by Mike Adams

the Health Ranger

August 03, 2010

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The future of human life on earth belongs solely to those who can protect the integrity of their genetic code.

It only makes sense, right?

And yet most humans are damaging their DNA with toxic chemicals and medical imaging radiation.
The result?

A coming genetic catastrophe that virtually no one is yet talking about.

The day will soon come that informed women will refuse to date, marry or have children with men who follow poor nutritional habits.

"You eat junk foods? Put your pants back on and get out!"

You see, scientific evidence is mounting on the relationship between food choice and genetic integrity.


Men who eat a lot of processed meats, fast foods and junk foods have low sperm quality. But it's more than just an infertility question... it's also a question of the transgenerational genetic integrity of his offspring.

A man who pursues an unhealthy diet, it turns out, not only increases the risk of numerous diseases in his direct offspring (cancer, diabetes, infertility, etc.), he also increases that risk for multiple generations of offspring.

This was recently demonstrates in a laboratory study conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center and presented at the American Association for Cancer Research, which showed that cancer risk attributable to the junk food fed to parent rats was passed through two generations even if the direct offspring ate a healthy diet.

In other words, for all you women out there, if you choose to have children with a man who's eating junk foods, not only will your children have an increased risk of disease, but their children will, too! And that's true even if your children follow a healthy lifestyle!

Now sure, if you're not concerned about your family line, then just mate with anybody who can produce sperm - and there are a lot of those to choose from.


But two, three or four generations from now, the sperm that you chose to combine with your own eggs may turn out to be a ticking genetic time bomb that ends your family line forever through DNA mutations leading to disease and infertility.


The genopocalypse

I call this coming wave of global infertility the "genopocalypse," which of course means the "genetic apocalypse." This is all explained in a video I recently posted on NaturalNews.TV which you can view far below.


The genetic integrity of the human race is collapsing due to exposure to DNA-altering toxic chemicals in foods, medicines, household products and personal care products.


The cumulative toxic burden in first-world citizens has now reached such a high level of toxicity that genetic integrity may no longer be guaranteed from one generation to the next. Infertility rates are skyrocketing, and even when babies are born through infertility intervention clinics, they suffer far higher rates of genetic mutations and abnormalities than babies conceived naturally.

We are now watching the genetic migration of the human race. It is slowly transitioning to a race of infertile mutants who express very high rates of diseases like cancer and health conditions like infertility. No one knows whether genetic integrity can be recovered once it compromised. The very nature of gene inheritance leaves that doubtful.

The upshot of all this is that people who want a family future must be careful to choose healthy reproductive partners.


Beyond the quality of the person you are deciding to have children with, you need to consider the quality of their eggs and sperm.


Watch out for damaged eggs

So far, we've talked about how women need to watch out for damaged sperm.


But the good news for men is that sperm regenerates every few days, so by simply changing your diet right now, you can begin to produce healthier sperm a few days later. Switching to a healthy diet for 3-6 months can result in radically improved sperm quality.

But even this has its limits:

The upper limit of male sperm viability is still heavily influenced by the diet of his mother during her pregnancy.


The nutritional factors present during the growth of the fetus also strongly influence the lifetime reproductive viability of males.

For women, it's even more serious.


Women, you see, are born with all the eggs they'll ever have in their lives. Those eggs were formed as a fetus, and the health of those eggs is largely determined by the diet of the pregnant mom carrying the female fetus.

So if you're a woman, it is your mom's diet that determined the genetic integrity of the eggs you carry right now. And changing your own diet won't regenerate healthier eggs.

So if you're a man seeking a healthy partner to have children with, you need to ask about not just the diet of your female partner, but also the diet of her mother during that pregnancy.

It's getting tricky, isn't it? There's nothing quite like interrogating your future mother-in-law about her eating habits...

But it gets even more complicated than that.


Irradiated women's eggs

Because women are born with all the eggs they will ever have, any radiation they receive from medical imaging scans or medical treatments will obviously expose those eggs to radiation.

A single CT scan can expose a women to as much as 600 times the radiation of a full chest X-ray. Radiation treatments for cancer are even worse: They can expose a woman's eggs to levels of radiation that can be thousands of times the exposure of a chest X-ray.

This radiation, not surprisingly, causes genetic mutations in a woman's eggs, making them ticking genetic time bombs should they ever meet with a sperm cell and initiate conception.

So men who are seeking children and who know about this will increasingly want to choose female partners who have not been exposed to medical imaging scans or cancer radiotherapy treatments.


Women who undergo a lot of medical imaging, it turns out, may not be such good reproductive partners from a purely genetic point of view.


(Obviously there's a lot more to being good parents than just the integrity of your genetic code, but no one can argue that genetic integrity isn't important for the health of your children.)


The ethics of genetics

Now, I realize this whole discussion is extremely uncomfortable for many people.


