chapter 8
the secret government

With the war at an end, the world was at the mercy of the Global Elite. Europe was devastated, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and economically - as it was planned to be.

The enormity of the deceit may be hard to comprehend as you survey those endless rows of white gravestones in the war cemeteries of France, but those young men and women did not die for freedom in its true sense. They died to satisfy the Elite agenda for global domination and, on a higher level, to deepen the control of the Prison Warders on the Fourth Dimension.


Of course, if those soldiers on both sides had known that, there would have been no war. Instead, they were presented with a story that the Nazis were a uniquely evil creation that had to be stopped by the forces of goodness, freedom, and virtue. Again, another black and white fantasy.


The Nazi philosophy was unspeakable, but it was also the philosophy of those who controlled the Allies. The same forces funded and manipulated both of them. At the end of World War II, the United States was the most powerful country on Earth. It had bankrolled the war and, through the lend-lease system of supplying armaments on the basis of ‘have now, pay later’, Europe was drowning in debt to the American - Elite-controlled - bankers. Roosevelt had told Churchill years earlier that the British Empire would have to be dismantled and now that was a certainty. Britain’s long period of pre-eminence was over, destroyed by the two World Wars.


For me, Britain should never have had an ‘empire’ in the first place, but we need to keep our eyes on why it was brought to an end by those plotting their own world supremacy. If you read the Illuminati Protocols (which I included in The Robots’ Rebellion), you will see that the use of debt and wars as a means of control was precisely what the manipulators had always planned. These protocols came to light late in the last century and, although they have been condemned as a ‘forgery’, they tell the story of the twentieth century with remarkable accuracy. Whoever wrote them knew what was coming. The debt they talk about was to grow still more, with the European countries borrowing heavily from America, to rebuild their towns and cities in the aftermath of all the bombing that had gone on.

The United States (Global Elite) introduced its Grand Area strategy to control Western Europe, the whole of the Western hemisphere, the Middle and Far East, and the former British Empire. The Third World was essential to this policy. In the words of a 1949 memo by the US State Department, the Third World would “.. .fulfill its major function as a source of raw materials and a market for industrial capitalist societies”.1 Put another way, it was going to be mentally, emotionally, and physically raped. 


George Kennan at the State Department even suggested at this time that Europe might enjoy a ‘psychological lift’ from exploiting Africa, as declassified documents reveal.2 Vital to this plan was to ensure that no country, particularly in the Third World, was allowed to delink from Elite economic domination and run their economy for the benefit of the people. This so called ‘threat of a good example’, which others might follow, led to slaughter across South and Central America and the East, including Vietnam. Henry Kissinger (Comm 300) would call the introduction of social and economic reforms in Third World countries a ‘virus’ that, if allowed to thrive, would ‘infect’ a much wider area.3 Or, as Secretary of State Dean Acheson (Comm 300) said in the late 1940s, “One rotten apple can spoil the barrel”.


The Elite’s barrel. The more terror that could be used against leaders and people trying to eliminate dependency on the Elite bankers and multinationals, the less likely it was that anyone else would try it. This was the fundamental and base motivation behind the United States (Elite) strategy which engineered the horrors in Vietnam, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brazil, Italy, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Laos, Grenada, Honduras, Iran, and Indonesia.


You would need a map of the world to list them all. Behind these events and the overthrow of democratically elected governments were many of the Nazis employed all over the world by the CIA. The SS officer and Gestapo chief, Klaus Barbie, the ‘Butcher of Lyon’, was one who was employed by the Americans to spy on the French. For hundreds, if not thousands, of Hitler’s men who were bankrolled by the CIA, it was ‘business as usual’ after the ‘defeat’ of Nazism.


The manipulation was happening on many levels, but the most important goal was to cause so much conflict between nation states (the problem), that public opinion would demand that something must be done (the reaction), and the Elite could then unveil its long-term plan for centralized global institutions under the control of a tiny clique (the solution).

In summary, the foundation themes of the Elite’s plan immediately after the war were the following:

To introduce a world authority called the United Nations (with associated bodies like the World Health Organization), which could evolve into a world government with powers to control the lives of everyone on the planet.
To continue to cause conflicts across the world and to use the fear of the Soviet Union to massively increase spending on nuclear weapons and ‘conventional’ weapons, thus adding to the terror of nuclear war and demands for global security. To set up an American-European defense alliance (which was called the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)) and a United Nations ‘peace’ keeping force, which, through the engineering of conflicts, would eventually be fused together to form the world army.
To create three ‘free trade’ regions in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, which would be sold to people initially as merely economic groupings. Gradually, however, these would be evolved into centralized political unions, with one central bank and one currency. These would be stepping-stones to the introduction of the same institutions on a global scale. The European Economic Community, now the European Union, was the first of these, but the other two are now underway, also.
To advance the control of public opinion and to research and expand the understanding of how to manipulate the human psyche, individually and collectively. Today this agenda includes the microchipping of people and their permanent connection to a global computer.
To create a welfare state while destroying alternatives to the economic system and, when the desired dependency had been achieved, to dismantle that state welfare support, so creating a vast underclass without help or hope.
To make fantastic amounts of money in the course of realising all of these ambitions via the Elite-controlled companies and banks.
To continually add to the debt burdens of people, business, and state, thus increasing the control exerted over them.

The approach which was followed to hoodwink public thinking was painfully predictable, but highly effective: Discredit the nation state.


This was laid out during the War by the German economist and refugee, Hans Heymann, who produced his Plan for Permanent Peace using funds given by... the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. In this work he said:

“Nations have created international disharmony in the vain belief that harmony in our society can be achieved on a national basis...This narrow-minded approach has left us one strong hope, namely, that this fallacious concept may hold only during a transitional period...After the debacle [World War Two] an international organization will be imperative, for the well-being of society as a whole.”4

It was classic problem-reaction-solution. In 1945, the original Round Table secret society had two main offshoots - the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) at Chatham House in London (which had branches in many other parts of the world), and the RIIA’s United States branch, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York (which had branches across the United States).


In the post-war years, these would be joined by the Bilderberg Group (Bil), the Trilateral Commission (TC), and the Club of Rome (CR) to form a highly effective network of manipulation which comprises a very significant element of the secret government of the world - a government that is far more powerful than any elected authority (Figure 7).


Figure 7


You will find the membership of these organizations among the elite of global politics and political ‘advisors’, banking, oil companies, multinational corporations, media owners, executives and journalists, the military, the law, and education.


They the secret government within organizations, infiltrating these spheres of influence and secretly promoting the Global Elite agenda. The majority of their colleagues and employees have no idea what is going on or how they are being used. As with the Round Table, there are distinct circles of people within these front groups.

There is an elite core who work full time for the cause; a circle of members who know the agenda and work within their own organizations to achieve it; and an outer circle of members who are not aware of the real and full implications but are useful to the manipulators in the short term. Not everyone who is a member of these organizations is a conscious manipulator and we need to use our intuition and the information presented by researchers to decide which ones know the score and which are being used without understanding what they are really involved in.


In this chapter, I will outline the background and influence of these groupings and of their associated power blocs, the United Nations and the European Union.




The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA)

The Anglo-American Elite who met at the Versailles Peace Conference in Paris in 1919 formed the RIIA and the Council on Foreign Relations in 1920 and 1921, as discussed earlier.


The so called ‘special relationship’ between Britain and America is, in fact, the relationship between the RIIA and the Council on Foreign Relations.


Today the Royal Institute, with the Queen as its patron, has an enormous effect on British and global policy. It is the British Foreign Office. So why, it can be fairly asked, has British economic and political power been curtailed? The answer is that the British manipulators are far more interested in creating a world government than in improving Britain as a country. If curtailing British economic power and the empire was necessary for this wider plan, then so be it. As with the ‘Jewish’ clique, their commitment is to the cause of the All-Seeing Eye cult, not the interests of the people.

At the time of this writing, the RIIA’s three joint presidents are Lord Carrington (Comm 300), the former Conservative cabinet minister (including Foreign Secretary), Secretary-General of NATO, member of the Trilateral Commission, and, from 1991, the chairman of the Bilderberg Group; Lord Callaghan of Cardiff, the former Labour Prime Minister, cabinet minister (including Foreign Secretary), and Bilderberg attendee; and Lord (Roy) Jenkins of Hillhead, a founding member in Europe of the Trilateral Commission, a Bilderberger, and the former Labour Cabinet minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer.


Lord Jenkins was one of the ‘Gang of Four’, along with former Labour Foreign Secretary, Lord (David) Owen (TC), who split the Labour Party in 1981 by launching their own Social Democratic Party (SDP). He was also a President of the European Commission and, together with people like the former Conservative Prime Minister, Edward Heath (Bil, TC), he is a passionate advocate of European union. The chairman of the RIIA is the former Conservative MP, Christopher (now Lord) Tugendhat, the chairman of the Abbey National Building Society and Governor of the Ditchley Foundation, which is a front for the New World Order, according to many researchers and published works.


Tugendhat describes the European Union as, “the most hopeful and beneficent political development to be undertaken in this part of the world this century.. .it is a brave and noble [sic] venture that I am proud to be able to serve”.5


The Institute names as ‘honorary presidents’ the “presidents and prime ministers of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries”.6


The presidents, prime ministers, and political elite throughout the world speak at the Institute, often under the secrecy of the ‘Chatham House Rule’. This says that:

“When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed; nor may it be mentioned that the information was received at a meeting of the Institute.”7

So much for open government.


The Institute is highly secretive and will not release details of its membership in high places. Why not, if it is only a ‘think tank’? What is there to hide? When I rang to ask for a list of members in the British Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet, I was told by the membership secretary that the names of individual members are never released. To join, you have to be nominated by two members who know you well and even then you might not pass the selection procedure. Running alongside this membership is another which is only allowed access to the Institute’s library.


This second form of membership helps to smokescreen what is going on elsewhere in the organization. The Institute is funded today, as it has been from the start, by the major global companies and banks. Its ‘Energy and Environment Program’ is paid for by major oil companies, coal and electricity producers, and the Atomic Energy Authority.


My goodness, I bet that’s unbiased! Major corporate members of the RIIA are:

Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York (J.P. Morgan); S.G. Warburg Group plc (before its takeover);8 Barings plc (before its mysterious and high profile collapse);9 the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office; the Ministry of Defence; the United States Embassy; the RTZ Corporation; Anglo-American Corporation of South Africa; British Petroleum; Shell International; Bank of England; Barclays Bank; Lloyds Bank; National Westminster Bank; Lazard Brothers; TSB Group; Abbey National; Midland Montagu; Coopers and Lybrand; Unilever; British American Tobacco Industries; British Aerospace; The Economist; Gerard Atkins and Co Ltd; John Swire and Sons Ltd; and Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (ENI).

The other corporate members comprise a list of the world’s leading companies, countries, and media. Even the Church of England is in there, along with the African National Congress (ANC) and Amnesty International. Why is Amnesty International supporting an organization through which manipulation is orchestrated that adds massively to the number of political prisoners?


Media organizations supporting the RIIA include:

  • ABC News Intercontinental Inc

  • CBS News

  • NBC News Worldwide Inc

  • Britain’s Channel Four TV and Independent Television News (ITN)

  • Fuji Television

  • Der Spiegel

  • The European

  • The Financial Times

  • The Guardian

  • The Independent and Independent On Sunday

  • The Observer

  • Daily Telegraph

  • The Times

  • The Scotsman

  • The Yorkshire Post

  • Reuters, the international news agency

  • The New York Times

  • The Washington Post

  • The Wall Street Journal

  • The Reader’s Digest

  • and, quite outrageously for an organization claiming to be independent,

    • the BBC World Service

    • the BBC Monitoring Service

    • BBC Radio

Taxpayer funding and support for the RIIA is given not only by the British and Commonwealth Office and the Ministry of Defence, but also the Cabinet Office, the Treasury, the Department of the Environment, the Department of Trade and Industry, Customs and Excise, and many other sources.


