A.k.a 'Deep State' - 'Estado Profundo'


The secret structure that steers Defense and Foreign Policy behind the facade of 'Democracy' known too as,

the Controllers, the Masterminds, the Police State, the Surveillance State, the Military Industrial Complex...





 -  A 1958 Speech Exposing "A Small Clique of Power Lusting Conspirators" and their Plan for North America


 -  Anatomy of The Deep State - Gazing Inside the Deep State that Controls the American Empire


 -  An In-Depth Look at the Deep State and Shadow Government


 -  Brotherhood of The Bell



 -  CFR - The Council on Foreign Relations - Main File


 -  CIA - The Central Intelligence Agency - Main File


 -  Cómo 'El Estado Profundo' Norteamericano ha Forjado Accidentalmente un Orden Mundial Multipolar


 -  Dark Suits Rule the U.S. and its Puppet Presidents - Reveals Putin, stating the Obvious


 -  'Deep State' Neuroscientists Believe they can Turn Off Free Will


 -  Donald J. Trump and the Deep State


 -  El Centro del Mal en el Mundo - El Estado en la Sombra Británico


 -  El 'Estado Profundo' y su Propietario - Wall Street


 -  El Gobierno Secreto - de "...Y La Verdad Os Hará Libres"


 -  El Gobierno Secreto - Fuente, Naturaleza y Fines del MJ-12


 -  El Gobierno Secreto Que Dirige Los Estados Unidos - Detrás de La Democracia Estadounidense, El...


 -  Esta Agencia del Gobierno en la Sombra es más Atemorizante que la NSA


 - ¿Está Siendo Saboteada la Confirmación de Kavanaugh para retrasar los Juicios Militares del Estado Profundo?


 -  Fake "Alien Abductions" Conducted by Shadow Government Para-Military Operatives (MILABS)


 -  FED Plan to Bring Private Armies Into U.S. Will Be Stopped


 -  Fuerzas Ocultas Detrás del Gobierno



 -  Global Elite taken to Guantanamo GITMO by U.S. Special Forces - Full Disclosure Implications


 -  Government in The Shadows - The Bush Administration, Executive Privilege, Secrecy, and The...


 -  How to Destroy Russia - The Rand Corporation


 -  Importantes Golpes contra el 'Gobierno en la Sombra' están Produciéndose en la Actualidad


 -  Is Kavanaugh Confirmation being Sabotaged to delay Military Trials of Deep State?


 -  Is Trump Disrupting the Cabal's Plan for a New World Order? - Trump says "We're Not Going Into Syria"


 -  La Cumbre Trump-Putin da a conocer las Amenazas del 'Gobierno en La Sombra' del Estado Profundo


 -  La Élite Global está siendo llevada al Centro de Detención de Guantánamo por Fuerzas Especiales USA


 -  Las Dos Superpotencias - ¿Quién Controla Realmente los Dos Países?


 -  Le Due Superpotenze - Chi controlla veramente i due Paesi?


 -  Major Strikes Against the Shadow Government Happening Now


 -  Many Insiders believe Military Tribunals for 'Deep State' will Happen any time Now


 -  Molti Insider Ritengono che potrebbero Costituirsi dei Tribunali Militari contro il Deep State  in Qualsiasi Momento


 -  Montauk And The Secret Government


 -  Neurocientíficos del 'Estado Profundo' creen que Pueden Desactivar el Libre Albedrío


 -  Obama's Birth Certificate - Not The Issue


 -  Orden Ejecutiva de Trump tiene como Objetivo al 'Estado Profundo' y Abre la Puerta a completa Revelación


 -  Organization Chart of The Shadow Government


 -  Promis



 -  QAnon on How Ending Iran Peace Deal thwarts Deep State Plans for Nuclear False Flag Attack


 -  QAnon sobre cómo Finalizando el Acuerdo de Paz con Irán se frustran los Planes del Estado Profundo de...


 -  Reagan Aides And The 'Secret' Government


 -  Secret Government - from '...And The Truth Shall Set You Free' - the Book


 -  Secret Space War


 -  Shadow Forces Behind Government


 -  The Conflict within the Deep State just Broke into Open Warfare


 -  The Conspiracy against Trump - The Deep State plot to Undermine the President


 -  The "Deep State" and the Unspoken Crimes of the U.S. Empire - Operation Gladio


 -  The Deep State Defined...


 -  The "Deep State" Goes Shallow - "Reality-TV Coup d'état in Prime Time"


 -  The "Deep State" Oligarchs/Plutocrats want to Keep America Drugged


 -  The "Deep State" Then and Now


 -  The Horror of the Deep State's Plan Exposed - "Thinking is Hard"


 -  The New World Order - Main File


 -  The NSA - The Super Secret National Security Agency - Main File


 -  The Path to Total Dictatorship - America's Shadow Government and its Silent Coup


 -  The Secret Government - Origin, Identity and Purpose of MJ-12 - by William Cooper


 -  The Secret Privilege by Which the Military Intelligence Complex Retains Control


 -  The Secret Shadow Government - A Structural Analysis - by Richard J. Boylan


 -  The Secret Shadow Government - Its Identification and Analysis - by Richard J. Boylan


 -  The Shadow Government


 -  The Shadow Government of The United States - by Richard D. Eastman


 -  The State, the Deep State and the Wall Street Overworld


 -  The 'Top Secret America' Created After September 11


 -  The Two Superpowers - Who Really Controls the Two Countries?


