-  According to 'Science', Eating 'Too Much Salad' Now Causes Autism


 -  A Debate Around Malathion Spraying - Supposed To Harm Pesky Insects - But Actually Harming The People


 -  Algunas Razones por las que la Corporación DuPont es tan Maligna como Monsanto


 -  A Massive and Illegal Geoengineering Project Has Been Detected Off Canada's West Coast


 -  America's Farmlands to Be Carpet-Bombed With Vietnam-Era Agent Orange Chemical if Dow Petition...


 -  A Moratorium On Genetically Manipulated (GMO) Foods


 -  Antibiotics Can Lead to Crippling Side Effects and Mental Disorders


 -  An Unauthorized History of the 'WHO' - Ignored Warnings...


 - "Aquatic Life is Bathing in a Soup of Antidepressants" - Says Marine Biologist


 -  Are Chemicals in Drinking Water Giving People Cancer?


 -  Are Oil and Water Shortages Manufactured in Order to Control the Economy and Human Populations?


 -  Are these 100 People Killing the Planet?


 -  Argentinean Mother Sticks It to Monsanto and Wins Major Environmental Award


 - "Asbestos of the Sky" - The Aviation Industry's Darkest Cover-up


 -  Aspartame - Un Dulce y Mortal Engaño - Main File



 -  Atomic Power and the Use of Depleted Uranium (DU) Weapons - Main File


 - "Banco Semillero del Día del Juicio Final" en El Ártico - Bill Gates, Rockefeller y Los Gigantes de La...


 -  Baúl de Semilla Global de Svalbard - Genética, Agroindustria y Planes de Exterminación


 -  Baxter Files Swine Flu Vaccine Patent 'AHEAD of Outbreak'


 -  Baxter Vaccine Patent Application US 2009/0060950 A1


 -  BAYER + MONSANTO = A Match Made in Hell


 -  Bee-Harming Pesticides may Impact Human Nervous System


 -  Big Government Conspiracy Theories Become Reality - Fluoride, Cancer, Chemicals and More


 -  Big-Pharma Industry - The Healthcare Rip-Off - Main File


 -  Cancer Officially Number One Cause of Childhood Death in U.S.


 -  CDC and CIA - A Close and Sick Relationship


 -  Chemical Company Lobbyists 'Weaving Their Webs' as Coke, Pepsi, Kraft and General Mills Pony Up...


 -  Chemicals Used to make Non-Stick Pans linked to Rapid Weight Gain


 -  Chemical Used in Teflon and Non-Stick Cookware Linked to Heart Disease


 -  Children's Medicines Coated With Brain-Damaging Aluminum


 -  Codex Alimentarius - Shredded the Use of "Scientific Consensus" at CAC42 Meeting


 -  Collapsing Cities - The First Wave of World's Collapsing Cities


 -  Comisión Europea Prohíbe Plaguicidas Asociados con Muerte de Abejas


 -  Common Food Additive E171 found to affect Gut Microbiota


 -  Compañias de Seguros en Salud Invierten Billones en Cadenas de Comida Chatarra


 -  Corporate Greed, Intellectual Property Laws and The Destruction of Human Civilization


 -  Cancer Industry Desperately Needs Mammogram Screenings to Recruit Patients and Generate Repeat...


 -  Chemical in Conventional Soaps and Toothpaste Leaves Unborn Babies Brain Damaged


 -  Chemtrails - An Updated Look at Aerosol Toxins



 -  Conejillos de Indias Humanos - España


 -  Contaminación del Aire - Una Pandemia Mundial con Más Muertes que todas las Guerras y Enfermedades


 -  Contemporary Medicine is A Disease!



 -  Corporations Are Psychopaths With Zero Degrees of Empathy


 -  Crude Awakening - Mineral Oil Contaminates Everyone's Bodies


 -  Death of The Birds and The Bees Across America


 -  Denial of Chemical and Radioactive Dangers



 -  Diez Grandes Corporaciones Culpables de Asesinato


 -  Diferentes Toxinas Para Diferentes Clases Sociales - A Fin de Cuentas a Todos Nos Envenenan


 -  Different Toxins for Different Social Classes - In The End We're All Poisoned


 -  Dinamarca Limpiará el Desastre Ecológico Estadounidense en Groenlandia


 - ¿Dónde se han ido Todos nuestros Insectos?


 - "Doomsday Seed Vault" in The Arctic - Bill Gates, Rockefeller and The GMO Giants Know Something We...


 -  Does Everything Cause Cancer Nowadays?


 -  Drug Industry Pollution affecting Food Chains, Water Supplies and the Environment


 -  Easter Island shows Why Humanity will be Extinct within 100 Years


 -  El Engaño del Zika - Las 5 Cosas que Pasarán a Continuación


 -  Elevated Levels of Toxins Found in Athabasca River



 -  El Caso Radithor y la Moda de los Medicamentos Radiactivos de los Años Veinte


 -  El Fluor y la Fluorificacion - Main File



 -  El 'Fracking' ha sido Usado Durante Décadas para Inyectar Residuos Nucleares en el Subsuelo - Locura...


 -  El Lobby Farmacéutico Industrial - La Gran Estafa de La Salud - Main File


 -  El Mayor Contaminador del Planeta - El Departamento de Defensa de EE.UU.


