by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

30 May 2013

from Exopolitics Website


UFO Citizen Hearing witnesses Bassett, Huneeus and Greer’s anomalous eye and body part movements may indicate brain-mind entrainment by manipulatory extraterrestrials or advanced military-intelligence nanotechnology as part of a global control agenda

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Director Stephen Bassett’s startling anomalous eye movements





Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Witness

Dr. Steven Greer's anomalous eye movements





Upon investigation there is an emerging pattern of forensic evidence demonstrating anomalous eye movements among leaders in a faction of  UFO/ET "Disclosure" advocates that bears serious further examination and that may be an indication of their witting or unwitting functional brain-mind entrainment by manipulatory extraterrestrials or advanced military-intelligence nanotechnology.

Major UFO/ET "Disclosure" advocates demonstrating these anomalous eye movements include,

...all of whom presented testimony before six former members of the U.S. Congress at the recent Citizen Hearing on Disclosure held April 29-May 3, 2013 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, each seeking a policy of self-disclosure by the U.S. government of an “extraterrestrial presence” without any informed consent from the citizenry, such as a national referendum.




The Data - Citizen Hearing witnesses & anomalous eye and body part movements

The Citizen Hearing witnesses demonstrating anomalous eye movements include the following:

  • Citizen Hearing Director/Witness Stephen Bassett


    The following 1:13 video demonstrates the startling anomalous eye movements exhibited by Citizen Hearing Director/Witness Stephen Bassett.



    Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Director...

    Stephen Bassett’s anomalous eye movements





    The above video is a composite of the opening segment an October 5, 2011 ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, where Citizen Hearing director Stephen Bassett exhibits anomalous eye movements at 00:16 into the original video interview.

    Viewers’ comments on Stephen Bassett’s anomalous eye movements are graphic enough that they bear repeating here for purposes of shared human perception:

    • pwpg0516 - ‘OMG did you see Bassett's eyes? ewwwww that was scary’; PERICOCAPO1978 - ‘AT 00:16 he looks like a zombie or something...’

    • Barnacle100 - ‘Reptoid >>>>> ?’; mirandansa - ‘00:16 He's calibrating his human eyes that he put on right before this interview. :-)’

    • Olip57 - ‘If you pause it at 00:16 ... it's scary’

    • LowEndBCC - ‘oh dam that is scary’

    • Flemming Bengtsen - ‘Did Steven Bassett just "Disclose" himself..?’

    • Olip57 - Creepy eyes at the beginning. What was that??’.


  • Citizen Hearing Witness Antonio Huneeus


    The following 1:55 video focuses on the anomalous eye movements of Citizen Hearing witness Antonio Huneeus of OpenMIndsTV.




    Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Witness...

    Antonio Huneeus' anomalous eye movements





    This video also focuses briefly on other possible anomalous eye movements at the Citizen Hearing by persons adjacent to Antonio Huneeus.

    Antonio Huneeus’ anomalous eye movements are sufficiently vivid that Alejandro Rojas, Antonio Huneeus’ colleague at OpenMindsTV, comments:

    • OMG, this is soooooo creepy. I work with this guy!”

    • Nicole Anderson comments: “What the heck was that?! He sure is funny looking, made me laugh!! But seriously, what an odd ‘person’. I don't care HOW nervous I would be, I still wouldn't look like an alien... something’s wrong there... def wrong...”


  • Citizen Hearing Witness Dr. Steven Greer


    The following video and photographs demonstrate a range of anomalous eye movements by Citizen Hearing Witness Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project.

    Video - This 3:23 video by Spanish journalist Rafael Palacios and author of the book “Extraterrestres: el secreto major guardado” ["Extraterrestrials: the most guarded secret”] sets out a series of eye and body part [tongue] anomalies by Dr. Steven Greer and specific witnesses at the May 9, 2001 press conference of the Disclosure Project at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.


    Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Witness...

    Dr. Steven Greer's anomalous eye and body part [tongue] movements







    Photographs (FIG. A & B) - These two photographs, Figure A (above) and Figure B (below), are selected from a larger such sample of photographs demonstrating a number of apparent anomalous body movements by Dr. Steven Greer.


    Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Witness

    Dr. Steven Greer's anomalous body part [finger] movements


  • Brain-Mind Entrainment between Citizen Hearing witnesses Huneeus & Greer


    The following 2:13 video demonstrates apparent coordinated brain-mind entrainment between Citizen Hearing Witnesses Antonio Huneeus and Dr. Steven Greer.



