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July 2010

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About the Author: David Griffin established the UK network of the global exopolitics initiative in 2006 as the first national exopolitics site outside of the American continent. Although he has no long term background in UFOlogy he found himself returned to this framework repeatedly when researching wider areas and currently considers exopolitics to be the best ‘lens’ through which to view the complexities of contemporary, deep political culture. Academically David attended the well known Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution dept. of Bradford University just after then Prime Minister Thatcher tried to get the School closed down. In addition to a degree he worked at various higher education organisations in the UK in the area of Virtual Learning and courseware development. He also achieved an MSc in Multi-media and Education with an emphasis on Human Computer Interaction. He regularly speaks at events in the UK and Europe and is currently involved in the promotion of the UK’s Second Annual Exopolitics Conference at the University of Leeds. Contact:


This paper will be one of the first to tackle the issue of changing access to a range of technologies that has moved its way down from military research in the post-war era.


We will initially examine the structures that created a system to skew the truth on the reality of visiting intelligences and proceed to review the increasing ways in which the phenomena itself has become more complicated and whilst simultaneously revealing itself. By placing the increasing use of night vision systems by civilians on top of the contemporary exopolitical situation or framework a new paradigm is ushered in.


We’ll view this new era in the light of the various forms of disclosure and contact and posit the ramifications for the human species and the interface between terrestrial and extra-terrestrial beings.



When we take a look at evolutionary history in relation to the development of the human species we see a fundamental shift from basic evolutionary processes to what Timothy Leary [1] called ‘epigenetic’ culture.


At this point we became increasingly aware of ourselves outside of the cold, mechanical biological development that preceded it and this manifested in what we could suggest was the start of human history - insofar as societal culture as we now see it developed with our ability to record written or visual information. As part of this vast shift in perception, civil structures and the associated power vectors that accompany such things also became more complex and dominant.


In a similar way that we can see religious hierarchies often served the purpose of keeping ‘sacred’ knowledge for an elite few in the priesthood, a contemporary parallel is the post World War 2 cover-up of the fact the planet is being engaged by a range of non-human intelligences.



Von Braun and JFK aim higher


Covering Up and Shining Light

The year of 1947 represents the initiation of this modern distortion of alien visitation, exemplified by the infamous Roswell event and the formation of the US ‘National Security State’[2] - the latter many researchers see as directly related despite its main promotion as an anti-communist structure.


Since that time the UFO issue has been more or less mediated by a trans-national military industrial complex, its associated control of the mainstream media [3] and its ability to raise vast funding in both legitimate and covert [4] manners.


The collusion of military, media, science and academia in this control matrix was exemplified by the resulting decisions of several important working groups of the post war era, including the Robertson Panel [5] and Brookings Report [6], which surmised that the public was not yet ready for the ramification of off-world visitation.


Whilst the secrecy objective may have had some rational aspects during the Cold War era, it has become evident in recent decades that those at the core of the issue are more concerned with the associated factors of a truth embargo such as economic dominance and technological superiority.

When we again examine the post-war period with regards the issue of visiting non-human intelligence we can identify several vectors via which the phenomena attempted to ‘reveal’ itself despite this immense barrier created by the National Security State. Firstly we see the era of the 1950s with its many direct attempts at contact - the so called ‘Space Brothers’ era - which took place at Giant Rock, California.


This form of contact appeared to be based primarily on human-like ‘aliens’, was based around issues of education to do with nuclear war, ecology and spirituality. It was also ‘direct’ insofar as the real propaganda had yet to fully assert itself as an indirect mediator of the experience.


As the decades progress we see increasing involvement of shady intelligence agencies in the form of the ‘Men in Black’ phenomenon and in the 1980s the ‘grey’ ET abduction experience appeared to dominate accounts along with a variety of MILAB [7] [military abductions] processes.

At the turn of the millennium we can view the complex mix of associations the ET/UFO issue has magnetized to itself since the 1947 watershed period we’ve discussed. Civilian interfacing with the alien ‘Other’ could now be construed in a number of ways with several shades in-between.


Experiences were seen as either ‘authentic’ ET contact, pure military [i.e.: terrestrial] in nature and, especially in the post 9/11 era, the notion of holographic ‘hoax’ alien events for deception purposes has been increasingly cited [8].