 -  El Océano Pacífico - Un Botadero de Basura Radiactiva


 -  El Mundo tiene más Basura Electrónica que Humanos


 -  El Plástico - Basurero del Mundo - Main File


 -  En Perú Alertan Falta de Control en Uso de Plaguicidas


 -  Environmental Defenders Being Killed in Record Numbers Globally - New Research Reveals


 - ¿Es el Litio el Próximo Fluoruro? - Medicación Pudiera ser Agregada al Suministro de Agua


 - ¿Es la Escasez de Petróleo y de Agua una Fabricación para Controlar la Economía y las Poblaciones...


 -  E.U. Approval of Glyphosate Based on Review that Plagiarized Monsanto Studies


 -  Eugenics Alert - Oncologists Now Pushing Toxic Chemotherapy for Pregnant Women


 -  Excitotoxinas - El Sabor Que Mata


 -  Federal Research Confirms Oil-Sands Contamination - Researchers Discouraged from Speaking to...


 -  First Long-term Study confirms World's Most Popular Pesticide is Wiping Bees Off the Planet


 -  Five Nasty and Crazy Effects of Pesticides in Food - Exposure


 -  Fluor and Fluoridation - Main File


 -  Flu Vaccines Revealed as The Greatest Quackery Ever Pushed in The History of Medicine


 -  'Fracking' Used to Inject Nuclear Waste Underground for Decades - Shock


 -  Francia es el Primer País en Prohibir los Cinco Plaguicidas relacionados con la Muerte de las Abejas


 -  Front Groups Exposed - 50 Industry Groups form a New Alliance to Manipulate Public Opinion about Junk...


 -  Fumigaciones Para Matar - Agrotoxicos



 -  Fumigar Matando a las Abejas para Combatir a los Mosquitos

 -  Future Impacts of Hydroelectric Power Development on Methylmercury Exposures of Canadian Indigenous...


 -  Genetically Engineered Organisms - Foods and Others - Main File


 -  Genetics - The Ultimate Alien Invasion



 -  Geoengineering could Lead to Lower Crop Yields - New Study

 -  Glyphosate's Suppression of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes and Amino Acid Biosynthesis by The Gut...


 -  Glutamate Overload is Slowly Destroying The Minds of Our Children


 -  Global Mercury-Ban Misses Numerous Mercury-Containing Products


 -  Glyphosate Found in Human Hair as Unique Testing Project releases First Results


 -  GMO Pushers Horrified at Idea of Being Held Responsible for Their Role in Farmer Suicides, Crop...


 -  Governments Attack The Babies



 -  Grave Threat of Pesticides to Bees' Billion-Pound Bonanza Is Now Clear

 -  Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Reservoir Water Surfaces - A New Global Synthesis


 - ¿Ha Estado Expuesto A Radiación? - El Aparato Médico Que Produce 30 Mil Casos de Cáncer Cada Año

 -  Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants in Relation to Trophic Level in Deep Sea Fish


 -  Have You Been Exposed? - The Medical Device That Causes 30,000 Cancer Cases Each Year


 -  Health Insurance Companies Invest Billions in Fast Food Chains


 -  Heavy Metal Contamination and Mass Extinction - What's The Connection?


 -  Household Chemicals Cause Cancer, Birth Defects, Wide Range of Health Issues - WHO Study Admits


 -  How Big Pharma's Industrial Waste is Fueling the Rise in Superbugs Worldwide


 -  How Biotech Corporations and GMO Crops Are Threatening The Environment and Humankind Alike


 -  How Merck Views Health and Disease


 -  How The Bill Gates Foundation is Genetically Manipulating Nature and Devastating Our Health


 -  If Mainstream Medicine Really Works, Why Are Americans So Unhealthy?


 -  I.G. Farben -  The International Farben Cartel - Main File


 -  Ignoring Adjuvant Toxicity Falsifies the Safety Profile of Commercial Pesticides


 - "Il Caveau Semi per il Giorno del Giudizio nell'Artico" - Gates, Rockefeller e i Giganti OGM Sanno Qualcosa...


 -  In 27 Years 3 Million Die from Prescription Drug Use


 -  Incrementalism - Breaking Free From World Powers Who Gradually Destroy Our Health


 -  Is Lithium The Next Fluoride? - Medication May be Added to The Water Supply


 -  Jasón - Los Científicos y El Pentágono - Los Robots Asesinos Del Futuro Que Remplazarán La Infanteria


 -  Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo Has Cancer-Causing Chemicals - Group Says


 -  Killer Vaccines - Vacunas Que Matan - Main File



 -  Killing us Softly - Glyphosate Herbicide or Genocide?


 -  La Contaminación del Aire Reduce la Capacidad Cognitiva


 -  La Cúpula de Runit - Una Estructura que Guarda 85.000 Metros Cúbicos de Residuos Radiactivos en una...


 -  La Desnaturalización de la Naturaleza


 -  La Industria de Las Bebidas - Sodas, Agua Embotellada y Enfermedades - Main File


 -  La Insana-Mortal Industria de Los Alimentos - Main File


 -  La Medicina Contemporánea Es Una Enfermedad


 -  La Nostra Grande Madre - Cosa Vuole da Noi?


 -  Las 14 Empresas Globales Más Malignas


 -  Las Ciudades más Contaminadas del Mundo en 2018


 -  Las Corporaciones Son Psicópatas Con Cero Grados de Empatía


 -  Las Naciones Unidas Solicitan un Acuerdo Global para Eliminar los Plaguicidas y hacer una Transición...


 -  Let's Drive Monsanto and the 'Poison Cartel's Pesticides' Off the Market


 -  Los Acuerdos de Pfizer Divulgados - 'Buena Razón por la que Pfizer lidió por Ocultar Detalles de Contratos'


 -  Los Expertos de la Organización Mundial de la Salud Mienten - Pueden ser Acusados de Crímenes...


