by Larry Lowe

Phoenix UFO Examiner

November 18, 2009

from Examiner Website


A carefully nuanced program intended to exert pressure on the unelected government of the United States to disclose the presence of non-(earth)human entities and technology operating in Earth's biosphere took another step forward at the conclusion of a 5 day Study Week on Astrobiology by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican last week.

"Astronomers think it is just a matter of time before we find life somewhere else," said participant Chris Impey, professor at the department of astronomy in the University of Arizona and the Steward Observatory, Tucson.

As pressure on the administration to address the UFO issue from Europe increases, elements of resistance to the truth embargo within the United States continue to call for truthful disclosure on the matter.





Several have gone so far as to go on record as saying disclosure will happen in a matter of months, not years.

Two key figures of the US resistance to the truth embargo, Steven Greer, who coined the term 'Disclosure' in the context of the UFO issue and David Wilcock, who specifically predicts a disclosure event for later this year will appear this weekend at the 2009 Secrets conference in Tempe to discuss the issue.

The concept of an 'imminent' disclosure event by the US government seems preposterous to a civil population cocooned inside the U.S. media blanket of ridicule and denial of the UFO issue. America is distracted by a deflated economy, protracted war, a lack of promised change and transparency in government and a divisive battle over an expensive health care program.

To a large degree, the American population does not realize the extent to which its perception has been deliberately shaped by the intelligence community on behalf of the military-industrial complex.


In the wake of the CIA-arranged Robertson Commission Report that concluded that UFO reports were a bigger problem than UFO's, funding from the CIA for the National Enquirer and World Weekly News was used to position in American minds the UFO issue as a matter for ridicule.


Meanwhile, pressure on mainstream media to downplay sightings reports served to silence witnesses.

Thus a large percentage of America does not know the facts of UFO contact beyond the accuracy of Steven Spielberg's 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and mini-series 'TAKEN', both of which are in essence dramatically re-visualized documentaries - but categorized as fiction. There is, it is thought, no 'credible evidence' and thus the National Geographic can ask the question "Are We Alone" on the cover of the current issue.

America's flawed perception of the UFO as a result of internal propaganda makes the prospect of disclosure daunting both to a brainwashed populace and to Obama Administration planners trying to decide how best to admit to a six decade lie of, forgive me, cosmic proportion.

Seen on from outside the US media cocoon, however, it is increasingly clear that that a large percentage of the world, lead by Europe, is loosing patience with the unelected US government's intractable refusal to let go of an iron grip on access to information - and likely technology - derived from observation of and probably contact with, non-human intelligent species.

The current elected government's response is a Nixonian stonewall of silence, refusing to even acknowledge the barrage of requests to the White House Press Correspondents Association urging the press to ask the obvious questions. Despite the official pretension than there is nothing to respond to, Steven Bassett's Million Fax on Washington continues to produce a steady stream of requests for engagement on this issue by the White House Press Corps.


Bassett's program will receive renewed focus ad it accelerates Phase three in coming months.

Among the more overt indications of world disfavor with the American empire's refusal to address an increasingly obvious non-human presence are recent public announcements by the Vatican and a British city Councilor, both of which add emphasis to the release in 1999 of the French COMETA report.


Taken together the three events begin to form a pattern of unofficial disclosure, leaving the US no choice but to make it official or risk irrelevance.

"UFO: Something real must exist. This is a statement coming out from basic considerations based upon common sense, human rationalism and upon a normal and possible course of our lives, considering not only individual and social aspects, but also religious."
—Monsignor Corrado Balducci, Vatican Curia, 2001

"We should exclude that angels use spaceships. When speaking about extraterrestrials, we must think in beings like us ... better said, a body in a better state than the one existing for us as humans."
—Monsignor Corrado Balducci, Vatican Curia, 2001

"Just like there is an abundance of creatures on earth, there could also be other beings, even intelligent ones, that were created by God. That doesn't contradict our faith, because we cannot put boundaries to God's creative freedom."
—Father Jose Gabriel Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory, 2008

The Vatican exobiology conference is the latest event designed to position the church as relevant in a post-disclosure world. It has ignited a firestorm of discussion on the web, engaging religious observers for the first time in the realization that ET may become real at any minute.

