by Elizabeth Renter

September 3, 2012
from ActivistPost Website






Most people have some second or even first-hand experience with cancer.


Whether youíve watched a loved one struggle, or if you are a survivor yourself, you know how difficult the battle can be.

And if youíve gone through it or seen someone go through chemotherapy treatments, you know the poison meant to kill cancer cells can severely weaken the entire body, seemingly destroying healthy cells as well. The treatment can be especially dangerous for children with cancer.

Fortunately, if diagnosed with cancer, we all get a say in how our illness is treated. Right?

Thatís what the Minnesota family of 8-year old
Sarah Parisian thought as doctors tried to force chemotherapy on their young and vibrant child. They were wrong.

Sarah recently had 90 percent of a brain tumor removed and doctors were recommending a year of chemo to kill the rest of the cancer cells. Her family was not convinced. Suffering from nausea, weight and hair loss, sore throat, and sleeping 22 hours a day, they wanted to seek out alternative treatments for their otherwise happy child.

The medical establishment, undermining their rights as parents and accusing them of making decisions detrimental to the childís health, took them to court.

Eventually, an agreement was reached, allowing for Sarahís treatment to combine chemo with alternative treatments. Though, Iím not entirely sure how much of an ďagreementĒ it was considering the Parisian family was threatened with loss of custody if they didnít cooperate.


Now, Sarah will receive less than the originally-recommended chemo chemicals and be able to supplement them with alternative therapies.




So, why the fuss? Whatís wrong with chemo?

If youíve seen someone go through chemotherapy, you can tell it isnít the most health-promoting treatment.


No, chemotherapy uses a mixture of poisons to kill cancer cells. But, in the process, it wreaks havoc on healthy cells and the rest of the body.

One of the ingredients in chemo has actually been labeled as carcinogenic by the World Health Organization. Yes, the chemical used in a drug to kill cancer has been found to cause cancer.

Also, there is substantiated concern that chemo creates stronger cancer cells, those that resist treatments.

Still, chemotherapy is used as the first-line of treatment for many types of cancers, and mainstream doctors balk at the idea that anything other than this slew of poisons could have promising effects on this life-threatening disease.

Similar to mandatory vaccinations, mandatory chemotherapy is evidence that the medical establishment thinks people are too dumb for their own good - that they 'somehow know' whatís best for everyone. This despite the fact that they hide behind a crooked system where profit is king and health actually takes a backseat.

The case of Sarah Parisian isnít the
first of its kind and it likely wonít be the last.

Regardless of your diagnosis, arm yourself with information and be prepared to fight for the right to care for your own body, and that of your childís, on your own terms, or risk letting the establishment step in and do it for you.

While chemotherapy has been found to
negatively impact future DNA for generations; turmeric, garlic, ginger, and papaya rest among many cancer fighting foods.


Marijuana oil has even been used to save lives from cancer death.