by Leonard G. Horowitz

April 2010

from MedicalVeritas Website





The most important thing about the global economic “meltdown
is that it is accompanied by sudden, allegedly “natural,” re-emergences of plagues, like H1N1 and “polio” in the past year.

Curiously, it is a maxim in epidemiology that 'every pandemic in earth’s history was spawned by major socio-political upheaval.'


Economic crisis sets the stage with immunological conditions ripe for plagues. Simply stated, stress, dehydration and starvation increases acidity of blood chemistry, and predisposes people to sickness and early demise.

Pure adequate alkaline hydration, and fresh organic nutrition, terminates reliance on toxic vaccinations and deadly antibiotics. The “powers-that-be” know this is true, and politically and economically impose allopathic “health care reforms” and plagues for profit and population control by neglecting and restricting this simple Divine sustenance.



Now JP Morgan-CHASE/Goldman Sachs officials headline the news for shorting the housing market at the expense of every American; traitorously crashing the national economy in the process, and risking US “national security.”

Only naive (and/or plainly stupid) people won’t see what is obvious based on massive evidence - the partners on Wall Street, movers-and-shakers in the “PHARMAMEDIA,” BigPharma’s titans, are shorting the life and health of “We The People” for profitable depopulation.

In my view, this genocidal malfeasance is nothing new.


Corporate corruption overtaking Capital Hill and the US Treasury from Goldman Sachs is so flagrant and accepted, it is transparent to observers.


The CEOs of these firms almost always retire to lofty government jobs, like Hank Paulson (left) who graduated from Goldman Sachs to become US Treasury Secretary, recently retired.


His replacement is Goldman Sachs/Bear Stearns investment banking attorney, now US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner (right), who also worked with Henry Kissinger & Associates.

In Capitalism - A Love Story (below video-clip), Michael Moore’s main villain was Goldman Sachs’s CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who funded Moore’s producer, The Weinstein Company, the ABC-Disney merger, and the acquisition of H1N1 FluMist vaccine maker, MedImmune by AstraZeneca. (See Medical Veritas Vol 7, No. 1, Jan. 2010, for more details.)









Blankfein-brokered loans, stocks, and private equity investments provided his corporate control over each of these firms on behalf of the money makers at JP Morgan-CHASE and Goldman Sachs - virtually the “last man standing” over the investment banking industry, Wall Street, and the US Treasury.



Busting Wall Street

JPMorgan-CHASE/Goldman Sachs investment bankers control much of the “free world.”



Their virtual monopolies include the energy and entertainment industries, drug cartel, and mainstream media.


They operate their properties like magicians obscure beans beneath quickly rearranged shells. Mergers and acquisitions provide prompt rearrangement of assets. The corporate shells, such as Pfizer and Merck, serve as shill owners for the Illuminati (aka oligarchy or cryptocracy) that controls civilization’s industries giving the illusion that business follows democratic “free market” ebbs and flows.

Just as OPEC, another Rockefeller et al., creation, fixes the price of oil, the corporate shells and drug price fixers are found representing the interests of their investment bankers at JP Morgan-CHASE/Goldman Sachs through exclusive trade organizations they establish, such as PhRMA, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

PhRMA is a grand example of this “inside traitor” fraud.


PhRMA is represented by Jeffrey B. Kindler, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer - the world’s largest drug company, on the Board of Directors of the PFNYC. Kindler stewards Pfizer through multi-billion dollar acquisition deals largely financed by investment bankers at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan-CHASE.


Through closed door meetings with American presidents and other highest level White House and military officials, PhRMA agents directed now by Kindler, arrange multi-billion dollar government purchases of drugs and vaccines for predicted, promulgated, and promoted plagues.



Veering More Money

This is simply the way business as usual commands our political and economic enterprises.


And since the stock price manipulators and economic chaos creators treasonously made nearly $4 billion pulling the plug on the American real estate market, what makes you think they wouldn’t “pull” the property in NYC - the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center on 9/11?


PFNYC partner Larry Silverstein, in fact, admitted Building 7 was decidedly “pulled.”



The admission is currently featured on YouTube, and the demolition is evidenced abundantly in this author’s new film, PHARMAWHORES - The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller.

This question of “pulling” is, after all, a reasonable concern and question since scientists recently discovered metal-melting thermite in dust samples collected around “ground zero” exclusively.


Zero thermite was found in comparable samples taken from other locals.


This evidence is particularly chilling since government investigators neglected this material evidence entirely, and were later discovered to have co-patented the super-heating thermite explosive used in controlled demolitions.



