by Larry Lowe
Phoenix UFO Examiner
June 18, 2009

from TheExaminer Website

When Colorado political activist Jeff Peckman strolls onto the stage at the Tivoli Student Center at Auraria Campus in Denver, Colorado tonight to introduce Steven Greer, the race for disclosure in 2009 will have begun in earnest. The moment represents a meeting of one of the longest running efforts to effect acknowledgment of the ET presence and one of the youngest.

Exopolitics makes strange bedfellows.


The methods of the two activists are markedly different, but their goal is the same. The summer of 2009 has become an old fashioned horse race to see whose method of changing 'reality' will invoke results first.


Greer and Peckman are not the only horses in the race.


Other contenders include Steve Bassett's Million Fax on Washington, a healthy world-wide exopolitical movement that will convene in Barcelona in July and the Obama administration itself. A late entry which could upset the field is the emerging involvement of the technologically adroit Facebook Twitterati that can be thought of as Disclosure 2.0

There are at least 8 horses in this race ranging from entire governments to the ephemeral power of P2P social networking. Exactly how it will shake out is anyone's guess and Las Vegas may well begin laying odds on the sports book as to which disclosure movement will make a break down the home stretch and take the win at the wire.

Here are the handicapper's notes:



Dr. Steven M. Greer

Greer is as old-school disclosure as you get. It was Greer who coined the term Disclosure with the historic Disclosure Project Press Conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on May 9, 2001.


He will talk to Peckman's public access politics crowd of his plans for - and the reasons why it's crucial that - the government of the United States of America begin to publicly acknowledge the truth: There are advanced intelligences operating sophisticated technology in and around Earth's biosphere. And there have been for decades, probably centuries.

Greer's target is the US Congress. For years, Greer has been agitating for congressional hearings and has assembled a blue-ribbon panel of high ranking military and esteemed civilian whistle-blowers prepared to testify before Congress if the right opportunity to do so presents itself. It hasn't done so, perhaps in part because Greer's impatience doesn't allow for the nuance of inside the beltway deal-making.


One promising step towards disclosure was unwittingly thwarted by Greer himself, when he pressed too hard to be included in behind the scenes discussions and threatened to go public if they took place without him. The preliminary deal folded under the resulting pressure.

Patience is not an asset in abundant supply among disclosure advocates although Greer seems to have learned from the experience. His appearance before Peckman's crowd, the second year in a row, is a step toward community building within the disclosure movement. It's a key component of a winning solution.

Meanwhile, Greer has his eyes on the prize. It's not disclosure itself that is the ultimate goal, it's the benefits of sensible contact with advanced non-human intelligence. In addition to the Disclosure Project, Greer has founded a non-profit research foundation named The Orion Project to develop new, out-of-the-box energy solutions.

Advanced energy options is a common goal among disclosure advocates, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon has founded Quantrek with similar goals. There is increasing evidence to indicate that ET is finding a way to quietly assist certain terrestrial research scientists towards novel solutions to critical problems, the result being advanced technologies that might help a green revolution to occur.

The ace up Greer's sleeve is his claim to be working with 'a major G7 nation' - presumed by a number of disclosure-watchers to be France - which he says is prepared to initiate open contact publicly and acknowledge it directly to the media.


If another major country noses out the US with an move of such magnitude, the geopolitical dynamic will change dramatically.

Morning line:
If the G7 country proceeds: 1:1

Race over - America loses
If the G7 country withholds: 4:1

Congress has a habit of tying up controversial proposals in sub-committees, 'doing something' by marking time. By the time there will be a healthy majority in favor of open hearings, the race will already be over. The call for congressional hearings goes all the way back to former CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter.

Odds the G7 country will proceed: 2 :1
America squandered the respect it had as the moral leader of the free word during the last two administrations. Other countries are less inclined than they used to be to defer to American policy across the board.


Steven Bassett

Steve Bassett is the Executive Director of Paradigm Research Group and the political action committee X-PPAC. Bassett is second generation old school disclosure.


While nominally pressuring the Obama administration to be forthcoming with the truth, Bassett's main focus is actually on the media, specifically the White House correspondents association.


Until and unless someone raises a hand and starts asking the right questions, the truth embargo - as Bassett labels it - will stand unchallenged. The UFO/Alien issue has traditionally the third rail of American politics and the press has handed the political establishment a free pass to avoid the issue simply by not bringing it up. It's Bassett's mission in life to end that practice.

His Paradigm Research Group is in the third phase of a 'Million Fax on Washington' project which is intent upon documenting public concern about the ET truth embargo and expressions of that concern made to the oval office by concerned citizens.

In a recent press conference at the National Press Club, Bassett made it clear that the longer the Obama administration avoids the ET/UFO issue, the more it risks being upstaged by another country.

"Our republic and its press will rise or fall together."

