-  Aches to Quakes - Sensitives Who Predict Earthquakes Suffer Pain and Ridicule


 -  Acknowledging and Dealing With the Fear of PSI



 -  A Convergence of Science and Real Magic


 -  Algunos Estudios Científicos 'Paranormales' que le Harán Cuestionar la Verdadera Naturaleza de la Realidad


 -  Altered States Experiences - Main File


 -  Anomalous Realities - The Cosmic Crack


 -  A Pocketful of Miracles - extracted from 'The Holographic Universe'


 -  A Question of Extraterrestrial And Human Telepathy - Penetration


 -  Beyond the Five Senses - The Powers Latent in Humankind


 -  Biological and The Silicon - Modifying Humans for Space Travel


 -  Biopoder en la Era del 'Gran Reinicio'


 -  Biopower in the Age of the 'Great Reset'


 -  BSRI - Its History, Science and Use in Psychic Warfare


 -  Can The Superpowers Be Trained? - The Coming Importance of A Question


 -  Channelers and Channeled Information - Main File


 -  Co-Creation - 5 Paths Toward Personal Power


 -  COINTELPRO - Counterintelligence Program - Main File


 -  Comprendiendo y Conquistando al Parásito Mental - Wetiko


 -  Conciencia, Resonancia y Lo Paranormal - Nadando Sincronizadamente en El Océano Quántico


 -  Consciousness, Resonance and The Paranormal - Synchronized Swimming in The Quantum Sea


 -  Controlled Offensive Behavior - USSR


 -  Control Mental - Main File


 -  Could Multiple Personality Disorder Explain Life, the Universe and Everything?


 -  Covert Operations of The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA)


 -  Déjà Vu - Aquí y Ahora, Allí y Entonces


 -  Déjà Vu - Here and Now, There and Then


 -  Descubrimientos Rusos del ADN Explican Acontecimientos Humanos 'Paranormales' - El ADN es...


 -  El Potencial Humano - Capacidades Asombrosas se Encuentran Dormidas en Tu Interior


 - ¿Es Esta Una Evidencia de Que Podemos Ver El Futuro?


 -  ESP and Remote Viewing are Actually 'Complementary Cognition'?


 -  Everyday 'Clairvoyance' - How Your Brain Makes Near-Future Predictions


 -  Experiencias de Estado Alterado - Main File


 -  Feeling The Future - Experimental Evidence for Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect


 -  Físico Comparte Información considerada 'Demasiado Polémica' - Prohibida por TED


 - 'Gaslighting' - La Psicología de Moldear la Realidad del Otro


 -  Half Past Human - Telephone Interview With Clif High


 -  Holographic Universe - Main File


 -  Humanos Psíquicos - Reconocimiento de Su Realidad - Marielalero


 -  Ingo Swann - And His Work - Main File


 -  Is a Mass Psychosis the Greatest Threat to Humanity?


 -  Is This Evidence That We Can See The Future?


 -  Japón Da Un Paso Más Hacia La 'Telequinesis'


 -  La Función Biológica del Tercer Ojo


 -  Las Implicaciones Científicas y Espirituales de Las Habilidades Psíquicas


 -  Las Psi-Ops y como Detectarlas


 -  Las Verdaderas Aventuras de Un Espía Psíquico


 -  La Zona A - Marielalero


 -  Lo que Un Chamán Ve en un Hospital Psiquiátrico


 -  Lucid Viewing - The Way Forward in Remote Viewing - Main File


 -  Magic helped us in Pandemics before, and It can Again


 -  Más Allá de los Cinco Sentidos - Los Poderes Latentes en la Humanidad


 -  Mentes Extendidas - Los Campos Mentales Dentro y Más Allá de Nuestros Cerebros


 -  Micro-PK


 -  Mundus Imaginalis - Crear el Mundo Soñando


 -  New Research Suggests Humans Can Sense Future Events Without Any Known Clues


 -  Non-Lethality - John B. Alexander, The Pentagon's Penguin


 -  On-Going Scientific Discovery of Sensory Receptors - Which Account for Many Subtle Perceptions


