January 17, 2018
from FreedomSOS Website






​The Deep State is the term given to the members of the seventeen U.S. spy agencies; the classified sectors of the Department of Defense branches; and the hundreds of associated military contractors.


In short, it's the modern term for the Military-Industrial-Complex in our post-industrial era.


The Deep State is not a conspiracy theory as some disinformation outlets state, in fact, that doesn't even make sense. Saying the Deep State is a conspiracy theory is like saying agencies such as the CIA or NSA are conspiracy theories.


While some would argue that deeds attributed to various Deep State agencies are conspiracies theories - and often times conspiracy realities - the term itself is not a conspiracy theory, and it is widely used by respected journalists and academic researchers.

The 'Deep State in America' is massive and its vastness is rarely discussed in the mainstream press. Every year the various Deep State agencies receive a combined $700 Billion from the tax-payers.


This is compared to,

  • the relatively paltry $4.7 Billion the entire Legislative Branch gets a year

  • the $0.4 Billion the Executive Branch receives annually

  • the $0.3 billion an agency like the Post Office receives a year

Its personnel numbers are vast as well.


There are over five million individuals in the Deep State that have security clearances - bigger than the entire population of Norway. And most of its members are in power long before and long after any president.

The above reasons, combined with almost no real oversight, are why the true power in America rests within the extra-constitutional conglomeration we refer to as the Deep State.


Most of the individuals in the Deep State (around 90-95%) are good people whom I truly admire.


However, as with all large organizations, rotten apples will arise and they will often form cliques. This is troubling for a number of reasons.


When you have an organization of five million, then corruption among 5%-10% amounts to hundreds of thousands of individuals capable of working against democracy and the Constitution to advance their power, wealth, and interests.


Furthermore, these individuals are entrusted with guarding our nations most advanced technologies and developing the most devious tactics of spy craft - so the civilian sector is often no match.

As a result, I must sadly state that it is no conspiracy that a treasonous cabal has formed in the Deep State.


This criminal element is using covert violence with,

  • electromagnetic

  • biological

  • chemical agents,

...to subjugate, neutralize, and slaughter countless good America citizens.


They are doing it for selfish, greedy, and even sadistic reasons.


Furthermore, they have the national bodies that dictate the responses and procedures of the medical and law enforcement communities under their thumb - so the victims have very little recourse.


Additionally, the corporate media fell under their control long ago with programs like Operation Mockingbird, and its modern successors.


Therefore, the illegal use of classified weapons on the pillars of many American communities - and Democracy itself - is ignored out of fear or corruption.


Finally, ingenious disinformation and misinformation tactics are used to drown out the thousands of very credible whistleblowers reporting these atrocities, and to discredit the new media outlets trying to warn Americans of this very real purge.

It's almost a cliché to point out the flaws of human nature that allow power to corrupt and absolute power to corrupt absolutely, but it's true. It's why we have a Constitution, and it's why we have checks and balances.


However, to preserve the strength of such safeguards we must ensure proper oversight and accountability - we must also stay informed and remain ever vigilant.


We can peacefully and legally bring an end to these treasonous abuses of power,

  • by petitioning our elected officials

  • by building stronger bonds in our communities

  • by ignoring the mainstream media's almost exclusive focus on irrelevant or divisive topics,

...and educating ourselves and others.





17 U.S. Spy Agencies

  1. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

  2. National Security Agency (NSA)

  3. Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)

  4. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

  5. State Department Bureau of Intelligence & Research

  6. Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence & Analysis

  7. Federal Bureau of Investigation Intelligence Branch

  8. Drug Enforcement Administration Office of National Security Intelligence

  9. Department of The Treasury Office of Intelligence and Analysis

  10. Department of Energy Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

  11. Marine Corps Intelligence

  12. Coast Guard Intelligence

  13. Army Military Intelligence

  14. Office of Naval Intelligence

  15. Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

  16. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

  17. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)




Major Deep State Contractors

  1. SAIC

  2. SRI International

  3. Leidos

  4. Lockheed Martin

  5. Raytheon

  6. General Electric (GE)

  7. Thayer Aerospace

  8. Scientific Atlanta (Now Cisco)

  9. Northrop Grumman

  10. L3 Technologies

  11. Honeywell Aerospace

  12. United Technologies

  13. Boeing

  14. BAE Systems

  15. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems

  16. Braxton

  17. Orbital ATK

  18. ExoAnalytic Solutions

  19. Celestron

  20. A.I. Solutions

  21. ASRC Federal

  22. CACI

  23. Ball Aerospace

  24. Applied Defense Solutions

  25. Harris

  26. HNU-Photonics

  27. Sierra Nevada Corporation

  28. Solers

  29. Tyvak

  30. Booz Allen Hamilton