Once you add the bizarre media disinformation on this issue and more complex Co-Intel Pro type releases [Majestic Documents, Project Serpo, 2008 UN modeled meetings on Disclosure and so on] which purposefully mix truth with fiction even the most dedicated researcher of the Extra-terrestrial field is struggling to create a reliable narrative from the situation.

In the last few years however, a technological system has ironically dribbled down from the military sector into civilian use.


Generation 3 image intensifier equipment began to fall in price and enter the commercial markets in addition the break-up of the former Soviet Union led to cheap stockpiles of the technology moving to the West.


The fact is Generation 3 systems are now older tech having been superseded by a Generation 4 series. However, for our purposes it’s Gen 3 that is required as it appears that these offer the best overall resolution and easy operation - bringing objects way out in near earth orbit and closer into view in the night sky.


Gen 4 tech supposedly improved on its predecessor as it allowed a faster shift from the low input ‘field’ environment to the more active and partially lit urban environment, losing some of the clarity we require for spotting some of the seemingly astonishing things that are going on above our heads right now.


Sufficient quality Gen 3 night vision goggles or scopes [below illustration] can be sourced for between $1500 and £3500.


Generation 3 night vision image intensifiers.


In the last year or so this former military technology has become an intrinsic part of the larger, more established skywatch and CE-5 [9] oriented groups.


Recently a popular British documentary team traveled over to Washington State to the Mount Adams, high-activity ranch of James Gilliland [] and UK viewers watched as the lead presenter caught his first ever UFO sighting both on screen via N.V. equipment and pointed to in the sky via high powered laser pointer.


The ramifications of this approach are slowly beginning to emerge: the visit to the ranch was the final point of the documentary and all other attempts to engage with authentic off-world phenomena had failed, yet within a few hours this system revealed direct contact to the documentary team and thus to the wider viewing public. What’s more, the N.V. approach brings with it a shift in the experience of the UFO phenomenon itself, one which we’ll explore the exopolitical context of soon.


Far from simply repeating the rare glimpses of orb-like lights in the sky which UFOlogists often spend years searching out, the new technological paradigm of telescopic night vision allows:

  • Enhanced detail perception

  • Greater visual range and acuity

  • Shifts in perceptible light frequency ranges

…the above allowing not only regular objects to be seen more readily but also novel phenomena which appears to have been ordinarily occluded by the inability of human vision to perceive the various infra-red spectrums.


Near infra-red CCD cameras and video have been around a while but the magnifying, hi-tech combination of technology employed in Generation 3 scopes and goggles appears to have unleashed a military monster on an ever more aware and inquisitive public.


Up to this point you had to be one of 3 things to see these objects:

What the average person can now see is direct evidence of one of the bigger research and discussion area within the community in the last couple of years.


This relates to not just single orbs of light but whole fleets of moving objects and in fact what could well be termed ‘squadrons’ of either terrestrial [planetary military] space fleets, authentic ET fleets or some mix of both we can only currently guess at. It’s not that this new technology is revealing an ‘unknown’ light spectrum to us, more that now the ability has arrived to experience en-mass, to make a significant difference and challenge those who still pursue negative mediation agendas.


In fact as far back as the 1950s Wilhelm Reich student Trevor James Constable was aware that these light frequencies held a key to greater accessibility of apparently anomalous intelligences.



Hacktivist’s Fleet to Fleet Evidence

British truth activist and amateur computer hacker Gary McKinnon only recently, with a change in UK government structure, managed to have a stay put on his extradition to the USA.


The American Defense Dept. is desperate to put McKinnon on trial in the US over his rather embarrassing access to several military networks. During his virtual trips at the turn of the millennium and subsequent to his arrest at the behest of the US authorities by the then British Hi Tech National Crime Squad, McKinnon reported to journalists three important findings.


Firstly he located a facility where ‘anomalous’ objects were digitally removed from NASA type images - presumably for wider consumption but more importantly for our context, he located references to what he termed ‘Non-Terrestrial Officers’ and a spreadsheet of ‘Fleet-to-Fleet Transfers’.[10]


Gary assumed the former were some form of planetary military group that used black budget technology in the nearer [or maybe further?] regions of geo-orbit and he looked up the names of the “fleet ships” from the spreadsheet he saw against their Navy [i.e.: sea-going] counterparts and found no correlation.


These two elements bring a new facet of the UFO phenomenon into vision - that most likely with back-engineered technology, the human race now has access to off-planet exploratory vehicles.