 - Joseph Pulitzer

It is increasingly clear of the extent to which the press failed the country during the run-up to the last two wars and in the investigation of the events of 9-11, serving largely as a public relations firm for the White House and allowing themselves to be 'embedded' with US forces during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.


In the process American journalism lost any pretense of objectivity, but it was arguably an act of self-defense. Independent journalists in Iraq have suffered alarming casualties during direct and indirect attacks on their positions by coalition forces.

With the advent of a new more sensible policy on the part of the administration towards openness and transparency, there is a semblance of a return to an investigative agency independent of the policy makers and willing to ask the hard questions. If this continues it's a matter of time before some brave newsperson asks Obama one or more of the incisive questions on Bassett's list.

At that point the administration will no longer have the luxury of ignoring the issue.

Morning line:

Odds Bassett will provoke the press: 3:1
There is a small but detectible shift in media posture on this issue. In TV reports of UFO sightings across the country, snickers are getting quieter, the ridicule diminishing, the reporting in the field more direct. It may not be imminent, but it is a matter of time before the Washington Press Corps realizes that it's time to do their job and makes disclosure an issue. Larry King already has.


National Exopolitics
Exopolitics Institute

The Exopolitics movement in America, lead by Dr. Michael Salla is busy laying vital groundwork for disclosure.


Salla is documenting the undisclosed history of the issue in a series of investigative historical reports in his role as the Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner. His Exopolitics Institute is offering training for professionals in the field of Exopolitics. Once the issue gets on the table Salla will be a source of information as mainstream media and academia race to get up to speed on a portion of history they were never taught in grade school.

The rap on Salla is that he may be depending too much on documentation whose validity has not or can not be proven.


Closer coordination with investigators like Bob and Ryan Wood may be needed to provide a provenance for the information Salla is refining out of a vein of secret documents laced with disinformation.

Morning line:

Odds Salla can break the story: 9:1
Salla's paradigm is too far from mainstream understanding to be totally effective on his own. The good news is he is not alone and his work is building a bridge between the uneducated skepticism of mainstream media and the emerging respectability of direct media. It is only in a post-disclosure world that Salla's work will be widely recognized.


The Obama Administration

It's hard to handicap the Obama administration itself. All of the obvious factors and signals are there, if you know what to look for, but the challenge is to make a dramatic move on this issue in the midst of a depression at home and while revising US foreign policy overseas without clear and obvious widespread grassroots political support - the kind of thing that got him into office in the first place.

The political capital is there if Obama knows how to identify it. Polls show that 50+% of the American people believe some UFOs are extraterrestrial space craft and 85+% believe their government is not telling the truth of the matter. His entire administration is based on telling the truth. On his first day, Obama signed a directive to his administration declaring openness and transparency to be the guiding principles of his term of office.

He has stacked the deck in his administration with key players from the Clinton administration - many of which are known to be pre-disposed to be in favor of UFO disclosure.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was fully aware of Laurance Rockefeller's three-year effort to get President Clinton to release all UFO files in government hands into the public domain as was Obama transition team leader John Podesta, CIA Director Leon Panetta, Vice President Al Gore and then Congressman Bill Richardson.

Clinton White House Chief John Podesta on UFO disclosure
November 14, 2007

from YouTube Website



Obama in his finest moments looks like a leader with planetary considerations in mind. He has the proper heritage to unite disparate cultural and religious factions.

Were he to find the right way to manage disclosure it would make him a shoo-in for president of the world, were such an office to exist.

But given the invisible stigma still associated with the issue, chances are he will await proper pressure from the public or the press, or both.

Morning line:

Odds Obama will simply address the issue: 4.5:1
It may be that the only reason Obama has not made the announcement in a speech to the nation is that they are still working out the wording - it's a monumental moment and Obama is not by accident known as an eloquent speaker. He may be lining up support during his early trips abroad. Or he may be waiting for just the right moment.

The 40th anniversary of the giant leap for mankind of sending a man to the moon and returning him to earth is coming up next month. A joint announcement by Obama and Neil Armstrong would clear up some long standing questions about Armstrong's long reticence to talk (below video) about the grandest adventure any man ever took - and why we stopped suddenly and retreated to low earth orbit to build a space station.



Neil Armstrong's cryptic speech




Jeff Peckman
Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission Ballot Initiative

There was a time when Jeff Peckman would have answered a call from the White House to consult on the issue, but it is no more. Peckman insists that today he would not take the call from the President, because the more effective route to disclosure is hands-on, grass-roots, one mind at a time, old-fashioned American can-do community organizing.

If all politics is local, all paradigm shift is personal.

Peckman has tapped a pair of citizen empowerment processes - the ballot initiative, which lets the citizens make their own laws, bypassing the back-room powerbrokering of the legislature, and direct media such as Examiner which bypasses the editorial truth embargo enforced by the corporate sponsors.

