by Benjamin Fulford
February 1, 2011

from Reenagagneja Website


The “revolutions” that have started in the Middle East are all part of a plot by the families that own the Federal Reserve Board, according to sources deep within the system.


As a part of this plan, the series of orchestrated replacements of puppets disguised as “revolutions” that started with Tunisia and moved on to Egypt will continue to unfold in country after country over the coming weeks and months. The end game is to try to provoke major unrest in the US that will lead to the declaration of martial law followed by the use of mercenary armies to enforce fascist rule there.


What the Feds do not realize is that all they are doing is exposing their entire network and that they will be stopped by the Pentagon and other agencies.


The private armies now deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq will not be allowed to arrest American citizens and put them into FEMA camps, period. (Nesara will be announced before Martial law could be implemented Tami)

The move by the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate is part of a power grab within very esoteric levels of the secret power structure of the planet, according to sources who cannot be identified without putting their lives in danger.

The sources explained the nature of the secret government in order to explain the exact nature of the power grab that is under way.

  1. At the very top of the secret pyramid can be found an individual known as M1, according to them and other sources.

  2. Beneath M1 is what is known as M3 and it consists of three people.

  3. That is followed by M5 (five people) and then,

  4. by M9 (number unknown but now believed to be only 6-7 people).

  5. Underneath M9 is a group of 555 people with varying ranks (with 33 being the lowest) who are usually leaders of countries or large organizations. Most 33rd degree freemasons are part of this group.

  6. Below them can be found the visible structures of the government with the United Nations at the top, the EU and the World Bank on the next level and below that the BIS, US corporate government and the Federal Reserve Board.

  7. In a parallel secret structure with levels ranging from 7 to 13, meanwhile, can be found organizations like the CIA, the NSA, Interpol etc. They act as legal enforcers and protectors of the system.

According to the sources, if you super-impose organizational charts of the visible and invisible power structures on each other, you end up with a Star of David.

The original M1 was President Soekarno of Indonesia.


He was removed as part of a power grab by the banking cartel headed by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and other families that own the Federal Reserve Board.

A new M1 was put in place after Soekarno and he stayed in that role for 33 years, or until September 2001. However, there was a de facto lack of leadership within the Secret Government since 1995 when the Bretton Woods mandate of the British, French and Americans ran out.

Since that time there has been an ongoing effort by the banking cartel headed by the Rothschilds to replace the entire top of the pyramid, starting with M1.


The result has been a leadership vacuum and secret power struggle, punctuated by not so secret events like 911 and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Russians were never part of this system.


Instead, they operated a clearing house with the Western banks known as Alpha Omega station. They will be invited to join the new system that is being prepared.

What is now happening is that a new M1 has been selected and there has been a major infusion of new faces into the ranks up to M9. They say they need to keep their identities secret for their own protection because so much greed and evil gravitates towards the top of the financial system.

The investigations of the group that attempted to grab all the power structures from M9 down to M33 have led to members of the Rothschild family, the Bank of England, the World Economic Forum and the Vatican bank.

It is this group that built up the private armies now killing innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.


They want to bring those armies into the US as part of a desperate gambit to keep themselves in power. They are also still trying to take over the planet and kill billions of people. They still think they cannot be stopped.

They have been trying very hard to engineer a food crisis and start hunger revolutions throughout the world. They have also been spreading diseases and poisons.

What many of them do not realize is that they will be arrested before they can carry out their plan.

The question, of course, is why and how was the new M1-M9 leadership selected. They say they were selected on a system of merit and need to keep secret to prevent assassination. They also say the M1 is not a secret dictator but rather a person who puts the final signature that frees money to carry out any consensus reached by the visible governments.


They promise the new system will set humanity free and stop the rape of the planet.