by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
December 3, 2010

from Exopolitics Website



Pyramid UFO appears over the Kremlin

on December 9, 2009.

Stanley Fulham, a retired NORAD officer, has been given further predictions concerning the appearance of extraterrestrial spacecraft/UFOs over major world cities. In an alleged communication with a group of extraterrestrials called the “Transcendors” he was recently told that extraterrestrial vehicles will first appear in early January 2011 over Moscow and then one week later over London.


Fulham’s latest set of predictions are noteworthy since he successfully predicted UFOs over New York City on October 13, 2010.


Shortly after the UFOs appeared, the FAA Westbury radar facility responsible for three major airports in New York City was evacuated for an hour leading to flight delays/cancellations at La Guardia, Newark and JFK airports.


According to a reliable source, similar radar disruptions occurred at a major Chinese airport in the region of Hangzhou in July 2010 after UFOs appeared, leading once again to flights being delayed/cancelled for an hour.


If UFOs do appear over Moscow and/or London in early January 2010, any flight disruptions at nearby airports will help confirm whether or not Fulham’s predictions are accurate.

Fulham’s latest prediction was given to him soon after the UFO appearance over New York City on October 13.


This is what Fulham said:

In my last ‘Reading’ with the Transcendors on Tuesday, October 2010, the Transcendors advised me of the following predictions on the Pleiadian's UFO displays:

  1. There will be a major UFO display over Moscow between the end of the first part of January 2011 and the second week of January 2011.

  2. This ‘display’ will be followed by a major display over London approximately seven days later.

  3. Interventions will then accelerate, not so much over our cities, but dispersed over our continents with sightings increasing in duration. The intent of these interventions is to increase mankind’s acceptance of the alien phenomena, so that hopefully, we will be prepared to accept a face-to-face encounter and communicate, perhaps as early as next year (2011).

During the October 13 UFO sighting in New York City, the media was quick to attribute the sighting to party balloons launched from a nearby Mt Vernon elementary school around 1 pm.


This was despite the fact that the UFOs were first sighted in the morning of October 13, and continued throughout the day. Most remarkably, the FAA radar facility was evacuated later in the day due to an apparent gas leak that led to temporary airport closings at La Guardia, Newark and JFK.


The FAA explanation was likely a cover story that attempted to hide any possible link between the temporary radar disruption and the UFO appearance.

On July 7, 2010, similar circumstances happened at a major Chinese airport in the Hangzhou region when a UFO appeared nearby. According to a reliable source, the UFO directly interfered with the airport radar system closing the airport temporarily and leading to the re-routing of flights.


This is what Neil Gould from Exopolitics Hong Kong had to say about his source concerning the Hangzhou UFO incident.

A reliable Source which must remain anonymous has said that the UFO was first noticed by an airline but prior to being reported, the radar in the control tower suffered temporary failure.

If a UFO does appear over Moscow, it will not be the first time in recent history.


On December 9, 2009, one day before President Obama was awarded the Nobel 'Peace' Prize, a one mile UFO pyramid allegedly hovered over the Kremlin for several hours. The UFO appeared to be related to a mysterious spiral that appeared shortly before over Norwegian skies.

According to a confidential source, a Russian submarine had earlier fired missiles at the spiral in order to prevent UFOs/extraterrestrial vehicles coming through it. If the spiral was in fact some kind of stargate/dimensional portal for extraterrestrial vehicles, then the appearance of the one mile wide pyramid UFO over the Kremlin was likely a show of force to send a strong message to Russian leaders about the folly of firing missiles in the vicinity of extraterrestrial vehicles.


If Fulham is correct in his Moscow UFO prediction, it will be interesting to see the response of Russian leaders.

Fulham’s successful October 13 prediction of UFOs over New York has gained the attention of this writer and many others given the rare success of such predictions. The fact that New York’s three major metropolitan airports were temporarily closed during the UFO appearance, as happened earlier in the July 7 incident in Hangzhou China, does suggest a relationship between UFO sightings and radar operations.


If UFOs do appear over Moscow and London in early January 2011, one way to confirm that they are extraterrestrial in origin is whether nearby airports in Moscow and London are affected in some way.


One thing is certain. Fulham will gain even more global attention if his latest predictions prove to be accurate.









by Stanley Fulham

December 3, 2010

from ChallengesOfChange Website

I had advised my readers and UFOlogist supporters I would notify them by e-mail on the next major UFO display in their ‘intervention process’ with mankind which started in their major display over New York on 13th October 2010.


The prediction, documented in my book Challenges of Change (Third printing in March, 2010) stated that,

“that there would be a major display over our principal cities” on that date.

There was a great deal of speculation about this change in the Transcendors prediction.


In late September 2010 I asked the Transcendors about this significant change.