 -  Paradigma Holográfico Cuántico, Quantum Lógico y Variables Físicas en relación con ESP y PK


 -  Pavlita Generators - Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain


 -  Physicist Shares Information deemed 'Too Controversial' - Banned by TED


 -  Porqué Los Indios Americanos Se Dejaban El Pelo Largo - El Pelo es Una Extensión del Sistema Nervioso


 -  Porqué Todos Tenemos Poderes Psíquicos - De Cómo las Premoniciones y la Telepatía son Más...


 -  Psico-Poder - En 'Conformidad con Robots' y 'Libertad', en un Mundo post-COVID


 -  Psionics - Practical Application of Psychic Awareness


 -  Psionic Terrorism



 -  PSI TECH - Finalidad del Proyecto


 -  PSI TECH - Mission Statement


 -  Psychic Vampires and the Use of Etheric Energy


 -  PsychoEnergetics


 -  Psychokinesis


 -  Psycho-Power - 'Automaton Conformity' and 'Freedom' in a Post-COVID World


 -  Psychotronics - Main File


 -  Quartz Amplifiers


 -  Radionics - Science of The Future


 -  Realidades Anómalas - La Grieta Cósmica


 -  Remote Viewing - The ESP of Espionage


 -  Remote Viewing - The Last Frontier - Main File


 -  Russian DNA Discoveries Explain Human 'Paranormal' Events - DNA Is Reprogrammable by Words and...


 -  Secrets of The UFO



 -  Seven Types of Spirit Guides and how to Connect with Them


 -  Siete Tipos de Guías Espirituales y cómo Conectarse con Ellos


 -  Some 'Paranormal' Scientific Studies that Will Make You Question the True Nature of Reality


 -  Synchronicity - The Key of Destiny - Main File



 -  Synthetic Telepathy - The ESP of Espionage



 -  TED Cancelled his Talk - Now the Physicist Hired by the CIA is Exposing the Reality of ESP


 -  Telepathy - The Preeminent Penetration Modality


 -  TGD Inspired Model for Psychokinesis


 -  The Biological Function Of The Third Eye


 -  The Four Types of Spirit Guides - According to a Psychic Medium


 -  The Hutchison Effect


 -  The Misinformation Virus


 -  The New Reign of Biopower - The Rise of Control-Biology


 -  The Scientific and Spiritual Implications of Psychic Abilities


 -  The Self-Aware Universe - A Synopsis of Amit Goswami's Theory of Physics and Psychic Phenomena


 -  The True Adventures of a Psychic Spy - An Interview with David Morehouse


 -  The Truth About Dave Morehouse and Psychic Warrior


 -  The UFO Extraterrestrial Problem - Excerpts


 -  The Untapped Potential of Autism


 -  Tim Rifat and PSI Science - Main File


 -  Tu Salud Mental no es una Mercancía - Es un Compromiso Contigo Mismo


 -  Una Convergencia de Ciencia y Magia Real


 -  Understanding Addiction illumines the Madness in Our World


 -  Understanding the Root Cause of Depression so We Can Deal With It


 -  Vampiros Psíquicos y el Uso de la Energía Etérica


 -  Vision Remota - Main File


 -  What a Shaman Sees in A Mental Hospital


 -  Why American Indians Keep Their Hair Long - Hair Is An Extension of The Nervous System


 -  Why We All Have Psychic Powers - How Thought Premonitions and Telepathy are More Common Than...


 -  Wonder Weapons - The Pentagon's Quest for Nonlethal Arms...


Additional Information


 -  5th Dimension Consciousness


 -  Anatomía Multidimensional Humana


 -  An Unconventional Friendship - Duncan O'Finioan and David Corso - A Project Camelot Interview


 -  A Parasite of A Different Order - A Psychic Tapeworm


 -  A Perceptual Channel for Information Transfer over Kilometer Distances - Historical Perspectives and Recent...