Meshing with McKinnon’s evidence are the ongoing rumors about a terrestrial fleet of anti-gravity facilitated ships probably run on a trans-national basis [more on this to follow] but maybe controlled centrally from somewhere like the aptly named US Space Command which merged with the multi-partnered STRATCOM in 2002.


The resulting debate is low on direct evidence [as can only be expected of covert programs decades ahead of conventional physics and using a shady mix of undeclared public and corporate finances] but high on probability when examined from the evidence ‘mosaic’ approach. Names for such an operation have included the Naval Tenth Fleet and Solar Warden [11].


Given we’ve been back-engineering alien hardware since 1947, it seems counter-intuitive to assume the visual data from N.V. technologies is mere hallucination or some esoteric lightshow. Firm, researched whistle-blower accounts exist of alien vehicle training simulator construction from the mid 50s onwards[12] and direct exchanges of advanced technology for use of earth as a galactic way-point[13].


That’s not all - add to this the statement of Ben Rich - former head of the Lockheed Skunkworks - who said:

We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity… Anything you can imagine we already know how to do.

This none too subtle hint at the state of military/corporate development in the 1990s fits neatly into the matrix of evidence we’re exposing in relation to the UFOlogical, night vision experience.

In an article discussing this issue - Dr Michael Salla points to the little known case of long term NASA technician Clark McClelland who testified to seeing a space suited supposed “ET whilst working at the shuttle control center communicating with a NASA astronaut in the open bay of the shuttle. Whilst McClelland assumed this suited entity to be a visiting ET - the nearby delta shaped craft he also noticed may indicate some form of joint space fleet organization.[14]

We should also give a brief mention to another British citizen who ended up adding to the discussion of what Gary McKinnon found.


John Lenard Walson [15] [pseudonym] appears to have stumbled upon a new method of linking video to the new range of powerful, domestic telescopes aka astro-videography - all from his back garden shed. As part of this breakthrough he caught still and moving images of until now rarely seen objects in orbit.


These included vast ship and platform like structures - some of which he caught doing maneuvers.


You’d think this was far fetched given his amateur status but the author of this article in fact contacted an employee of NASA/JPL and had the footage confirmed as authentic.


One of the many night-vision enhanced triangular formed craft[s] seen travelling
at 1000s of mph by sky observers using this technology.



Terrestrial Triangles and Shuttle Feed

The 1980s and 1990s saw the ongoing development of corroborating visual data for the fleets of ships seen under image enhanced conditions.


Former intelligence officer and engineer Edgar Fouche [16] discussed in significant detail his work in the 1980s and 90s on the TR-3B - ‘Black Triangle’ - known under a variety of names during its various development and testing stages. Fouche went on to suggest that aliens had either “lost” or “given” the advanced nuclear thrust technology to the US Military.


Interestingly the project [possibly called the umbrella term Aurora] appears to have become trans-national as the 90s saw increasing triangle sightings over European [i.e.: NATO] countries with much discussion pointing towards these as terrestrial assets.


One of the most dramatic was over Cannock Chase [2002] in the UK Midlands where the craft can be seen to do a 180 degree turn in a split second.










According to one UK researcher:

The craft is an equilateral-shaped triangle, each edge, from tip to tip, is approximately 184 feet.


The 'Firefly' is one of the current generation of super-stealth aircraft, still part of the black-budget program. Near silent in operational flight, near silent hover capabilities. The underside lighting configuration is so designed as to give conflicting eyewitness accounts of the lighting and indeed shape of the craft, the three large circular red lights in each point can converge in the center to form one very large red or white light.


I am informed that there are two of these craft in Europe in current operation, one is based at Boscombe Down, England and shares flight operations with Macrihanish, Scotland.


The other craft is based in Germany.

The USA have two craft, of slightly different configuration. The craft is manned or crewed by NATO personnel; it is believed all participating NATO countries supply flight crew.[17]

Along with these increased sightings came a stunning break through almost by accident thanks to Canadian TV director Martyn Stubbs.


Stubbs had a long term interest in space related issues and whilst at work at his broadcasting company would set up recording equipment at his home to monitor the official satellite feeds of NASA during their many shuttle based STS missions (watch video).


On checking the footage with great patience - Stubbs began to see that the new, high definition CCD cameras installed on the various shuttles were recording both individual and swarms of obviously intelligently controlled objects.