It isn't politically correct to talk about women's eggs as being "damaged goods" even if they technically are. And it's not polite to talk about how the sperm count of most men today is lower than that of a rat.


Yet these are the stubborn scientific truths we must now begin to consider as a race that seeks to survive through multiple generations.

The future of human life on earth will, quite obviously, be inherited by those who can protect their genetic code. And that is going to be accomplished only by a relatively small number of couples who combine healthy sperm with healthy eggs while avoiding radiation and toxic chemicals.


Essentially, the future of human life on our planet is going to belong to people who avoid pharmaceuticals and medical imaging, who avoid toxic chemicals in foods and who follow a largely organic lifestyle.

Families that expose themselves to medical imaging scans and toxic chemicals in foods and pharmaceuticals are committing genetic suicide that will play out over subsequent generations. In other words, these people aren't dropping dead right now, but the DNA damage they pass on from one generation to the next will accumulate to the point where infertility ends the family line.

So much for the Joneses. It turns out they killed off their family line by corrupting their own DNA so badly that their daughters can no longer conceive.


So what to do about that? Go get more medical imaging scans to find out what's wrong, of course! (You can see how this gets worse...)

It's worth pointing out that in this article, I'm not saying that women with damaged eggs or men with damaged sperm are bad people. This is not a statement about their morality or their fitness to be good parents. Rather, it's solely about their genetic integrity and how the lack of healthy DNA has very real consequences in the real world.

All this means that vegan men should be heading to the sperm banks to fill up the cryo canisters there. It is the sperm of our healthiest eaters that may hold the key to the future of the human race.

There might even be a science fiction novel to be found in this storyline, come to think of it:

The year is 2065, the human race is dying out, nobody can reproduce, and a scientist sends soldiers through a time machine to 1984 so they can harvest someone's sperm.

It's not exactly "Terminator." More like "Sperminator," but you get the point.

I find it fascinating that the human race is right now saving plant seeds in case of a global apocalypse, but nobody (that I know of, at least) is saving human sperm and eggs for long term disaster storage.

  • Shouldn't we be doing that?

  • Shouldn't we find the healthiest men and women who lead holistic, chemical-free lives and see if they'll donate some of their own seeds for the future of humankind?

This is important because by the time mainstream scientists realize how corrupted human DNA has become, it may be far too late to do anything about it. If the chemical industry has anything to do with it, any evidence revealing such a trend would be buried under a mountain of denials anyway.


Heck, the FDA still approved of aspartame in the food supply!


Choosing mates

See, right now, few adults choose their reproductive partners based on genetic integrity.


A man is far more likely to choose a female mate based on cosmetic factors such as waist-to-hip ratio, clear skin, size and shape of breasts and so on. Women, in turn are far more likely to choose their male counterparts based on his financial resources and the apparent power of the male in his circles of influence. (I'm not making this stuff up, this is what has been discovered by research into the bizarre world of mating...)

Neither men nor women typically consider the nutritional habits of their potential reproductive mates.


In fact, for most potential couples, this is perhaps the furthest thing from their minds.

"Oh baby, you're just so sexy. Please tell me you don't eat Doritos!"

But my point is that as the evidence about the genopocalypse becomes more evident, people will indeed begin to ask this question of their potential mates.


And in time, the question may actually be combined with a genetic integrity test that produces a score much like your credit score. If you don't score high enough on the genetic integrity test, you may have trouble finding partners who are willing to have children with you.

That would be a pretty weird social setting for dating, wouldn't it?

At some point, of course, even governments might get involved and restrict people with low genetic integrity scores from having children. This would set off a whole new era of eugenics and Big Brother intervention in the lives of private citizens.


That's too much to cover in this article, but it's an important discussion to cover at a later date.


Why is no one talking about this?

Speaking of dates, by the way, this article is perhaps 25 years ahead of its time.


Virtually no one in the world today is thinking about these issues. I've never seen this mentioned anywhere in the scientific literature or popular press. This won't become a popular concern for many years... perhaps for many generations. I've been writing about this for a little over a year (or so).

The world is right now blindly headed towards a genetic catastrophe - but only for humans.


Except in rare cases, animals and plants are not facing the levels of toxicity currently being self-induced by humans. The human race is destroying itself, and it is doing so blindly, with virtually no widespread knowledge of the genetic destruction right now being caused by toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, foods and medical imaging procedures.

The truth about widespread infertility will continue to be covered up by the powerful corporations that make money from medical imaging, pharmaceuticals, etc. Heck, they even make money off infertility. So there's really no incentive for anyone in a position of power today to tell you the truth about how Big Business is destroying your genetic future.

That's why you can expect this to be a long-running cover-up story that will go on for decades before the truth of the matter finally becomes evident. And by then, it will likely be too late.

In the mean time, be careful who you mate with.


Check out what's in their refrigerator late at night, and if it's a bunch of processed junk food, you might want to think twice about combining your genetic code with theirs.



The Genopocalypse explained



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