The British Labour Party International Department is a corporate member, along with the Trades Union Congress (TUC), and so are other names we have seen throughout this book.


These include the Chase Manhattan Bank (the post-war amalgamation of the Rockefellers’ Chase Bank and the Rothschild/Warburg Bank of Manhattan), Morgan and Warburg companies and amalgamations, N.M. Rothschild and Sons Ltd, J. Henry Schroder (also acting as the bankers for the BBC charity, the Children in Need Appeal), the Ford Motor Company, and that population control organization so beloved of George Bush, the Planned Parenthood Federation. Another name which keeps coming up in my investigations is the Hambros Bank Ltd, which is also a corporate member of the RIIA.


The creation of a United States of Europe under centralized control is a major stepping-stone in the New World Order plan, and so it is appropriate and hardly surprising that the RIIA is also supported by the Commission of the European Communities, the European Parliament UK Office, the European Policy Advisers (UK) Ltd, European Round Table (how apt!) of Industrialists, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.10 The Institute is used as a private forum for the elite to sell their New World Order ideas to invited audiences and those with influence in the media, politics, education and commerce.


It is a lobbying organization, in effect, for the New World Order and a means (outside the ‘official’ government machine) through which deals can be done and events arranged without the knowledge of either the public or elected parliaments. It is more than that, however. It is a central and powerful pivot in the secret government network, with very close links to the British Royal Family and British Intelligence.


Again, most of the people involved with the RIIA do not realize how it is being used.



The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and The United Nations (UN)

The CFR is the Royal Institute, Stateside branch.


The only major difference between them is that the CFR membership list is more widely available and some of its members have been so disturbed by what they have seen and heard that they have spoken out against it.


Not many, but some. If only that were the case in Britain, where they leave the Americans standing when it comes to secrecy! Most of the ‘secrets’ that come to the surface in Britain are those which have been purposely leaked to undermine a politician, personality, or group, for some desired, manipulative end.


This general rule also applies in the US, but the British establishment has had longer to perfect its leak-proofing techniques. Since the formation of the CFR, every president of the United States has been a member except for Ronald Reagan.


In truth Reagan was not president, his vice-president George Bush, a CFR member, was running the show. It was the Council on Foreign Relations, no doubt with RIIA input and coordination, that brought the United Nations (the successor to the League of Nations) into being. This was the jewel of the post-war manipulators and one of the main reasons the Second World War was fashioned.


By 1945, the world was understandably sick and tired of war and the public mind was open to anything that might prevent more human slaughter. Problem-reaction-solution brought forth the United Nations.


The UN Charter was officially accepted by representatives of fifty countries at a meeting in San Francisco on June 26th 1945. But that was only the public culmination of years of behind-the scenes manoeuvring by the Council on Foreign Relations, which controlled the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt.


The writer, James Perloff, revealed the background to the UN in his 1988 book, The Shadows Of Power: The Council On Foreign Relations And The American Decline:

“In January 1943, the Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, formed a steering committee composed of himself, Leo Pasvolsky, Isaiah Bowman, Sumner Welles, Norman Davis, and Morton Taylor. All these men - with the exception of Hull - were in the CFR. Later known as the Informal Agenda Group, they drafted the original proposal for the United Nations. It was Bowman - a founder of the CFR and member of Colonel House’s old ‘Inquiry’ - who first put forward the concept. They called in three attorneys, all CFR men, who ruled that it was constitutional. Then they discussed it with Franklin D. Roosevelt on June 15th, 1944. The President approved the plan, and announced it to the public the same day.”11

In his book, The American Language, H.L. Mencken suggests that the term ‘United Nations’ was decided by President Roosevelt during a meeting with Winston Churchill at the White House in December 1941, shortly before the attack on Pearl Harbor.12


The US delegation at the founding meeting of the UN was like a roll call of the CFR. It included Isaiah Bowman, Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Sumner Welles, Norman H. Davis, James T. Shotwell, and the Russian-born Leo Pasvolsky.


They were all CFR members who served during the war on Roosevelt’s Advisory Committee on Post-War Foreign Policies. In all, seventy-four CFR members were in the delegation. This was the vehicle through which the United Nations was manipulated into being.


The US delegation at the San Francisco Conference also included:

  • John J. McCloy (CFR chairman from 1953-70, a member of the Committee of 300, the chairman of the Ford Foundation and the Rockefellers’ Chase Manhattan Bank, and friend and advisor to nine presidents from Roosevelt to Reagan)

  • John Foster Dulles (Hitler supporter, CFR founder, and soon to be Secretary of State)

  • Nelson Rockefeller (an arch manipulator, four times elected Governor of New York, and vice president in the administration of President Gerald Ford)

The attitude of John J. McCloy typified that of the manipulators who created the UN.


He was a financial advisor to the Italian fascist government of Benito Mussolini and he played a significant role in Nazi Germany for the Harriman/Bush bank which was financing Hitler. McCloy sat in Hitler’s private box at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin at the invitation of Rudolf Hess and Hermann Goring.13 McCloy was also a member of the Bilderberg Group Steering Committee.

The secretary general of the conference was the State Department official and CFR member, Alger Hiss, later exposed as a secret agent employed by the Soviet Union. Hiss was executive secretary of the 1944 Dumbarton Oaks Conference, where he worked with Stalin’s man, Vyacheslav Molotov, on the details of the UN Charter. He was described as President Roosevelt’s ‘top international organization specialist’ at the Yalta Conference in the Crimea in February 1945, which was also attended by Churchill and Stalin.


After guiding the UN into existence, Hiss was made president of the infamous Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, an appointment made by John Foster Dulles, who ignored information about Hiss’s espionage when he was told about it in 1946. Later Hiss was exposed and spent 44 months in prison.

Other covert Communist Party members of the CFR were in the US delegation in San Francisco for the launch of the UN, among them Dexter White, who was also revealed as a Soviet agent. The Council on Foreign Relations directs the United States policy, whatever ‘party’ is officially in power.


As John J. McCloy once said:

“Whenever we needed a man [for a government position] we thumbed through the roll of the council members and put through a call to New York” (The CFR headquarters at Harold Pratt House, 58 East 68th Street).14

The granddaughter of former President Theodore Roosevelt, the newspaper columnist Edith Kermit Roosevelt, summed up the grip of the so called ‘Eastern Establishment’ working through the CFR:

“What is the Establishment’s view-point? Through the Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations its ideology is constant: that the best way to fight Communism is by a One World Socialist State governed by ‘experts’ like themselves.

The result has been policies which favour the growth of the superstate, gradual surrender of United States sovereignty...”15

Robert W. Lee, writing in the September 1992 edition of The New American pointed out that at least fourteen of the eighteen US secretaries of state since the CFR was founded in 1921 have been members of that organization, including the acting secretary of state at the time of the article, Lawrence Eagleburger.


The last eight directors of the CIA, including George Bush, had been CFR members, and over the previous four decades, the Democratic and Republican Party candidates for president or vice president who were (or became) members of the CFR were Dwight D. Eisenhower, Adlai Stevenson, John F. Kennedy, Henry Cabot Lodge, Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, Edmund Muskie, George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Gerald Ford, Nelson Rockefeller, George Bush, Michael Dukakis, Geraldine Ferraro, and Bill Clinton.

This, then, is the organization which created the United Nations.16 The UN even built its headquarters in New York on land given free of charge by the Rockefellers. Besides the Rockefellers, names like Morgan, Warburg, Schiff, and Marburg were manipulating in the background, behind the politicians and advisors.


The United Nations was sold to the public as a means to bring peace to the world, to solve differences by words, not war. Most of the people who work for the UN genuinely believe that is its purpose. They are about to be disillusioned on that score, I’m afraid.


The UN is but a ‘Trojan Horse’ for the global fascist/communist tyranny known as the New World Order. It is the vehicle through which the world government and world army are being manipulated into place and through which public opinion is being softened up, by conflicts and propaganda, to accept this policy as the only way to bring peace and stability to human affairs.


All seven of the UN secretary generals since 1945 have promoted such thinking. The last holder of the office, Dr Boutros Boutros-Ghali, began his career under the Egyptian dictator, Gamal Abdel Nasser. Boutros-Ghali called for a permanent UN Army (world army) and for the UN to have the right to levy taxation (world government). His successor, Kofi Annan, wants the same.

The original United Nations has given birth to a stream of connected organizations which coordinate the New World Order plan in areas like health (World Health Organization), population control or - more accurately - eugenics, (the UN Population Fund - UNFPA), economic development and environment (the UN Environment Programme - UNEP), education, science and culture (UNESCO), and the list is getting longer all the time.


These are organisations which are designed to globalise control of all areas of our lives and we urgently need to wake up to this. The UN is a front for the Illuminati/Freemasonic hierarchy.


In a speech in 1970, Robert Welch, the founder of the John Birch Society in America, predicted with remarkable accuracy what the United Nations would become:

“The United Nations hopes and plans - or, more accurately, the insiders, the conspiratorial bosses above it, hope and plan for it-to use population controls, controls over scientific and technological developments, control over arms and military strength of individual nations, control over education, control over health, and all the controls it can gradually establish under all of the different excuses for international jurisdiction that it can devise.


These variegated separate controls are to become components of the gradually materializing total control that it expects to achieve by pretense, deception, persuasion, beguilement, and falsehoods, while the enforcement of such controls by brutal force and terror is also getting under way.”17

That is what the United Nations was always intended to do; that is what it was created to do; that is what it is now doing.



The European Economic Community - now The European Union

The plan to create three global trading blocks which would eventually be merged into one is not new. It has been a long-term plan to centralize power in Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Australia, via groupings promoted initially as free trade areas, but later evolving into the European Union, the American Union, and the Pacific Union.


The European Economic Community was the first, and this has been followed by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which involves the US, Canada, and Mexico. This agreement was signed by President George Bush on August 12th 1992. In my scores of public talks throughout 1994, I said that this would eventually be expanded to encompass the whole of the Americas.


This was not prophecy, simply knowledge of the game plan. It doesn’t matter what president is nominally in power, be it Republican or Democrat, the plan rumbles on.


What was it that George Bush, a Republican, said when NAFTA was launched? That he wished to see a free trade area stretching from the top of North America to the tip of South America.


What was it that Bill Clinton, a Democrat, said at a gathering of leaders from throughout the American continent on December 10th 1994?

“History has given the people of the Americas the chance to build a community of nations, committed to liberty and the promise of prosperity... early in the next century [I want to see]...a huge free trade zone from Alaska to Argentina.”

Spot the difference? No, nor me.


Another thing I was predicting through 1994, again from knowledge of the agenda, was the creation of the third ‘free trade area’ involving Asia and Australia. On November 16th 1994, I picked up a copy of the London Daily Telegraph to see that this had been agreed to on the previous day. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) grouping was accepted at a Summit meeting near Jakarta, Indonesia, attended by Bill Clinton, Paul Keating (the Australian Prime Minister), and heads of the Asian governments.


Either Keating is in on the scam or he is easily duped. Now the process will begin of evolving the two latest trading blocs into the model used in Europe before merging them all into one.

