by jagbodhi
September 03, 2009

from YouTube Website


A Message from Miriam Delicado, recorded by Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot on 21 August 2009.

"We really need to step things up. We need to step things up as a community. We need to step things up in unity - and make our voices a lot stronger than they have been.

"It's very clear to me how this network of people that are working in this light in order to educate, in order to inform, and in order to bring about change for humanity and the Earth are really connected to one another.

"This particular time that we're in is very delicate - and it is truly the time of choice. But we're moving into a time where difficulties are starting to arise for individuals, communities, families. And we need to pay closer attention to what we as individuals are doing..."
Miriam Delicado