 -  Los Insectos se están Muriendo pero no se sabe a qué Ritmo


 -  Los Mutantes de los Ríos - El Ibuprofeno en Argentina


 -  Los Pesticidas Comerciales No Son tan Seguros como parecen


 -  Los Venenos de las Transnacionales


 -  Leaked Memo Sheds Light on Mysterious Bee Die-Offs and Who's to Blame


 -  Majesterium and The Tipping Point



 -  Male Fish Now Exhibiting Female Traits Due to Toxic Chemicals and Pharma Runoff


 -  Mandatory Chemotherapy for Children With Cancer?


 -  Manufacturing and supply Agreement Pfizer-Albania - Coronavirus Vaccine


 -  Mass Bio-Terror Pandemic by December 21, 2012 - Secret Revealed


 -  Matando Gente Lentamente Usando Alimentos Tóxicos, Agua Tóxica y Vacunas Tóxicas


 -  Major Setback for the Biotech Industry - Insects Rapidly Developing Resistance to GM Crops

 -  Mercury and Thyroid Autoantibodies in U.S. Women - NHANES 2007-2008


 -  Mercury Contamination and The Flu



 -  Mercury Exposure Makes People Go Nuts



 -  Meta' Acque in Italia Contaminata da Pesticidi - Lo Afferma l'Ispra nel Rapporto Nazionale 2013 su Settore


 -  MICOPLASMA - EL Vínculo Patógeno en las Enfermedades del Sistema Nervioso


 -  MONSANTO - A Multinational Factory of Death - Main File



 -  More Evidence Emerges that Insecticides are Responsible for Collapse of Honey Bee Colonies


 -  MYCOPLASMA - The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases


 -  Nano-Fibres are Behaving as Nano-Blenders within Plant and Animal Structures Due to Electromagnetic...


 -  Nanoparticles Destroy Soil and The Environment - Study Finds


 -  Nanotech Particles Pose Serious DNA Risks to Humans and The Environment


 -  NASA Confirms a 2,500-Square-Mile Cloud of Methane Floating over U.S. Southwest


 -  Nelle Acque in Italia Ci Sono 166 Pesticidi


 -  Nestlé Baby Milk Scandal has Grown Up but Not Gone Away


 -  New EPA-Approved DuPont Herbicide Linked to Widespread Killing of Trees - Authorities Unconcerned


 -  New Study Reveals How Glyphosate in Monsanto's Roundup Inhibits Natural Detoxification in Human Cells


 -  News You Don't Want to Read About Fukushima - Warning for South America


 -  New U.S. Patents Could Signal the End of Pesticides and GMOs


 -  Ninety Percent of so-called 'Clean Hydroelectric Projects' will Usher-in a New Wave of Mercury...


 -  Niveles de Mercurio Analizados en Perú Superan Seis Veces la Norma


 -  Noticias que No Quieres Leer Referente a Fukushima - Advertencia para América del Sur


 -  Not So Sexy - The Health Risks of Secret Chemicals in Fragrance


 -  Nuclear Disaster in The U.S. - How Bechtel is Botching The World's Costliest Environmental Cleanup


 -  Nuestra Gran Madre - ¿Qué nos Exige?


 -  Ocean Fertilization - 'Rogue Climate Hacker' Russ George Raises Storm of Controversy


 -  Oil Industry - Producers of Energy and Disasters - Main File

 -  Oil Sands Development Contributes Elements Toxic at Low Concentrations to The Athabasca River and...

 -  Oil Sands Development Contributes Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds to The Athabasca River and...


 -  Our Great Mother - What Does She Require of Us?


 -  Oxford Professor Calls for Drugging Water Supply


 -  Persistent Organic Pollutants Will Soon Cause Half of All Newborns to Have Birth Defects


 -  Pesticide Industry Deployed Aggressive Lobby Effort to Quash Bee Protections


 -  Pesticide Residues Detected in Almost All European Foods


 -  Pesticides are NOT Needed to Feed the World - Says New UN Report


 -  Pesticides on Our Food - Will the Real Public Enemy No. 1 please Stand Up?


 -  Pesticide That Kills Honey Bees - Wik-Bee Leaks


 -  Plastic - The Garbage of the World - Main File


 -  Poison


 -  Polluted America - GMO Manmade Biological Threats, Plant Diseases, Germ Warfare


 - ¿Porqué está tan Enferma Nuestra Sociedad?


 -  Por Un Trago de Agua


 -  Pregnant Women Now Being Dosed With Toxic Chemotherapy Drugs


 -  Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up The Volume


 -  Pronto Sabremos quién está Contaminando el Mundo gracias a los Satélites y la Inteligencia Artificial


 -  Pura Ignorancia y Locura es el Distintivo de la Práctica Médica a lo Largo de la Historia - La Prueba Está...


 -  Qué es lo que Realmente Sucede Cuando se Toman Antibióticos


 -  Quello che Cambia i Fiumi - L'Ibuprofene in Argentina


 -  Ranking de las Ciudades Europeas con más Mortalidad por la Falta de Espacios Verdes

 -  Roundup and Birth Defects - Is The Public Being Kept in The Dark?


 -  Roundup Birth Defects - Regulators Knew World's Best-Selling Herbicide Causes Problems, New Report...