A collection of some of this footage was released by a British UFO collective called “NASA STS Missions - The Smoking Gun” and was a breakthrough moment in stimulating discussion and new interest in the exopolitical field. It was no coincidence that NASA then encoded the STS footage and added a delay from live broadcasting.

Out of the many different STS scenes available - two especially remain under popular discussion today. One is STS-48 which appears to show some form of terrestrial pulse or energy weapon being fired at an intelligent object in earth orbit and the equally amazing ‘Tether’ footage - during which swarms of UFOs of many sizes appear to gather around a ‘failed’ shuttle energy experiment.


This segment of film was investigated at length by David Sereda who made the point that the shuttles cameras were allowing us to view enhanced light ranges thus revealing the vast range of craft we saw first hand on the NASA streams.



Towards an Evolutionary Leap

If we take a step back for a moment and consider the points made above without the new N.V. paradigm - we can see a convincing picture being constructed in the run up to the 3rd millennium for a shift in how we perceive the complex issue of extra-terrestrial life and the various vectors via which it appears to interface with the planet.


For a multitude of reasons we can see how a planet at our stage of evolutionary development would need to acquire an off-planet space system.


It’s really irrelevant whether this is based on something as simple as terrestrial national advantage [to claim space ‘territories’ or for economic advantage via mining rare minerals etc.] or from something far more complex such as protection of the earth against supposedly conquering alien hordes as was only recently mentioned by leading Cambridge physicist Prof Steven Hawking [18].


In fact a complex mixture of these is most likely. It is even possible that distinct factions of terrestrial cabals have liaised with different visiting races of ETs and are engaged in an off-planet territorial conflict with each other.


Add to this the use of what Nazi rocket scientist Wernher von Braun the ET issue as a hoax or false-flag scenario and we can see the urgent need for this area to be taken seriously and investigated by the wider community.



Black triangle as seen over various Euro countries over 80s/90s


It may appear premature to draw conclusions such as that above and yet when we impose the night vision grid on top of the construct we’ve highlighted so far we may not be far off.


Some of the longer term users of N.V. technology in this area have proven the existence of not only fleets of triangular craft in at various heights in orbit but also claim to have seen ‘battles’ take place between craft. Given the recent revelation via British MoD FOIA document release that a huge UFO was pre-ordered to be shot down over the mainland[19] in 1957 - is it such a stretch to admit this policy may now have reached the off-planet status?


Night Vision researcher Ed Grimsley was interviewed and adds:

In describing battles between ships, he said they fire laser beams or ball energy on each other, and the weapons seem to travel 3-4 times faster than what he first observed in 1961.


The wars could be between different ET factions, between humans and ETs, or even a kind of angelic battle. He believes that many of the craft he's witnessing, such as discs and triangles are man-made.[20]

Although apart from the STS-48 footage and now occasional testimony from N.V. users, detailed footage of such ‘space wars’ has yet to be fully documented and released into the public domain.


Grimsley and others are now regularly enabling the supply of image enhancing, night-vision scopes and additionally offering group sessions on use of the equipment for this purpose.


We can foresee a time when this technology becomes regular kit at such gatherings and an ever more awake to the possibilities civilian community expands in response.



Summary and Exopolitical Implications

Here’s a surprising context: Those of us assuming that such atmospheric displays are a modern event it may be worth pausing to examine a surprisingly similar situation from the 1500s in Europe.


The difference being no technology was needed for the citizens to see the space-war-like display recorded in a wood carving from the era [below image].



At sunrise on the 14th April 1561, the citizens of Nuremberg beheld "A very frightful spectacle." The sky appeared to fill with cylindrical objects from which red, black, orange and blue white disks and globes emerged.


Crosses and tubes resembling cannon barrels also appeared whereupon the objects promptly "began to fight one another." This event is depicted in a famous 16th century woodcut by Hans Glaser.



In addition to the fact image enhancement has passed into public hands from military R&D - another significant irony is that its core functionality may well have come from downed ET craft and been carefully seeded into chosen industries in the post-Roswell era.