Last year's ballot initiative was so effective it landed Peckman on David Letterman, which brought the issue national attention. This year's effort is already off to a better start then the previous one and Greer's continued support has already become mainstream media news.

The mirror image media effort of a cadre of Examiner writers - of which Peckman is the Denver UFO Examiner - is also having an effect: One morning last week, Examiner articles took up 9 of the 10 places in ranking by relevance on Google News under "UFO" search.

Also, the same day, four Colorado Examiners with UFO-related stories were in the top 5 out of 180+ Examiners nationally in the "Gadgets & Tech" category.

The otherwise under-reported UFO story is turning out to be one of the success stories of the direct media paradigm. As direct media gains credibility through responsible reporting and fact checking, it's becoming increasingly clear that the UFO/ET story is now one that can no longer be contained by a controlled or cowed press.

Morning line:

Odds Peckman will gain enough signatures to place the initiative on the ballet: 1.3:1
Peckman learned the first time around what not to do and a cadre of young volunteers, coupled with funding and support that is beginning to flow into Denver make it the leading contender at the moment to win the race to disclosure. Thanks to Peckman's media savvy the story is going mainstream.


Mainstream Media

Will the mainstream media finally simply stop approaching the reports of UFO observations that are increasing daily on a world wide basis with the quizzical 'Did the observer see an alien space craft? I don't know' tone of voice?

All it would take to effect disclosure on an effortless basis would be for the media to just start reporting the UFO reports made daily to the National UFO Reporting Center or MUFON or local news outlets with straightforward clarity and in a couple of months the public would realize how prevalent the phenomenon actually is.

To be sure there are frequent misidentifications and repeated pranks that would need to be weed out by a responsible reporting staff. Just recently a 400 foot tall research balloon drifted over Arizona at over 100 thousand feet, prompting numerous reports of an unidentified flying object. It was identified by the local MUFON chapter and the story put to bed.


But any number of true UFO reports, large black triangles and V-shape craft come in weekly which are not addressed.

International Exopolitics

Can the international exopolitics movement gain enough momentum to raise the issue to public awareness?

As recently as several years ago, the question would have been rhetorical. But the July 25/26 European Exopolitics Summit in Barcelona, Spain signals the emergence of a world wide movement to treat the matter of advanced intelligence operating in earth's biosphere responsibly.


Greer, Bassett, Salla from the US are all scheduled to speak, along with England's Nick Pope, the Italian Maurizio Baiata, Robert Freischer from Germany and an all-star supporting cast, so there already is strong international flavor to the event.

It's a European counterpoint to the X-Conference and a combination of the two is already being discussed as a potential World Exopolitics Forum, which would unite the pro-disclosure voices into one common planetary message - which may be exactly the event ET is waiting for to begin open contact.

  • Odds the European Exopolitics convention will include a bombshell announcement: 6:1


Disclosure 2.0

The long-shot late-entry in the ET/UFO disclosure sweepstakes are social networkers who are jacked in and can self assemble a massive social movement at the drop of a tweet.


Clay Shirky described the ridiculously easy group forming power of the social or semantic web in his book Here Comes Everybody.



Clay Shirky on New Book "Here Comes Everybody"




Clay Shirky, author of the just released

"Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations"

speaking at Harvard Law School's Austin Hall on Feb. 28, 2008

hosted by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School


The game changer in the Obama victory was the massive peer-2-peer networked support of the Facebook enabled electorate.

Social media is easily dismissed by those not cognizant of its immense power as a mindless diversion for high-schoolers to text each other in class with peer-group trivia instead of passing notes like we did in the old days.

Such assessments don't take into account the power that can be wielded by the knowledgeable cybernauts once they become aware of an issue. John Perry Barlow, a founding father of the Electronic Frontier Foundation is an example. He spent the last several days fighting a battle to make sure the Iranian election fraud resistance movement had the kinds of secure twitter proxy servers needed to maintain vital communications amidst a violent and chaotic atmosphere of cybernetic repression by the Iranian information state.


His facebook page reads like a 21st century version of Paul Revere's diary as Barlow broadcast coded messages on his facebook page that described the current availability of secure networked communications for the Iranian students and protesters.

Make no mistake about it - the Twitterati can make a profound difference in any issue they become passionate about. The only reason they are not a factor in the race to disclosure is that many of them simply don't know the facts of the matter.

To that end, I'm making a call for those who want to volunteer some technical assistance and server capability to a movement we'll call Disclosure 2.0. The plans are in place for a series of social networking tools and processes which will enable disclosure to proceed on a peer-2-peer basis at the speed electrons go through copper.

If you either have expertise in Facebook App development or can provide server support, contact me at my facebook page and we'll talk about taking disclosure viral.