 -  Scandal Exposed in Mercury-Autism Study


 -  Scientists Discover Huge Amounts of Aluminum in the Brains of Deceased Autistic People


 -  Según la 'Ciencia', Comer Demasiada Ensalada Ahora Causa Autismo


 -  Serious Birth Defects Linked to The Agricultural Chemical Atrazine


 -  Sheer Ignorance and Insanity is The Hallmark of Medical Practice Throughout History - Here's The Proof


 -  Soft Killing People Using Toxic Food, Toxic Water and Toxic Vaccines


 -  Some Products Linked to Cancer that are Hiding in Almost Every Home


 -  Some Quick Reasons to Dislike DuPont as Much as Monsanto and Most other Biotech Giants


 -  Some Ways Corporations are Poisoning Our Food, Water, The Earth

 -  State of The Science of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals


 -  String The Bastards Up - Thimerosal in Vaccines


 -  Study Proves Bee Decline Linked to Top Insecticides


 -  Tavistock Institute - Main File


 -  Teflón - 'Only by DuPont' (Solo por DuPont)



 -  Ten Corporations that Got Away with Murder


 -  The 10 Worst Chemicals in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products


 -  The 15 Most Toxic Places in The World


 -  The 5 Most Toxic Energy Companies and How They Control Our Politics


 -  The Autism-Mercury-Thimerosal Saga


 -  The Baby Killer - Nestle


 -  The Best, and Worst, Laundry Detergents With 1,4-Dioxane Contamination


 -  The Beverages' Industry - Bottled Water, Sodas and Sickness - Main File


 -  The CDC Votes in Favor of A Flu Vaccination Assault on Americans' Health


 -  The Co-Evolution of Bees and Flowers - An Electric Symbiosis Not to Be Interrupted with Pesticide Chemicals


 -  The Deadly Industry of Psychiatry - La Industria Mortal de La Psiquiatría - Main File


 -  The Deliberate Trashing of Earth's EcoSystem - GMOs Are Killing the Bees, Butterflies, Birds and...?


 -  The Denaturing of Nature



 -  The Downfall of Science and The Rise of Intellectual Tyranny


 -  The DuPont Bloodline - from "13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati"


 -  The Dystopian Lake Filled by the World's Tech Lust


 -  The Fight For Health Freedom - Why Focus on Health Freedom? Because Our Future is Worth Protecting


 -  The Health Conspiracy - from "The Atlantean Conspiracy - Exposing the Illuminati from Atlantis to 2012"


 -  The Larger the City You Live in, the More Magnetic Particles enter your Brain


 -  The Mass Poisoning of Humanity - An Exploration of Human Stupidity


 -  The Myth of Nuclear 'Waste'



 -  The Pacific Ocean - A Radioactive Garbage Dump



 -  The Plot to Keep You Sick


 -  The Role of Aluminum in Changing Human Biology to Accept the Ionized Atmosphere we Live In


 -  The Scam of The Zika Virus


 -  These 10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy


 -  These 'Big 6' Chemical Companies Now Make 50,000 Different Pesticides


 -  The Trio of Herbicides Which Are Poisoning Us, Our Food and Our Environment


 -  The Truth About Tamiflu - Has The U.S. Wasted $1.5 billion on An Ineffective Drug?

 -  The Ubiquitous Triclosan - A Common Antibacterial Agent Exposed


 -  The Unhealthy-Deadly Foods' Industry - Main File


 -  The World's Largest Human Experiment - Monsanto's Glyphosate-Based Roundup Herbicide


 -  They Profit, We Die - Toxic Agriculture and the Poisoning of Soils, Human Health and the Environment


 -  Total Health Tyranny - The Year's Biggest Story No One is Talking About


 -  Toxic Tar Sands - Scientists Document Spread of Pollution, Water Contamination, Effects on Fish


 -  The Carlyle Group - Main File


 -  Threats to Your Water Supply Abound - The Devastating Impact of Fertilizers, Fracking, and Water-Hungry...


 -  Time-bombing the Future - Synthetics Created in the 20th Century


 -  Top Ten Ways Humanity is Being Murdered in The Name of 'Evidence-Based Science'


 -  Twelve Unsustainable Things That Will Soon Come to A Disastrous End on Our Planet


 -  Unethical Corporations - The Manipulation of our Associative Memory


 -  United Nations calls for Worldwide Treaty to Phase Out Pesticides and Transition to Sustainable Farming


 -  Un Terrible Estudio Ecológico que Pone los Pelos de Punta


 -  Untested Nanoparticles Showing Up in Thousands of Consumer Products


 -  USDA Ignores Pesticide Ravaging Bee Population and Threatening Global Environment


 -  U.S. Military is a Bigger Polluter than as many as 140 Countries - Shrinking this 'War Machine' is a Must


 -  U.S. Military World's Largest Polluter - Hundreds of Bases Gravely Contaminated


 -  Usted es Un Conejillo de Indias


 -  Various 'Thought Provoking Images' Show what Humans are Really Doing to the Planet


 -  Viruses - An Instrument in World Depopulation - Main File


 -  Virus Zika - ¿Otra Estafa Gigantesca?


 -  War Over Monsanto Gets Ugly - Birth Defects, Superweeds and The Science of Intimidation


 -  Waste Only - How the Plastics Industry is Fighting to Keep Polluting the World


 -  'What Are The Bees Telling Us?' - Industry's War on Nature


 -  What Is Geoengineering?


 -  What Really Happens When You Take Antibiotics?


 -  What's to Blame for Our Dying Planet?


 -  What's With All the Fracking?


 -  What The USDA Doesn't Want You to Know About Antibiotics and Factory Farms


 -  Where have All our Insects Gone?

 -  Why are Autoimmune Diseases on the Rise?


 -  Why is Glyphosate Sprayed on Crops Right Before Harvest?


 -  Why is Our Society so Sick?