In his book The Day After Roswell, Colonel Philip Corso who worked at the Pentagon under the Army’s ‘Foreign Technology Division’ claims that among the products resulted from the Roswell debris were:

  • Image intensifiers, which ultimately became "night vision"

  • fiber optics

  • supertenacity fibres

  • lasers

  • Molecular alignment metallic alloys

  • Integrated circuits and microminiaturization of logic boards

According to Corso, companies like Bell Labs, IBM, Dow Corning and Hughes Aircraft subsequently managed to create new technological breakthroughs that gave the U.S. a decided edge not only against traditional terrestrial nations but also in a projected military response to the extra-terrestrial ‘threat’.

In addition it seems now somewhat futile to continue the dichotomy of human vs. alien and terrestrial vs. extra-terrestrial insofar as who this technology ‘belongs’ to. In addition to the vast evidence of back-engineering we also come across many mentions of indirect influencing of evolutionary development pathways by ETs in the contact literature.


Just one example is that of Californian resident Bob Renaud [21] who was guided via a range of contact mediums [including face-to-face ultimately] to alter TV and radio equipment in order to facilitate ET communication.


In ongoing contacts his group of ETs stated that off-planet intelligences were often instrumental in the development of many inventions from the plane, radio, TV etc. This notion is repeated endlessly in the cases of ‘advanced’ inventors.


Nicola Tesla appears to have been inspired in this manner and British ‘Levity Disc’ and free energy genius Prof. John R. Searl (below media) had vivid dream sessions about the complicated mathematic involved in establishing his SEG devices - strangely enough starting round about the 1947 era.[22]







This is just one of many elements that suggests that formal [big ‘D’] Disclosure is only part of the complex process of introducing the alien “Other” into global awareness. Indeed it’s an ongoing historical process of absorbing, integrating and communicating the nature of ‘alien-ness’ itself.


Thus the once powerful structures of propaganda and cover-up are fading as the contradictions in the system begin to show. In this case: how can one sector of the planet assume they can develop technology and knowledge from extra-terrestrial sources and keep this closeted from the very population it was aimed to help progress?

In many ways the shift to the notion that part of the species is now regularly traversing the vast ranges of planetary orbit and probably further a field has a ramification greater than the elements mentioned in this paper.


Futurists such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr Tim Leary and Robert Anton Wilson [23] discussed the impact of a post-terrestrial consciousness on humans as we felt this move into a hyper-spatial reality. The important question however remains one of complex power plays - whether between terrestrial groups structured in the ‘deep’ political matrix suggested by Peter Dale Scott or an interplay between terrestrial and extra-terrestrial players so far remaining formally unacknowledged by government structures.


Exopolitics is sadly the only area currently dealing with these complexities of modern, transitional global culture. Perhaps with exopolitics having a core focus on the issue of weapons in space - it seems that this is one area to focus on.


It is difficult to comprehend how highly destructive capabilities either manned in the form of the space craft we’ve discussed or remotely operated would be allowed to roam around the solar system uninhibited. It seems likely that some contradictory condition of quarantine and first directive exists - simply based on the fact we’ve yet to fully destroy ourselves let alone be overtly colonized by one of the many ET groups that appear to be out there.


However - if the evidence of image enhanced data is anything to go by - we may well be facing a future where the ET issue will be more crucial than ever in assisting humanity to make a safe and peaceful transition to our evolutionary destiny as, as they appear to be in most cases, galactic explorers and evolutionary anthropologists.



End Notes

[1] Info Psychology: a revision of Exo-Psychology. Dr Timothy Leary, New Falcon Press

[2] See various volumes of UFOs and the National Security State. Richard Dolan. Keyhole Publishing.


[4] For a good discussion of the Black Budget see: Additional work on ‘deep’ political structures by authors such as Catherine Austin Fitts and Peter Dale Scott suggest that major global fraud and drug trafficking by above-government groups may well amass unacknowledged trillions of dollars a year - much of this is likely to have been re-directed into various aspects of the UFO issue.



[7] See MILABs by Helmut Lammer

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[12] See the excellent article at: - the name ‘Jarod’ was actually Area 51 engineer Bill Uhouse who since has documented his testimony on film and at conferences. Even more renowned is the Bob Lazar case where Edward Teller invited the young physicist to work at S4 and back engineer a saucer the previous covert scientists had problems getting to work.

[13] See the 3 books by ex-miltary weather technician Charles Hall who worked and spoke to the Tall White variety of ETs at Indian Springs, Nevada.




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[23] See article by David Griffin in on ‘Space Migration’ in the December 2009 issue of the Exopolitics Journal for more on this groups contribution to democratizing space.

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