Two basic steps have been taken, the formation of the World Exopolitics Network Facebook Group at Laughlin earlier this year, and the release onto YouTube of Disclosure 1.01 (below video) by Jake Gould, which establishes a baseline conceptual framework for viral disclosure.

  • Odds that a viral Disclosure 2.0 movement will render formal announcements redundant: 9:1

  • At the moment, the Disclosure 2.0 is a long shot. But those odd can change in a big hurry.


Disclosure 101







The biggest question mark of all is the advanced intelligences themselves.


They are after all the enigma at the source of the debate. Clearly, while they have made dramatic gestures from time to time, they have chosen to take a gentle approach to humanity, awaiting the moment when it can demonstrate that it is ready for contact and will conduct itself responsibly. There is no end to the speculation as to the mindset and motives of ET or whatever it turns out to be, so there is no sense in starting.

That said, UFO sightings reports are up dramatically world wide and new technology for acquiring the reports and transmuting them into viable news streams is close to coming online.


Clearly as the crises mount on planet Earth, UFO sightings are becoming more and more obvious. Is there a tipping point where they just decide to show up, uninvited and settle the issue.


That is very hard to say.

  • Odds that ET will disclose themselves: 11:1

The Stakes

The truth is we are not even alone on the planet.


But the prevailing consensus myth as it persists in mainstream media is that none of the mounting evidence in the skies above us and in the personal experience of hundreds of thousands of witnesses should be taken for what it is.

The planet is in the midst of a paradigm shift of historic proportions and its effects can be seen everywhere you look. Large scale systems are breaking down, reaching the end of their viability as they scale beyond organic reason. Faced with multiple crises of environmental abuse, increasingly unpredictable weather, war, poverty and resource mismanagement, all rooted in an inability to develop a sustainable lifestyle, humanity is at a crossroads.

In order to transcend our condition, the disclosure advocates content, we must first come to our senses and admit what the evidence tells us. We must over come the paranoid xenophobia that keeps us marked as a species too immature to be trusted with advanced technology or allowed to conduct spacefaring commerce and cultural exchange.

A vanishingly small percentage of the population knows any part of the truth to any degree and they persist in keeping it hidden in compartmentalized secrecy and maintaining a response posture that includes sending up armed fighters to investigate the massive silent craft the traverse - fly cannot be an accurate term - the skies over places like Phoenix, Stephensville, the Hudson Valley, Lubbock, New Jersey.

The political activists maintain that we can no longer afford the luxury of letting a small, unelected, unaccountable, unidentifiable group of people - who by now have a larger vested interest in maintaining the status quo than in serving the greater good of mankind - embargo the truth of ET reality and prevent open, peaceful and ethical contact with the advance intelligences that operate in our biosphere.

The only way you can make sense of this time is to look to the last time it happened, the Copernican revolution. It was a shift that triggered one of the greatest bursts of advancement mankind has ever seen.

That the earth orbited the sun and not vice versa seemed paradoxical to common observation at the time and it took a lifetime to accomplish, but in the end mankind grew to understand a greater truth.


Handicapping a winner

Barack Obama has his hands full with a world economy in the toilet, a couple of hot wars running and a couple more threatening to start.


But he has the diplomacy, he has the intellect, he has the vision and he has the staff to effect disclosure at the conduct of a press conference. Can he do the political calculus that results in a decision to announce something of the truth? Or will another nation beat him to the punch and go down in history to be the first to admit what the public by and large already know is going on?

Can Disclosure 2.0, fired by the immense power of social media that elected Obama, drive an understanding of the ET reality into popular acceptance through the barriers of denial and ridicule.

If the government does not disclose before the citizens become fully aware, it risks becoming irrelevant.

Meanwhile, a half a dozen wild cards remain hidden in the deck.

Will the military industrial complex Eisenhower and Kennedy tried to warn us about mount a false flag 'alien invasion' in a last ditch effort to control the spin, maintain the fear, uncertainty and doubt they have used to manage the population to date?

Could an appearance by Edgar Mitchell on Charlie Rose break the mainstream media truth embargo and win a Pulitzer Prize for television talk show journalism?

Can a Non Governmental Organization address to the United Nations serve as a citizens announcement that they already know what the governments have been scared to tell them and thus effect a reverse disclosure?

Will the assault of direct media in the form of Examiner writers, who consistently rank highest in public readership on the issue change the nature of the increasingly less relevant 'mainstream' media's coverage to the point where UFO reporting is done on a steady basis with a straight face?

Any of these things - and any number of them can happen and may happen soon.

The race is on.

If I was a betting man, I'd box Peckman, Greer, Bassett and Disclosure 2.0.


Who will win?

In the long run, humanity wins if the paradigm shifts.

And the odds on that are close to 1:1.

There are too many horses in the race now.

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