by Grand Jury

August 04, 2022

from StopWorldControl Website







  1. The Complete Document - PDF


  2. The City of London - The British Elite and their Agenda for World Domination


  3. Psychological Manipulation - Controlling the Minds of the Population to Change their Behavior


  4. World Health Organization - The WHO has been set up to operate as a one world government


  5. Conclusion - Private entities are taking over the world - Below report





If we need to summarize all the information revealed by these experts and whistleblowers, we can state that,

the world is being taken over by private entities, who hide behind governmental authorities and health agencies, that only serve as the smokescreen for the hidden puppet masters who effectively rule over humanity.

Their financial headquarters are in the City of London, from where they influence the rest of the world.

These private entities have been building an undemocratic framework that allows the World Health Organization (WHO) to seize all rights and freedoms from the entire world population and submit all nations to their tyranny.


All they need is a "public health emergency of international concern" which they can easily fabricate using fraudulent diagnostics.

They apply psychological techniques of manipulation to hypnotize and brainwash the public.


Trained "change agents" are sent into every sphere of our societies, where they transform the thinking and behavior of the people.

Although they use "health"

as the excuse for their crimes,

their influence causes

true health care to be destroyed

and be replaced by

criminal financial operations.



In the view of these oligarchs the people are livestock, which they claim to own - body, mind and soul.

Essentially, they revive the ancient practice of slavery, where humans are literally owned by rich masters.

During this revival of slavery, the systems of enslavement have been greatly upgraded and enhanced, for the purpose of effectively enslaving the entire human race.

One of the true motivations behind the DNA altering vaccines, that are being imposed on all of humanity,

is to genetically engineer mankind with a view to create a "new model of human" that will perfectly obey these oligarchs.

More evidence of this transhumanist agenda is revealed on


We are currently preparing a documentary that features dozens of video clips of these criminals, publicly discussing how, for example, 5G will insert thoughts and emotions into the population to ensure complete obedience.


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The presented information in this Grand Jury proceeding is of course only a starting point for further research.

Every expert we heard has a lifetime of experience and research behind his/her statements, and much more can be said.

As the editor of these Grand Jury Summaries, I would like to add that besides the City of London and Washington DC, there is a third powerhouse in this world that operates at an even higher level:

Vatican City State...

It would take me too far to go into this, but I simply want to mention it, as it is important to understand this.


Like the City of London, Vatican City State is also a sovereign state within Italy, with its own laws, independent from the government, and in fact ruling over it.

It is in Vatican City State that some of the most powerful puppet masters reside...

This brings us to the very heart of the matter, which is that ultimately,

the driving force of this evil is not just money, but a dark spiritual dimension, that hates humanity and our Creator, and desires to destroy our world.

It's typical that these dark forces are served by those claiming to serve God.


Hiding behind masks is how these criminals always operate.



The answer to all of this is,

to inform as many people as possible in the first place, because the power of the elite is entirely based on the complete ignorance of the masses.


Once a certain number of people become aware of this worldwide criminal enterprise, the resistance will become too powerful to suppress.

Secondly, we need to build alternatives to their monopolies.


The good people of this world need to build their own media, banks, healthcare, technology, food supply, etc. that can replace the old criminal systems.

The key for lasting success

is to guard our heart
and not give in to the

same lust for power and money

that have corrupted

the current systems.


Here I come to the very heart of the matter, namely that in order to withstand the generous offers of corruption, we need to be connected to a greater power that is able to help us overcome these traps:

the Source of love, goodness, truth, and freedom.

Only if we are entirely submitted to the dimension of goodness will we be able to avoid the snares of evil.


In simple terms this means,

turning back to the God who changes our hearts from being selfish to caring for others.

As we have seen, the main strategy of the criminal oligarchs is mind control and psychological propaganda.


This has been going on for many decades. One of their focuses has been to disconnect humanity from our Creator, by telling us there is no such thing as a higher source of life.

The interesting thing is that the very entities who have pushed this mindset in our societies are very spiritual themselves, as they are engaged in dark occult practices.


A well-known whistleblower from the financial elite is Ronald Bernard, who was moving billions of Euros for the top financial elite. He was offered to not only move this money, but to actually own it himself.


The requirement was however disturbing:

he had to bury his conscience.

Ronald Bernard found out that most of the people at the top of this financial elite are involved in a religion called Luciferianism.


They invited him to participate in the practice of ritual abuse and murder of children (satanic ritual abuse or SRA).


He learned that

this is the prerequisite

for partaking in the immense levels

of wealth and power.

Bernard walked away and started exposing this horror.


He revealed that most who occupy high positions of power in our world are members of this cruel religion. That explains why they have no problems murdering millions of people through organized wars and pandemics. They have seared their conscience.


Listen to the testimony of Ronald Bernard here:

This is also a well-known method for getting people under the control of the criminal overlords:

people of influence are invited to partake in acts of sexual perversion, mostly the molesting of children, which is then videotaped and used for the rest of their life to keep them under the control of the criminal elite.

This practice of blackmailing is well-documented.


It's the number 1 method the elite use to control entire governments.



The challenge for all who read this is to no longer hide our heads in the sands of denial, but to be courageous in acknowledging the realities that are now being exposed all over the world.


Ignoring these horrors equals complicity.


We may not abandon the children who are suffering under the cruel claws of these inhumane monsters who consider themselves to be 'the elite' who 'own humanity' and who can therefore abuse anyone as they please.


We need to face this evil head on.

The world is in need of heroes,

who will stand up and do whatever it takes

to stop this cruel reign of satanic oligarchs.

My final request is therefore that all who read this document, will go out of their way to share it far and wide.


You can order as many printed copies as you want, to hand out in your community, or send to all who are in a position of influence in your community.


You can also send the PDF version by email to local governments, law enforcement, churches, schools, hospitals, media, judges and lawyers, etc.


Please stand up for the sake of humanity...!

If we let these psychopaths - because that's what they are - continue with their insane operations, the world will be destroyed.

Now is the time for all good people to stand up, spread the truth around, build new systems for our world, and be determined to be children of the light that cast out the powers of darkness.

If we do this, the future will be brighter than we can now imagine...