They replied:

“The Pleiadians are much more aware of the consciousness of mankind than you are - after all they have been observing you for millions of years. They came to the conclusion that mankind (generally speaking) is not prepared for a massive display of their UFOs over our principal cities. They would regard it as a hostile intervention - a prelude to invasion."

Accordingly, the Alien Council decided about three-weeks before their ‘display’ they would focus on one of our principal cities, New York.


It is recognized worldwide as our most cosmopolitan city with a population not likely to be overwhelmed by the sight of UFOs; however, the ‘display’ date of 13 October 2010 would remain. There were other major UFO sightings on that date all over the world. But the Transcendors caution that they were not part of the Council’s principal focus over New York.


The New York display is simply the beginning of the Alien’s “intervention process.”

In my last ‘Reading’ with the Transcendors on Tuesday, October 13th, 2010, the Transcendors advised me of the following predictions on the Pleiadian UFO displays:

  1. There will be a major UFO display over Moscow between the end of the first part of January 2011 and the second week of January 2011.

  2. This ‘display’ will be followed by a major display over London approximately seven-days later.

  3. Interventions will then accelerate, not so much over our cities, but dispersed over our continents with sightings increasing in duration. The intent of these interventions is to increase mankind’s acceptance of the alien phenomena, so that hopefully, we will be prepared to accept a face-to-face encounter and communicate, perhaps as early as next year (2011).

  4. Objective - a dramatic introduction of the alien reality - an appearance at the United Nations.

The Alien ‘intervention process’ will provide a philosophical challenge to mankind as nothing else has ever done. It will challenge our most fundamental beliefs.

  • Did Christ teach to this extraterrestrial world?

  • Are they aware of Allah and his hatred for the heathens and infidels (which, of course, must include the aliens - they also have souls!)?

  • Do they have any religions? - or spiritualism?

The UFO ‘intervention process’ will have a major impact on the U.S. and Russian governments. This will be the catalyst that will break the “conspiracy of silence.”

UFOlogists can then divert their focus to the challenges the new alien technologies will bring to mankind. Due to my declining health, this may be my last writing on this subject.


In the meantime, I wish all my readers and ‘UFOlogist’ supporters the very best in their future work.







Challenges of Change

-   Reviews   -
October-November 2010

from Amazon Website


Could be counterintelligence, disinformation

by  Charles Seiler

(Spokane, WA USA)

October 2, 2010

Be warned, I do not think this book is completely honest.


The general overview appears correct, but there appears to be some serious disinformation thrown into the mix. It appears to be a very clever story with some truth, some half truth, and some disinformation, all mixed together. Unless you are discerning reader who is VERY well versed in fringe science, you won't be able to know what's real and what's not.

I am not a skeptic. But some of the channeled information in "Challenges of Change" directly aligns with the public media, and not with the information from other channeled ET books.


What I'm trying to say is that this book sounds like it was written by a secret government group or intelligent ET race trying to confuse the public. It was a really good book, and I think most of it was actually true, but a few things appear to be intentionally wrong.

I've heard that channelers can be fooled because anyone with the psychic capabilities can come forward and give out the wrong information to the person doing the subconscious channeling. I think that may be the case here.


This book was very entertaining and it does contain some very good information, but there are a few glaring problems as follows:

  1. In this book the ETs say we cannot figure out ET spacecraft because we haven't figure out the way the mind interfaces with the real alien spacecraft that we have recovered. The problem: Ben Rich, the head of Lockheed skunkworks, admitted that we can already travel amongst the stars, meaning we already having equivalent craft that can travel amongst the stars. CONTRADICTION

  2. The Transcendors in this book say that CO2 is rising 1% per year, and will be to 22% in the next 10 years. Where is the evidence? I have no reason not to believe it, but there is nothing to corroborate it. It agrees with the public media and government, so I am not sure if this is just part of a scare tactic, or if it is really true? I've not been able to find this information in any other ET books yet, so I need to corroborate it.

  3. A major problem! The channeled information in this book says that the WTC towers were collapsed by jet fuel alone, not explosives, and were not an inside job, but were done by the so called "terrorists." The channeled information even says that building #7 collapsed merely as a result of the proper resonance effect, because the building was on Ley lines and it just naturally imploded down on itself because of the other towers causing a vibration. I cannot buy this story at all, there is no evidence of this anywhere.

  4. The book goes into a lengthy discussion at the end warning of global destruction through high CO2, terrorist bombs, and the complete destruction of the Earth, to which they offer only one solution, which is for millions of people to die before the aliens step in, or option 2, our only viable option, ask for help from ETs before we start dying. A major focus of the book is on how bad the terrorists are, it doesn't even give mention to the fake terror alerts and propaganda regarding terrorism. This grim outlook is so grim, that I find it hard to believe.