The Holy See must realize that some form of disclosure is imminent, whether by the US, a third-party nation or the non-human presence itself, and is preparing catholics to practice their religion in a world where the non-(earth)human presence is overt. The Vatican seems determined not to engage in another 'tragic mutual incomprehension' as it did when it could not accept the implications of Galileo's observations - the paradigm-shifting disclosure of the 17th Century.

The essence of the Vatican's stance is that if extraterrestrial life exists, they would not be demons nor would they be angels. This precludes the two least-reasonable reactions of a civil population to the appearance of advanced beings: run in fear or bow down in supplication.


Which leaves the middle ground of continuing to go to church for spiritual comfort...




Great Britain, generally a staunch ally of the United States, has resisted efforts to extradite cyber-investigator Gary McKinnon, wanted by the US Air Force for breaching lax security in Defense department computer systems.


The US maintains McKinnon caused a preposterous amount of damage, which is unlikely, since stealth system users such as McKinnon are usually at pains to do nothing that would reveal their access. Aside from the embarrassment, the real reason the defense establishment wants to make an example of McKinnon is more likely that he accessed sensitive records of the US Space Command, a largely unacknowledged component of the US military that may be the recipient of billions of black-budget dollars and is said to be operating advanced technology of its own on orbit.

England has fiercely resisted efforts to extradite McKinnon to the US for a trial in what would likely be a kangaroo court and sentencing to US detention. Most recently the home secretary 'stopped the clock' on extradition proceedings.

At the same time, the British government has remained silent on the recent speech by Winchester City Councilor Adrian Hicks, who openly calls for the US Space Command to come forward with the truth. The silence amounts to tacit support for Councilor Hicks' position, one that 10 Downing Street may be firmly in favor of but, for the time being, diplomatically restrained from espousing formally.


Hicks' speech amounts to formal disclosure at his level of government.

"It was not long [after Roswell] that it was established that UFO's were something real and not an illusion, that they were extraterrestrial in origin and that they were not pilotless objects."

"During President Nixon's era, Majestic was formed into a total satellite government, outside the control of Washington, D.C. This provided cover for the visitors, plus a totally new concept for protecting all information relating to the subject."

"I truly do not know who the unelected leaders are. This speech is an open speech to all members of the satellite government."

"What is truly amazing is that virtually all of our elected politicians are unaware of [the extra terrestrial contact by the U.S.] This is morally repugnant."

"When an ordinary citizen, now elected Councilman knows more than [Congress and Parliament] and has seen the visitors with my own eyes for over 10 minutes, common sense tells you the timetable [for disclosure] is fatally flawed."
Councillor Adrian Hicks

Hicks is clearly incensed that the elected representatives of both the US and the UK have no idea what the facts of the matter as he sees them are.


His speech is the culmination of a long-term plan executed in response to his sighting of a non-human entity walking freely on a British street in broad daylight. Hicks realized the political risk of campaigning on the issue, so he stood for and eventually won a Councilor's seat and served with merit for some time before making his appeal to the US for 'Judgment and Democracy'.


A bootleg video of his speech is traveling the internet like wildfire, despite early attempts by Google to censor the message by removing the video from YouTube.





Councilor Adrian Hicks Demands to Hear Truth Over Extraterrestrials
November, 2009

from Archive Website

Hicks feels strongly about the UFO issue and the fact that a UFO base is located near his city

and that the public are not being given what the government knows about the issue.

Councilor Hicks, member of Winchester city council in Hampshire, England, recently went on public record

as having witnessed an alien humanoid in a busy shopping centre in Winchester five years ago.

Hicks is appealing to authorities in the United States and the United Kingdom to release what they know about UFOs.






The complete story can be found at Councilor Hicks' website.