The plan for a United States of Europe under centralized control goes back centuries. It was one of the goals of the Knights Templar. When the Templars were destroyed in their stronghold in France by a combination of the French King and the Pope, many of those who survived the onslaught regrouped in Scotland and the Templars reformed under the pseudonym, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. This has a large number of its members in the high places of influence and power in the world, not the least in the United States.


The men behind the European Community, now the European Union, were Jean Omar Marie Gabriel Monnet (Comm 300), the son of a French brandy merchant; Count Richard N. Coudenhove-Kalergi (Comm 300) from Austria; and Joseph Retinger (Comm 300), a Polish socialist, who formed an organization called the European Movement to press for central control of Europe. He was also most influential in the creation of the Bilderberg Group, one of the key vehicles for secret government manipulation.


Jean Monnet was the most important figure, however, in European union.

Monnet went to Canada in 1910, at the age of just twenty to seek new markets for the family brandy business. There he linked up with the Hudson Bay Company and the Lazard Brothers banking operation and became part of the Anglo-American scene, even though he was French. He became a confidant to presidents and prime ministers, and this won him a highly lucrative contract to ship materials from Canada to France during the First World War.


When the war ended he was appointed to the Allied Supreme Economic Council and he became advisor to the group around Lord Milner (Comm 300) and Colonel House (Comm 300), which was preparing the Treaty of Versailles and creating the League of Nations.


By 1919, his influence and reputation among the manipulators was such that he was named the Deputy Secretary General of The League of Nations. The same names again. Six years later he moved to America and became vice president of a company owned by the Bank of America, called Transamerica. Monnet was now in the perfect position to coordinate the America-European conspiracy to create the European Community.

Count Richard N. Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote a book in 1923, calling for a United States of Europe. He was named after Richard Wagner, of whom Hitler had said that to understand Nazi Germany one had to understand Wagner. A close friend of the Count’s father was Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism.


The Count’s book was called Pan Europa, and he went on to form the Pan European Union with branches right across the continent, supported by leading European politicians, the Anglo-American Establishment, including Colonel House and Herbert Hoover, and the usual crowd that pop up everywhere.


The Count said in his autobiography:

“At the beginning of 1924, we received a call from Baron Louis de Rothschild; one of his friends, Max Warburg, from Hamburg, had read my book and wanted to get to know us. To my great surprise [sure!], Warburg spontaneously [sure!] offered us 60,000 gold marks to tide the movement over for its first three years...


Max Warburg, who was one of the most distinguished and wisest men that I have ever come into contact with, had
a principle of financing these movements. He remained sincerely interested in Pan-Europe for his entire life. Max Warburg arranged his 1925 trip to the United States to introduce me to Paul Warburg and Bernard Baruch.”18

Also among the supporters of the Pan European Movement was Winston Churchill (Comm 300), who wrote an article in 1930 for the American publication, The Saturday Evening Post, entitled “The United States of Europe”.


This was nine years before the Second World War for which Churchill so vigorously campaigned - a war that was responsible for creating the European Community. Count Coudenhove-Kalergi was given enthusiastic backing from such ‘unbiased’ sources as John Foster Dulles, Nicholas Murray Butler, the president of Columbia University and the Carnegie Endowment for International War (sorry, ‘Peace’), and Dr Stephen Duggan, the founder and first president of the Institute of Education, which was 100% controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations.


Those who funded the Bolshevik Revolution and both sides in the two World Wars, including Adolph Hitler, were plotting to introduce the European Community as well as the United Nations. Meanwhile, Monnet was also close to Franklin D. Roosevelt, thanks to his relationship with the President’s influential aide, Harry Hopkins, who was to Roosevelt what Colonel House had been to President Wilson. Hopkins was financed by the Rockefellers and he was their man in the White House. He was recruited by Nelson Rockefeller to work on the New Deal which actually prolonged the United States depression.19


Both Monnet and Hopkins were supporters of the Soviet Union and Monnet was deeply involved in the lend-lease policies through which vast amounts of weapons, other materials, and knowledge of US nuclear technology were transferred to the communist world. Organizations like the Federal Union Movement - later the Atlantic Union Committee and the Atlantic Council of the United States - were formed to press for the union of America and Britain. Such bodies were dominated by CFR members.

Among the directors of the Atlantic Council in the 1970s were George Bush (Comm 300) and one of the world’s most influential and tireless manipulators, Henry Kissinger (Comm 300), of whom much more will be revealed as our story progresses.


The pressure and propaganda for European Union reached new heights in May 1948, when the United European Movement held its Congress of Europe. The leading advocates of the Movement were Winston Churchill and his son-in-law, the British politician Duncan Sandys, and working behind the scenes to great effect were Jean Monnet and the creator of the Bilderberg Group, Joseph Retinger.


The Congress adopted seven Resolutions on the political union of Europe. One of them stated, “The creation of a United Europe must be regarded as an essential step towards the creation of a United World” [world government]. Monnet also headed the Committee for the United States of Europe, which had the same goal.20 The post-war American loans to Europe, known as the Marshall Plan or European Recovery Programme (ERP), were used both to provide funds for the European Union movement and to undermine the independence of sovereign states and increase the pressure for the central control of Europe.


This aid plan was supposed to be the work of General George C. Marshall, President Truman’s Secretary of State, but it is now known that the architects were Jean Monnet and the Council on Foreign Relations.21 In 1946-1947, a CFR study group was formed to report on the Reconstruction of Europe. The group was chaired by the lawyer, Charles M. Spofford, and the secretary was David Rockefeller (Comm 300), later to be head of the Chase Manhattan Bank, the chairman of the CFR, a leading influence in the Bilderberg Group, and creator of another front for the Elite, the Trilateral Commission.

Within little more than a year, this CFR ‘study group’ changed its name to the Marshall Plan and was sold as government policy. The man chosen to head the Marshall Plan in Europe was... Averell Harriman (Comm 300), who based himself at the Rothschild’s Paris Mansion, Hotel Talleyrand. The proposal was not given an easy ride and there were many congressmen who could see through the smokescreen.


The CFR therefore launched a propaganda offensive by Elite organizations to ensure that the policy was accepted. These included the CFR controlled business and trade union bodies and, of course, the CFR-controlled media. The policy of a United States of Europe was given sterling support from the CFR’s New York Times and Washington Post.

The Elite-contrived ‘Cold War’ would also be very useful, as indeed it would be on so many occasions in the decades that followed.


The need to make loans to Europe to overcome the threat of communism (which the Elite had created) was effectively used to win Congressional approval for the Marshall Plan. John J. McCloy (Comm 300), the chairman of the CFR for nearly twenty years, said that his period as US High Commissioner to Germany after the war had shown him how the use of the communist threat could get things done. “People sat up and listened when the Soviet threat was mentioned”,22 he said.


When the proposals secured approval, the Marshall Plan executive board included Allen W. Dulles, then president of the CFR; Philip Reed, the chairman of General Electric; the former secretaries of war, Henry L. Stimson and Robert P. Patterson; and the former undersecretary of state, Dean Acheson (Comm 300), a member of the CFR who was in the US delegation at the formation of the United Nations.


The first step in the creation of the European Community was the introduction of the European Coal and Steel Community, which started in July 1952, and merged the coal and steel industries of West Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg under one central control. It had the powers to decide prices, investment, raise money, and make decisions by majority voting. It was introduced under the name


The Schuman Plan (after the French socialist foreign minister and later prime minister, Robert Schuman), but once again the man behind it was Jean Monnet, then head of the French General Planning Commission.


The idea won gushing praise from CFR names like John Foster Dulles and Dean Acheson, and Monnet was awarded the Wateler Peace Prize of two million francs to recognise the “international spirit which he had shown in conceiving the Coal and Steel Community...”. Who made the award? The Carnegie Foundation!


Two admirers of Monnet, Merry and Serge Bromberger, set out the plan in their book, Jean Monnet And The United States Of Europe:

“Gradually, it was thought, the supranational authorities, supervised by the European Council of Ministers at Brussels and the Assembly in Strasbourg, would administer all the activities of the Continent. A day would come when governments would be forced to admit that an integrated Europe was an accomplished fact, without their having had a say in the establishment of its underlying principles.


All they would have to do was to merge all these autonomous institutions into a single federal administration and then proclaim a United States of Europe.”23

Monnet and his plotters tried to introduce a European army under their central command.


They called for disarmament by the nations and the creation of one army. The same is happening today on a global scale. The six members of the Coal and Steel Community signed a treaty to this effect in 1952, but it failed to materialize when the French Parliament refused to accept it. Still, on March 25th 1957, the six did sign the two Treaties of Rome to create the European Economic Community or Common Market, and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom).


The negotiations for the Treaties of Rome were controlled by Monnet with constant help from the CFR network in the United States. This was confirmed by Harvard lecturer, Ernst H. van der Beugel, an honorary secretary-general of the Elite’s Bilderberg Group and a member of the Trilateral Commission.


In his book, From Marshall Aid To Atlantic Partnership (foreword by his friend, Henry Kissinger), he says:

“Monnet and his action committee were unofficially supervising the negotiations and as soon as obstacles appeared, the United States diplomatic machinery was alerted, mostly through Ambassador Bruce...who had immediate access to the top echelon of the State Department...

“At that time, it was usual that if Monnet thought that a particular country made difficulties in the negotiations, the American diplomatic representative in that country approached the Foreign Ministry in order to communicate the opinion of the American Government which, in practically all cases, coincided with Monnet’s point of view.”24

Monnet = Global Elite.


The Single European Act, which brought down trade barriers across Europe from 1992, and the Maastricht Accords for European union are just more stepping-stones along the road to the United States of Europe under Elite control.


The stepping-stones approach is used daily to fool the public. The manipulators know that if we were asked to move from nation state sovereignty to world government in one leap, even the bewildered herd might ask what was going on and oppose it. So we are sold a series of intermediate stages which are promoted as isolated and unconnected events.


Once we have accepted one, the next is introduced until the final goal is reached by stealth. It is like putting someone in a bath of cold water and then heating it slowly until it boils. Only in the final stages does the victim realize what is happening and by then it may be too late.


Josef Stalin, the authoritarian dictator of the Soviet Union, explained this process in his book, Marxism And The National Question, published in 1942 when the Anglo-American-communist game plan was obviously well known to him.


He wrote:

“Divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to world government. Populations will more readily abandon their national loyalties to a vague regional loyalty than they will for a world authority. Later, the regionals can be brought all the way into a single world dictatorship.”25

Which is precisely what is happening. In 1984, the Soviet KGB defector, Anatoliy Golitsyn, warned that there would be a ‘false liberalization’ in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.


This would be welcomed by the West, he said, and it would lead to a merger of the European Community and the countries of the former Soviet Union. On the same weekend in December 1994, that Bill Clinton announced plans for the NAFTA free trade area to be expanded across the Americas to Argentina, the European heads of government revealed plans to allow countries of the former Soviet Union to join the European Union.


Events are now moving very quickly. In the first draft of this chapter, I wrote that the plan was to eventually merge the former Soviet Union into the United States of Europe and, before this book was finished, it had been officially announced.

Look at how far the confidence trick has travelled since the introduction of the European Economic Community, or Common Market. We were told we had to join or the British economy would collapse. Oh really? The current British deficit in European trade and membership contributions since we joined is closing in on £100 billion!26


Once the peoples of Europe had been tricked into believing that if they didn’t join they would all face disaster, the word economic was dropped from the title and it became the European Community (stepping-stone). Later there was another name change to the European Union (stepping-stone). We have also had the move towards the centralization of political power in the community and the erosion of national decision-making (stepping-stone).