 -  Are We All Living in The Future Now? - New Studies Suggest...


 -  Are We All Multiple Personalities of Universal Consciousness?


 -  Are We Possessed?


 -  Así es cómo un Psicópata siente la Vida Normal


 -  Ataques Psíquicos - Síntomas y Soluciones


 -  AWARE - AWAreness during REsuscitation - A Prospective Study


 -  Behind the Veil - A Look at the Phenomenon of Channeling


 -  Brainwave Frequency Listing


 -  Climate Cycles Linked to Civil War - Analysis Shows


 -  Color Psychology - What does your Favorite Color say about your Personality?


 -  Conciencia de 5ª Dimensión


 -  Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance - Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information...


 -  Cosmic Time Travel


 -  Covid-19 as Quantum Phenomenon - Searching for the Anti-Virus


 -  Dan Sherman - Way Above Black - A Video Interview With Dan Sherman


 -  Deeper "Secret"



 -  Demons Technology


 -  El Asunto de la Conciencia


 -  El "Secreto" Mas Profundo


 -  El Ultimo Guerrero - Robert Duncan O'Finioan - Una Video-Entrevista con Duncan O'Finioan


 -  Energías Sutiles - El Antiguo Conocimiento se Convierte en Ciencia Moderna


 -  E.S.P. and L.S.T.?


 - ¿Estamos Poseídos?


 -  Exponiendo a Los Malévolos Dueños y Señores de La Tierra


 -  Exposing The Evil Overlords of Earth



 -  Formas de Pensamiento - Su Naturaleza, Origen y Creación


 -  Fuerzas Negativas


 -  Harry Oldfield's Amazing Imaging Technologies


 -  Human Multidimensional Anatomy


 -  Human Multidimensional Potential - An Introduction


 -  Indigo Children



 -  Inteligencia Apreciativa - La Capacidad de Conectar con lo que es Valioso


 -  Introduction to Cognition Deficiency Myopia Disorder (CDMD)


 -  La Antena Humana


 -  La Ayuda que Ayuda... y la Ayuda que No Ayuda


 -  La Capacidad de Predecir - Retos Evolutivos del Siglo XXI


 -  La Compresión del Tiempo y El Psiconauta


 -  La Evolución de Dios


 -  La Telepatía, Teleportación, Visión Remota, Fenómenos PSI... ¿Son Reales o No?


 -  Los Espíritus Elementales de la Naturaleza


 -  Los Individuos son 'Personalidades Disociadas' de la Conciencia Universal - ¿La Mejor Teoría de Conciencia?


 -  Los 'Pensamientos' de una Telaraña


 -  Luminous World - The Life and Work of Baron Karl von Reichenbach


 -  Manipulating Matter - The Scientific Dictatorship as A Project in The Reconfiguration of Reality


 -  Matrix Brainwashing - Artificial Synchronicity, Language Manipulation, Kundalini and the Corners of Reality


 -  Meditation and Resonance Effects


 -  Memetics


 -  Metallic 'Spiders' and Giant 'Moths' - Another Night in The Icke House


 - ¡Mucho Más que Una Máscara!

 -  Near-Death Experience in Survivors of Cardiac Arrest - A Prospective Ptudy in the Netherlands


 -  Negative Forces


 -  Niños Índigos


 -  No Dormir tiempo Suficiente puede tener Consecuencias Nefastas - Estas son algunas de Ellas


 -  Nuestro Cerebro Está Diseñado Para Percibir El Futuro


 -  OBE And Parallel Worlds


 -  On the Relation Between Brain Potentials and the Awareness of Voluntary Movements


 -  Parásitos Mentales, Parásitos Energéticos y Vampiros


 -  Personalism and its Enemies


 -  Phone Calls From Beyond The Veil


 -  Psychic Attacks - Symptoms and Solutions


 -  Psycho-Acoustic Medicine - The Science of Sound in Producing Serotonin, Neurotransmitters and Health


 - ¿Que Es Una Canalización?