It is glaringly incriminating that these companies’ had access to the supporting pillars through more than two dozen floors leased by JP Morgan-CHASE/Goldman Sachs, and American Express, all partnered in the Partnership for New York City (PFNYC).

The PFNYC is the world’s leading biotechnology trust and pharmaceutical advocacy group.


Its members represent the Who’s Who of BigPharma. Among their partners are Pfizer and Merck directors, and the infamous landlord and insurance beneficiary, Larry Silverstein.


General Electric (GE) Co.,

 the world’s largest diversified firm,

provided Silverstein’s insurance policy on his leased World Trade Center.

GE is the co-owner, with Bill Gates and the Royal Family of England,

in MSNBC/NBC/Universal/Comcast.

Now we learn from viewing PHARMAWHORES - The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller, that Silverstein’s insurance payoffs were re-invested - apparently “veered” to Las Vegas from NYC to build the two new leaning “Veer Towers” - an occult symbol-like 9/11 memorial lit in red, white and blue, appearing to be falling into rubble.


This most expensive real estate development in U.S. history was funded by “private equity investments” advanced by the leading suspects in this investigation - JPMorgan-CHASE/Goldman Sachs.


They market this development as “The Capital of the New World” on their official website.



Ironically, “Sin City,” as Vegas is commonly called, and this new “City Center,” the New World Capital, epitomizes global, social, and moral degeneration replacing America’s traditionally high industrial production and righteous work ethic, with low-life thieves in the entertainment and gambling industries, all (according to the PHARMAWHORES film) controlled from the aforementioned gang polluting Wall Street.

If this irony is insufficient to persuade you of financial foul play, add American Express to the mix.


The company is another major partner in the PFNYC pledged to rebuild the World Trade Center at ground zero. Alternatively, however, American Express (Starwood and Sheraton), sourced the new World Trade Center in the Saudi Arabian island country of Bahrain.


This additional set of leaning towers is also lit with America’s colors, and adorned with artful wind-turbines that resemble jets striking the buildings.


Now what is the statistical probability two sets of two new leaning towers would appear across the planet, both colored in red, white, and blue, in two precise locations owned by partners in the same organization pledged to reconstruct the towers at Ground Zero?

ANSWER: A statistician would say the probability this happened by chance is extremely remote.

In fact, the evil economic ploys of puppet policy-makers on Capitol Hill, and US Treasury Dept. officials, most of whom graduated from JP Morgan-CHASE/Goldman Sachs (following brief careers in military intelligence), are symptomatic of covert financial operations and globalization.

The findings demonstrate taxation without representation. “The Firm” is neither interested in your person or public health. Yet it is fueled by your labor and both meanings of the word consumption.

The mob bosses are simply interested in globalization, profitability, and self-preservation to extend their corruption via vaccination intoxications for, ultimately, depopulation.


This, they believe, will secure efficient neo-colonialistic corporate-fascist global-governance.



Through organizations directed by David Rockefeller and his European counterparts, including the Population Council that promotes massive global depopulation, and the PFNYC that assembles drug king pins to make population reduction most profitable, we see the Financial-Pharmaceutical (Humanicidal) Empire operated by these associations and partnerships that control our,

  • political and legal systems

  • health care “reform” (exclusively for pharmaceuticals)

  • the entertainment industry

  • energy industries

  • high tech

  • nanotech, and biotech advances

  • genetic manipulations

  • mass media communications



In the News

History repeats when we neglect the lessons learned.


In this case, the outlandish ignorance and malfeasance in administering monkey cancer viruses to global populations via contaminated oral polio vaccines is a chilling replay of the deadly days of Salk, Sabin and Hilleman.

Following the laboratory-loosed H1N1 virus and “pandemic” of 2009, and the World Health Organization’s (WHO's) and US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s (CDC's) fraudulent and frightening marketing campaign to sell their pharma-bosses’ H1N1 vaccinations, the corporate criminals are at it again.


This time they have brought back polio to headline news, and are vigorously targeting infants and children with cancer-causing inoculations and oral biochemical weapons for mass depopulation.

Several articles in this issue of Medical Veritas evidence this conspiracy reality.


I have been saying since 1996, with the publication of Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Evola - Nature Accident or Intentional?,

“Risky vaccines are the ‘sacred cows of public health,’” worshiped like Pagan idols for health protection.

In this issue, you may learn (if you haven’t already) that you can’t trust anything you think you know about vaccine safety, efficacy, and laws to advance vaccine policies.