This was followed by the pressure for a European Central Bank and one European currency (stepping-stone). And the concept of Europe with centralised control administered by a European Central Bank, one currency, regional administration and common labour, transport and industrial policies, is exactly what Hitler and the Nazis planned for Europe.


They even called their plan the European Economic Community (Europaische Wirtschaft = gemeinschaft).27 In his 1966 book, Tragedy And Hope, Elite ‘insider’ Carroll Quigley explained how the process of European integration on all levels was to be achieved in stages; Richard N. Gardner (Comm 300) of the CFR was later to say how the plan was to “erode it [sovereignty] piece by piece”.28


On November 9th 1988, the European leaders gathered at the Pantheon in Paris to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Jean Monnet, the man called ‘the father of Europe’. But what was there to celebrate about Monnet’s creation? It has kept the peace in Europe since 1945? No, no.


The Elite has allowed that to happen so European integration could take place. Without the manipulators there would have been no pan-European wars in this century, anyway. Monnet created a monster which is in the process of devouring freedom.


The integration of Europe is another major vehicle for the New World Order.



The Bilderberg Group (BIL) 29

The creation of the European Community and the Bilderberg Group are linked by one man in particular, the Polish socialist, Joseph Retinger, a founder of the European Movement and fellow conspirator with Jean Monnet.


It was Retinger and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who suggested regular meetings of European foreign ministers.


Out of these meetings came the customs union known as the Benelux Countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg), a forerunner to the European Community. Appropriately, it was in a speech at Chatham House to the Royal Institute of International Affairs that Retinger set out his vision of a Europe in which countries would ‘relinquish part of their sovereignty’.30


In London he met Averell Harriman, then US Ambassador to England. Harriman arranged for him to visit the United States to gather support for the Independent League for Economic Cooperation, also known sometimes as the Economic League for European Cooperation, which Retinger was organizing.


In America, Retinger (in his own words) enjoyed widespread approval for his plans from Russel C. Leffingwell, senior partner in the J.P. Morgan bank and official of the CFR; David Rockefeller, the CFR chairman from 1946-53; Nelson Rockefeller (CFR); Sir William Wiseman (Comm 300), partner in Kuhn, Loeb, the Rothschild company; George Franklin, the CFR executive director from 1953-71 and an ‘in law’ to the Rockefeller family; John Foster Dulles, and many other familiar characters.31


By this time, Retinger had already formed the American Committee on a United Europe with Allen Dulles, the first head of the CIA, and William Donovan, the head of the CIAs predecessor, the OSS.32


From these and other discussions came the idea of a grouping of leading politicians, political advisors, media owners and executives, multinational company and banking executives, military leaders, and educationalists, who would meet to decide the future of the world. It would become known as the Bilderberg Group, named after the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands, where the first meeting took place from May 29th to 31st 1954.


At the heart of the Bilderberg Group’s formation were the Rothschilds and people like Retinger, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Paul Rykens (the chairman of the soap and food giant, Unilever), and that man again, Averell Harriman.


The influence of Harriman on this century can hardly be overstated, although most people will never have even heard of him. It was Harriman who arranged the lend-lease supplies to Britain and the Soviet Union; was the leading administrator of the Marshall Plan in Europe (which directed the policies of recipient countries); introduced the defence budget procedures with Jean Monnet and the British civil servant, Edwin Plowden, for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) which are still used today; headed the Mutual Security Administration which rearmed Europe during the Cold War. This was the man whose family businesses supported the emergence of Adolph Hitler and the eugenics movement.

Prince Bernhard, the former German SS officer, German spy via the I.G. Farben Company,33 and later a major shareholder with Lord Victor Rothschild in Shell Oil, went to America to arrange the US membership of the Bilderberg Group. Prince Bernhard was born in 1911 as the German Prince of Lupp-Biesterfeld and later worked for I.G. Farben’s ‘NW7’ intelligence department. He married Princess Juliana (Comm 300) of the Netherlands in 1937.


They were exiled to London after the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands and this ‘former’ German intelligence operative worked as a top military liaison with allied forces.34 The man who persuaded Bernhard to be the frontman for the Bilderbergers was that arch manipulator... Lord Victor Rothschild.


The annual meeting of the Anglo-European-American Elite known as the Bilderberg Group was to become a key component in the Elite network which forms the secret government of the world today.


Among those who attended that first meeting at the Bilderberg Hotel in 1954 were David Rockefeller (CFR); Dean Rusk (CFR, TC, Rhodes Scholar), the head of the Rockefeller Foundation and Secretary of State under John F. Kennedy; Joseph E. Johnson (CFR), head of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the US Secretary of the Bilderbergers; Denis Healey (TC, RIIA, Comm 300), the British Labour Party Minister of Defence from 1964-1970 and Chancellor of the Exchequer 1974-1979; Hugh Gaitskell, the future leader of the British Labour Party before his death in the early 60s; and Lord Boothby, who worked with Winston Churchill on the unification of Europe.35


Denis Healey has attended more Bilderberg meetings since 1954 than any other United Kingdom politician. He also became chairman of another Elite creation, the International Monetary Fund Interim Committee, and he was given a grant by the Ford Foundation36 to launch the Elite’s Institute of Strategic Studies, which began operating in London in 1958.37


For 12 years, Healey, a leading member of the Fabian Society, served on the council of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and became a member of the Rockefellers’ Trilateral Commission in 1979.

The Bilderberg Group consists of a small core elite, known as the Steering Committee. This is unelected and was headed by Prince Bernhard, a close friend of the British Royal Family. He remained chairman until he resigned in 1976 when he was implicated in the Lockheed bribery scandal. Lord Home (Comm 300), the former British Prime Minister, took over as chairman and since 1991 that post has been held by Lord Carrington.


He is an extremely close associate of Henry Kissinger. Carrington is a former British cabinet minister, secretary general of NATO, member of the Committee of 300, and current President of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


Peter Rupert Carrington comes from a family which made its money from banking. Carrington was on the board of Hambros Bank (Comm 300 designate) which has been linked with the Michel Sindona financial scandal in Italy. This was, in turn, connected with the infamous P2 Freemasonry Lodge which blew Italian politics apart.


Among Lord Carrington’s other business interests have been directorships at Rio Tinto Zinc, Barclay’s Bank, Cadbury Schweppes, Amalgamated Metal, British Metal, Christies (the auctioneers), and the chairmanship of the Australian New Zealand Bank. In his book, The English Rothschilds, Richard Davis reports that Lionel Rothschild was a frequent visitor to the Carrington’s home in Whitehall.


The two families are related by the marriage of the fifth Earl Rosebery to Hannah Rothschild, daughter of Mayer, in 1878. During the ceremony, she was given away, as the British say, by Prime Minister Disraeli. The Bilderberg Elite, like Carrington and those on the steering committee, coordinate the regular attenders of Bilderberg meetings (who know the real game plan) and those invited on a rare or one-time basis (who may not know the true agenda of the organisation, but can be fed the party line that world institutions are the way to peace and prosperity).


The Elite are also very efficient manipulators of the ego and many politicians feel themselves to have ‘arrived’ on the international stage if they are invited to attend.


The Bilderberg Group meets once a year and always in the strictest secrecy. The hotels are cleared of everyone except the Bilderbergers and hotel staff. The meetings discuss the strategy required over the following twelve months to further the goals of the New World Order, and it cooperates with associated organizations. Not a word of the discussions is allowed to be reported in the mainstream press.


This, despite the attendance of major media figures like Katharine Graham (Bil, CFR, TC), the present owner of the Washington Post, and Conrad Black (Bil, TC), the owner of the Hollinger Group which controls the London Daily Telegraph, the Jerusalem Post, the Spectator, and scores of other media organizations around the world. Graham is also co-chairman (with Arthur Ochs Sulzberger of the New York Times) in the jointly-produced International Herald Tribune, another propaganda sheet for the Global Elite.


Graham is further connected with Newsweek magazine and the news agency, Associated Press (AP), which feeds information to countless media outlets around the world; not information about the Bilderberg Group, however, or the CFR or Trilateral Commission.

Three board members of Black’s Hollinger empire, and/or the Daily Telegraph, are Henry Kissinger, Lord Carrington, and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. Black has served on the Bilderberg Steering Committee. His Hollinger Group has an interesting history. It was formerly known as the Argus Corporation which evolved from a company set up by the elite British intelligence unit of World War II, the Special Operations Executive, thanks to the leading economic warfare expert, Edward Plunket Taylor.


He was a business partner of George Montegu Black, Conrad’s father. Both were involved in brewing in Canada and their rise paralleled that of the Bronfmans, the family of a Canadian gangster of the prohibition period. Today the Bronfmans are closely connected with that notorious Elite organization, the Anti-Defamation League.


In 1940, Edward Plunket Taylor was personally appointed by Winston Churchill to the Special Operations Executive.


His cover was to chair a private company called War Supplies Ltd, which was created by the SOE. Taylor and George Montegu Black made a vast fortune through this company and it continued after the war as the Argus Corporation, now the Hollinger Group. Taylor left in 1970 to draft the banking laws for the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas which, as a result, became “offshore” havens for dodgy money.


Under Conrad Black’s stewardship, a stream of Bilderbergers and other names mentioned in this book have been appointed to the board of Telegraph newspapers and the Hollinger Group. Great to know we have a free press, eh?

Another member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee is Andrew Knight, the former executive on the Economist, Black’s Daily Telegraph, and later the executive chairman of Rupert Murdoch’s News International which, in Britain, owns the Sun, Today, the News of the World, the Times and Sunday Times. Knight is still on the board of that organisation.


Since 1982, he has been part of the Council of Management of the Ditchley Foundation, based at Ditchley Park, near Oxford, in a castle built for the Earl of Lichfield in the sixteenth century.


The Ditchley Foundation was given the property by Ronald and Marietta Tree. Ronald was a former high flyer in British Intelligence.38 The steering committee of the Bilderberg Group often holds its monthly meetings at the castle. The Ditchley Foundation is a New World Order front organization which works closely with the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations in London, which a number of researchers and published works have claimed is a centre for the study of mass mind manipulation.


Several of the names mentioned in this book are connected with Ditchley including Christopher (Lord) Tugendhat, the chairman of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


The American branch of the Ditchley Foundation is run by Cyrus Vance (CFR, TC, Bil, Comm 300), secretary of state under Carter and a director of the Rockefeller Foundation. The number of journalists and media executives in the Bilderberg Group and in other strands in the network is very substantial, but try finding a word about these meetings in the mainstream media. Behind the Bilderbergers are the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.


Today Henry Kissinger is a major manipulator, albeit as a puppet of those who really control him.


Kissinger is an elite member of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations, and he is connected with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Rockefeller/Rothschild Chase Manhattan Bank, and the Rockefeller Foundation. He also runs his own organization, Kissinger Associates, among whose founding directors you will find...


Lord Carrington! Kissinger and Carrington have close connections with Lord Roll of Ipsden, another Bilderberger, Trilateralist, member of the Committee of 300, and board member of Kissinger Associates. Lord Roll (formerly Sir Eric Roll) was the president of the merchant bank, S.G. Warburg. Another close friend of Kissinger in England was British Intelligence operative and spy, Lord Victor Rothschild.