 -  Windows-Microsoft-Bill Gates - Main File



 -  You Are a Guinea Pig


 -  You Really Can Protect Yourself Against Electromagnetic Radiation - It's True and Here's How


 -  You Won't Believe How Much Pesticide You're Eating Every Day - So How can GM Crops be Deemed...


 -  Zika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area where GM Mosquitoes were Released in 2015


 -  Zika - The CDC is the Medical CIA


Additional Information


 -  2009 Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers' (NPDS) - 27th Annual Report


 -  21st Century Inquisition - Codex Alimentarius


 -  Abstract Book - Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry US 34th Annual Meeting


 -  Aclaraciones Sobre el 'Codex Alimentarius' y La Directiva Sobre Medicina Herbal Tradicional

 -  A Diverse Suite of Pharmaceuticals Contaminates Stream and Riparian Food webs


 -  Adverse Effects of Adjuvants in Vaccines



 -  AIDS - Man-Made - Main File



 -  AIDS Vaccines Stop Working After a Few Months - Shocked Researchers Discover


 -  Air Fresheners Can Trigger Allergies, Asthma


 -  Americans Exposed to Atomic Bomb Levels of Radiation Through Medical Imaging, CT Scans, Mammo...


 -  Artificial Chemical Sweeteners - Grocery Warning


 -  Atmospheric 'Phenomena'? - Main File


 -  Big Brother to Track Your Medication Compliance With Electronic Transmitters in Pills


 -  Biochip Implants - Main File


 -  Blinded by Science


 -  Breakthrough Documentary "House of Numbers" Challenges Conventional Thinking on HIV-AIDS


 -  Cancer 'Is Purely Man-Made' Say Scientists After Finding Almost No Trace of Disease in Egyptian Mummies


 -  Can Hazardous Waste Be Safely Removed For Our Bodies?


 -  Chemical Contaminants and Human Disease - A Summary of Evidence

 -  Chemical Emissions from Residential Dryer Vents During Use of Fragranced Laundry Products


 -  Cientos de Productos de Hierbas Medicinales a Ser Prohibidas en La Unión Europea a Principios de 2011


 -  Codex Alimentarius Commission - A Threat to Humankind


 -  Codex Alimentarius Commission - Report of The Thirtieth Session - Rome, 2-7 July 2007 - Official Report


 -  Congressman Waxman Sneaks Anti-Vitamin Amendment Into Wall Street Reform Bill - Health Freedom...


 -  Cuatro Señales que Vivimos en una Sociedad Profundamente Enferma


 -  Dead Birds Fall From Sky in Sweden - Millions of Dead Fish Found in Maryland, Brazil, New Zealand


 -  Deforestación en Perú - La Búsqueda de Oro Devasta la Selva

 -  Determination of Glyphosate in Groundwater Samples


 -  Diapathics of a Resurrection - Collective Action Against euthaNAZIa Doctors on An Intensive Care Unit


 -  Diapática de Una Resurrección - Acción Colectiva Contra Médicos eutaNAZIs en Una Unidad de Cuidados...


 -  Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs - Book Review by Dr. Harvey Bigelsen M.D


 -  Dr. Rife and The Death of The Cancer Industry


 -  Electromagnetic Field Intolerance - An Epidemic in The Making


 -  El Gran Rearme Planetario


 -  El Instrumento Del Hambre y El Control de La Población - Bunge & Born Hirsch, Cartel Global de Los...


 -  El Objetivo De Los Venenos Es La Mente De Nuestros Hijos - Colores de Los Alimentos Culpables del...


 -  El Papel que Juegan las Toxinas en el Avance Espiritual



 -  El Problema Medio-ambiental del Papel Higiénico - Y qué Utilizar en Su Lugar


 -  Emergencia Mundial Por Las Abejas - Actúen Ahora!



 -  Emergenza Mondiale Per Le Api - Agite adesso!



 -  'Estamos Salvados' - Semillas Transgénicas



 - ¿Estará La Integridad de La Raza Humana Acercándose al Colapso? - Mujeres, Antes de Embarazarse...


 -  Estas son las 10 Principales Causas de Muerte en el Mundo

 -  Ethical Issues in Human Enhancement


 -  Fluoride and The Future - Population Level Cognitive Enhancement


 -  Flying on Drugs


 - ‘Flying Syringe' Mosquitoes Get Bill Gates Funding



 -  Four Signs we Live in a Profoundly Sick Society

 -  Fragranced Consumer Products - Chemicals Emitted, Ingredients Unlisted


 -  Genetics Research - A Largely Failed Science Now Used for Social Control?


 -  Global Bee Emergency - Act Now!



 - ‘Global Warming' is Killing Us - And It's Designed To



 -  H1N1 Vaccine Liquidation Sale Now On - Hurry While Supplies Last!


 -  Harvest of Fear



 -  Hidden History of Organized Medicine Revealed in Investigative Report


 -  History, Background and Status of Labeling of Irradiated Foods - Fact Sheet


 -  How We Are All Eating Questionable Nanotechnology


 -  Huge Fines for Refusing to Buy Health Insurance - Americans Threatened With Jail Time


 -  Hundreds of Herbal Products to Be Outlawed Across EU in Early 2011


 -  Incense Use now Officially Linked to Cardiovascular Death


 -  Influenza - Virus H1N1 - Unintentional Contamination or Bioterrorism? - Main File


 -  Is The Genetic Integrity of The Human Race Approaching a Collapse? - Women: Before Getting Pregnant...


 -  Jane Burgermeister - El Interrogatorio KAFKIANO en La Corte de Viena - ¿Está Baxter Detrás de Esto?


