threatening voice and unambiguous words would reverberate through your mind like a freight train.


Unless you're Arnold Schwarzenegger, within minutes, you would break out into a sweat, and lay trembling in fear, sleepless for the remainder of the night, knowing that a 'sleeper' agent had you on a hit list for revealing Top Secret information; an act of treason against the very country you have always loved and been loyal to and which now had betrayed you.

Let us be open about this:

Numerous world governments have negotiated 'peace deals' with aliens, and all of humanity (not just the governments, but the politicians, the military; everyone of us) have been conned.

For sure, corruption is rife in society, but the evil ones are not those suppressing the truth. The evil ones (if there are such creatures) are those that prey upon humanity's weaknesses.

As a human, I ask myself this very simple question...

"Would I, standing before an alien who is requesting an audience with me on behalf of a nation, accept an offer of technology in exchange for using some of my countries resources (not knowing the implication also meant human resources)? Would I make a decision similar to the one made by Eisenhower in '54? Would I discuss the issue with the general public and have a referendum, saying 'I'll get back to you with a decision on that?",

...knowing that the aliens are dangling a carrot (advanced technology) before me that they could easily give to an enemy?


I am not the first to ask these questions.

Before I answer this, remember a salient truth.


An alien would not approach a spiritual leader but a secular one. An alien would not have made the same offer of technology to the Dalai Lama. Such a public figurehead would have no need for bribery and would probably dismiss the offer or else discuss the matter for a long time before giving a response, more than likely in the negative.


Only a secular leader would have the desire to look with financial and political eyes the pros and cons of a deal. And as with any political leader, an executive decision is made often without the express approval of congress.


A secular political leader's modus operandi is the betterment of his/her nation's wealth, security and liberty. In retrospect, we should have, as earth's guardians, been more prudent and open in our decision making, but we were not cognizant of the full ramifications of what appeared to be a simple and straight-forward deal.


The only secrecy was in the alien's intentions, not in ours.


By the time we realized collectively that we had been duped, national security issues had been compromised. Humans had become chattels to an alien agenda. Non-disclosure was paramount, not only for preserving social morale but also for avoiding an escalation of interspecies war with an alien race of superior military technology (that an interspecies war has been extant even to this day is another story altogether).


Thus, Disclosure would not only have impacted severely on national cohesion (leading to unrest, scaremongering and chaos), it would have also weakened our political and military defense against the said aliens.

For better or worse, humanity made a bad deal in the past. We had, quite frankly, been used. And now, we are on a treadmill; going nowhere fast, doomed to eventually tire and be flung from the machines of history.

As Francis Bacon remarked,

'usury dulls and damps all industries, improvements, and new inventions, wherein money would be stirring if not for this slug.'

We all have known a friend who has used us for our skills, thrills, love or limelight.


What can we do with such 'friends' but endure them until they eventually see the light and leave off, like a barnacle that has grown weary of the hull. The wise know well to avoid intimacy with worthless men, but we lack such wisdom. This is our curse as well as benediction.

I disagree that all is doom and gloom and that such deals cannot be rescinded.


However, the longer we abide by dishonorable arrangements, the greater is the discord when it is time to annul the said arrangement. I take for example a bad marriage that must be ended. Do we walk out, go to court, fight over the children. How much baggage will we the victim's of a rife marriage and messy divorce carry before we say 'enough!'.

I live in optimism that one day, we will look back at the last century as the hardest fought spiritual war of all times, the Great Spiritual War to end all wars. And like divorce, though it is never wanted, it is a journey that draws a line in the spiritual sand, a boundary where we say, 'no further will I transgress.'

Yes, we have shed blood, toil, tears and sweat. We will fight for this line; on the beaches, on the streets. We will ride out the storm of war and outlive the menace of tyranny. We will never give up.


We will never say die.



The John Lear Test - Did You Pass or Fail?
by xBehindthetruthx

January 21, 2012

from YouTube Website

This John Lear disclosing the top government secrets (Coast2Coast AM - 2008.)


The question is if you we're given all this information, would you announce it to the American public?

  • Pass - YES

  • Fail - No

The choice is yours..