The Spotlight newspaper in Washington (which seeks to publish material that the mainstream media will not report) is constantly seeking to infiltrate Bilderberg meetings. It had a good year in 1991 when it obtained the guest list of the meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany. Among the names were David Rockefeller and a stream of US administrators, politicians, and company heads.


Bill Clinton was there, then as governor for Arkansas, but he was soon to be President of the United States.


Clinton is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, two of many things this Democrat shares with his predecessor in the White House, the Republican, George Bush. Conrad Black was there, as always, and so was another elite Bilderberger, the longtime head of Fiat, Giovanni Agnelli (Comm 300).


He is the richest and most powerful figure in Italian society with interests in banking, insurance, chemicals, textiles, armaments and publishing, reputed to be worth $60 billion. His publishing empire includes two of the three leading newspapers in Italy, La Stampa and Corriere dela Sera. I bet they don’t mention that their owner is a leading voice in the Bilderberg Group. Henry Kissinger described him as “one of the people in this world I like the most”.39


European royalty was represented by two regular attenders, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (Comm 300), the daughter of Prince Bernhard, and Queen Sophia of Spain.


The British delegation included John Smith,40 the late leader of the Labour Party, who was also a Trilateralist; Gordon Brown, the shadow Labour Chancellor; Andrew Knight; Lord Roll of Ipsden; Lawrence Freedman, the head of the Department of War Studies at Kings College; Christopher Hogg, the chairman of Courtaulds; and Patrick Wright, the Permanent Undersecretary of State and head of the Diplomatic Service.


Manfred Worner, the late secretary general of NATO, was there and so was John R. Galvin, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe at SHAPE headquarters. Galvin has been an advocate of NATO operations outside its official sphere of influence. The secretary general of NATO is a Bilderberg appointment. Most, if not all, of them have been Bilderbergers.


In more recent times, the Bilderberger Joseph Luns, was replaced by Lord Carrington, who was followed by Manfred Worner, and after his death in 1994, he was replaced by another regular Bilderberger, Willy Claes, the Belgian Foreign Minister (who has since been questioned by Belgian police investigating corruption).


The latest head of NATO, the Spaniard, Javier Solana (Bil), has been constantly pressing the Bilderberg Group agenda for a European army, the expansion of NATO into the former Soviet Union, and for NATO to operate outside its designated area.


According to The Spotlight, the introduction of the world army was high on the agenda in Baden-Baden, with Henry Kissinger saying in one of his Bilderberg forums:

“A UN army must be able to act immediately, anywhere in the world, without delays involved in each country making its own decisions based on parochial considerations.”41

And, of course, Henry, if there just happened to be lots of conflicts in which UN Peacekeeping Forces were exposed as inadequate and ineffective as in Bosnia, Rwanda, etc, the public outcry could be met with:

“Well, if you will just agree to give the UN Forces more powers, they could respond quicker and be as effective as you want them to be”.

Problem-reaction-solution. Kissinger also said he was delighted with the way George Bush was able to declare war on Iraq by going direct to the United Nations when under the US Constitution, only Congress was allowed to declare war.


If Americans could be persuaded to surrender warmaking decisions to the UN and let their young men die wearing a UN uniform, fighting under a UN flag, ‘parochial nationalism’ in Britain, France, and elsewhere would disappear, Bilderberg speakers said, according to Spotlight informants. Bill Clinton has pressed for just such a policy in Bosnia and we will see further efforts to do this with other UN operations.

The same old names which keep coming up everywhere attended the June 1994 Bilderberg meeting in Finland. Among the invited high and mighty was Peter D. Sutherland (TC, Comm 300), the Director General of GATT, the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade, which is an Elite front to bring down trade barriers and put all countries at the mercy of the Elite-controlled world economic system.


Sutherland was a perfect choice for the job as a former member of the Commission of the European Community. He was a Bilderberger before he became head of world trade. His successor as the top man at the World Trade Organization, the Italian, Renato Ruggiero, is also a Bilderberger.


Another regular Bilderberger, the Netherlands Prime Minister, Ruud Lubbers, was also there in Finland, along with bankers like J. Martin Taylor, the chief executive of Barclays Bank. Two other names of significance to British voters are Tony Blair (Labour) and Kenneth Clarke (Conservative). They attended the 1993 Bilderberg meeting in Vouliagment, Greece, where David Owen (TC) spoke about Yugoslavia and the future of Europe.


Tony Blair, then the opposition home affairs spokesman, went on to become Labour leader and prime minister, while Kenneth Clarke would become the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Both support a federal Europe.

In June 1995, the Bilderberg Group met at three exclusive hotels, The Grand, The Park, and The Palace, on a mountainside at Burgenstock in Switzerland. It was a rare occasion when they met in the same place twice. Coincidentally, I was on holiday in Switzerland when the Bilderbergers gathered and I was told of the meeting by Spotlight newspaper only a few days before I arrived.


I went to Burgenstock before the meeting and again on their final day of discussions. What a difference the second time!

The roads and paths to the hotels were blocked by Swiss police and the military manned lookout posts across the mountain. All this for a private meeting of an organization that operates outside the ‘democratic’ process.

I asked a policeman at a road block what was going on. All he could reply was “top secret, top secret”. He knew no more than that. It was a bizarre situation. I could have told the policeman what he was guarding, but he didn’t know! It illustrated brilliantly the way the global pyramid operates. The policeman appeared to be a very nice man. No doubt he had children and grandchildren and he had no desire to leave them a global fascist state.


But there he was on a Swiss mountainside playing his part, unknowingly, in shielding from the public glare, the very people who are plotting to create just such a world dictatorship.



The European-Atlantic Group (EAG) and The Atlantic Council (AC)

In 1954, the year the Bilderberg Group was founded, another organisation came into being, the European-Atlantic Group. Its headquarters are at 6 Gertrude Street, Chelsea, London.


The group was formed by the late Lord Layton, who was then Vice-President of the Council of Europe and it brings together members of parliament from all parties, industrialists, bankers, economists, and journalists (sound familiar?) to promote closer relations between the,

“European and Atlantic countries by providing a regular forum in Britain for informed discussion of their problems and possibilities for better economic and political cooperation with each other and with the rest of the world”.42

This means, to use its own words, connecting with international organisations, including The Council of Europe, NATO, OECD, the Western European Union, the European Union, the European Free Trade Association, the GATT global ‘free’ trade organisation, and the Economic Commission for Europe.


And, it might add, any organisation which desires a world government or can be used to that end. Its hierarchy is dominated by the House of Lords and includes a representative of the American New World Order front, the Council on Foreign Relations.


Among the vice-presidents on the list I have from the 1990s are:

Lord Carrington, chairman of the Bilderberg Group; Lord Chalfont, chairman of the House of Lords Defence Committee; Graham Dowson, joint president of the European League for European Cooperation; Douglas Fairbanks, the Council on Foreign Relations; Lord Gladwyn, president of the European Movement; Robert Maxwell (deceased), embezzler, Mossad agent, and publisher of the Daily Mirror newspaper; Sir David Nicholson, chairman of the European Movement; Derek Prag, chairman of the London Europe Society; Lord Pym, who took over as foreign secretary from Lord Carrington at the time of the Falklands War; and Lord Shawcross.

The Atlantic Council (formerly the British Atlantic Council) is a similar organization, even down to many of the personnel. Its vice-presidents include:

Lord Carrington; Lord Gladwyn; Lord Pym; Lord Shawcross; the Earl of Bessborough, a past president of the European-Atlantic Group; Lord Home, former Conservative prime minister, and past chairman of the Bilderberg Group; Edward Heath, former Conservative prime minister, Bilderberger, Trilateralist, and obsessively in favour of European union; Denis Healey; William Rogers, Bilderberger, former Labour minister, and one of the ‘gang of four’ who formed the breakaway Social Democratic Party, now the Liberal Democrats.

If the Royal Institute of International Affairs were not so shy about its membership list, you would find many names active within these two organisations involved at the RIIA also, I’m sure. The European Atlantic Group and the Atlantic Council are both part of the New World Order network.



The Trilateral Commission 43

The next element of the secret government network was unveiled in 1972-1973 by David Rockefeller (Comm 300), the head of the Chase Manhattan Bank, leading Bilderberger, and leading manipulator of the Council on Foreign Relations, of which he was the long-time chairman.


David Rockefeller is one of the most high profile, and most obvious, New World Order manipulators on the planet, although he is really a puppet of those above him in the pyramid. He created the Trilateral Commission which, as its name suggests, is made up of three groupings - the United States, Europe, and Japan.


Rockefeller was partly inspired to do this by Zbigniew Brzezinski (TC, CFR, Bil), a professor at the Elite-controlled Columbia University. Brzezinski had also been researching the need for US-Europe-Japan cooperation at the Elite-controlled ‘think tank’, the Brookings Institute in Washington.

Brzezinski wrote a book called Between Two Ages: America’s Role In The Technetronic Era, in which he described a new society,

“...that is shaped culturally, psychologically, socially, and economically by the impact of technology and electronics - particularly in the area of computers and communication”.44

He said in the book that,

“national sovereignty is no longer a viable concept” and suggested the movement, in stages, “toward a larger community of the developed nations... through a variety of indirect ties and already developing limitations on national sovereignty”.

In 1990, he wrote in the Elite’s mouthpiece, the New York Times, that Europe should follow a policy,

“founded upon the grand concept of a trans-European commonwealth with the European Community at its core, but embracing Central Europe and being open also to eventual association with the Soviet Union”.

You can see where this guy is coming from.


David Rockefeller was so impressed with Brzezinski that he made him director of the Trilateral Commission, which recruited members from all areas of influence and power in the United States, Europe and Japan. Many of those recruited were already members of the Council on Foreign Relations; some were Bilderbergers, too, and others, like Henry Kissinger, were linked to all of them and the Royal Institute of International Affairs as well.


Among the seventeen people who met at the Rockefellers’ estate (Pocantico Hills in Tarrytown, New York) to plan the Trilateral Commission on July 23rd and 24th 1972, were C. Fred Bergsten (CFR, Bil), Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute and a former Assistant for International Economic Affairs to Henry Kissinger; and McGeorge Bundy (CFR, Bil), the President of the Ford Foundation and head of the National Security Council under both John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.


The early funding for the Trilateral Commission came from David Rockefeller, the Ford Foundation, the Kettering Foundation, the Lilly Endowment, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Thyssen Foundation, with smaller amounts donated by organisations like General Motors, Exxon, Coca Cola, Time magazine, CBS, and the Wells Fargo Bank.45 The Commission made its headquarters at 345 East 46th Street, New York. One of the first ambitions for David Rockefeller and his Trilateral Commission was to put a commission member in the White House as President of the United States as soon as possible.


He achieved this at the next election when Jimmy Carter, the Democrat peanut farmer from Georgia, beat Gerald Ford.


Carter was selected for president by Rockefeller and Brzezinski and the whole Elite network of money, media, and dirty tricks were used to ensure he was elected. Carter was another puppet president controlled by the Elite.


His speeches in his election campaign were written by Brzezinski and none could have been more insulting to the truth than his acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination. In the world of politics you don’t tell people what you stand for; you tell them what they want you to stand for.


When you look at Carter’s background, what greater example of this could there be than when he spoke of:

“...a political and economic elite who have shaped decisions and never had to account for mistakes nor to suffer from injustice. When unemployment prevails, they never stand in line looking for a job. When deprivation results from a confused welfare system, they never do without food or clothing, or a place to sleep. When the public schools are inferior or torn by strife their children go to exclusive private schools. And when the bureaucracy is bloated and confused, the powerful always manage to discover and occupy niches of special influence and privilege.”46

Sure, Jimmy, sure.