These actions by the Vatican and the U.K. follow in the footsteps of the unofficial-official publication of the COMETA report by a high-powered panel of French military officials in 1999.


The COMETA report was never (?) translated into English and the French are publicly at some pains not to appear to be telling the US what to do, however the publication of the report was a clear signal to the unelected American government that France would no longer tolerate the obvious lies and denial on the issue that work on the American public.

It is an open secret that Steven Greer is referring to France when he discusses his efforts to stage a contact event with the head of state of a major G-8 country.

"The UFO problem cannot be eliminated by mere caustic and off-hand witticisms. A single hypothesis sufficiently takes into account and for the most part only calls for present-day science. It is the hypothesis of extraterrestrial visitors. Advanced by certain military personnel in 1947, today it is popular worldwide."
The COMETA report: Conclusions and Recommendations

"Based on this prudent but solid assessment, we can make several recommendations," the report concluded, listing a number including informing French political, military and administrative decision-makers, creating a civil detection network, funding investigation and analysis.


Most significant of all was the fifth item on the COMETA report to-do list:

5) Initiate diplomatic demarches to the United States, with the support of other states and the European Union, to urge the superpower to collaborate, and if necessary, exert useful pressure to clarify this crucial issue that can only come within the framework of political and strategic alliances."
—The COMETA report: Conclusions and Recommendations






The issue of UFO reality and advanced being contact with humanity is a Pandora's Box and once it is opened, there is no way to close it. The problem is the the U.S. is no longer the only hand on the lid besides that of the ET themselves.

Sooner or later there will come a point where a country other than the United States takes point on this issue, if the US does not do so soon.


And it may not even be the expected France that conducts the first formal disclosure on the world stage. Both Russia and China have already released considerable news and official reports of UFO activity - either may at anytime decide it is in their best interest to step into the vacuum of silence emitting from Washington, D.C.

If the Obama administration allows it to come to that, then the final slide from superpower to fellow world citizen will be complete for America.


It is a matter of diplomacy that the other nations of the world are waiting for official acknowledgement by the US that there are non-human entities and technologies operating in earth's biosphere, but that patience cannot last forever.

Every day that the Obama administration maintains a frosty silence on the issue, it buys another day of ownership of a policy that has been an affront to the sensibilities of American trust in government since Harry Truman elected to lie to the people in 1947. Time is running out for the President elected on the premise of change to take an action that will change a six decade long policy that has mutated into a cancer on American society.

Perhaps it is that realization or perhaps it is true psychic precognition, but earlier this year on Coast to Coast AM, Wilcock made the prediction that a disclosure would occur on national TV before the end of the year.

Michael Salla has written in the Examiner that disclosure is imminent, based on his perspective as head of the Exopolitics institute. It was one of the most widely read pieces of Examiner direct journalism Salla has published.

The real question is not if the US will finally take an official step down the path to Disclosure, but when they do,

  • How complete and truthful will it be?

  • And what role the United Nations will take in a post-disclosure world?

  • How relevant will America be if it does not officially come to its senses on this issue?


Paula Harris, Steven Greer, Lynne Kitei
Steven Greer, center flanked by journalist Paola Harris, left

and author/witness Dr. Lynne Kitei at the recent CSETI conference at Rio Rico.


Steven Greer released the contents of his briefing paper to President Obama at the recent CSETI conference in Rio Rico and called for an Internet driven email campaign to flood the White House with requests for disclosure.


Greer will deliver the Saturday Nov. 21 Keynote lecture to the audience at the Secrets 2009 conference in Tempe, giving Phoenix UFO and disclosure minded citizens a rare opportunity to hear both men speak on the issue.

Lecturer Maurizio Baiata will discuss the role of the Vatican in Exopolitics at the UFO 2012 Meetup Group meeting in Mesa.


Editor for years of the influential Italian magazine 'Area 51', Baiata will also talk about the Fatima events and their alien implications and explore other delicate matters, such as the US and global cover-up.