    Brain-Mind Entrainment between Citizen Hearing witnesses...

    AntonioHuneeus & Dr. Steven Greer




What is triggering and controlling

...these anomalous eye and body movements of Citizen Hearing witnesses?

One easy skeptical response is that the reported anomalous eye and body part movements of Citizen Hearing witnesses Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus and Greer are photographic artifacts or medical or nervous conditions that are solely related to the individual in question.


Probably a good 35% - 50% of individuals may come to this conclusion after examination of the above evidence in the absence of any further context.

Another 65%-50% of the individuals who examine the above visual evidence may have their visual and intellectual curiosity piqued as to whether the anomalous eye and body part movements they have just witnessed may be a meaningful and reliable indicator of,

  • brain-mind entrainment by manipulatory extraterrestrial races

  • or by advanced military-intelligence mind control nanotechnologies seeking to control human attitudes,

...through control of apparent UFO/ET “opinion leaders” such as Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greerin in controlled venues such as the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.

Some of the alternative possibilities that Exopolitical experts who have viewed the above forensic evidence have listed include:


  1. Extraterrestrial walk-ins

    One hypothesis is that the anomalous eye movements may indicate that one or more of Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer may be Extraterrestrial “walk-ins” of specific species of extraterrestrials who have taken over the respective bodies of Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer, vacated by their original human souls and personalities.


  2. Extraterrestrial behavioral entrainment

    An alternative hypothesis is “Extraterrestrial behavioral entrainment” accounts for the anomalous eye movements.


    Under this hypothesis, specific species of extraterrestrials may have “taken over” the thoughts, mannerisms, behaviors, and operational agendas of Messrs.


    Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer through meme control or some form of remote behaviour modification.


  3. Extraterrestrial eye-masking gear

    One speculative hypothesis states that Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer may each be a non-Earth extraterrestrial using specialized eye wear to mask the true eyes of their native species.


    Questions to be addressed include: how did these extraterrestrials “displace” the terrestrial versions of Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer, each of whom has an extensive terrestrial bio?


  4. Mind control entrainment by a human agency

    The anomalous eye and body movements of Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer may be the result of remote advanced nano-mind control technology applied by military-intelligence agencies.


    Under this alternative, the brains, neurological systems, and personalities of Bassett, Huneeus and Greer are entrained by military-intelligence nano-mind control technologies to act out agendas of these agencies that in turn may be cybernetically directed by predatory dimensional extraterrestrials.


  5. Covert alteration of above video tapes by Cointelpro unit hacking You Tube

    Yet another speculative hypothesis is that each of the anomalous eye and body part movements in the above You Tube samples are the result of covert alteration by a Cointelpro unit that can hack You Tube Videos.


    The purpose of this hacking would be a disinformational psyops to discredit Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer and by extension the UFO and Exopolitics movements.



Recent advances in scalar military-intelligence nanotechnologies

Recent advances in military-intelligence scalar nanotechnologies make it technologically feasible that Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer are each under brain-mind entrainment of these nanotechnologies and hence promoting agendas of military-intelligence agencies and the governmental and financial/banking interests whom these agencies serve.

The following Panel of EU Experts on these nanotechnologies and their applications sets out in detail a scenario of how Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer may have become brain-mind entrained to a super grid of super quantum computers operating in a quantum cloud.





The Transhumanist Agenda

Human Robotization and Nano Implant Technologies


Magnus Olsson, Dr. Henning Witte, and Melanie Vritschan from

 the European Coalition Against Covert Harassment

with Alfred Lambremont Webre


EU Experts Mind Control Slavery

Nano Implant Technologies

Human Robotization

Neurological Weapons

Torture Gang Stalking



Using detailed research, the EUCACH.ORG panelists describe Transhumanist Agenda that is now using advanced scalar technologies, super quantum computers, a quantum cloud, a super grid of over 1000 grids that is connected to HAARP for global coordinated mind control of a growing population of human robots that are created via these technologies for a global control and enslavement agenda.




In a 2-hour wide-ranging Panel with Alfred Lambremont Webre on the Transhumanist Agenda, Magnus Olsson, Dr. Henning Witte, and Melanie Vritschan, three experts from the European Coalition Against Covert Harassment, revealed recent technological advances in human robotization and nano-implant technologies, and an acceleration of what Melanie Vritschan characterized as a “global enslavement program”.