 - ¿Qué Son las Entidades Meméticas y porqué Podrías Estar Creando Seres "Vivos" de Información en este...


 -  Radionics - Science of The Future



 -  Research on Consciousness, PSI Effects and Precognition


 -  Rupert Sheldrake - Los Campos Morfogeneticos - Main File


 - ¿Saborear Colores y Ver Sonidos? - La Sinestesia podría tener una Base Genética


 -  Síntomas de Escepticismo Patológico



 - ¿Somos Todos Múltiples Personalidades de una Conciencia Universal?


 -  Star Gate - A Remote Viewing Project  - Main File



 -  Subtle Energies - Ancient Knowledge Becomes Modern Science


 -  Symptoms of Pathological Skepticism


 -  Taste Color and See Sounds? - Synesthesia may have a Genetic Basis


 -  Teletransportación, Materialización e Invisibilidad


 -  Teleportation, Materialization and Invisibility


 -  The Astral Plane - Main File


 -  The Conscious Universe


 -  The Deeper "Secret"


 -  The Evolution of God


 -  The First Earth Battalion - Dare to Think the Unthinkable, Ideas and Ideals for Soldiers Everywhere


 -  The Hollographic Concept of Reality


 -  The Human Antenna


 -  The Human Brain - Main File


 -  The Interviews with Jack True - One of The Most Innovative Hypnotherapists of Our Time - by Jon Rappoport


 -  The Militarization of Space - Military Research Agendas For The Future


 -  The Omega Principle - The Energy Which Patterns Randomness


 -  The Poltergeist Machine


 -  The Question of Consciousness



 -  The Science of Sleep and Sleep Deprivation



 -  The Wetiko Virus - A Malignant Egophrenia


 -  This is How Normal Life Feels as a Psychopath


 -  Thought-Forms - Their Nature, Origin, and Creation


 -  Time Compression and The Psychonaut


 -  To Catch a Falling Star


 -  To Heal Emotional Inflammation - Let Distress Inspire Change


 -  To the Moon and Back, With Love



 -  Trance-Formadores - Chamanes del Siglo 21


 -  Tranceformers - Shamans of the 21st Century


 -  UFOs - The Psychic Dimension


 -  Ultimate Warrior - Robert Duncan O'Finioan - A Video Interview With Duncan O'Finioan


 -  Un Parásito de Orden Diferente - Una 'Tenia Psíquica'


Dreams - Sueños



 -  Aquamarine Dreams - Ralph Ring and Otis T Carr


 -  Cosmic Drama - God's Dream


 -  Despertando del Sueño - Las Causas de Estados Superiores de Conciencia


 -  Dream Manipulation



 -  Dreams, Timelines and Parallel Worlds


 -  El Enigma de Los Arcontes - Sueño Alienígena


 -  How to Practice 'Dream Work' and Decipher your Psyche


 -  John-a-Dreams


 -  Los Sueños - Nuestra Vida Paralela en El Holograma Tierra


 -  Lucid Dreaming - Main File


 -  Manipulación Astral de Los Sueños - Los Reptilianos


 -  New 'AI-based Theory' explains your Weird Dreams


 -  Porqué Mucha Gente tiene Sueños más Raros y Vívidos durante la 'Pandemia' de Coronavirus


