by Mike Adams

the Health Ranger

April 08, 2010
from NaturalNews Website

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I remember the H1N1 "swine flu" season of 2009 very well.


People were rushing out to get vaccinated, scared half to death by the mainstream media which was pushing false reports that the swine flu would kill tens of millions of people and that only a vaccine could save you. The CDC and health authorities were pushing a double-barreled vaccine strategy that demanded people get both a seasonal flu shot as well as an H1N1 pandemic flu shot.


Those who questioned the sensibility of vaccines for fighting the flu were attacked as "baby killers" for not kow-towing to the vaccine mythology that drives Big Pharma's profits to record profits nearly every flu season.

I specifically remember writing an article here on NaturalNews, warning people that taking a seasonal flu shot actually weakened your immune system and made you more susceptible to H1N1 swine flu. This suggestion earned me a highly accusatory email from a CDC employee who suggested that warning people to avoid the swine flu vaccine shot was equivalent to "an act of terrorism" and that all those who questioned vaccines should be arrested and stopped from writing anything on the internet ever again.

(Hilarious, isn't it, how deeply the vaccine mythology drives these vaccine-pushing nut jobs?)

Fast forward six months (or so) and now we have a new scientific paper published in one of the few remaining honest, independent medical journals out there:

BLoS Medicine.

The title of this study?


Check it out:

Does Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Increase the Risk of Illness with the 2009 A/H1N1 Pandemic Virus?

Viboud C, Simonsen L (2010) Does Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Increase the Risk of Illness with the 2009 A/H1N1 Pandemic Virus? PLoS Med 7(4): e1000259.doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1000259

Care to guess what the study found?


In short, it found that people who received the seasonal flu vaccine shot in 2008 were up to 274% more likely to be infected by H1N1 swine flu than those who skipped the season flu shots.


Season flu vaccines have a "counterproductive effect"

This result, which virtually all the top natural health writers openly predicted last year, apparently stunned the researchers.


As explained in the published study,

"Danuta Skowronski and colleagues report the unexpected results of a series of Canadian epidemiological studies suggesting a counterproductive effect of the vaccine."

In this case, "counterproductive effect" of the vaccine means that it works against you. Getting the vaccine shot appears to actually make you MORE susceptible to being infected with (and potentially killed by) a future pandemic.

If this sounds familiar, it's because we've been saying this over and over again to anyone who will listen: Flu vaccines are a medical scam, folks! A Big Pharma hoax. Getting a vaccine shot could actually result in you being killed by the next seasonal flu or pandemic outbreak that comes along.


I even wrote this into the lyrics of my hip-hop song Don't Inject Me.



Criminal neglect at the CDC and WHO?

So it turns out the CDC, WHO and FDA officials who all pushed these vaccines so hard were actually sending people to their graves.


Meanwhile, they all engaged in what I consider to be blatant criminal neglect for not mentioning the simple, free solution for preventing virtually any widespread pandemic:

  • Vitamin D and

  • sunlight therapy

Vitamin D, we now know, works better than vaccines at preventing a flu infection, and the best part is that it makes your immune system stronger for the future, not weaker.

According to the CDC's official figures, well over ten thousand Americans died from swine flu infections. How many of those people could have been saved if they had taken vitamin D supplements instead of a seasonal flu shot? That is the question that now hangs over the heads of all the vaccine pushers at the FDA, WHO and CDC who have yet to admit in a single public story that vitamin D could have saved lives (or that the vaccine might be harmful to anyone).

To hear these agents of Big Pharma say it, vaccines are always good for you; they always work; and they never cause harm.


Those are the beliefs of their vaccine cult, and they cannot be swayed by scientific evidence or actual reality.


What the new study actually says

The preamble to the study's findings:

The spring 2009 pandemic wave was the perfect opportunity to address the association between seasonal trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine (TIV) and risk of pandemic illness.


In this issue of PLoS Medicine, Danuta Skowronski and colleagues report the unexpected results of a series of Canadian epidemiological studies suggesting a counterproductive effect of the vaccine [4]. The findings are based on Canada's unique near-real-time sentinel system for monitoring influenza vaccine effectiveness.

And here's the real kicker of what they found:

"...receipt of TIV [vaccine] in the previous season (autumn 2008) appeared to increase the risk of pH1N1 illness by 1.03- to 2.74-fold, even after adjustment for comorbidities, age, and geography."

In other words, those who were vaccinated with the previous seasonal flu were 103% to 274% more likely to be infected with H1N1 than those who skipped the vaccine.

And this analysis only measured the effects from one year of seasonal flu vaccines. What might the results show if they tracked consumers' vaccination patterns over the last decade?

I have no doubt that those who rejected vaccines for the greatest number of years would have the lowest rates of H1N1 infections.


At the same time, those who received the greatest number of vaccine shots over the last decade would be far more likely to be infected with the H1N1 pandemic flu - perhaps as much as 500% more likely (my guess).


It's all about repeat business

Let me explain the dirty little secret of the vaccine business, because it's exactly the same dirty little secret as the pharmaceutical business:

They actually WANT you to get sick so that you keep coming back for more drugs (which make you even sicker).

See, a vaccine actually weakens your immune system from future infections.


