by Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner

August 29, 2009

from Examiner Website


Yesterday, I got the chance to watch District 9 (below video). Unfortunately, it was an unhappy experience. I walked out after 20 minutes.


While District 9 largely showed extraterrestrials on the receiving end of racist human policies, what most disturbed me was the crude depiction of the extraterrestrials.



District 9 was a clever reversal of the invading alien genre that nevertheless succeeds in propagandizing extraterrestrials via negative stereotypes.


Together with the upcoming November release of The Fourth Kind (below video), Hollywood is once again resorting to pretty crude depictions of extraterrestrial life.




  • Is there a hidden purpose in movies such as District 9 to propagandize extraterrestrial life?

  • Are government/corporate entities secretly conditioning humanity for future disclosures based on a contrived alien threat?

To find answers, I asked world renowned UFO/exopolitics expert, Paola Harris. She has researched UFOs for over thirty years and on September 14 begins teaching an online course on UFOs and Hollywood.


Her answers to my eight questions cast light on how Hollywood has historically depicted UFOs and extraterrestrials, and what one will encounter in what promises to be a fascinating online course.


I should have first sat through her course before venturing out to watch District 9.

1. What is the significance of recent movies like District 9 and the Fourth Kind that show extraterrestrials in a negative light?

I think District 9 deals with racism in general and has a positive message. It truly shows what is would be like to be in another person’s shoes. It shows what a dominant culture, with military might, can do to an alien culture whether it is the Black Culture of South Africa or even an “off-world”culture.


Any kind of racist judgment: for example, the deciding whether some alien races are “bad” or “good” does not lead to productive galactic diplomacy and that is the core of the Exopolitics. We, as a planetary culture, have a choice about how humanity can integrate into a cosmic community.


These films show us the consequences of our choices.

2. What are your thoughts on the remake of the Day the Earth Stood Still (below video) that changed visiting extraterrestrials from pacifists wanting to help humanity avoid nuclear war, to environmentalists ready to eliminate humanity to save the planet?



It is a change in focus. It seems some scriptwriter thought we were not worth saving in this version.


The first warning about nuclear destruction was given in the original film. But the remake has a different focus. Since the Earth is a “jewel of the Universe”, the mission was to save only plant and animal life. However, the ultimate message was that there is always hope for “Cosmic redemption.


This happens when a robotic Keanu Reeves sees the love of a mother and child.

3. Do you agree that a pattern is emerging where Hollywood is putting out more extraterrestrial related movies that are focused on negative aspects of human extraterrestrial contact?

I think there is a balance of both. For entertainment value, there seems to be a need for violence and negativity. The monsters, and body snatchers are there to make money. But The films - ET, Close Encounters, The Abyss, The Fifth Element, Bladerunner, Starman and especially David Bowie in "The Man Who Fell to Earth” encourage pathos and empathy for those not like us otherwise known as alien life forms. I include portions of these films in my course.

I think that the Cab driver who saves the alien kids in ”The Race to Witch Mountain” (below video) has a message and I think Disney and ABC are among the front-runners here. They always were.




We know that early on Disney cartoonist Ward Kimbel was approached to do a disclosure film by the intelligence community.


Walt Disney himself was very good friends with Werner van Braun who certainly knew the “Truth. Look at what ABC News kids put out about eight years ago. This is disclosure in the most obvious of forms. Disney, TV and Movies are all related and the ABC special on Abductions recently finally treated abductees such as Stan Romanak with the greatest respect.


It is a shame Dr. John Mack could not live to see it.

4. Is Hollywood's negative ET theme audience driven or is there a psychological conditioning function at work here.

It depends. I think Spielberg is definitely an insider with mixed messages. He can create an ET and Close Encounters, then turn around and destroy humanity with WAR of the Worlds. Who is calling the shots here? But his miniseries “Taken“ is a masterpiece. It encompasses all the elements of the abduction/contact phenomena and the consequent government cover-up.

Audiences want excitement and often Hollywood gives us what we want even if it distorts the reality of alien visitation and the UFO Phenomenon. The Earth is still here and non has destroyed us yet.


This may be too boring for audiences so we need to place our aggression in the alien framework.

5. To what extent has Hollywood been co-opted by the military-intelligence community to put out material that conditions Americans and the world as part of a psychological warfare program.

I think a “fear” induced populace is easily manageable whether it be concerned the Swine flu or some alien threat. Hollywood and visual media is a tool of the controllers but occasionally we have inspired individuals. I think producer/director Paul Davids did us a service with his film ROSWELL which is based on the surviving witness testimony of many from the Roswell incident including Jesse Marcel Jr.

Many accounts have solid witness testimony and that is what interests me most. I have interviewed so many of these people. One example is retired Air Force fighter pilot, Dr. Milton Torres who was ordered to fire a missile on a UFO over Manston England in 1957 .The question is “did UFOS ever shoot back?” The study of Ufology and Exopolitics is bringing the truth to light and often the “truth” is far stranger than fiction, believe me.

My classes read my in-depth interviews with military, intelligence people and astronauts, then they connect the dots in essay form. Any intelligent scholar and researcher can do this. As my mentor, J Allen Hynek said ”UFOs must be studied seriously and without the ridicule factor”. From European my travels, I find this is done more seriously abroad. Few people laugh there. They have a genuine curiosity based on a historical anthropological perspective connected to ancient cultures. We in the USA are a new culture.


We need to study “Cosmic Cultures” as we study the social sciences.

6. In your course, Hollywood and UFOs, do you focus on positive extraterrestrial images in movies? Why is this important?

It is a matter of making sense of all this. It is not just positive or negative. It just is! I am used to teaching from a historical perspective as I have taught literature and history in high school for thirty years and I have a Masters degree.


In these Exopolitics classes, which taught through the Exopolitics Institute, we use my book filled with interviews called Connecting the Dots: Making Sense of the UFO Phenomena and loads of supplemental essays from other researchers and expert witness testimony to put together a puzzle.

I do not tell students what to think. I do not have the answers. In fact in my last book Exopolitics: All the Above, which specifically deals with theories of disclosure, I say “the answer is there is no answer." It is merely a study: a study of history and how to prepare for contact. One thing is true.


The phenomena exists!

7. What do students find most rewarding in doing your Hollywood and UFO course?

I propose specific subjects for 13 modules that students must react to in order to receive credit but they always go further. They find corroborating evidence from their own experience, from Utube, or from books they volunteer to read. They become so interested that most do more than the work required. They also view films and TV in a more metaphoric way. They look for deeper meaning and see connections in media. Most could really teach the course in their communities.


There is more than enough proof and expert testimony to win any case in a court of law that UFOS are “real" that we have been visited since ancient times, that we are being observed and lastly, that we are at a crucial point in our evolution.

8. Any last thoughts on the role of Hollywood and UFOs.

Yes! What stimulated me most was that last scene from Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind when Francoise Truffaut creates the hand signals of communication with these strange beings. What is happening is that he experiences contact with extraterrestrial life form so different from ours that there seems to be no commonality. But the commonality is a smile. That famous smile.

Contact will change the course of human evolution and human consciousness forever. It changed mine. The impact was immense and I think some people are very afraid of this.


I welcome it.