 -  Judge Strikes Fear Into Biotech Industry With Nullification of Patents on Human Genes BRCA1


 -  La Ciencia del "Agua de La Vida" de Ayham Doyuk


 -  Lack of Security at Labs Handling World's Deadliest Pathogens Could Lead to Epic Pandemic


 -  La Commissione del Codex Alimentarius - Una Minaccia per l'Umanità


 -  La Farmafia! - La Psicopatía del Sistema Sanitario


 -  La Importante Razón por la cual las Abejas de Cuba son las Más Sanas del Mundo


 -  La Medicina Moderna Ha Tradito il Pubblico - Accecati Dalla Scienza


 -  La Medicina Moderna Ha Traicionado al Público - Cegados por La Ciencia


 -  Las 15 Mayores Mentiras que le Cuentan a Usted sobre la Salud y la Medicina Oficial


 -  Las Puertas de La Percepción - ¿Por Qué Los Norteamericanos Creen Casi Cualquier Cosa?


 -  La Storia Nascosta della Medicina Organizzata Rivelata in un Rapporto Investigativo


 -  Longer Life Expectancy? Are We Paying The Price For Longer Lives?


 -  Lo Que Los "Escépticos" Realmente Creen Acerca de Las Vacunas, La Medicina, La Conciencia y El...


 -  Los Ambientadores Pueden Causar Alergias y Asma


 -  Los Bloqueadores Solares al Descubierto - 9 Sorprendentes Verdades


 -  Los Médicos Son la Tercera Causa de Muerte en Los EE.UU. - Causan 250.000 Muertes Por Año

 -  Magnetite Pollution Nanoparticles in the Human Brain

 -  Marine Litter Distribution and Density in European Seas, from the Shelves to Deep Basins


 -  Medical Authorities Attack Natural Medicine in Cyprus!



 -  Micro-Organisms... They "Built" Us - Avatar The Movie, Morgellons and The Global Warming Controversy

 -  Microplastic Contamination in an Urban Area - A case of greater Paris


 -  Mining the Heart of the Mother of God - Peru's Gold Rush Claims More Forest


 -  Modern Medicine Had Betrayed The Public - Blinded by Science

 -  Mortality and Morbidity Trends - Is There Compression of Morbidity


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 -  Nanotechnology - Main File


 -  Nanotechnology, Terraforming, Transhumanism, and You...


 -  Nanotecnología, Terraformación, Transhumanismo y Usted...


 -  New Model Predicts Human Health Risks From Over 80,000 Chemicals


 - ¿Nos Estamos Medicando sin Saberlo?


 -  Oxford Professor Calls for Drugging Water Supply


 -  Pandemic Charges Filed With FBI in NYC - Len Horowitz


 -  Perfluoroalkyl Substances and Changes in Body Weight and resting Metabolic Rate in response to Weight...

 -  Perfluorooctanoic Acid, Perfluorooctanesulfonate, and Serum Lipids in Children and Adolescents

 -  Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility Discharges can substantially Increase the Pharmaceutical load to...


 -  Plutonium May Enhance Human Health - Junk Science Update


 -  Potassium Deficiency Scam Kills and Maims Millions


 -  Proliferation Warnings on Nuclear 'Wonder-Fuel', Thorium


 -  Protect Your Family From The Hidden Hazards in Air Fresheners


 -  Seasonal Flu Vaccines Increase Risk of Pandemic H1N1 Flu - Stunned Scientists Discover


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 -  Silver Hydrosol "Nanotechnology" Attacked - NanoScam Earns Mega-Profits - Environmental Groups...

 -  Surge in Insect Resistance to Transgenic Crops and Prospects for Sustainability


 -  Surgical Ovary Removal Leads to Cognitive Decline


 -  Synthetic Life - Robotoids, Parasites and Artificial Humans - Main File


 -  Terminal Madness of The 'Endtime'


 -  The Action of Fertilizers - Use of Chemical Fertilizers Accelerate the Domination of The World's Grain...


 -  The Age of Treason - 1958 Book Exposes Chemical Attack on Humanity


 -  The AMA's Charge on The Light Brigade - from "Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries"


 -  The AUM Supreme Truth Sect - AUM Shinrikyo - Main File


 -  The CDC Votes in Favor of A Flu Vaccination Assault on Americans' Health


 -  The Government War on Raw Milk is An Attack Against Food Freedom


 -  The History of The "Business With Disease"


 -  The Impact of Exposure to Air Pollution on Cognitive Performance

 -  The Link Between Mushrooms, Bees, and Mass Extinction


 -  The Most Mysterious Diseases Known To Man Are Not So Mysterious At All


 -  The Palliative Machine - Medical Monopoly Under the Corporation-State


 -  The Role of Toxins in Spiritual Advancement


 -  The Specter of Biological Weapons


 -  The Use of Nanomaterials in Consumer Products



 -  The Wolves of Psycho Street - America's Economic Enslavement by the Psychopathic Corporate Elite


 -  The World's Rivers Are In a State of Crisis of Ominous Proportions


 -  Thousands of Americans Died From H1N1 Even After Receiving Vaccine Shots


 -  Time to Do More Than Worry - Impact of The Nuclear Disaster


 -  Toxic Waste Behind Somali Pirates - Top 25 Censored Stories for 2010


 -  Unholy Grail - The Quest for Genetic Weapons


 -  Vaccine Adverse Reactions Incidence - EMEA Document Reveals That Were Very Common in...