He might have added at the end.. .”And quite right, too”.


Carter’s administration was awash with Trilateral Commission members. Among its ranks were:

Walter Mondale, the vice president; Cyrus Vance, the secretary of state; Warren Christopher, the deputy secretary of state; Harold Brown (CFR), secretary for defense; W. Michael Blumenthal (CFR), secretary of the treasury; C. Fred Bergsten (CFR, Bil), assistant secretary of the treasury for international affairs; Henry Owen (CFR), the ambassador-at-large and the president’s special representative for economic summits; Paul C. Warnke (CFR), chief disarmament negotiator; Andrew Young (CFR), ambassador to the United Nations, Paul A. Volcker (CFR, Bil), chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and...Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR, Bil), Carter’s national security advisor.

This was the Trilateral Administration. It became a standing joke among insiders that whenever Carter was faced with a decision or document involving foreign policy, he would say “Clear it with Brzezinski” or “Has Brzezinski seen this?”47


Paul Volcker was made head of the Federal Reserve by Carter on the instructions of David Rockefeller. It is one of the most influential posts in the Elite network, with its power to control the American economy. Volcker became the North American chairman of the Trilateral Commission and was both a Bilderberger and member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


He remained chairman of the ‘Fed’ until he was replaced during the Reagan administration by the present incumbent, Alan Greenspan, who is also a member of the TC, CFR, and Bilderberg Group. Just a coincidence, naturally. The Trilateral Commission’s influence became worldwide with its membership across the American, European and Japanese elites.


Ireland was well represented on the executive committee of the TC in Europe through both Prime Minister Garret Fitzgerald (Bil) and the then little known Mary Robinson, who would go on to be the first woman President of Ireland.


After I had spoken about these matters in a meeting at Totnes in South West England, a lady in the audience sought me out.

“That’s the first time I have heard anyone talk about this since my husband (who worked for the South African government) showed me a document which said that the Trilateral Commission had ordered Britain to pull out of Rhodesia”, she said.

The lady, like most people in the world, had never heard of the Trilateral Commission at the time she saw the document.


Who was the British Foreign Secretary at that time, I thought, during the administration of Margaret Thatcher (Bil), when Britain left Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe? It was.. .Lord Carrington, Bilderberger and member of the Trilateral Commission. He was continuing a policy put into motion by the previous Labour government of Jim Callaghan (Bil), now a president, along with Lord Carrington and Lord Jenkins (TC, Bil), of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


And who was Callaghan’s foreign secretary?


David Owen, a soon-to-be member of the Trilateral Commission who worked closely with Andrew Young, Jimmy Carter’s ambassador at the United Nations, and member of the Trilateral Commission. I remembered also that when the European Community sent an ‘ambassador’ to negotiate ‘peace’ in Bosnia, they chose...Lord Carrington. When he ‘failed’, they sent... David Owen. Later an ‘independent’ peace negotiator arrived on the scene from America - Jimmy Carter. And, I thought, who was foreign secretary when the policies were decided that led to the Falklands War between Britain and Argentina in 1982? Lord Carrington.


He resigned over what happened and was rewarded with the job of secretary general of NATO! Also deeply involved in the negotiations over Rhodesia and the transition from white dictatorship to dictatorship by Robert Mugabe, was Lord Soames, a director of N.M. Rothschild until 1979.


I’m sure that all these coincidences must have an innocent explanation. Its just that I can’t think of one.



The Club of Rome and the Environmental Movement

The Club of Rome was launched publicly in 1968 by the Italian Freemason, Aurelio Peccei (Comm 300), who once said to his friend, the former US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig (TC), that he felt like Adam Weishaupt reincarnated.48


Weishaupt was the man behind the modern Illuminati. Peccei was the chief executive of the Fiat Motor Company under its president and prominent Bilderberger, Giovanni Agnelli (Comm 300). The Club of Rome was created by meetings at the Rockefeller family’s private estate at Bellagio in Italy.49


It was, and is, the Club of Rome’s role to issue propaganda about the environmental crisis and use this to justify the centralization of power (problem-reaction-solution) and the suppression of industrial development in both the West and the so called Third World. It is also another ‘justification’ for population control (eugenics).


Peccei was a passionate advocate of world government and his Club of Rome has produced plans for restructuring the world into five regions under the control of a central world authority. It has issued many ‘reports’, including Limits To Growth in 1972, sponsored by the Rockefellers. It was distributed as a 197-page paperback published in 18 editions and 23 languages.


Limits To Growth has been widely quoted by the environmental movement to support their arguments, but they should consider the fact that anything that comes out of the Club of Rome is part of an Elite plan to direct human thinking and persuade people to accept the goals of the New World Order. So is the Club’s “spiritual/arts” offshoot, the Club of Budapest, headed by Ervin Laszio, an associate of Aurelio Peccei.


They might consider, too, the fact that Peccei later admitted that the computer used to produce their data and justification had been preprogrammed to produce the desired result. He said thishad been done because nations required ‘shock treatment’ if they were to accept population control.50


The acclaimed economist, Gunnar Myrdal, said of the Club of Rome methods:

“The use of mathematical equations and a huge computer, which registers the alternatives of abstractly conceived policies by a ‘world simulation model’, may impress the innocent general public but has little, if any, scientific validity. That this ‘sort of model is actually a new tool for mankind’ is unfortunately not true. It represents quasi learnedness of a type that we have, for a long time, had too much of...”51

It was under the influence and guidance of the Club of Rome and its ‘data’ that another report was produced which has had a fundamental effect on the acceleration of ‘environmentalism’.


This was a study ordered by the Trilateral Commission-controlled Carter administration. On July 24th 1980, in the last months of the Carter presidency, his secretary of state, Edmund Muskie (TC, CFR), presented the Global 2000 report to the President. It painted a global picture of overpopulation, resource and food shortages, and environmental dangers which, it estimated, would cause the deaths of at least 170 million people up to the year 2000.


This was followed six months later by another report, Global Future: A Time To Act, the work of the White House Council on Environmental Quality. This called for a series of measures to respond to the crisis set out in Global 2000 and at the top of the list of responses was... population control through sterilization and other means. Both reports called for, in effect, the restriction of scientific development and technological transfer to developing countries and soon these policies were being lauded around the world.


Cyrus Vance (TC, CFR, Bil, Comm 300), Carter’s secretary of state before Muskie, chaired the Committee for the Year 2000 for this purpose.


Vance was the man who instigated both Global 2000 and Global Future during his tenure at Carter’s State Department. In his first official speech at the United Nations in 1977, Vance rejected calls from developing countries for changes to the International Monetary Fund and the unfairness of the economic system, and instead he suggested a “ world order based on environmentalism”.


I would have more confidence in the problems and solutions presented by the Club of Rome and these two US reports if the people behind them were not the very same politicians, bankers, industrialists, and academics who support and promote the policies of the Elite-controlled International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bank of International Settlements, and World Bank, which in turn, are responsible for the death, starvation, and suffering of billions of people across the planet.


One of the architects of the Global 2000 Report was Robert McNamara (TC, CFR, Bil), a former president of the World Bank, the policies of which have wreaked environmental and human genocide in the Third World!


I would have more confidence if these ‘environmental messiahs’ were not the same people who suppress the introduction of known technologies, such as free energy technology,52 which could in a few years replace today’s fossil-fuel-burning environmental carnage.


I differ from those who say there is no environmental crisis and that the whole thing is a propaganda creation. I think we are inflicting appalling wounds to Planet Earth and if we go on as we are there will be serious consequences, indeed there already are. What I feel, however, is that these wounds are being knowingly inflicted by the Elite, and no doubt in certain areas, exaggerated for propaganda purposes to create yet another global problem-reaction-solution scenario.

If those behind all this really cared about the environment and the lives of those who suffer so terribly from the present system, they would be releasing the suppressed technologies which would dramatically reduce the damage which is being wreaked upon the Earth. Reports like Global 2000, Global Future, and those produced by the Elite/Club of Rome, base their findings on what they call ‘current trends’.


But what are ‘current trends’? They are only the result of the current policies of the Elite manipulators. Change the policies and you change both the ‘trends’ and the recommendations on how to react to the ‘trends’.


The rape of the Third World environment creates dependency by billions of people on the Elite controlled economic system, as their ability to live sustainably without outside ‘support’ is destroyed. Environmental damage is therefore terrible for the mass of humanity, but an excellent tool for the Elite’s ambitions. Change these policies and change the ‘trends’ (environmentally-created dependency) and you make irrelevant the ‘solutions’ suggested in Club of Rome reports.


But funnily enough, such reports never call for an end to Elite policies, because these publications are part of them.


Most environmentalists are genuinely campaigning for what they believe to be right, but there are some who are knowingly working to the New World Order agenda and I must say I am less than convinced when I hear people like Al Gore (CFR), the vice president to Bill Clinton (TC, CFR, Bil), being presented as an ‘environmentalist’.


I would take his concern for the environment and humanity a little more seriously if he had not been one of the Democrats who voted with George Bush’s Republicans in favor of the war in the Gulf in 1991, and had his environmental policies not come straight off the pages of Club of Rome and Global 2000 reports. I was an environmental campaigner throughout the 1980s and became a national spokesman for the British Green Party, so I can see how many of the responses of the environmental movement resulted from the Club of Rome, Global 2000, approach to both problems and solutions.


I am still an environmental campaigner, but now from a much, much, wider perspective and I can appreciate how the ‘green movement’ is being manipulated to promote the New World Order. When, for instance, the green movement presents wind power and wave power as alternative forms of energy to fossil fuels, this so lacks credibility that there appears to be no choice but to continue to exploit the planet and create pollution.


This is helping to obscure the fact that free energy technology exists. I can also see today how the pressure for population control is, and always has been, promoted by the Elite to justify a policy of eugenics.

The theme of these various environmental reports is that economic growth must end, something with which much of the environmental movement would agree. So would I, in fact. As with everything, I feel, we need to look at the shades of grey if we are to find the truth of any situation. On one side you have the environmentalists who challenge growth and on the other you have some of those who are investigating the New World Order conspiracy, who say the environmental problems are all a hoax. I see the truth in the middle somewhere.


Yes, there are environmental problems, but the questions we need to ask are these: Have the environmental problems been created deliberately, largely to produce a situation of problem-reaction-solution? And are at least aspects of the ‘environmental crisis’ being deliberately emphasized and exaggerated to quicken the problem-reaction-solution response by the public? I believe the answer to both questions is yes.


We can look in the same way at economic growth. Some say it has to stop, some say there are no limits to growth. But what is growth? It is merely the measurement of the amount of money that is spent for goods and services in any year.


This figure - what we call Gross National Product (GNP) or Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Therefore ‘growth’ is the sum total of all the positive and negative events in the world every year that involve money being spent, that’s all. The money spent on improving the quality of people’s lives and that spent on wars, road accidents, and responding to oil tanker catastrophes are all measured exactly the same by this system, because all are adding to the economic tally - GDP.


This is plainly farcical.


What we call growth tells us nothing, except how absurd our economic indicators are. When we speak of an end to growth or we say there are no limits to growth, we have to ask “What kind of growth? And the growth of what?”


Of course there are limits to growth if you are talking about the constant expansion of what we take from the planet and throw at her in pollution. But, when the true understanding of physics and technology is revealed and introduced in our everyday lives, we will see that this suppressed knowledge can give us the warmth and power we need for a comfortable life for all the peoples of the world without dismantling the planet.