So the more vaccines you get, the more likely you are to catch the flu in subsequent years. The more you catch the flu, the more you automatically think, "Gee, I must need a flu shot" and you therefore go back to get another shot.

(Ka-Ching $!) Big Pharma scores revenue from you and sends you back out into the world with a weakened immune system yet again, perfectly positioned for endlessly repeating this cycle.

Big Pharma's high-profit medications follow the same strategy:

...and so on.

What the drug companies have figured out is that a patient cured is a patient lost.


But a patient in which sickness can be induced by the medicine is a repeat customer! So vaccines, medications and cancer treatments actually become profit centers as they harm hundreds of millions of people who then seek out yet more medical care where they will be prescribed yet more drugs.

The whole medical cycle is absurdly sick, and yet this is the system upon which the entire system of western health care is currently based.


The recent health care "reforms," in fact, are nothing more than an expansion of this system to make sure everybody gets sick rather than just those who can afford to buy health insurance.


How to escape the dark agenda of the vaccine pushers

The vaccine pushers have a clear agenda: They want to inject everyone - pregnant mothers, infants, teenage girls and boys, senior citizens and even healthy adults - with vaccines. In doing so, they can absolutely guarantee a windfall of future business (and profits) from all the people whose immune systems are compromised.

A vaccine is a repeat business generator for the drug companies. It has absolutely nothing to do with your health, or saving the people, or halting any pandemic. It has everything to do with trapping the public in a cycle of medical dependence from which they can never escape.

But YOU can escape. It's easy: Just say NO to vaccines and say YES to Vitamin D and sunlight.


It's really that simple, and the same goes for your children, too. When you have vitamin D and good nutrition, you don't need vaccines and you're extremely unlikely to catch any seasonal flu.

Don't expect the CDC or WHO to leap right out and admit this, however: These people are still living in the Dark Ages of medicine. They have yet to see the (sun) light. They remain shackled to their distorted, dark beliefs in dangerous chemicals and needles, much like the Orcs were beholden to the Dark Lord Sauron in The Lord of the Rings.


They are, in a very real way, creatures of deception and darkness who only seek to gain power by depriving the People access to information that could save their lives - information about nutrients, sunlight, antioxidants, anti-viral herbs and many other remedies that make flu vaccines obsolete.

The Dark Lord Sauron, however, is very powerful, as is the CDC, WHO and FDA. They rule with intolerance for opposing views and without any regard for the value of human life.


They censor scientific findings and conspire with the enemy drug companies to medicate everyone whether they need it or not. They invoke power through the spread of fear, and they take great solace in their power to dominate innocents. And yet they insist their vaccine cult is the one true belief - their God - and that anyone who dares step forward and question their vaccine mythology is a heretic who should be arrested or destroyed.

We are actually living out The Lord of the Rings right now in western medicine and the modern vaccine agenda.


The clouds are roiling over the horizon, threatening to shadow us all in censorship and health ignorance. Meanwhile, we are being stripped of our healthy minds and immune systems through these highly neurotoxic medications and vaccines that make us less and less human with each passing day.


It's almost as if the Dark Lord were expanding his own army of dark creatures by destroying the minds of innocents and reshaping them to fit his own medical domination agenda. Coincidentally, it is quite true that those are have already been vaccinated are the most likely to be vaccinated again... perhaps because the vaccine-induced brain damage has kicked in and destroyed their ability to think for themselves.

What the Dark Lords of western medicine fear the most is the truth:

  • The truth about sunlight.

  • The truth about vitamin D.

  • The truth about nutrition and how natural medicine makes virtually everything in conventional medicine obsolete.

  • The truth, in fact, is what will ultimately destroy this conspiracy of medical darkness that has blanketed our world in darkness for the last century.

But there is light at the end of this tunnel, and it's sunlight!

Because as long as there are people who are willing to say NO to vaccines and medications, there will always be hope for a revolution in healing that sees the crumbling of the pharmaceutical empire and the rise of a new era of healing freedom.

Teach your children well, friends, because they will need their minds sharp and their bodies fit to rise up against the medical tyranny that now enslaves our fellow brothers and sisters. Teach your children the meaning of freedom and the skills of discernment so that they may tell the difference between tyranny versus freedom.


And most of all, teach them the truth about their miraculous innate healing potential so that they will not be cowed into submitting to the tyrants of conventional medicine who prey upon weak minds.

Most importantly, feed your children well so that they will survive the next great pandemic that quietly steals the lives of those who foolishly believed in vaccines. In this way, your healthy children will inherit the earth while those who misplaced their faith by worshipping the Gods of vaccines and pharmaceuticals will quite literally perish.

We live and die by our beliefs, and those who believe in vaccines may very well die by them.


For the record, I have not been vaccinated for nearly 20 years and I take no pharmaceuticals whatsoever.


I travel around the world frequently, and I'm on airplanes and in crowded public places on a regular basis. I can't even remember the last time I lost a single day sick in bed from any flu, pandemic or infection of any kind. I am not afraid of the swine flu and have almost certainly already been exposed to it, although I would never know because I never showed any symptoms.


I truly and honestly believe that the next great pandemic, whenever it comes, will demonstrate a devastating mortality rate for those who depend on western medicine's vaccines and pharmaceuticals.


Mark my words: The survivors will be those who rejected the vaccines.


Will you be one of them?