Shift from electromagnetic to scalar waves
These technologies have now shifted from electromagnetic wave to scalar waves and use super quantum computers in the quantum cloud to control “pipes” a reference to the brains of humans that have been taken over via DNA, via implants that can be breathed can breach the blood-brain barrier and then controlled via scalar waved on a super-grid.


Over 1000 grids worldwide are now connected into a mind control super grid that is connected to HAARP as a master planetary mind control machine, according to EUCACH.ORG.


Six million brain-entrained humans in the European Union alone
Several years ago, one conservative estimate of the number of individuals whose brains had been entrained into the super grid was set at 6 million persons in the European Union alone, and now is estimated to be greater.


EUCACH.ORG performs free RF radio frequency readings for citizens to ascertain if these individuals are being targeted with scalar nanotechnology control weapons.


In a recent public RF testing in London, UK, 40% of the participating public tested positive for emitting RF frequencies, and indication that they were being subjected to non-consensual scalar mind control.


In one public testing, 100% of public participants tested positive. One targeted individual testing positive for RF frequencies was a five-year old child, indicating that children are at risk of human robotization in the Transhumanist Agenda.


Homeopathic gold is effective protection
Technologies that were thought effective against electromagnetic (EMF) mind control frequency weapons are not effective against these new scalar wave technologies.


EUCACH.ORG research has found that homeopathic gold is effective in protecting a targeted individual against the scalar wave intrusions of the super-grid.



Can the Transhumanist Agenda be stopped?
Magnus Olsson of EUCACH.OTG estimates that the Transhumanist Agenda can be slowed and stopped, with significant progress on protecting targeted individuals happening in the coming decade.


One focus of activity is alerting public awareness through media, including a series of interviews that will be aired on Russia Today (RT) and other mainstream outlets.


Another focus is legislative, with activity at the European Parliament, although the group concedes that a global ban is necessary.



  1. European Coalition Against Covert Harassment -

  2. Mind Control -

  3. Brain Computer -

  4. The Research Laboratory -

  5. White TV -

What is the intent of this apparent brain-mind entrainment of specific UFO/ET “Disclosure” opinion leaders and where else does this pattern of "brain-mind" entrainment manifest?

The goals of this apparent brain-mind entrainment of specific UFO/ET “Disclosure” opinion leaders appears to be identical with that of the “Transhumanist” agenda, that is “global coordinated mind control of a growing population of human robots that are created via these technologies for a global control and enslavement agenda.”

Whether these prototype "robotized" humans - such as Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, or Greer may be - are created directly via dimensional manipulatory extraterrestrial entrainment technologies, or via the now sophisticated Illuminati owned, military-intelligence run super quantum computer, quantum cloud, super-grid nanotechnology brain-mind entrainment system that is operational planet wide on Earth, the result may be the same.

The goal of the infiltration of the “ET/UFO Disclosure movement” still remains that of global control and enslavement through global mind control of "robotized" humans, of which by reliable reports there were more than 6 million in Europe alone several years ago.




Objective - Exclusion of participants in solar system extraterrestrial programs

In the specific case of the "Citizen Hearing on Disclosure" venue, one specific strategic objective of the cybernetically-controlled brain-mind entrained "robotized" human witnesses such as Messrs.


Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer appears to have been the absolute and rigid exclusion of all known whistleblowers to the U.S. government's secret programs dealing with U.S.-Martian extraterrestrial relations, which are known to have been operational since at least 1971.

As stated in my communication to Sen. Mike Gravel (Dem/Lib-AK) of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Panel prior to the Hearing (for which he thanked me), “I was on an international panel several years ago you on PressTV (


It is unfortunate that such a distinguished public servant as yourself will be denied the opportunity to hear first hand eye witness testimony from former U.S. chrononauts who have interacted with the Martian extraterrestrial civilization and are well versed in U.S.-Martian extraterrestrial relations, which remain highly classified.


I have now interviewed five whistleblowers, each of whom has visited the U.S. secret facilities on Mars.


The organizers of the Citizen Hearing have intentionally, in breach of public trust, acted to prevent any of the former U.S. chrononauts, servicemen, and scientists who served on Mars and have dealt with the Martian extraterrestrial civilization to appear at this hearing, despite our 10-year involvement in its planning.