 -  This Shadow Government Agency is Scarier than the NSA


 -  Trump Executive Order targets Deep State and Opens Door to Full Disclosure


 -  Trump-Putin Summit brings out Deep State "Shadow Government" Threats


 -  Una Increíble Rebelión en el "Estado Profundo" de EE.UU. a Punto de Acabar con Hillary Clinton


 -  US Government Spy Program - Main Core, PROMIS and The Shadow Government


 -  Verified Warnings from Former U.S. Presidents About the "Invisible Government" Running the U.S. with "No...


 -  'War on Terror' - Main File


 -  What Is the Deep State?


 -  Why the 'Deep State' is Dumping Hillary


Additional Information


 -  33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True - What Every Person Should Know...


 -  America's "Medical Deep State" - The Role of the CDC


 -  Anonymous' Controversial Message about Donald Trump - The Truth about War and Conflict


 -  Black Budgets and Black Projects - Main File



 -  Circles of Power - Behind UFO Secrecy



 -  Could the 'Deep State' Be Sabotaging Hillary?



 -  Del Porqué El Gobierno Mundial En La Sombra Destruye Su Propio Planeta de Origen


 -  El "Estado Médico Profundo" Estadounidense - El Papel del 'Centro de Control de Enfermedades' CDC


 -  El Phoenix Ruso, Esperanza o Ilusión - Una Perspectiva Exopolítica


 -  La Chiave Omerica e il Grande Segreto de il Potere nell'Ombra


 -  La Clave Homérica y el Gran Secreto del Poder en la Sombra


 -  La Desestabilización Sistémica - La Estrategia de La Tensión a Través del 11 Septiembre, el Asesinato...


 -  Los Illuminati - Main File



 -  Military Intelligence has Weaponized Democracy Worldwide


 -  Ordenes Ancestrales y Organizaciones para El "Nuevo Orden Mundial"

 -  Overextending and Unbalancing Russia - Assessing the Impact of Cost-Imposing Options


 -  Putin y Medvedev de Rusia mencionan a 'Los Hombres de Negro' - ¿Quiénes son estas 'Personas'?


 -  QAnon es la Inteligencia Militar de EE.UU. que reclutó a Trump para Presidente y Evitar un Golpe de Estado


 -  QAnon is U.S. Military Intelligence that recruited Trump for President to prevent a Coup D'etat


 - ¿Revelará el Estado Profundo la civilización Antártica enterrada para 'distraer' de las Detenciones de Masa...


 -  Rockefeller Internationalism - Main File



 -  Russia's Putin and Medvedev both mention "The Men in Black" - Who are these "People"?


 -  Secret Government Promises Big Changes


 -  The Armageddon Plan - Cheney-Rumsfeld Lead Shadow Government


 -  The Bilderberg Group - Main File



 -  The Committee of 300  - Conspirators' Hierarchy - Main File


 -  The Majestic Project - MJ-12 - Main File


 -  The Nuclear Missile Attack on Hawaii - A Secret Space Program?


 -  The Pentagon Papers Case


 -  The Rothschilds - Main File


 -  The Russian Phoenix - Hope or Illusion?


 -  The Russian Phoenix - Hope or Illusion - An Exopolitical Perspective


 -  These Blast Points on Hillary's Campaign... Only the Deep State is So Precise


 -  The Secret Team - The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World - by L. Fletcher Prouty


 -  The Trilateral Commission - Main File



 -  The Unacknowledged Thread Secret and Covert Operations by The USA


 -  Top Contractors Dominate The market With Billions in Government Business


 -  Top Ten Conspiracy Theories that Turned FACT in 2017


 -  U.S. Marine's Testimony explains what the 'Shadow Government' may be doing to Downed Extraterrestrial Craft


 -  Why Does The World Shadow Government Destroy Its Own Home-Planet?


 -  Will Deep State disclose Buried Antarctic Civilization to 'distract' from Looming Mass Arrests?




 -  After Pentagon ends Contract Top-Secret Scientists 'Jason Group' vows to Carry On


 -  Government Report Confirms that a Major Solar Event Will Be a Kill Shot for the U.S.

 -  Human Genome Project - The MITRE Corporation - JASON Program Office

 -  Impacts of Severe Space Weather on The Electrical Grid


 -  JASON Defense Advisory Panel Reports - External Link


 -  JASÓN - Los Científicos y El Pentágono - Los Robots Asesinos Del Futuro Que Remplazarán La Infanteria


 -  JASON Society - from "Blue Planet Project"


 -  Next Generation Bioweapons - Genetic Engineering and Biological Warfare


 -  Science Against The People - The Story of JASON - Elite Group Of Academic Scientists


 -  Secret Societies / New World Order


 -  The 1950s Secret Discovery of the Code of the Brain - U.S. and Soviet Scientists Have Developed the Key...


 -  The JASON Group


 -  The JASON Group is A Secret Scientific Group - from "The Secrets of Mojave"



 -  The JASON Study Group - Science Against the People - The Story of JASON, The Elite Group of Academic...




 -  Behold a Pale Horse - by Milton William Cooper


 -  The David Icke Guide to The Global Conspiracy - And How to End It


 -  The Invisible Government - by David Wise and Thomas B. Ross

 -  The Last Circle - by Carol Marshall





 -  JFK II - The Bush Connection


 -  Monopoly Men


 -  The Secret Government - The Constitution in Crisis


 -  The Secret Government, Majestic 12, UFOs, Drugs and the Illuminati - by William Cooper

 -  Top Secret America


 -  The 'Shadow Government' that Controls Our Society - A Modern Odyseey

 -  What Is the Deep State?

 -  Whitehouse Coup - BBC


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