This book has some important information, but the over the top information focusing on terrorism, and the WTC towers collapsing merely because of jet fuel, leads me to believe that it was written to confuse people and support the agenda.


I am not 100% sure, because I don't have all the answers. But I would be very careful reading this book, because it contains some very powerful negative information, which could affect our reality. If this information is true, then we are doomed as a society without the immediate help of the aliens.


However, I am going to do something I never do, and remain skeptical on this information until I can corroborate it.

Because of the contradictory nature of this book, with facts that cannot be corroborated, I do not recommend it to the general audience. If you have already read every fringe science book there is, then you definitely need to get this book so you can validate my hypothesis that this book "may" be disinformation. To get a copy of this book, search GOOGLE and you can buy it from a small personal website, that is what I did, and it worked great.


See this link for more information about how disinformation with channeling works:


In this review, I meant no disrespect to the author, who is clearly intelligent and kind, and who has tried his best to give real information. I mean no harm in giving this review, it is only my current opinion based on what I've researched in the last 13 years.

General very good

by  Robin Landry

Seatac, WA United States

November 30, 2010

Stanley A. Fulham has written Challenges of Change from channeled information by Rik Thurston, a reputable and spiritual channeler who goes into a comatose state and doesn't know what he says.


Right there I have a problem. Why would anyone let themselves be used in this way? If you can't run the info through your own head, you need to be suspicious.


But aside from how Fulham got the info, it has some gems for the discerning reader/researcher. Like with Ramtha, the info can come from anywhere or anyone, yet still have lots of truth in it, and I believe this book does contain mostly truth.

I first heard Fulham on the Coast to Coast radio show and was intrigued enough to buy the book of the author's website. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of books so if you're going to buy it, go to Fulham's website.

Fulham seems to be a very truthful and sincere guy, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, though I've can't say the same for Rik Thurston because I've never heard him speak. The 43,000 advanced souls call themselves the Transcendors are a little suspect to me.


I can't help but feel they have their own agenda which would make sense because everyone does, so if they say they are too advanced for such things, my internal alarms start going off. Just because you're on the other side does not make you more wonderful than you were here. In fact being on Earth to me, is like seeing someone drunk, you see the real them.


On the other side it would be pretty easy to be wonderful because everything is so wonderful there. But again, as with anything, or anyone, myself included, use your own internal discernment to see the truth.

I found that most of the information in this book rang true, but there were a few chapters that didn't quite meet the smell test. That was the chapter on the World Trade center building #7 coming down because of sympathetic vibration. Seriously? The three buildings were so alike that when the main 2 fell, the 3rd had to fall?


Pretty convenient considering all the stock info about who might be profiting from betting short on American Airlines. And that's just one of the chapters that had me saying hmmmm....


It seemed to me that our government (US) would tell us if there really had been WMD's in Iraq in order to get the American people behind the war. Why keep it from us? So, while the source 43,000 advanced souls, say they want peace, why are the getting behind our invading the Middle East? Very contradictory.

As with any information, we have to be discerning.


Nothing has all the truth, and nothing is all a lie. That's just not the way the world works. After saying that, I will say that that the book contained some wonderful information that I will keep in mind as I read from other sources to see what corresponds. I particularly liked the chapters on the Pleiadians because it's been backed up by so many other sources, though I don't buy the part about us not being part of a breeding program.


That's what the whole Nibiru controversy is all about. A patrolling planet full of Pleiadians are part of a watch-group who go out and patrol the area so to speak, and when they saw the 'daughters of men' they decided to take wives. Now the Pleiadians are obligated to watch over us because we are essentially their children because of what their "Watchers" did to us.


Of course this too is my opinion after years of reading, and I could be completely wrong, but for me it fits what we might have done ourselves, and in fact have done. Just look at the French trappers who took Native wives.

I think for the most part this is a very worthwhile book to get for any serious researcher's library, and I will certainly buy any other book that comes out by this author.

Come On!!

by Michael L Switzer

Clarksville, Va United States

October 21, 2010

This book and author smell of government DISINFORMATION.


I get an extremely suspicious feeling in listening to Stanley on radio interviews and I've heard some really hard-to-believe premises that I remain open to. This reminds me of Alternative 3 and Report from Iron Mountain as serving a TPTB agenda with little of anything to back up this story.


The UFO demonstration over New York was a JOKE... if that wasn't some projected holograms then I'm santa claus... very underwhelming event that he predicted so accurately. And yes, where was the military response... non-existent as you'd expect... just like the complete stand-down of NORAD on 9/11... it's all a sick joke and the people or rather sheeple, remain TOTALLY ASLEEP...


I see little hope for us... Stanley is just another shill.