Now, the mainstream media tells us, polio has broken out in Tajikistan. This country conveniently borders Afghanistan, where the Obama administration maintains the age-old “opium war” said to be needed for an oil pipeline across the Taliban-infested territory.

This 2010 polio outbreak was first announced by the Rockefeller-directed WHO on April 23, 2010.


The WHO claimed to have sent a group of experts to investigate 10 children reportedly killed by the infectious disease that only emerged in major epidemics following experimentations and administrations of vaccinations during the late 1800s.



Again, anyone with any brain cells still operating must reflect on the risks of side effects, including cancers and auto-immune diseases, from vaccinating millions of children with contaminated, genetically mutated, chemically-treated polio vaccines to prevent 10 alleged cases of polio - a disease that good hygiene and silver hydrosol (e.g. OxySilver) treated water can effectively and inexpensively terminate.

According to Reuters (untrustworthy since its Editor-in-Chief, Thomas Glocer, is a director, on the Board of Directors, of the Merck Pharmaceutical Company, and a partner in the
PFNYC), this sudden re-emergence of polio occurred in Africa at the beginning of March 2010.

The 2009 H1N1 swine flu fraud, and this new polio propaganda, is obviously central to the corporate fascists’ profitable depopulation agenda.


More evidence for this thesis is presented in PHARMAWHORES: The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller that includes a segment wherein Bill Gates presents his most appealing application for vaccinations - 10-15% population reduction.




Best known for vaccine “philanthropy,” The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is now listed with leading Nation-states governing the depopulation/vaccination plan for planet earth.











He lectures on vaccinations and explains why he expects to depopulate nearly one billion people by funding them.


He provides an absurd explanation, arguing better protection against infections will kill more people more efficiently in the long term. He says nothing about vaccinations delivering biochemical weapons of mass destruction to humanity’s bloodstream.

Gates, George Soros, Ted Turner, et al., admits that six-out-of-seven billion people worldwide are “targeted” for premature demise - peasant victims, who deserve death, so “economic nirvana” can be distributed to the top 1 billion wealthiest survivors with television sets.




I have tried, and failed on several occasions to inform Gates by mail and phone calls that his foundation’s “philanthropy” is advancing morbidity and mortality, best termed genocide, but he never responded to my messages.

In 2007, MSNBC reported that a polio outbreak had occurred in Nigeria sparked by the vaccination.


I had hoped Gates would have heeded that message, especially since he is a major shareholder of MSNBC, as is the Queen of England, whose investments are clearly challenged by the revolting peasants.


"Generally the targeted people have no media outlets, like television or the Internet, for information, so they trust and rely on governments to tell them what to do,” explains investigative journalist, Sherri Kane, after researching the Gates-British Royal-Rockefeller vaccination/depopulation conspiracy.


“It is obvious that vaccinations are causing polio outbreaks. And if there is a sudden outbreak of polio, and none of the infected people received the polio vaccination, then we should start looking at what else these people have been vaccinated with."




Rotavirus/Poliovirus “Reassortants” and Risks

Other suspected vaccines, Kane noted, include the Rotavirus vaccine that was given along with the polio vaccine to infants in lesser-developed nations in past years.

This grotesque experimentation proves scientific fraud since combining Rotavirus with polio virus in vaccines confounds sources of genetic mutation, proteinaceous auto-immune intoxications, and neurological damage commonly attributed to polio.

Guillain-Barre, a major side effect of many vaccines, including the Swine Flu vaccines of 1976 and 2009, is an auto-immune disease that, like polio and the Rotavirus vaccination, prompts neurological damage.



Paul Offit, considered the “vaccine industry’s most well paid spokesperson," and an official with the American Academy of Pediatrics that sets the childhood vaccination schedule, rabidly alleges vaccine benefits without thoroughly analyzing vaccine risks (i.e., he demonstrates gross pharmaceutical industry bias).


He co-developed RotaTeq, the Rotavirus vaccine, for which he has earned millions. His vaccine contains 5 live mutants (i.e., reassortants) isolated from bovine and human hosts.


If that is not bad enough, mixing cow and human genes, the “live” “active” reassortants are “propagated in Vero cells” - African green monkey kidney cultures also used to develop simian virus contaminated carcinogenic polio vaccines.



In other words, Dr. Offit is a certifiable “PharmaWhore” whose risky vaccine manufacturing malpractices, also adopted by Baxter Corp. to produce their deadly H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine, grossly neglects the mountain of science screaming dangers of disease and death from crossing the species barrier with numerous injected viral mutants.