“You and the other members of Congress will be denied this first hand testimony solely because of the intentional gatekeeping and cover-up by organizers Steve Bassett and others.


Instead these former members of Congress will be served up second-hand, old-news UFO/ET research that is over a decade old and that our cadre presented when I was a Disclosure Project witness in the Disclosure Project process in May, 2001.” [1]

The strategic result of this intentional omission that was initially caused by an apparent cybernetically controlled, brain-mind entrained "robotized" human robotic organizer/director [Stephen Bassett] and implemented by apparent brain-entrained key witnesses such as Huneeus and Greer is to continue a 60-year vague, tortuous debate on,

“whether there are UFOs and whether they are piloted by Extraterrestrials”.

This is a structural debate that was introduced into the UFO and Exopolitical discourse in the late 1940s by military-intelligence infiltrators and has been continued ever since as a public “bafflegarb” mind control mask with the objective of hiding ongoing U.S.-Extraterrestrial liaison programs.

At present, reliable whistleblower witnesses from U.S. - Extraterrestrial liaison programs of 40 years standing can provide detailed testimony as to the Extraterrestrial visitation programs, and as to U.S. bases on other inhabited planets, and U.S. programs of visitation to other inhabited planets.

One result of the intentional omission of whistleblower witnesses to the U.S. colonization program of Mars and the Martian human extraterrestrials [2] is a cover-up of the parties behind this Mars colonization program, which violates the 1967 U.N Outer Space Treaty to which the U.S. is a signatory.[3]



Parties behind Transhumanist Agenda

When asked for individuals and institutions operationally involved in this new mind control super grid and Transhumanist Agenda, Dr. Henning Witte indicated that his was his personal opinion that the Agenda is Illuminati controlled, and is implemented by military-intelligence agencies in a pyramidal organization.

At the top of the Pyramid is the Mossad, which serves as the military-intelligence arm of the Rothschild bloodline banking interests.


Next on the mind control implementation pyramid are U.K. agencies such as MI6 and MI6, closely connected to the British Crown and City of London Illuminati bloodline banking families.


At a third tier are the Russian and U.S. military-intelligence agencies (KGB, CIA, NSA).


A lower level of the pyramid includes the Swedish and German military-Intelligence agencies.


The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is a leader in research on the scalar and nano-technologies for robotization and neurological torture of humans, including so-called “Smart Dust” or Morgellons, as well as the FUA, the Swedish counter-part of DARPA, and the Nobel Prize recipient Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden, according to EUCACH.ORG.


When asked in he believed the Wallenberg Foundation may also be involved in funding mind control research, Henning Witte responded that he agreed it was plausible.


ExopoliticsTV has reported that the Wallenberg Foundation may be funding the Tromso Norway HAARP facility which is responsible both for the Norway Spiral of Nov. 1, 2009 at the time of Illuminati asset Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize speech, and for the March 13, 2011 Fukushima HAARP nuclear false flag event.[4]




VOTE NOW - Brain-Mind Entrainment Data & the Future of the Exopolitical Movement

The brain-mind entrainment data presented in this article, while preliminary in nature, raises prima facie questions about the future of the Exopolitical movement.


If it is factually true that such opinion leaders in the UFO/ET "Disclosure" movement are brain-mind entrained due to manipulatory extraterrestrial or military-intelligence advance nanotechnology and hence acting out their controller's agendas, then this fact needs to be publicly exposed and discussed.

Because of the controversial nature of the subject matter of this article, readers are urged to vote below and register their opinions in the comments section below as to which applies to Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, or Greer:

  1. The eye and body part anomalies are photographic anomalies or specific physical conditions

  2. The eye and body part anomalies are the result of covert Cointelpro hacking of You Tube

  3. The eye and body part anomalies are the result of a manipulatory extraterrestrial intervention

  4. The eye and body part anomalies are the result of brain-mind entrainment by advanced military-intelligence nanotechnologies



[1] Citizen Hearing intentionally misleads former Sen. Mike Gravel on nature of U.S. relations with extraterrestrials, by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

[2] Is Upcoming ‘Citizen’s Hearing’ is an ET cover-up and disclosure fraud? by Alfred Lambremont Webre
How NASA, Media, & "Disclosure" groups coverup Life on Mars, with Alfred Lambremont Webre

[3] Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies

[4] Leuren Moret: Japan, U.S., Canadian governments complicit in radiation cover-up