November 13, 2017

from YouTube Website


Embark on a visionary journey

through the fragmented unconscious of the West,

and with courage face the Shadow.


It's so often said "the people who really run the world"...


But what does that mean and look like exactly? Recently, even in the mainstream, the word 'Deep State' has come to mass attention as the governing body that 'lurks in the shadows' that secretly runs our world.

Beyond presidents and their administrations, these are the true people and interests making decisions.


So as we complain about politician this or that, we're really just putting our attention on someone who truly doesn't have the control, allowing the true rulers to do what they need without anyone knowing.

This of course isn't a new idea. It has been said for hundreds of years that there are secret interests who call the shots from behind the scenes, and that who we vote for doesn't really matter.

In the short film below, writer, producer, and director - Lubomir Arsov - explores our world in a beautifully revealing way that allows us to see the truth.


Typically when we learn of these sorts of secrets, we might feel fearful or that this can't be true.


But I truly believe we are in a time where we can't continue to turn a blind eye to the reality of these shadowy governing bodies.


We must begin to have the courage to see the truth and ultimately change our future as a result.


Leaving our heads in the sand no longer serves us...

Arsov exposes the insanity of our modern society and brings incredible wisdom to the 'dark shadow' or 'deep state' that quietly manipulates in the background.

It is through film and art that we can often learn things in a profound way, and I believe this piece below helps us all to explore these truths more deeply.