 -  Vaccine Revolt! - Swine Flu Vaccine Support Crumbles as Flimsy Rationale for H1N1 Shots Becomes...


 -  Vacunas de La Gripe Estacional Incrementan el Riesgo de La Gripe Pandémica H1N1 - Asombrados...


 -  Weather War - Main File


 -  What "Skeptics" Really Believe About Vaccines, Medicine, Consciousness and The Universe


 -  What Vitamins to Take - Stop Throwing Your Money Away



 -  Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine Is Wrong



Bisphenol A - BPA



 -  Are Bisphenol A (BPA) Plastic Products Safe?


 -  Bisphenol-S Disrupts Estradiol-Induced Nongenomic Signaling in A Rat Pituitary Cell Line


 -  BPA in Food Packaging - FDA to Decide by March 31


 -  BPA in Toilet Paper, Canned Soup… - Is Anything Safe Anymore?


 -  BPA Levels in Humans Far Higher Than Previously Thought



 -  Despite FDA Concern, American Chemistry Council Insists "Bisphenol A" is Safe for Everyone


 -  How Canned Foods Are Poisoning Us



Industry Corruption - FDA, WHO, etc.



 -  Bioterrorism - WHO and What is The Threat?


 -  Corruption at FDA - Certified FDA Letter to The President - April 2, 2009 - FDA's Official Recognition


 -  Ending Vaccination Humanicide - Medicine Corrupted



 -  The 5 Most Blatantly Corrupt Industries in The World - And What You Can Do About It


 -  The 5 Most Surprisingly Corrupt Industries in The World - And What You Can Do About It


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 -  Systemic Corruption and Wrongdoing Permeates All Levels of FDA


 -  World Health Organization (WHO) 'Taking Cash Handouts from Coca-Cola to Plug Black Holes in Budget'


 -  Zika - The CDC is the Medical CIA


Medical and Industry's Human Experimentation - Experimentación Humana Médica e Industrial


 -  A Current US Program of Involuntary Human Experimentation


 -  Amish Girl being Forced into Experimental Chemotherapy Taken Out of U.S. and Recovers with Natural...


 -  Are We All Just Human Lab Rats in A Medical Experiment? - Government Collusion In Human Medical...


 -  Chemtrails, Cover-ups and Human Experiments



 -  Cómo los Gobiernos siguen Experimentando con sus Ciudadanos


 -  Experimentos Médicos en Seres Humanos en Los Estados Unidos - Impactante Historia de La Medicina...


 -  Guatemalan Sexually Transmitted Disease Medical Experiments - Were Just One Crime in A Long History...


 -  Human Experiments - Nonconsensual Medical Experiments on Human Beings


 -  Human Medical Experimentation in The United States - The Shocking True History of Modern Medicine and...

 -  Human Subjects Research - Radiation Experimentation   - Hearing before the Committee on Labor and...


 -  Investigation Panel Concludes U.S. Government Conspired With Doctors to Commit Murderous Medical...


 -  Operación Sea-Spray - El Experimento Bacteriológico Secreto realizado sobre San Francisco en 1950


 -  Replication of Milgram's Shocking Experiments Proves 70 Percent of People Will Torture Others if Ordered


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 -  Here's What Scientists Don't Want You to See - The Dark Side of "Science"




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 -  Efectos Sobre La Salud por Radiación de Microondas - Hornos de Microondas


 -  El Agua Calentada en el Microondas Mata las Plantas - Un Experimento


 -  Health Effects of Microwave Radiation - Microwave Ovens


 -  If You Don't Mind Cancer Causing Radiation Passing Through Your Food, Keep Using a Microwave


 -  La Ciencia Arroja Luz del Porqué Calentar sus Alimentos con Radiación de Microondas Puede Ser una...


 -  Los Peligros Ocultos de Cocinar con Microondas


 -  Microwave Cooking - Cancer for Convenience?


 -  Microwaved


 -  Microwave Dangers - Why You Should Not Use a Microwave


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 -  Rusia Prohibió el Uso de los Hornos de Microondas - 1976-1992


 -  Russia Banned the Use of Microwave Ovens - 1976-1992


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 -  The Hidden Hazards of Microwave Cooking


 -  The Dangerous Truth Behind Microwaves - Updated


 -  Why Cooking With a Microwave Destroys Cancer-Fighting Nutrients in Food and Promotes Nutritional...


"Saving" Energy Bulbs



 -  Dirty Electricity - Stealth Trigger of Disease Epidemics and Lowered Life Expectancy


 -  Energy Saving Bulbs 'Release Cancer Causing Chemicals'


 -  Energy Saving Light Bulbs 'Contain Cancer Causing Chemicals'


 -  Energy Saving Light Bulbs 'Could Trigger Breast Cancer'


 -  Government Bans 75-Watt Bulbs - Replaces with Mercury-Leaking 'Efficient' Bulbs


 -  Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits for Your Home


 -  How LED Lighting May Compromise Your Health


 -  LEDs have Damaging Health Effects - French Assessment Says


 -  Return of Incandescent Light Bulbs as MIT Makes them More Efficient than LEDs






 -  La Mentira de las Bombillas de Bajo Consumo

 -  Rays of Rash - Toxic Light Bulb Investigation

 -  The Dangers of LED Lightbulbs - Dr. Mercola and Dr. Wunsch Interview


The FDA - Food and Drug Administration



 -  Federal Inspectors Again Dismiss Scientists' Claims They Were Pressured Into Approving Scans


 -  Recalled Children's Tylenol Products Were Knowingly Contaminated - Says FDA


 -  FDA Accused of Mass Homicide of One Million Americans Each Decade


 -  FDA Attacks Alternative Clinics - Cancer Patients' Lives Threatened


 -  FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg Pushing to Eliminate Conflict of Interest Laws - Would Allow...