 -  Prophetic Dreams, Visions and the Waves of Change


 -  Sueños, Líneas de Tiempo y Mundos Paralelos


 -  Sueños Proféticos, Visiones y las Olas del Cambio


 -  The Enigma of The Archons  - Alien Dreaming


 -  The Matrix Manipulation of Dreams



Mind - La Mente



 -  Consciencia Maquínica - Metaprogramación del Biocomputador Humano


 -  Covid-19 is a Symbol of a Much Deeper Infection - The Wetiko Mind-Virus


 -  Cronestesia - Nuestra Mente Navega a Través del Tiempo


 -  Extended Minds - The Mental Fields Within and Beyond Our Brains


 -  Mind Control - Main File


 -  Mind Parasites, Energy Parasites and Vampires


 -  Physics is Pointing Inexorably to Mind


 - ¿Qué se ha Metido en Nuestras Mentes? - La Psicosis del Mundo Moderno y la Búsqueda de Uno Mismo


 -  Superpowers of The Human Biomind - The Coming Importance of The Question: Can The Superpowers...


 -  Synthetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars


 -  The Extended Mind - by Andy Clark and David Chalmers


 -  The Mind Has No Firewall


 -  The Placebo Effect - The Triumph of Mind over Body


 -  Understanding and Conquering the Mind Parasite - Wetiko


 -  VALIS "Vast Acting Living Intelligence System" - The Invasion of Philip K. Dick's Mind


 -  Wetiko - Psicosis Totalitaria en Nuestro Mundo... y en Nuestras Mentes


 -  Wetiko - Totalitarian Psychosis in Our World... and Our Minds


 -  What has Gotten into Our Minds? - The Psychosis of the Modern World and the Search for the Self





 -  Anastasia - The Ringing Cedars Series - Book 1 - by Vladimir Megré


 -  Astral Dynamics - A New Approach to Out-of-Body Experience - by Robert Bruce


 -  A Treatise on Astral Projection - by Robert Bruce


 -  Autobiography of A Yogi - by Paramahansa Yogananda



 -  Cómo Mentir con Estadísticas - por Darrell Huff

 -  Cosmic Triger - Final Secret of The Illuminati - by Robert Anton Wilson

 -  Dianetics, a Modern Science of Mental Health - by L. Ron Hubbard


 -  El Colegio Invisible - Guerra en El Cielo - Un Concepto Completamente Nuevo y Rev... - por Kyle Griffith


 -  El Universo Holográfico - por Michael Talbot


 -  Far Journeys - by Robert Monroe



 -  Guerra en El Cielo - El Colegio Invisible - por Kyle Griffith


 -  Illuminatus! Trilogy - by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson

 -  Journey Out of The Body - by Robert Monroe


 -  PSI Spies - The True Story of America’s Psychic Warfare Program - by Jim Marrs

 -  Programming and Metaprogramming in The Human Biocomputer - by John. C. Lilly

 -  Psychic Self Defense - by Dion Fortune



 -  Pyramid of Thoughts - by Daniela Giordano and Jan Pajak


 -  The Black Box and Other Psychic Generators - by W.E. Davis

 -  The Crack in The Cosmic Egg - by Joseph Chilton Pearce

 -  The Enlightenment - A Handbook on Illusion - by D. Alan Holmes


 -  The Holographic Universe - by Michael Talbot


 -  The Ringing Cedars of Russia - The Ringing Cedars Series - Book 2 - by Vladimir Megré

 -  The Selfish Meme - A Critical Reassessment - by Kate Distin

 -  The Speed of Thought - by Elizabeth A. Rauscher and Russell Targ

 -  VALIS - Vast Active Living Intelligence System - by Philip K. Dick

 -  War in Heaven - The Invisible College - A Completely New And Revolutionary Conception of... - by K. Griffith




 -  Between Science and The Supernatural - The Angel Effect


 -  El Ultimo Guerrero - Robert Duncan O'Finioan


 -  Entheogenic Shamanism Ancient Astronauts History


 -  Gary - Young, Psychic And Possessed


 -  History of Magic and Psychic Human Powers


 -  Kakaram - Life Force


 -  La Verdad sobre la Mentira


 -  Matriz de La Vida


 -  Reality and The Extended Mind


 -  The Pineal Gland, Hyperborea, and The Spear of Destiny

 -  The Secret Powers of Our Mind



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