The inoculated viruses are capable of transmitting genetic damage and prompting pathogenesis, including cancers, in everyone exposed by vaccinations or transmission of their reassortants.



Besides Bill Gates’s “philanthropy” advancing this humanicide, the polio vaccination campaign is additionally funded by the Rotary Club International, who has contributed more than $850 million to the campaign.


Rotarians are proud of their history and polio eradication efforts.


The organization is heralded by Wikipedia as a sect of the secret society called Freemasonry, formed in 1905. Allegedly attracting the kindest of hearts, by 1937, 50% of its members were also members of the Nazi Party.

The Rotary Club International and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-contribute the lion’s share of money to the Polio Plus Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI).


Other donors include the Red Cross funded by the Rockefellers, widely known for having spread HIV-contaminated blood and blood products, as did the Baxter and Bayer Corporations.



The American Red (Double) Cross also spread hepatitis viruses and herpes viruses.


The herpes virus blood contaminations source from vaccines, including the polio, H1N1, and Rotavirus vaccines produced in Vero cell cultures. These contaminants include Epstein Barr viruses linked to many types of immune dysfunctions and cancers.

Further evidencing a multi-national corporate conspiracy to depopulate humanity using the US Federal Government as an agent of death, former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates was appointed Healthcare Diplomat for the United States Government.



Federal Complicity in Pharma-Sorcery

Greg Gordon, writing for the third largest newspaper chain in America, McClatchy Newspapers, reported that,

“While Goldman Sachs' lawyers negotiated with the Securities and Exchange Commission over potentially explosive civil fraud charges [for their housing-stock shorting scheme], Goldman's chief executive, [Lloyd Blankfein] visited the White House at least four times...


Goldman is retaining former Obama White House counsel Gregory Craig as a member of its legal team.”


Lawrence Jacobs, a University of Minnesota political scientist, said that,

"almost everything that the White House has done has been haunted by the personnel and the money of Goldman... as well as the suspicion that the White House, particularly early on, was pulling its punches out of deference to Goldman and its war chest..."

Gordon also discovered that,

“Several former Goldman executives hold senior positions in the Obama administration, including Gary Gensler, the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission; Mark Patterson, a former Goldman lobbyist who is chief of staff to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner; and Robert Hormats, the undersecretary of state for economic, energy and agricultural affairs.”


Besides the Gates’ foundation creating the Global Health Program, and funding the Sabin Vaccine Institute, it is promoted on the US Treasury Department’s website as a partner in global vaccination efforts.


This involves price fixing through the Advance Market Commitments (AMC) for Vaccines organization that Gates also supports.

According to obvious conflicting interests, the AMC was fraudulently created for price fixing by BigPharma’s corporate shell-game players, coordinated through secret partnerships, such as the PFNYC, heavily involving JP Morgan CHASE/Goldman Sachs and US Federal Government officials intent on creating the illusion of competition and free market economy.



Significantly, GlaxoSmithKline's former primary vaccine developer, Dr. Tachi Yamada, was positioned as the president of the Gates foundation's Global Health Program.

GlaxoSmithKline’s Non-Executive Director is James Murdoch, heir to the Rupert Murdoch fortune and vast News Corp. properties.

In other words, James oversees the Board of Directors at GSK, while his daddy promotes their drugs and vaccines through the Western World’s leading news sources, including TimeWarner, FOX News, the Associated Press, and the Wall Street Journal.

Shedding light into the darkness of petrochemical-pharmaceutical biocide is awakening the sleeping giant of We The People.


At the same time billions of people are consciously evolving (increasingly attracted to more natural ways of healing.) beyond this decaying, degenerating, corrupt, medical paradigm.



The refusal by more than half of the medical doctors worldwide to give or take the risky H1N1 vaccines is a great example and victory for this movement.


This “revolution” threatens the status quo of humanity’s corporate controllers much like labor unions and immigrant alliances threatened the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Whitneys, Vanderbilts and Bush family investments during the Industrial Revolution.



I began this commentary referencing how simple disease prevention and remediation can be when we rely on good nutrition, optimal hydration, and silver hydrosol disinfection when needed.


Natural healing can serve and save billions of lives.


As growing numbers of people pierce the illusion of safety and efficacy in allopathic medicine, and people worldwide increasingly apply the simplest truths about healing “hydrosonically” or “bioenergetically,” the “wealth of the wicked” that is stored up for “the meek” shall be transferred from the Goldman’s, Sachs’s and Morgan’s to its rightful owners, and We The People will stop polluting ourselves and our planet.