 -  FDA Defeated in Federal Court Over Censorship of Truthful Health Claims


 -  FDA Deliberately Deceiving Americans Over Arsenic in Rice, Chicken and Other Foods - Contamination...


 -  FDA Dupes Interpol to Achieve Illegal Kidnapping and Deportation of Herbal Formulator Greg Caton


 -  FDA Running Extortion Racket - Natural Supplement Companies Threatened With Arrest If They Don't...


 -  FDA's New Claim: "Your Body Is a Drug - and We Have the Authority to Regulate It!"


 -  FDA Stealth-CODEX 2012 Bans Vitamins - Can Cause Disease and Mega-Death


 -  FDA Sued Over Lack of Nanotechnology Oversight Labels


 -  FDA Warns Against Disease-Killing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


 -  Former Monsanto VP Attaining Top Position at The FDA - Sign The Petition to Stop It


 -  Harvard Says FDA 'Cannot Be Trusted' - New Paper Slams Agency


 -  Hidden in Plain View - FDA-Approved Drugs Kill A Million Americans per Decade!

 -  Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals and the Myth of Safe and Effective Drugs


 -  La FDA Advierte en Contra de La Terapia de Oxígeno Hiperbárico


 -  La FDA Deliberadamente Engaña a Estadounidenses Sobre Arsénico en Arroz, Pollo y Otros Alimentos


 -  La FDA está Matando Nuestras Libertades y Destruyendo Nuestra Salud


 -  Major Drug Research Company Faked Thousands of Documents to Get Drugs Approved - FDA Says...


 -  Nueva Reivindicación de La FDA: "Tu Cuerpo es Una Droga y Nosotros Tenemos La Autoridad de Regularlo"


 -  Risky Drugs - Why The FDA Cannot Be Trusted


 -  S. 510 Food Safety Bill is Still Alive and May Unleash a New Army of FDA Agents


 -  The FDA Fights Natural Foods - Support The Free Speech About Science Act and Restore Freedom of...


 -  The FDA - from "Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries"


 -  The FDA Has Killed Far More People Than Contaminated Eggs or Lettuce - Senate Bill 510 Food Safety?


 -  The FDA is Killing Our Freedoms and Destroying Our Health


 -  Using Oxygen to Recover and Wipe Out All Disease - Suppressed Therapy in the U.S.






 -  Inside The FDA - The Business and Politics Behind the Drugs We Take and the... - by Fran Hawthorne






 -  War on Health - Gary Null's Documentary Exposing The FDA




 -  Death by Medicine - by Gary Null, Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman, Debora Rasio, Dorothy Smith


 -  El Libro Negro de Las Marcas - El Lado Oscuro de las Empresas Globales - por Klaus Werner y H. Weiss


 -  El Milagroso Suplemento Mineral del Siglo 21 - por Jim V. Humble


 -  Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola - Nature Accident or Intentional? - by Leonard G. Horowitz


 -  Las Raices Nazis de La "UE de Bruselas" - por Paul Anthony Taylor, Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, Mm Rath y...

 -  Murder by Injection - The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America - by Eustace Mullins

 -  Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About - by Kevin Trudeau

 -  Seeds of Deception - Exposing Industry and Government Lies About Safety of Genetically... - by J.M. Smith

 -  The Corporation - The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power - by Joel Bakan

 -  The Medical Mafia - How to Get Out of It and Take Back Our Health and Wealth - by G. Saint-Pierre Lanctôt

 -  The Medical Terror of Vaccinations - Cry of The Heart - Stop Hurting The Children - by Mark Sircus

 -  The Miracle Mineral Supplement of The 21st Century - by Jim V. Humble

 -  The Nazi Roots of The "Brussels EU" - by Paul Anthony Taylor, Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, Matthias Rath...

 -  The OneMinute Cure - The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases - by Madison Cavanaugh

 -  World Without Cancer - The Story of Vitamin B17 - by G. Edward Griffin




 -  An Unholy Alliance - Dealing With The Demon


 -  Autism Made in The USA


 -  Bayer's Trasylol Cover-Up - 1,000 Lives Per Month


 -  Centinelas de La Vida - Documental Sobre La SQM


 -  Childhood Under Siege - How Big Business Targets Children


 -  Codex Alimentarius- Lecture by Ian R. Crane


 -  Collapse - A Documentary by Michael Ruppert


 -  El Fin del Letargo


 -  Elite Undeniably Engaged in Poisoning The Masses - Slow Kill Holocaust

 -  GasLand - La Película


 -  GasLand - The Movie


 -  Graveyards of Trash in Ocean Ridges and Canyons


 -  La Conspiración Médica - Desde La Sombra


 -  La Cospirazione Medica - Desde La Sombra


 -  La Historia Secreta de La Obsolescencia Programada - El Motor de Nuestra Sociedad de Consumo

 -  Luz Tóxica - El Lado Oscuro de Las Bombillas de Bajo Consumo

 -  Manufacturing Ignorance

 -  Nutricide - Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs


 -  Obsolescenza Programmata - Il Motore Segreto Della Nostra Società di Consumo

 -  Océanos de Plástico - El Basurero de La Humanidad


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 -  Operación Pandemia


 -  Pharmaburger - Food Investigations


 -  Plastic Planet


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 -  Real Life Avatar


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 -  'The Corporation' - Instituciones o Psicópatas


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 -  The Story of Cosmetics - 2010


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