Under this system, the growth in take-make-and-throwaway and mine-burn-pollute can slow down and end, while - at the same time - everyone in the world has a better, not a more primitive standard of life. The end to growth in take-make-and throwaway and the expansion of better living conditions for all are not a contradiction.


They are made possible by ending the suppression of scientific knowledge that will solve the environmental and human ‘problems’ which have been engineered to control us. What is clear is that the use of environmentalism to justify centralized control continues apace. Working to this end alongside the Club of Rome is the United Nations.


In February 1972, an advertisement sponsored by the Rockefeller/CFR-controlled World Association of World Federalists 53 appeared in The Humanist, the magazine of the American Humanist (this-world-is-all-there-is) Association.


Note the use of words like problem and solution. It said:

“World Federalists believe that the environmental crisis facing Planet Earth is a global problem and therefore calls for a ‘global’ solution - a worldwide United Nations Environmental Agency with the power to make decisions stick. WAWF has submitted a proposal for just such an agency to be considered at the 1972 UN Environmental Conference to be held in Stockholm.”

The timing is interesting here.


1972 was the year of the publication of the Club of Rome’s Limits To Growth report. The troops were being gathered for the battle. It was a battle to persuade the public that there was a global environmental problem in need of a global - centralized - solution. The momentum generated from that UN Environmental Conference led to just such an Environmental Agency, the UN Environment Program (UNEP).


The first executive director was a Canadian, Maurice Strong (Comm 300), a millionaire oilman and former trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation. He had been the secretary-general of the Stockholm conference and is a major voice in the Club of Rome.


Strong and David Rockefeller wrote the foreword for a Trilateral Commission book, Beyond Interdependence: The Meshing Of The World’s Economy And The Earth’s Ecology.54 Among the co-authors was Strong’s friend and fellow Canadian, Jim MacNeill, who had advised him at Stockholm. They were also both members of the World Commission on Environment and Development and MacNeill, as secretary general of that organization, played a leading role in writing the report called Our Common Future, another tome constantly quoted by the environmental movement.


It is also known as The Brundtland Report, after the prime minister of Norway, Gro Harlam Brundtland, who put her name to it. She is an enthusiastic supporter of the European Union and population control measures. Her husband, Arne Olav Brundtland, is a Bilderberger.

In 1992 came the much-heralded United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which brought together the heads of world governments and the best known environmentalists, such as Britain’s Jonathan Porritt, the former head of UK Friends of the Earth and now advisor to Prince Charles. The secretary general of the Rio Summit was, well I never,... Maurice Strong, David Rockefeller’s green friend. Strong was advised by Rockefeller’s other green buddy... Jim MacNeill.


Beyond Interdependence, the Trilateral Commission’s environmental offering, was published in preparation for Rio, as was Global Economics And The Environment by the Council on Foreign Relations.


The theme was.. .centralization of control to protect the world. Maurice Strong is President of the World Federation of United Nations Associations, co-chairman of the World Economic Forum, and a member of the Club of Rome, among countless other bodies steeped in the New World Order. Strong is using the environment to justify centralization of power.


Another well-known green face behind the Rio Summit was Lester R. Brown, the ‘anti-establishment’ head of the Worldwatch Institute in Washington.


His dislike for the establishment does not, however, prevent him being a member of the CFR. His Institute publishes the annual State Of The World reports detailing the demise of the global environment.


The 1989 version on my own bookshelf tells me that:

“The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Winthrop Rockefeller Trust, and the George Gund Foundation supply the backbone of financial support for the State of the World series”.

I can’t claim to have been surprised.


In his State Of The World 1991, Brown said:

“...the battle to save the planet will replace the battle over ideology as the organizating theme of the new world order...[with] the end of the ideological conflict that dominated a generation of international affairs, a new world order, shaped by a new agenda, will emerge.”55

There had obviously been a mobilization by the Elite to speak with the same voice and also to use those environmentalists - by no means all - who don’t know they are being manipulated.


David Rockefeller (Comm 300), Henry Kissinger (Comm 300), Francois Mitterand (Comm 300), Willy Brandt (Comm 300), Mikhail Gorbachev, and so many more all parroted the party line on the environment, which, put succinctly, was global crisis = global solution.


Gorbachev, well-schooled by his friends Rockefeller and Kissinger, suddenly began to speak passionately of the environment. He said:

“The ecological crisis we are experiencing today - from ozone depletion to deforestation and disastrous air pollution - is tragic but convincing proof that the world we all live in is interrelated and interdependent. This means that we need an appropriate international policy in the field of ecology.


Only if we formulate such a policy shall we be able to avert catastrophe. True, the elaboration of such a policy poses unconventional and difficult problems that will affect the sovereignty of states.”56

The New York Times columnist, Flora Lewis (CFR) welcomed Gorbachev’s call to instigate a,

“plan for a global code of environmental conduct.. .[which would] have an aspect of world government, because it would provide for the World Court to judge states”.57

The secret government network has so many members in the media that there is never a problem finding support for its manoeuvrings from that direction.


There are environmental problems, most of them due to Elite policies, but be very careful before you accept the propaganda of the environmental centralizers. It’s your mind they are after.


I would suggest that it is very much worth someone looking into the major funders of environmental organizations and the background to their front people to see if any links with the Elite network exist.



The Club of Rome and Population Control

Another sinister aspect of the Club of Rome and the super dupers planning the Elite’s ‘green’ campaign is their use of the environment to promote population control - eugenics.


It is plainly true, as the New World Order promoters say, that there is a limit to the number of human beings who can live on this planet. You can’t argue with that because when there is a human being for every square foot of the Earth, there will be clearly too many. So there are limits.


But again we need to ask questions here. How many is too many? Would the comfortable carrying capacity of the Earth be far greater if the industrial and banking elite were not destroying the food-growing potential of the Third World and if suppressed scientific and technological understanding were made available to everyone? Have the projected future numbers been purposely exaggerated to justify a policy of global eugenics?


The answers to those questions, I believe, are: more than we have now; yes; and yes.


When you read the findings of the Club of Rome publications and others like Global 2000, and you look at the people behind them and their history of support for eugenics, its not hard to appreciate that these reports are really excuses for the culling of those areas of the world population considered to be of inferior stock, i.e. the non-white peoples and even those considered inferior among the whites.


In political language it comes out something like this:

“.. .the most fundamental point underlying all American foreign policy needs is overpopulation”.58

Those words were spoken by Robert McNamara (CFR, TC, Bil), one of the men behind the Global 2000 report.

At the centre of all this is again the name Rockefeller. In 1952, after decades of funding and supporting eugenics, John D. Rockefeller III established his Population Council, which still exists today.


This Elite-front has been calling for zero population growth in the United States and, in the words of its 1979 annual report:

“the spread of government-supported family planning programs throughout the developing [ie. non-white] sector” and “the spread of the zero population movement and the Club of Rome’s Malthusianism in the developed countries”.59

Malthusianism is named after Thomas Robert Malthus, the guy I mentioned in the last chapter.


He was a paid agent of the British East India Company, which inflicted opium on the Chinese. His population theories were designed to justify the need to keep down the lesser genetic stock, whom he saw as little more than animals.


Officials of the Population Council were strongly represented among the ‘outside consultants’ called in by the authors of Global 2000 and Global Future. The head of the Global 2000 task force appointed by Cyrus Vance was Gerald O. Barney, the supervisor of another Rockefeller environment/ population control study, The Unfinished Agenda.


Other agencies which supported the preparation of the report included The World Wildlife Fund,60 headed by Prince Philip (Bil) and backed by Prince Charles (Bil), Prince Bernhard (Bil), and the Hapsburg Family; the Institute for World Order, created by C. Douglas Dillon under the direction of Bertrand Russell (Comm 300); and the Draper Fund-Population Crisis Committee established by the eugenics promoter, William Draper; and the Elite-controlled Aspen Institute.


In 1965, an organization inspired by the Council on Foreign Relations was launched called the Agenda 2000 group. This produced a report coauthored by Zbigniew Brzezinski (TC, CFR, Bil) which called for an end to population growth in the Third World. The same year, George Ball (TC, CFR, Bil), the then Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs in the Johnson Administration, appointed a task force to investigate the ‘problem’ of population growth.


Appointed to the task force, which later became the Office of Population Affairs, were... Cyrus Vance (TC, CFR, Bil, Comm 300), who instigated the Global 2000 Report to the President, and Richard Gardner (TC, CFR, Comm 300) who would later become ambassador to Italy for Jimmy Carter and United Nations advisor to President Bill Clinton.


Look how those demanding a New World Order of centralized global political and economic control are also those who want population control - eugenics. This is the thinking behind the Club of Rome and the Global 2000 Report, which are so often quoted by the environmental movement! Wars have been used blatantly and without mercy to enforce population control in non-white countries.


Two of the main US military commanders in Vietnam were Maxwell Taylor and William Westmoreland, both members of the Population Crisis Committee-Draper Fund and committed to population control. The genocide by Pol Pot in Cambodia was one of the most obvious examples of the culling of a non-white population. Millions died as an estimated 32 per cent of the Cambodian population were murdered.61


There were many people responsible for this, including Henry Kissinger, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Kissinger, a legendary supporter of the Chinese communist regime, has been the key voice in American-Chinese relations since the time of Richard Nixon. His attempts to undermine the established order were highlighted in 1969 when he and his president authorized the illegal bombing of Cambodia. They used the excuse that they were attacking North Vietnamese troops stationed there during the Vietnam War.

This genocide was the subject of an article of impeachment against Nixon put to the House Judiciary Committee in 1974 in the wake of Watergate, but it was defeated. Kissinger always claimed the Khmer Rouge were the agency of the North Vietnamese when in fact Kissinger’s Red China was behind them. Using the excuse of attacking the Khmer Rouge to stop their assault on the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, the US forces launched a campaign of terror bombing on that country.


Nearly 80,000 bombing sorties by B-52s and F-111s have been officially confirmed and they dropped 539,129 tons of explosives.


The number of Cambodian dead is estimated at anything at between 30,000 and 500,000.62 But the biggest carnage was still to come because the devastation caused by the Kissinger-Nixon policy made the takeover by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge inevitable.


The US ‘ambassador’ to Red China during this period, the man who communicated between the communist regime and his boss, Henry Kissinger, was George Bush.63 Cambodia was, at least in part, about population culling, in my view.

Kissinger took over from Averell Harriman as the ‘shuttle-diplomat’ of the Elite. Kissinger is always flitting around, manipulating the American administration and foreign governments. In 1969 he was head of both the State Department and the National Security Council in the Nixon Administration. Nixon may have been officially president, but Kissinger ran the government.


At his suggestion, Nixon named Laurance Rockefeller (TC, CFR, Bil) to lead a special commission on population growth.


This recommended in 1972 that population control be introduced in America (i.e. among the ‘lesser’ stock). After discussions with the Club of Rome, of which he is a prominent member, Kissinger later established two other population control organizations within the departments of government which he controlled with an iron fist. In the years 1968 to 1977, the USAID programme for expenditure on health projects dropped by $40 million, while those directed at population control went up by $100 million.


In 1974, Kissinger and the Rhodes Scholar, Brent Scowcroft (CFR, TC, Bil), supervised the production of the National Security Study Memorandum 200, called Implications Of Worldwide Population Growth For US Security And Overseas Interests. It has now been declassified and reveals some of the true motivations behind America’s enthusiasm for population reduction in the developing world.

