by Tim Rifat


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Paul Hughes-Barlow the foremost scholar on Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Deck has uncovered a secret subtext behind this precognitive tool. The Thoth Tarot deck was designed as a magical system of reality manipulation.

To understand this, we need to look at not Crowley’s reputation as a magician and occultist, but at his interest in mathematics and physics. In his introduction to the Thoth Tarot, he sees it as representing ideas of magic, mathematics, science and philosophy, but significantly he omits Thelema or Will.

Our perception of Crowley is coloured by the vested interests of the magical and occult organizations who overlook his interest in mathematics and science, while other organizations such as the Theosophical Society and the Anthroposophical Society, ignore him completely. So who were the mathematicians and physicists who influenced him?

In his lecture at the Occulture Festival in July 2002, Paul Hughes-Barlow discussed Crowley’s prediction concerning Bernhard Riemann found in the Book of Thoth. Seen in the context of the connections between these scientists and mathematicians, the prediction can now be seen as inevitable rather than surprising.

Here is a short list:

  • Bertrand Russell

  • Albert Einstein

  • Bernhard Riemann

  • Rudolf Steiner

  • George Adams

  • Georg Cantor

Riemann of course developed non-euclidean geometry, which is at the heart of theoretical physics and M-Theory. Riemannian geometry was used by Einstein in his space-time theories. Rudolf Steiner was a Theosophist who founded Anthroposophy, and he developed his own non-euclidean geometry - Projective Synthetic Geometry. The foremost proponent of PSG was George Adams, who was a student of Bertrand Russell. Bertrand Russell knew Crowley and Albert Einstein.


Georg Cantor, who was inspired by Kabbalistic texts, developed Set Theory. Bertrand Russell famously solved a paradox contained within Set Theory. The reader may be surprised to know that Riemannian geometry is related to Cantor’s Set Theory through the use of infinities. As well as incorporating Projective Synthetic Geometry into the Thoth tarot, it is clear that Crowley saw the collection of 78 tarot cards in terms of Set Theory.

Crowley was intent on developing a theory of consciousness using mathematical topology; to that end each of the Thoth tarot cards is connected by Synthetic Projective Geometry to other Thoth Tarot cards to build a metashape. A shape Crowley postulated was the seminal shape of consciousness.

At RVScience we are dedicated to extending science into the paranormal; the occult may also have shards of as yet unknown science scattered in its verbose hermetic law. In String Theory it is postulated that a superstring is a vibrating ‘ring’ with contra rotating aspects, one of 15 dimensions ‘spinning’ clockwise, another of 11 dimensions ‘spinning’ anticlockwise. The sum being 26 dimensions.


Occultists believe in spirals of energy manifesting reality; these mesh up with torsionic solitons of Russian theory. Could the 26 dimensional superstring be passing down a torsionic soliton in the shape of a spiral with its ground state vibration being triplicate. This would give us 78 modes of dimensionality in our torsionic soliton of manifestation. There are 78 tarot cards. Since the cards can be reversed this gives us the 78 reverse modes where the spiral ascends.

What use is this? Well, if the cards represent aspects of consciousness, we have consciousness linked with modality of dimensions of our 26 dimensional superstring, that is generating torsion fields as it rotates. Superstring theory can be continued into the five theories (and the 11 dimensions of supergravity) that constitute M-Theory. Since according to Russian theory the four dimensions of reality are constructed from five dimensional Riemann manifolds by use of torsionic solitons , could the 5 Superstring theories link to the five dimensional plenum of hyperspace that manifests real space.

In British Strategic Remote Influencing (BSRI) the above theory is turned into technology by using 26 psychotronic amplifiers programmed to create the 78 modes of dimensional vibration where each quartz crystal has its biotronic matrix programmed to link to the other 25 psychotronic amplifiers, their quantum computers programmed to operate the extra dimension of each psychotronic amplifier to create the +/- 78 mode torsionic soliton of reality manifestation.

Crowley used the Hegelian Dialectic of Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis; or Being, Not-Being and Becoming: the union of opposites to operate the magical spiral of energy, where Tarot cards of opposite nature were used to effect the Remote Influencing.


In British Strategic Remote Influencing the user links with the ring of 26 psychotronic amplifiers and visualizes the major change in reality. The quantum computer of the psychotronic amplifiers are biotronically linked matrices, connected in 156! (factorial) ways, produces a vastly optimized grid of psychotronic amplifiers able to carry out the processes Crowley used during World War II to destroy the Germans.

To put this in context the Nazis were spending vast resources on their Psi-warfare project Ahnenerbe. They used large torsion field generators in underground bunkers in Czechoslovakia; used thousands of SS psychic adepts and developed unbelievable technology – appropriated by the Russians and Americans – and still lost!

The Soviet Union started its own Psy-warfare superproject and still lost to the West. It seems knowledge of British Strategic Remote Influencing is necessary for successful RI. Manipulating how reality manifests and by using the union of opposites to modify it, and major psi -warfare force can be defeated. Since every major country now runs a psychic warfare program, Paul Hughes-Barlow’s scholarly research shows how the British keep beating the opposition by using Crowley ’s ‘occult’ RI programme.

Having rationalized the British occult RI, updated it with the use of parallel processing psychotronic amplifier rings, RVScience offers the public access to this new psi-technology. The above rationale shows why scientists like Tim Rifat listen to occult scholars like Paul Hughes-Barlow for experimental data upon which to base new theoretical models of not only reality but its precursors.

Tim Rifat’s book on Remote Viewing (Vision, Oct 2001) shows proof of concept and shows the validity of bringing hard science to bear on clairvoyance remote viewing. This same approach is now being used on all aspects of the paranormal and the occult. The new technology and advances in theoretical physics to be discovered from analyzing experimental data from the paranormal and the occult realm is beginning to bear fruit.

Bringing the hard science approach to Crowley’s last major work has opened the gates to a fully scientific version of British Strategic Remote Influencing. US remote influencing is mirroring Nazi and Soviet work so RVScience feels sure British Strategic Remote Influencing will make this fledgling American RI touted by our competitors obsolete.


No power is need for British Strategic Remote Influencing as opposites are combined in a similar way to matter and anti-matter producing energy – lots of energy. Thus a very weak British psi-operator could defeat the Supermen of the Third Reich and the Psi-masters of the former Soviet Union.