Continued population growth in these regions, the document said, would increase their political, economic, and military power in a number of these countries and would lead to an increase in demands for sovereign control of resources and to anti-imperial movements. This is a long-winded way of saying that these countries would wish to run their economies for their own benefit and not America’s.


Plans therefore had to be developed, it said, to remove opposition to population control. The countries the Kissinger-Scowcroft memorandum highlighted for special attention were India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia, and Colombia.


Look at what has happened in these countries since 1974.

In the Memorandum, Kissinger said that the truth behind the motivation for population control had to be kept secret from the leaders of these countries:

“It is vital that the effort to develop and strengthen a commitment on the part of less developed countries not be seen by them as an industrialized country policy to keep their strength down or to reserve resources for use by the ‘rich’ countries. Development of such a perception could create a serious backlash adverse to the course of population stability.”

In the early 70s, Kissinger asked the State Department’s Office of Population Affairs to produce a study targeting Central/South America and Africa.


This led, to a considerable degree, to the engineering of ‘civil wars’ in the countries of Central America and Africa which have caused so much famine, death, and suffering beyond imagination.


It was a means to reduce the targeted population of the world, as are designer diseases.


The US-Kissinger (Elite) policy was articulated by Thomas Ferguson, the Latin American case officer for the Office of Population Affairs. He said:

“There is a single theme in all our work - we must reduce population levels. Either they [governments] do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kind of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran, or in Beirut [all Kissinger engineered]. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it. [Or rather, you need the ‘problem’ to justify fascism.]

“...The professionals aren’t interested in lowering population for humanitarian reasons...We look at resource and environmental constraints. We look at our strategic needs, and we say that this country must lower its population - or else we will have trouble. So steps are taken. El Salvador is an example where our failure to lower the population by simple means has created the basis for a national security crisis.


The government of El Salvador failed to use our programmes to lower their population. Now they get a civil war because of it... There will be dislocation and food shortages. They still have too many people there.”64

Some more of Mr Ferguson’s little gems include:

“To reduce the population quickly you have to pull all the males into the fighting and kill significant numbers of fertile, child-bearing age, females... [Speaking of the civil war in El Salvador he said]


You are killing a small number of males and not enough fertile females to do the job on population...If the war went on for 30 to 40 years like this, then you might accomplish something. Unfortunately [sic], we don’t have too many instances like that to study.”65

I know it’s horrible to know that anyone can see life in such terms, but Mr Ferguson is outlining very well the attitude of the Elite, its US State Department, and the Club of Rome.


When prominent environmentalists stand in front of crowds of non-white peoples in the Third World telling television cameras that we must have population control, they are helping the Elite’s agenda. Some will know that, many will not, but the effect is the same. I am in favour of all peoples having the choice not to conceive children if that is their wish.


Choice, however, is not a word the manipulators can spell. Again look at the timing of the launch for so many of the population control initiatives by Kissinger and others: the late 60s and early 70s, just as the Club of Rome was getting started.


Coinciding with the Club’s beginnings in 1968, came the book by Professor Paul R. Ehrlich, The Population Bomb, which has sold upwards of 20 million copies. In that he said:

“Our position requires that we take immediate action at home and promote effective action worldwide. We must have population control at home, hopefully through a system of incentives and penalties, but by compulsion if voluntary methods fail...We can no longer afford merely to treat the symptoms of the cancer of population growth; the cancer itself must be cut out.”66

Ehrlich was a biologist at the Elite-controlled Stanford University and his wife, Anne, was a member of the Club of Rome.67


He said that compulsory birth control could be imposed by governments via the addition of “temporary sterilants to water supplies or staple food”.68 Shortly, when we come to the “Report from Iron Mountain,” you will see the even greater relevance of this statement. The ‘brutal and tough-minded’ decisions which Ehrlich said would be required are evident in Henry Kissinger’s much-loved abode, China.


It was here that the one-child-per-family policy was implemented and paid for directly, or indirectly, by the United Nations.


Western and Chinese observers have spoken of seeing thousands of,

women “rounded up and forced to have abortions”; of women “locked in detention centres or hauled before mass rallies and harangued into consenting to abortions”; of “vigilantes abducting pregnant women on the streets, hauling them off, sometimes handcuffed and trussed, to abortion clinics”.

There are much worse stories even than those.


The United Nations network of organizations is awash with interlinked population control policies and eugenics. Behind them all is the Elite’s secret government. When the UN secretary general, U Thant, started the UN Fund for Population Activities, it was administered by one Paul Hoffman (CFR, Bil), a US chief of foreign aid, trustee of the Institute of Pacific Relations and administrator of the Ford Foundation funds. He was also a member of the London-Wall Street financial clique.


Professor Jacqueline Kasun, an outspoken opponent of UN population policies in her book, The War Against Population, revealed the network of agencies linked to the UN Fund for Population:

“Deriving its income from the United States and other governments, it provides support to numerous ‘non-governmental organizations’, including the [Rockefellers’] Population Council, the Population Action Council, Worldwatch, the Population Crisis Committee and Draper Fund, and the Centre for Population Activities. These organizations in turn make grants to each other and still other organizations.”69

The Elite’s World Bank, which is supposed to make grants to help the development of the poorer countries, also has population control at the top of its agenda.


In 1992, the World Bank President, Lewis Preston (CFR) said at the Rio Earth Summit that he would increase substantially the bank’s support for population control - later pledging to double the money made available. The bank’s International Safe Motherhood Initiative is a joint project with the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Family Care International, the Population Council (funded by US government aid programs), and other agencies.


These include several from the UN such as the Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). This ‘initiative’ involves forced birth control on pain of economic reprisals.


As President Preston said, the Safe Motherhood agenda would be “integrated into the bank’s policy dialogue with developing countries”. Cut your population or you get no cash. There, Mr Preston, that’s a simpler way to put it.


Robert McNamara (TC, CFR, Bil), the head of the World Bank in the 1970s, is a vehement campaigner for population control.

“The threat of unmanageable population pressures is very much like the threat of nuclear war” he said in the Boston Globe in 1982.

This is the mindset of the organisation which controls ‘development’ funding in the Third World.

So the Club of Rome and its associated connections within the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and nation governments has the role in the network to promote the use of the environment to demand centralized control and eugenics.


The Club of Rome was launched publicly in 1968, just a few years after a group of invited ‘experts’ met in the United States to prepare a report which, it is plain to see, was to inspire the sort of policies I’ve just described.



The Report from Iron Mountain 70

This was the secret report of the Special Study Group of fifteen people brought together during the Kennedy years.


The proposal for the study group came around 1961 and it was established in August 1963. Among those assembled is claimed by some researchers to have been John Kenneth Galbraith (CFR), the Keynesian economist. The first and last meetings were at Iron Mountain, an underground facility near the town of Hudson, New York.


It is a place where important documents are stored and the base for the emergency corporate headquarters for corporations like Standard Oil of New Jersey (the Rockefellers, Exxon), Manufacturers Hanover Trust (Rothschilds), and Shell. The content of the report was revealed by one of the group who believed the public should know what it contained.


This group member had the code name ‘John Doe’ and his friend, Leonard C. Lewin, produced a document summarizing the Iron Mountain report. I have a copy of this.71 It says that the idea for the study came from members of the Kennedy Administration like Robert McNamara (TC, CFR, Bil), McGeorge Bundy (TC, CFR, Bil), and Dean Rusk (TC, CFR, Bil).


The brief was to study the implications of a world without war while still maintaining the control of the population wielded by war and the fear of war.


Part of the report said:

“There is no question [that] a universal requirement that procreation be limited to the products of artificial insemination would provide a fully adequate substitute control for population levels. Such a reproductive system would, of course, have the added advantage of being susceptible to direct eugenic management. Its predictable further development - conception and embryonic growth taking place wholly under laboratory conditions - would extend these controls to their logical conclusion. The ecological function of war under these circumstances would not only be superseded, but surpassed in effectiveness.

“The indicated immediate step - total control of conception with a variant of the ubiquitous ‘pill’, via water supplies or certain essential foodstuffs, offset by a controlled ‘antidote’ - is already under development.”

Remember this was the 1960s.


More than thirty years have passed since then and such an ‘indicated immediate step’ was ‘already under development’. So what the hell is going on today in our water supplies and essential foodstuffs, both of which are largely controlled by Elite companies? Also, just look again at what Professor Paul Ehrlich said in his book, The Population Bomb, published two years after this secret report was completed in 1966. He said that governments could enforce birth control by the addition of “temporary sterilants to water supplies or staple food...”. Yet another amazing coincidence.


The Report From Iron Mountain laid out the functions of war which new policies would have to replace:

1 Economic

War has provided both ancient and modern societies with a dependable system for stabilising and controlling national economies. No alternate method of control has yet been tested in a complex modern economy that has shown itself remotely comparable in scope or effectiveness.


2 Political

The permanent possibility of war is the foundation for stable government; it supplies the basis for general acceptance of political authority. It has enabled societies to maintain necessary class distinctions, and it has ensured the subordination of the citizen to the state, by virtue of the residue war powers inherent in the concept of nationhood. No modern political ruling group has successfully controlled its constituency after failing to sustain the continuing credibility of an external threat of war.


3 Sociological

War, through the medium of military institutions, has uniquely served societies, throughout the course of known history, as an indispensable controller of dangerous [free-thinking] social dissidence and destructive antisocial tendencies.


4 Ecological

War has been the principle evolutionary device for maintaining a satisfactory ecological balance between gross human population and supplies available for survival. It is unique to the human species.

Very nice, I’m sure.


So what did these ‘experts’ suggest as alternatives to further world wars? Unite the people behind the controllers under the threat of war or some other form of destruction and keep them in a permanent state of fear, therefore dependent on their perceived ‘saviours’.


In the light of this need to control without world war, the Report From Iron Mountain proposed the following for consideration:

  • an omnipresent, virtually omnipotent international police force [a world army now called the United Nations Peace Keeping Force and NATO]

  • an established and recognized extraterrestrial menace [now being engineered with the themes of horrible aliens and a possible invasion of Earth?]

  • massive global environmental pollution

  • fictitious alternate enemies

  • a modern, sophisticated form of slavery

  • new religions or other mythologies

  • a comprehensive programme of applied eugenics

All of these things have emerged since the report was completed.


There you see the proposal for the environmental threat/eugenics scenario which was to follow very soon afterwards. The report called for the establishment of a secret War/Peace Research Agency using “unaccountable funds” which would study both the peace and war options.


Among the research required, said the report, was the,

“...determination of minimum and optimum levels of destruction of life, property, and natural resources prerequisite to the credibility of external threat essential to the political and motivational functions”


...and “[the] frequency of occurrence, length of phase, intensity of physical destruction, extensiveness of geographical involvement, and optimum mean loss of life”.

This is the deeply imbalanced state of mind behind those who promote and manipulate into being the New World Order, and conflicts are created to fit in with this plan - the war in the former Yugoslavia being another example.

In this chapter, I have described the network of Round Table-Royal Institute of International Affairs-Council on Foreign Relations-Bilderberg Group-Trilateral Commission-United Nations-European Union-Club of Rome, which together constitute a secret government of the world acting outside and above what laughably passes as the ‘democratic process’.


I have further shown that the members of these groups follow a long tradition of manipulators working from the same agenda of world government, central bank, currency, and army, and a genetically engineered, microchipped population.


But the organization behind the New World Order coup d’etat is far wider and more complex than this network of front organizations. They are a vital part, but only a part, of the Pyramid of Deceit. It is on that pyramid the spotlight will now be turned.




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